Her New Neighbor Ch. 02

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The woman stirred, with light movements occurring as she began to awaken from her sex and alcohol induced nap. Next, her eye lids slowly and weakly tried to lift. At first getting about a third of the way up. Then, about half way up her eyes. Eventually, the woman managed to expose her eyeballs again with her vision taking a few seconds to focus. She scanned her surroundings. Familiar items, furniture and walls told her that she was in her bedroom, the one she shared with her husband. She tried to get more of her body to rise from her laying position, which she found herself on her side. Her arms felt heavy laying in front of her and her entire body was suffering from an almost complete lack of energy. “Mmmmm…” she let out a low, annoyed moan. She shifted her head and looked below to find that entire body was exposed. Not a single piece of cloth on her frame.

Her head was taking a little time to put two and two together. She did remember wearing her usual gym attire. So where did that go? she wondered. That’s when the red head decided to begin working on her lower half. She finally managed to lift one of her well toned and fit legs to reveal what appeared to be some kind of dried up white substance. “Huh…?” she looked at her private area and noticed that that was where the majority of the spill, she figured, was coming from. When she wondered what could possibly have caused this, a light bulb went off in her little head. This caused a shocked gasp to escape from the housewife. Her hand shooting up to cover her mouth, her mind now clouded with horror.

‘Lennox!’ she shouted in her head. And that’s when memories of events still very recent started flood her head.

It all came crashing down at once. Images of conversation with the man. Images of drinking with the man. Images of massages from the man. And more vividly, explicit images of orally pleasuring and being taken by the man; taken in only the way a wife should be by someone with the title of ‘husband’. She was filled with emotions of terror, guilt, regret and deep shame. Tears started to form and escape through her ducts.

It hit her all at the same time. The woman had cheated on her husband.

She started to sob and cover her eyes, but then she wondered where Lennox had gone too. It was at that point that she finally realized that there was a presence right next to her and that presence had stirred and moved. She used some of the energy she had regained from awakening from her sleep to turn her head while wiping her eyes. In her vision, she discovered him again. He now laid on his back, arms over his head, gripping the pillow underneath him. He had a grin on his face and his eyes were still closed. It looked like he was dreaming something wonderful.

This caused Shannon to look at him with burning hot rage… which cooled down once she took in the rest of his sleeping figure. That body he possessed was out of this world and definitely not something that she was used to waking up to. Her memories started replaying again, this time with a feeling as though she was reliving it again. She wanted to be angry, she knew she had to be. But the images flashing through her mind wasn’t letting her give into hatred completely.

And it only got worse when her eyes went lower and saw a limp but still gigantic piece of man meat that was in this young stud’s possession. This caused her being to have a reaction to the mixture of memories and his massive appendage. She felt a tremor in her body and she shook looking away, feeling more shame from allowing him to do that to her. She sobbed again, gritting her teeth in frustration. How would she tell Ryan? How would she break this to Julie? Would she even tell them at all? Shannon may not have been feeling very fulfilled lately in her marriage, but that didn’t mean she wanted it to end.

‘What am I going to do…?’ she thought, feeling very defeated. She hung her head low and cried a little more until she felt a strong grip on her shoulder.

“You good?” followed a familiar deep voice.

She jumped off the bed and covered herself with her arm over her breasts and a hand on top of her pussy. Lennox smirked at this. There was nothing left to hide, so she looked a little silly to him right about now. “You ain’t hiding anything I haven’t already seen, baby-girl.” came a smug statement.

“Get out…” she said, clearly upset.

“Awww c’mon, don’t get mad now.” He moved over to hop off the bed, landing on his feet and started to approach the woman.

“I said get out!” she repeated, her voice rising in volume.

“I ain’t leaving without getting dressed… shit.” Lennox replied, continuing to advance on her.

“Don’t get any closer.” she said backing away from him until her back hit her dresser. She watched him get closer to her and felt so small as he stomped his away to stand in front of her. He still had a smile on his face, and it annoyed her how he looked like he did nothing wrong and was just going about it as if nothing terrible happened. Well, Ataşehir Grup Escort in his case, she guessed nothing terrible really happened. Her eyes betrayed her anger and looked up and down at the ebony man who stood a foot away from her. Again, this caused her body to react the same way again. His body was nothing short of perfection. He was a beautiful man, and so very unique to her considering how little she interacted with his kind.

