her Devotion to Him Ch. 10-12

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(Author’s Note: These stories originally began as a creation for My girl, I love her with all My heart, I dedicate these works to her.)

The phone rang early that morning, beth had answered it quickly to ensure that whomever it was, didn’t awaken Master, He’d just fallen asleep not an hour ago and she was quite sure He didn’t want to be disturbed, the surprise however, made her eyes go wide..it was her husband, he’d called to check up on her, and to inform her he was going out of town for a week, since she was with her Master, he’d decided to go be with his slave. He’d already informed the front desk to that hotel, and had arranged for another week for beth to be with Him.

As she hung the phone up, she couldn’t help but grin, and nuzzled into her Master tighter, she had Him for another week, another surprise for her to provide Him since Tthey both thought He had to leave tomorrow.

Soon she’d drifted to sleep nuzzled deep in His arms, it was well into the evening when she woke, Master was still pressed in tight against her, but she knew He was awake by the way He was breathing, how long had He been watching her sleep?

How long had He lay there and let her sleep instead of serving Him as He saw fit? Glancing at the table, she saw either He’d been out, or ordered out, because there was boxes of Chinese on the table. Sleepily she stretched and yawned, then rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she could feel His hand as it caressed lovingly down her chest, each breast gently massaged before those fingertips slid down her stomach, lingering at her womb.

His eyes focused on her face as He massaged ever so lovingly over her stomach, His child growing deep within that womb. “Good morning Mine.”

she’d heard Him speak, but was more interested in where His hand was, slowly it was inching it’s way down toward His pussy, the tingling sensation growing in that area was becoming quite strong, she remembered she had something to tell Him, but decided to let it be til Tthey were making love, or eating, she’d not decided which yet. His fingertips reached the hairless, smooth mound and caressed, it always thrilled Him to see and or touch that flesh, His flesh, His eyes raked slowly over her awakening form, seeing the after affects of simply touching her, those breasts..swelling before His eyes.

Those nipples standing erect, proud..begging to be sucked and bitten. Further down He saw the swelling of the four lips of His cunt, the way His clit started to show itself from under the hood, she wasn’t quite fully awake yet, so He slid down to her thighs and parted them wide, eyes focused on her face, His head dipped til He could feel that nub press against His lips.

When those lips parted, and He suckled the clit into His mouth, she came alive, fingertips instantly going into His hair, curling up into tiny fists while He teased her, flicked the tip of it with His tongue, His teeth closed around it gently, the throbbing felt against His tongue with each flick as she became fully aroused, His chin now soaked with sweet kuşadası escort juices, she was ready for Him, her breathing, her moans dictated that she needed Him to fuck her, to rape her, to Master her all over again.

As He released the clit, she drew Him slowly up her body, she arched and cried out feeling His chest drag against His pussy and clit, soon she was writhing under Him, and He’d not even penetrated her yet. When His lips came down upon hers, she felt His cock slide balls deep into her..stretching His cunt out wide around His girth, she groaned His name, and arched tight against Him, writhing, bucking her hips up and down along His cock while He held still.

Very gently she eased away from the kiss, drew Him close once He began meeting her thrusts, her lips inches from His ear..oh God, she was ready to cum already, her walls were purposefully collapsed down tight onto His cock as it pistoned in and out of her, effectively slowing Him down, causing Him to have to add more power.

The more power He added, the tighter those walls became, soon she was squirting from the mini orgasms, it dripped off His mound and stomach onto her body, she leaned up, suckled His earlobe then whispered “Wwe’ve got another week Master mine, hubby made the arrangements, he’s going to see his girl..should already be in the air as Wwe speak” she couldn’t say any more, her body was wracked hard by one of the most powerful mini-orgasms she’s ever felt.

Kenneth couldn’t believe His ears, but His heart leapt with joy for what His girl had just told Him, soaked as He was, already flooding that sweet channel into which His hard cock was driving.

He drew her closer to Him and could hear her whisper “Fuck me Master, make love to me, make me Yours all over again..Oh God Master..Master me!” His hand went into her hair and drew her head back as she all but screamed the last words of her sentence, she responded in kind by arching into a perfect bow..allowing Him to slide in even deeper.

A hard growl issued from His lips as He gave her permission to release..as she did, cum sprayed everywhere, all over Him, all over her, and He’d yet to cum..her orgasm milked Him to five orgasms, each one harder than the next..when He collapsed atop her, she asked Him to roll over, when He did, she mounted Him again, sinking down fully onto His cock, clamping down again with her muscles and looked down into His face, His eyes as she began to ride Him..but much slower than when He’d taken her just now…


her hips wiggled from side to side every now and again as she continued to ride her Master, time was no longer a worry for beth, she’d been dreading having only a week with Him, but now she had an extra week atop what she’s already had with Kenneth. The rhythm was slowly increasing, beth’d never been taken this many times in a week before, she loved it, absolutely loved it, He’d turned her into His little cum slut, and made her pregnant, that very thought made her cum..the thought she was carrying Master’s baby kuşadası escort bayan in her womb.

