Her Heart’s Desire

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Each stroke I made seemed to make her beautiful smile grow wider. My heart pounded from my exertions but also from the thrill of what we were doing together without our spouses. The sun was shining down on us and although my muscles were strained from use I felt as though I would never want to stop doing this. She asked if I needed to slow down and I just grinned and kept going. She smiled happily, eager for me to keep going.

And that’s when the jet ski nearly capsized us.

We exchanged dirty glances with the owner of said jet ski and worked together to get the water out of our canoe. It was a holiday weekend and my wife and I had gone camping at a local state park with two friends of ours, Mike and his wife Mary, who was currently helping me empty the canoe. We had all been close friends now for about three years and enjoyed vacationing together. As we were all in our late twenties our interests and views were fairly the same so we all got along great.

“I can’t stand people like that. So inconsiderate.” Mary muttered.

I had to chuckle at her. Mary was the sweetest girl I knew but when something really bothered her she had trouble hiding it.

Earlier that morning I had suggested that we all rent boats from the park office and go out on the lake. My wife, Amanda, declined but said she’d come along and read on the lakeside beach. Mary was excited at the idea and Mike wanted to get some trail riding in on the bike he brought but encouraged Mary to go along without him. Amanda didn’t mind s going together in the least and within the hour Mary and I were a good way out on the lake and feeling much more confident after we moved away from the guys having too much fun on their jet skis.

As we moved out toward the shade of a tree line for a break from the sun, I enjoyed a quick glance at Mary’s bust, healthy size D’s, held tightly by her conservative black swimsuit. I’d always had a thing for her, although my friendship with her and Mike was too important for me to entertain many thoughts about her. Not that I wasn’t devoted to my wife – entirely the opposite, it was just that Mary was just one of those girls I was naturally attracted to.

She sighed, gazing out over the water and idly running a hand through her long, blond hair. She flashed me a happy smile and looked back over at the beach.

“Looks like Amanda’s really enjoying her book.”

I grinned. “Yeah, she stopped at the library and got an armload of books for this trip. She couldn’t decide what mood she’d be in and wanted to have a book for everything.”

Mary smiled and happily gazed around at the trees, then at a nearby fishing boat where an old man was just pulling a fair-sized bass out of the water. I just sat there and admired her, enjoying the way the sunlight was sparkling on the water behind her. I shook my head to clear away a thought I shouldn’t be having, just as she looked back at me.

Her eyebrow raised in amusement. “Something wrong?”

I chuckled and tried to ignore it. “No. Nothing.”

“What? You looked upset for a moment.”

“It was nothing. Don’t worry about it.” I said, trying to get her to drop it.

But the one thing about Mary was that she had a very deeply personal character and always wanted to know more about someone. It was one of the things I liked about her. I was just wishing it was a quality she could forget for a moment as she persisted and asked, “No really, what’s the matter?”

Making an unwise call I thought I could assuage her by just answering part of the truth. “No, sorry, it really wasn’t anything. I was just thinking it wasn’t the best idea for me to come out here with you.”

She didn’t get what I was gaziantep escortları saying and looked confused. “Why? Did I do something?”

“No!” I laughed. “No, nothing like that. I just mean without Amanda.”

“Oh.” She said but still looked confused. Then a little hurt.

I sighed. “Okay, it’s just…this is embarrassing but I’m a little attracted to you. I was just clearing my head of some stuff I shouldn’t think.”

She blushed but smiled a little. “Oh. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed you like that.”

I shrugged and smiled.

“Do you want to go back? Maybe Amanda would want to go if you asked again.” She suggested.

“No, it’s okay. She doesn’t really like boats. It’s fine, as long as you’re still comfortable and I haven’t make myself seem like a creep.”

She laughed. “No! You haven’t at all. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate that you felt comfortable enough to tell me.”

We laughed it off and continued to enjoy our time out on the water. It was a gorgeous day and so perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors. When the sun was getting too hot we agreed to go in to shore and brought the canoe back to the dock. Amanda was still enjoying her book and was glad to see us back. I laid down beside her to nap while Mary decided to return to the campsite and rest out of the sun.