“Too bad, i’m close now.” He looked down at her and just like she was still impressed with his physique, he was just as impressed with hers. He licked his lips and took in the gorgeous sight of the conflicted older woman. “Just chill, I ain’t gonna do nothing, unless you want me to of course.”

“N-Never again!” she spat out at him.

He nodded. “Sure…” adding a chuckle to that as well. “I don’t think we got much time anyway, when your man supposed to get home?”

Shannon looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall by the door of the bedroom. “Shit! He should be here in a little bit!” The clock read 9:55. Ryan usually came home around 10 whenever he stayed late at the office. “You need to get the hell out of here, Lennox, now!” she said, basically yelling at him.

A shrug began his response. “Whatever.” Lennox walked over and picked up his clothing. He went back for it after he laid Shannon on the bed after tearing her body apart, he also cleaned up the mess of beer bottles and wine glasses. He slipped on his top, followed by his shorts and sneakers. Shannon watched, trying to remain angry at him. Though in the back of her mind, there was a sense of disappointment in seeing him dress himself, covering up that exquisite chest and those equally beautiful abs. At least his arms were still on display, she thought. Shannon shook her head. No, she shouldn’t be thinking this about him, she told herself. It was him who seduced her and caused her to cheat on her poor husband. He was an asshole! A terrible human, the woman thought, doing her best to convince herself.

Lennox stretched out his arms and legs and moved his head around, cracking his neck. “I got a little too comfortable on that bed.” he snickered. “Feeling good though, that nap really helped me out.” Though it wasn’t much of a nap considering how much they actually slept.

He walked back over to the still nude housewife. “So, this is goodnight, then?” He crossed his arms and looked down at the smaller female, grin on his face.

“Please, get the hell out of my home.” she sneered at him. She had on a dirty look, trying her best to communicate to him how much she was bothered by his presence. “You have already caused me a great deal of pain and made my life much more difficult. You’ve done nothing good at all!” she shouted. “I don’t want to see you for another second.

“Oh, word?” he tilted his head, giving her an amused look. “Nothing good at all, huh? You mean I didn’t actually keep you company and kept you from going through another day of fucking boredom by yourself? You know, because your husband, who probably got a little dick and can’t handle your perfect ten body like I can, has got better shit to do like work and doesn’t bother thinking about what his woman needs in life. I have probably given you more excitement, pleasure and fun in just these past few hours than he has in years, i’m guessing.” He looked down at the scowling woman. She tried to keep her best bitch face on, but Lennox knew he was landing all the right punches. “And if you had a man like yours truly, your ass wouldn’t be feeling like a lonely and unsatisfied old hag. I’d have my girl feeling right all day, everyday you dig me? A chick like you deserves that kinda shit.”

Shannon wanted to snap at him and chew him out, but she hesitated, biting her tongue. She felt frustrated and incensed. But she wasn’t feeling these emotions just because she was facing her seducer who caused her to commit adultery. No, she was angry because much of what he was saying… was right. She didn’t even give him all the details, but he was hitting the mark with what he was saying.

Lennox was right, for a long time now, Shannon found herself getting very bored, very alone and almost a feeling of abandonment. She knew Ryan loved her, but it was clear that between long hours at the office, that he gladly chose to work, and staying out some nights with friends, she wasn’t the first or even second thing on his mind anymore. It made her depressed some days. She knew that it was no way for a wife to feel in her marriage. Maybe Ryan felt like he was giving her as much freedom as he could, but that’s not how Shannon viewed it. A wife wants to spend time with her husband, and feel like they are going through life together. She also thought that maybe he was just getting bored of her considering they had been together since high school. Whatever the case, life wasn’t exciting anymore and every time she wanted to talk to Ryan about it, he would brush her off and tell her that everything would be okay. Shannon Ataşehir Manken Escort knew things were far from okay from her perspective.