Since He’d already given her permission to cum, He was amazed at the fact she’d just cum again. His girl’s orgasms were unlike anything He’d ever felt before, they in themselves were enough to make a Man cum..though He fought the urge to do just that, after her orgasm, His girl lifted herself off His hardened, moist, veined cock and turned around, as she looked over her shoulder at Him, her hands spread the cheeks of His ass out wide, then murmured “Master, help yours slide Your cock up inside Your ass so yours may ride you”

Kenneth angled His cock toward that sweet slit, then closed His eyes and waited as His girl eased herself down, moaning out to her as the pleasure raked through His body, once she settled back on Him, she let those firm cheeks free to close back around His cock, using that slit like she was using His cunt, she rode her Master, feeling His cock slide in and out of her, gradually she leaned back til she felt she was laying atop Him completely “Fuck yours Master, use her for Your pleasure, make her used to being used only by You”

Already though, she knew she was, she ached, yearned, needed His cock in her always, it would be hell without Him til Tthey could get together once again, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, already she could feel the deep ache in His pussy, the need for Him to be there, in her mouth, in His ass, she needed His cum in and on her always, these thoughts were interrupted however, by the feel of two of His fingers sliding up into His cunt.

As soon as those two thick fingers were buried inside her, beth screamed out as she came again, writhing atop her Master’s cock as He continued to pound it deep into that tight ass firmly, but slowly, His gasps and moans while she writhed on Him were increasing, ever steadily growing in frequency and strength, His fingers began pumping in and out of her, in opposite movements with His cock, giving her the feeling of being double penetrated, He began moaning her name, telling her “Cum for Me, Mine, cum for Me” again and again.

He’d trained her to do just that all those months and years over the phone together, her body was rocked with them, He musta told her atleast thirty times to cum, and she did, they came crashing down one ontop of the other, they were intense enough that she had to keep her eyes closed tight, and Master had to keep her held tight ontop of Him, just as she began to come down, she felt it, His cum entering her tight ass.

He was calling her name again, her body anticipated those words ‘Cum for Me’ and sent her into those blissful throes all over again, Bboth lovers were locked together in their orgasms, beth came an additional five times, she’d lost count how many times Master had cum in His girl, His ass, but felt it in there, all warm, and wet, when He slid out of her, she clenched the slit of His ass tight to keep the cum in her for as long as possible, exhausted, she didn’t escort kuşadası move, nor did He, Bboth fell asleep in that position…

Chapter 12

beth awoke to the feel of her pussy..no, His pussy being slowly penetrated again by her Master’s cock, her eyes went wide as those muscles automatically clenched tight.

‘God’ she thought, ‘i’m a true slut, i already need to cum for Him’. And it was true, the slow slide of His cock into His cunt was making her near orgasm, His ass felt full of Master’s cum still, she wanted it in her always.

To beth’s surprise she was rolled flat on her stomach, when she attempted to settle her knees under her, His voice, soft, husky reached her ear. “Don’t move My girl, relax, and enjoy” nodding her head, beth did exactly that, Master kept most of His weight off of her while He fucked her, cock flying in and out of His girl’s sweet cunt rapidly, she needed orgasm badly, and began crying out for it, but it was denied each time, those slick muscles began clenching, and unclenching in an effort to please her Master to the point of making Him spew His cum deep inside her, the sweet feel of His tongue gliding along her spine caused her to clench tight.

The now familiar feel of His cum squirting into her caused a mini-orgasm, it was as intense and as powerful, if not more so, than any of the others she’s experienced, and was waiting for Him to command her to cum, but He didn’t, instead He continued thrusting while licking along her flesh, beth began a keening moan, constantly begging Him to allow her orgasm.

Kenneth continued His hard thrusting, intent on flooding His girl with enough cum to stain her pants when Tthey went out this evening, her mini-orgasms were bringing Him to yet another orgasm of His own. When it erupted, it surprised Him, He clenched her hair tightly and called out to her, giving her the command to release again, and again, and again.

her senses tingled with every word, she had no choice but to milk Him with her own orgasms, He’d already made her pregnant, what was He attempting to accomplish now she wondered, but the thought was yanked from her mind with the feel of His cum again pouring into her, yanking free from His cunt, that cock buried into His ass while He continually gave the command to cum, He felt those slick, hot juices spray over His thighs with each thrust, He was hitting her bladder as well with the angle, her pee running down His thighs as well.

Kenneth increased the strength, and speed of His thrusts while His girl wallowed in the multiple orgasms, finally with one last hard thrust, His cum shot again into that tight ass, exhausted, He slowly eased from her and settled beside her, only to find, to His surprise, she began sucking His cock, attacking it while she vigorously finger fucked herself.

those blue eyes focused upon His while she licked His cock, making it hard again, this had been her intent all along, she had His cum in her ass, her pussy, now she needed it in her mouth, as sensitive as Master was, she knew she’d get what she sought soon enough, and she was right, it took all of two minutes for Master to flood her mouth with His cum, once she’d greedily swallowed every last droplet, she slithered up His body, sat back down on His cock and laid down, Ttogether, Tthey fell asleep.

(To be continued)

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