The trip became a little uncomfortable after dinner that night. The conversation had turned to our future plans for the next few years which inevitably turned to when we were going to have children. It was a conversation we had had with them many times before, enough to know that Mike wasn’t comfortable with starting a family yet.

Amanda and I were hoping to start a family soon, and although we didn’t mention it, she was off of birth control as of a month ago and we had just had sex that morning in our tent. Mary had wanted to start a family soon and expressed that they were both getting closer, which was a big surprise to us knowing Mike. Mike, however stayed very quiet during the conversation and didn’t talk much more that evening. After the food and camp was cleaned up, the sun had set and we had sat around the fire for a while, Mike excused himself and went to bed. It was clear that something was wrong but no one wanted to bring it up.

Amanda, Mary and I sat around the fire for a while longer just talking and reminiscing other trips we had taken until Amanda started yawning and decided to go to bed as well. She kissed me goodnight and fondly touched my shoulder before heading in.

Our spouses had always been early birds and Mary and I were used to being night owls and had stayed up talking on many other trips together so this was nothing new. I threw another small log in the fire and watched as it smoldered and as flames began to lick up and down the length of the dry wood. Mary was unusually quiet and looked upset but I didn’t want to pry until she seemed ready to talk.

As time went on, however, and the night continued to fall around us she said nothing. The log I had thrown on was halfway consumed by now and I debated adding another as I was starting to grow tired now as well.

Mary stirred and then looked up at me. I gave her a little smile which she then returned. A moment later she got up and sat in the chair next to me.

“I’m sorry Mike was upset tonight” she whispered.

“It’s okay. Is everything alright?” I asked.

She started to answer but her lip began to quiver and she stopped. Then her eyes welled up with tears and she wiped one from her cheek. She looked at me and I leaned over and put my arm around her and hugged her close. She cried quietly into my shoulder as I gently rubbed her back.

Flames were curling around the last third of the log I’d thrown in the fire by the time Mary had calmed down and sat watching the smoke and flames with her head on m shoulder and arm around her back.

She took a slow and steady breath. “You guys know how much I want a family but how much Mike isn’t ready for it yet?” she whispered.

“Mm hm.” I replied. “Yeah, I know you two struggle a lot with it.”

She nodded, still gazing into the fire. “Well, when I said we were getting closer, it wasn’t really honest. Mike and I started trying about eight months ago.”

Inwardly I was stunned but said nothing. That Mike had agreed to having a family was a shock. Finally I asked, “Eight months?”

She sighed. “Yeah. Nothing has happened. We went to the doctor and had lots of tests. Please don’t ever, ever let on that I told you this but we found out Mike has a low sperm count. The doctor said we might still be able to get pregnant but Mike told me that if it didn’t happen by the end of the month that we were going to stop trying. That it must not be the right time.”

She sighed deeply and I could tell it was a sigh from her soul. I felt her struggle and rubbed her shoulder tenderly as she began to cry again. “I don’t think he knows just how much I want a family!” she whispered. “We had sex today when I came back to camp but I don’t know if…” she trained off and began to sob.

The flames continued to consume the remains of the log as we talked. I continued holding her and she slowly started to gather herself again. We eventually sat in quiet, watching the embers of our dying fire. The summer cry of crickets and katydids called out around us from the night, as did Mike’s quiet snoring and the Amanda’s occasional mumbling as she dreamt.

After some time, Mary leaned back from me to look at me as she asked, “Can I ask you something that’s probably completely stupid and completely inappropriate?”

I suppressed a smile, seeing her earnestness and said, “Sure.”

She sighed and looked back at the fire, then seemed to gather her courage again. “Okay, I know this is completely wrong, but maybe just this once, would you try to get me pregnant?”

It seemed like tonight was the night for lots of surprises. I had no idea what to say and just stared at her for probably a full minute. Her lip quivered but otherwise she remained completely determined.

“Mary, you know what you’re asking me, right?”

“Yeah. I know. It’s terrible and I’m stupid but…” She trained off and looked into the fire.