And the sex life…? Again, Lennox was pretty much spot on. Early on in the relationship, it was good. It was a frequent occurrence and they were both really into it. Ryan was a very sweet guy back then, and that carried over to the bedroom. But as the years went on, that fell off as well. The sex became less engaging, and she found him finishing a lot faster than before. He wasn’t ever a marathon man in bed, but he tried to always make her feel good in the time they had during sex. Now, when that rare event of sex between them happened, it almost felt like he was just going through the motions. Sometimes, he would be frustrated in himself that he couldn’t hold his load for very long. Shannon would tell him that it wasn’t a big deal, but he wouldn’t hear it, choosing to just roll over and sleep. And the orgasms weren’t always there before either, but it was the effort that counted. Before today, however, Shannon couldn’t even remember the last time sex with Ryan ended with her cumming. That was sad.

Oh, and the penis size? Shannon always thought that his rock hard 6 inches was enough for her. Lennox, though, smashed that idea to bits, the man turned her world upside down in that regard. It worried the woman, she wondered if Lennox spread her open to the point where anything less would feel like nothing. It would make sex with Ryan that much more difficult to get into if that were the case.

To top it all off, Lennox actually had a good time with her, and he enjoyed being with her as much she enjoyed her time with him, not even counting the sex. She couldn’t recall the last time where Ryan and her laughed and converted for a while as they shared drinks. That should be a much more common event between married lovers. And not only that, but Lennox seemed proud that he helped her evade the usual boredom she had been so used to for a long time now. From what he was telling her, she deserved it, and if she had someone like Lennox, she would never worry about things like this ever again.

She shouldn’t be feeling conflicted, Shannon thought. She cheated and clearly broke her vows as a wife. But…

“Looking like someone is in deep thought over here.” Lennox spoke, breaking her inner thoughts. “You straight?”

Shannon shook her head, coming back down to earth. She was about to snap at him again until they both heard the sounds of someone entering the house and the door closing. “Shit! Um… oh my god! What the hell do I do?!?” Shannon said worriedly in a high whisper, heart pounding and scared that her husband would find her like this. She had lost track of time and now she found herself in a terrible situation. “This is bad… really bad…”

Lennox didn’t seem too worried. He knew the situation looked unfortunate for her, but he wasn’t the type to lose his cool. He looked around the room and then came up with an idea. “I got this…” He grabbed Shannon’s wrist and brought her over to the window. She wanted to tell him to let go of her but didn’t want to cause a scene that would get her caught. He released her, and opened the window. “Tree is close enough. I’ll just hop on it and work my way down the branches. I’ll make sure no one sees me. Helps that it’s dark as fuck out right now.”

“A-Are you sure?” she softly responded. “You’re gonna be okay, right?” Why Shannon cared whether or not this man got hurt, she wouldn’t understand, but she had no time to dwell on it.

He nodded and smiled confidently. “Of course, no problem.” Lennox opened the large, tall window after moving the curtains. He lifted a leg over and Shannon watched him, a look of concern on her face. Before jumping out, Lennox reached over and pulled her wrist again with more authority. She stumbled over and was about to chew him out, but she couldn’t speak, as Lennox’s mouth crashed down on hers for the last time that day. Her eyes widened from the shock. She wanted to struggle, but her body felt like melting. She also didn’t want to accidentally push him off and possibly hurt or kill him. His tongue forced it’s way into her mouth doing some quick exploring. Shannon found herself unable to do anything but kiss him back, their tongues swirling and meeting each other once again. Shannon felt her legs wobble from the kiss but found herself being help up by Lennox’s strong grasp on her ass. He squeezed it like it was his, like he owned it.

Lennox pulled away, knowing time was short, and they both started hearing footsteps coming up the stairs. “See you soon, gorgeous.” he winked at her. “I’ll be back to claim you.” he said in a low, bass filled voice.

“Hurry, get the hell out!” she whispered loudly, ignoring his comments. The man finally jumped and she watched as he effortlessly held on to a branch, using his great upper body strength. His feet found the branches below him, and she knew he would be alright. She closed the window, pulled Ataşehir Masöz Escort the curtains to cover it and walked over to middle of the room, quickly grabbed a towel and then watched her husband finally enter.

