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Hello my darling Leto,

It was so good to get your Email. It was so exciting to read what was in store for me when we met.

I’m so glad that you are so sensitive to my needs and your willingness to offer me some TLC and “physical” therapy.

Now it’s my turn! This is what I will do for you.

I sit next to your tired body and gently begin caressing you. I run my fingers through your hair and massage your neck. I turn you so your back is toward me and give your tired shoulders my special attention. I reach around you. I unbutton and remove your shirt. I massage the tiredness out of your shoulders and neck.

Starting at your neck, I cover your back with kisses. My fingers caress down each arm and massage your palms. Turning you toward me, I kiss and lick and suck on each finger while gazing into your deep blue eyes.

I have you lay on your back and straddle you. I caress your chest and stomach. I lean over, my long hair falling over your face. I lick a nipple. Your body jerks. I lick my way across your chest to your other nipple. You moan. I take your small nipple between my lips and begin sucking it while massaging your other between my fingers.

Before you can say anything, unbelievable izle I slide off of you and grab the bulge that has grown in you pants. I unbuckle your belt with my other hand then slowly and playfully pull the zipper down. I remove your pants and briefs. I quickly turn you on your stomach. My caresses move slowly down your back as I kiss and lick down your spine.

I squeeze your buttocks. I work my way across each cheek, kissing and licking as I go. I spread your legs and began to kiss and lick between your cheeks. I press my tongue against your warm anus and you arch your body from the sensation. You relax, your anus parts, and I slip my tongue inside. You again moan with pleasure and you press your anus against my tongue.

I stop. I lick my way down the inside of your thighs, my hands caressing in the wake of each lick. I move to ankles, and feet. I lift each leg and massage your feet. I kiss, lick, and suck each toe.

I turn you on your back, and work my way back up your legs, massaging, caressing, kissing, and licking all the way, until I reach your trembling erection. I notice its hardness and complement you on its size.

I uncoupled izle lovingly begin to kiss and lick along each side of your swollen shaft. I take you into my mouth. I run my tongue over the head of your penis. Your penis jerks. Playfully, I flick my tongue over the tip of your manhood. You moan for me to stop.

I slowly begin to move my lips up and down the length of you. I increase the suction of my mouth as I move it up and down. You place your hands on my head to encourage me to take you deeper and I reward you by taking all of you into my mouth and throat. While taking you deep, and then almost out of my mouth, I caress your penis with my tongue.

I sense you becoming more and more aroused. I begin stroking your scrotum and fondle your testicles. I feel you rising to an orgasm. Your entire body trembles. I take you deeply into my mouth and With all the strength I can muster, I squeeze and suck you as you shout and scream at the power of your orgasm. As I feel your semen filling my mouth, I continue sucking your manhood and running my tongue over its head until you literally beg me to stop. I refuse, and the sensations continue to course through your unpaused naya safar izle entire body. Not letting go, I continue to suck, lick, and caress your penis until I feel a softening.

I remove my mouth. I caress your penis. I stroke your scrotum. I play with your anus. You begin to harden. I again suck you with my lips. As you near your second orgasm, I insert my finger into your anus. Your body arches and you again explode into my mouth. You fill my mouth. It overflows. Your body shudders. Your penis softens more quickly. I lick the come that drops on your manhood. I am aglow with the knowledge that I have brought pleasure to you.

I lay next to you, your arm around me. I caress your chest. After you recover, I stroke you to another erection. I climb on top of you and you enter me with your manhood. You pull me toward you and hold me. I lovingly move forward and back upon you penis. You push deep into me and pull back slowly until you are almost outside of me. You gently push deep into me again. The sensation of your manhood pressing on my clitoris as it moves in and out of me soon brings me to the point of no return. At the moment my orgasm bursts my juices out of me, I look into your eyes and, “I love you so much!!!”.

Afterwards, I thank you for loving me. We hold each other in our arms, gently stroking our shoulders and backs until we fall asleep.

You know my heart and my love for you. Soon we will be together again and, this time, my fantasy will become your reality!

All my love,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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