I watched her. She couldn’t help but move me. I reached out and touched her hand. She looked at me and I nodded. My heart began to race as I realized what I was doing. She swallowed but a glance at her tent where Mike was sleeping helped strengthen her resolve.

Her fingers wrapped around my hand and she stood and led me over to the picnic table where she picked up one of the blankets we were all using at the beach. We walked back next to the fire and stretched it on the grass.

Mary looked at me, asking if I was sure with her eyes. I was as nervous, frightened and as excited as I ever had been as I nodded and squeezed her hand.

She stepped closer to whisper into my ear, “Not too personal…” and gave me an apologetic look. I didn’t quite understand so she leaned in and explained, “Is it okay if we don’t get too personal?”

Now understanding I agreed and nodded.

I was trembling as she knelt down on the blanket and slid her shorts down and bent over on the blanket on all fours. The deep, red light from the embers illuminated her butt just enough to make my mouth dry with nervous excitement.

I reached down and undid my shorts and slipped they and my boxers off and got on my knees behind her. Mary was just looking down, waiting on hands and knees. I heard Amanda stir and say something in her dreams just as I touched my erect penis to Mary’s cunt lips. A shiver of excitement went up my spine as I pressed inside and felt my dick glide into her body. Only hours earlier her husband’s dick had been up inside her where mine now slid through.

I reached down and put my hands on her butt and tried not to groan as I slid myself deep into her body. I heard Mary’s quiet whimper as I reached my depth and my groin pushed against her cheeks. I pulled back and pushed forward again and began that rhythm of sex known from mice to men.

The embers crackled beside us and Mike’s snore became louder for a few minutes until we heard him turn over and begin snoring in a different direction. When he had been stirring I had frozen with my dick buried deep down in Mary’s body. She had tightened up for a moment as well and had glanced back at the tent until she was sure he was still asleep. For the first time since we had started, she looked back at me and slowly shared a smile. I smiled too and she shook her head as she looked back at the tent to acknowledge her nervousness.

I leaned forward, putting my hands on the ground on either side of her (enjoying the feeling of laying against her back) to whisper, “I’m sorry this is taking so long – we had sex too this morning. I’m a little spent.”

She looked back and grinned, then whispered, “You’re fine. It’s not like I’m not enjoying this!”

I smiled and started to straighten up but decided to put my hands on her shoulders so I could continue to enjoy laying along her back. She sighed approvingly. I continued to slowly and steadily thrust my penis in and out of her increasingly wet passage.

It was almost completely dark now when I felt her start to move under me. I straightened back up and watched as she leaned down on her elbows and then maneuvered herself to be able to reach down and slide her shirt up and off over her head, then unclip her bra and slide it aside. She remained on her elbows and seemed to glance back in my direction. I took the hint and slid my hands down along her smooth back and curled them under until they wrapped around as much of her full breasts as I could hold.

She again moaned approvingly as I pinched her nipples, all the while gliding my dick in and out from the back. All of my dreams had now become a reality as I slid my palms over her breasts as though they were putty. I felt her shiver and her cunt surrounded my penis with warm fluids. Her body quivered a few more times and I felt liquids roll down my balls.

I gave in completely and laid my chest against her back, holding her tight to me as I sloshed my penis through her quivering cunt lips. The repetitious, wet sounds of sex mingled in the air with the cries of the insects around us. I heard Amanda stir in our tent and said yet something else in her sleep and I ejaculated deep inside the body of her friend. Mike stirred and continued snoring as my semen was squirting into his wife’s vagina. Mary, my friend, collapsed below me, shaking and trembling, as my seed began to chase down her egg.

We stayed like that for some time, locked together, united by her desire for a family.

As we finally parted, and as we cleaned up, as we redressed and folded the blanket back up, as we shared a tender hug and parted to return to our mates, and as she lay down to sleep beside her husband, the egg deep within her body was finally penetrated as I had so recently penetrated her. Months and months later when the baby was born and we had gone to visit, Mary and I shared a look that said many things.

Mike has never been happier.

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