“What’s up with you?” said the short brown haired, average build, suit-wearing man. His tone was a weird mixture of curiosity and slight indifference.

“Oh… um, well instead of going to the gym in the afternoon, I decided to go at night this time. Less people around. I got home like a half hour ago. I’m about to get in the shower now.” That was the story that she came up with and decided to run with it.

Ryan was taking off his jacket and hung it up in the closet. “Alright then. I guess that’s why there’s nothing for dinner?” he continued on.

‘Shit…’ she had forgotten all about that. “Yeah, sorry hon. If you want I could…” Her husband cut her off.

“Don’t worry about it. I actually made sure to eat something at the office tonight.” He looked in the mirror over the dresser and began removing his tie and shirt. “Won’t be like that tomorrow, so just letting you know.” Shannon nodded as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. “Julie home?” he asked about his daughter.

She shook her head. “No, she’s staying over Sara’s tonight.” she replied, not even looking over at him.

“Okay…” he dispassionately replied, standing there in his boxers and white tank top, after removing his shoes and pants. He walked past her and gave her a small smile, to humor her Shannon figured. “Gonna watch some TV before heading to bed.” Shannon nodded once again as she watched him walk down the stairs. “Oh, and by the way, if you’re gonna change, do so in the bedroom. That was just strange.” he added as he continued to descend.

At first she had no idea what he was talking about. Then it hit her. Her gym clothes that Lennox tore off of her must still be in the living room. ‘Idiot’ she thought. “Um, yeah, sorry. I’ll pick it up, don’t worry about it.” her husband didn’t respond, as she predicted. ‘Not even a how was your day…’ Shannon sighed. Not the first time though. It made her wonder if the things Lennox said was right… She shook her head. No, she thought. It couldn’t be. Maybe she just wasn’t trying hard enough at this relationship. But what else could she do? She did basically everything Ryan asked of her. What more? She sighed again, moving on to her shower, now wasn’t the time to waste energy on it. She just need a nice relaxing shower to clean up and continue doing her thing. Something should work itself out, she figured.

That’s when on her way to the shower, an image of a naked, smiling Lennox appeared in her head. She blushed hard and shook it off. “Lennox…” she said, wondering what she could do to get him out of her head, and hopefully life. Assuming she actually wanted that. And she didn’t know why that was becoming a conflict within her.

Things can certainly change in a single day.

A few days passed by, and Shannon tried her best to go through her days as normally as she possibly could. She attempted to occupy her time with as much time consuming activities she could come up with. She was feeling the guilt of being a cheating wife eat away at her, and the only thing she could do to keep that guilt at bay was to always be in action. The shopping picked up and Shannon found herself heading to many shops and purchased many new articles of clothing, some of which she wasn’t even sure she would wear. Anything to keep busy, she justified to herself.

She also started to split her time at the gym, going in the morning and then later in afternoon. The employees at the gym raised their eyebrows at this, but whatever, they thought. It helped not to be around at home, hoping this would keep encounters with Lennox to an absolute minimum. Although his job as a gym teacher probably keeps him away in the morning and thought that the only reason she met him on that fateful day was because he took the time off to get his things in his new house. That point was further backed by the fact that Ryan actually saw his new neighbor as he left his house to go to work the day after. Lennox must have been on his way to school, she figured.

‘Hey, we have a new neighbor. A black guy. Take care of yourself okay?’ was a text he sent to her later that day.

Shannon sighed at the text. She would have liked him telling her to keep herself safe if she didn’t already become that black man’s conquest. It was a troubling thought. Especially since the last thing Lennox told her was that he would ‘be back to claim her’. Half of her thought ‘hell no!’ to ever being put in the position of seeing him again. However, the other half of her felt something when she thought of his last words. ‘To claim you…’. It was kind of romantic as well as dominant, and she never heard words like that. Even her husband never made such a bold statement before. The red head tried to shake off the memories of the man, but eventually, her thoughts would wander into those ‘dark’ territories. Her sleep was also consumed with dreams of a smirking black man. He had dreadlocks and the body of a God. Her dreams found him and her in rather compromising positions. Shannon would find herself waking up occasionally from the dreams. He was even starting to mess with her sleep.

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