Her Night of Training

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They had been seeing each other periodically for some time now, and both wanted to be with the other. When he told her to meet him at a hotel, which was a first in a long time, she knew that this night she would have to prove worthy of him. He gave no instructions other than where and when.

She arrived promptly, and after hugging and kissing her, he told her “to remove your clothes.” She was still self conscious in front of him, but resolved to eagerly do whatever he asked of her. He walked around her, admiring her, and her breathing quickened at his touches. He took her hand and led her into the bathroom.

He took from the counter an enema bag, asking “if she ever had one.” As she was answering no, she noticed also on the counter a razor, shaving cream and more. He stared hard at her, and said, “nooo?” She grimaced at her error, and replied, “no Master.” She now knew tonight was the night that she would become his everything; if only she could. He saw the apprehension in her eyes, and asked if she was sure this was what she wanted. Nodding her head, she replied, “if it is your wish Master.”

He offered her a bottle of water then placed two towels on the floor instructing her to get on her elbows and knees, with her ass raised, legs spread, and hands holding cheeks open. She dared to ask if she could “please pee first” and he did grant her that. As she reached for the toiled paper, he bellowed “no!” She tried to shake herself a little, and quickly got into the position he had indicated. She could hear the water running, filling the dreaded bag.

He lubricated the tip, and with one hand holding her hip, he slowly inserted it. He said he would “like to sit with you, but I need to regulate the flow, and massage your belly.” She nodded her head and said, “yes Master.” He reminded her of her safe word if she felt overwhelmed and told her the first enema would be one quart; he kept talking but she only heard the word ‘first.’ She felt herself filling and her tummy moving as the bag emptied into her. He pulled the nozzle out and told her to stay still for as long as she could. Resting on her knees and elbows, her ass raised, she felt her pussy tingling. The fullness was almost overwhelming and her breathing was erratic, as Master sat near her head caressing her cheek and complimenting her. She smiled with pride; until the need to expel became so great. Master helped her to the toilet as her legs were trembling, and with an ‘ohhh’ she released. He knelt in front kuşadası escort of her and hugged her until she calmed down; then he said, “time for number 2!”

She again took her position on the floor and Master wiped her bottom with a warm facecloth, then again, inserted the tip. She again felt herself filling and could not understand the tingling in her pussy! It seemed to take longer this time, and Master commented on her expanding belly. When the bag was empty, Master helped her stand. He stood behind her with her facing the mirror so she too could see her belly. He was grinning from ear to ear and whispering how pleased he was that she was doing so well. He toyed with her pussy and breasts until she again had to expel. He knelt with her again and kissed her deeply as she released, trying to ease her embarrassment.

All clean inside now, he said, and turned the shower on. Helping her in, he gently washed her, teasing her with his ministrations. He told her to kneel and using her mouth to bring him to orgasm. She did so, running her tongue around his knob, sucking lightly, then licking up and down, suckling one ball then the other, and finally deep throated him, swallowing his offering. Her own need was apparent, but he paid no attention, which she thought odd as he had always been very attentive to her needs!? Out of the shower, he told her to again lay on the floor, but on her back as he was going to rid her of her pussy hair.

She spread her legs, laying her knees sideways; opening herself to him. First he trimmed her mound as close as he dared, periodically looking up at her. He then placed a warm facecloth on her, and leaving it there moved to kiss her and murmur reassurances. Moving back down he put the lotion in his hands, sensually rubbing her mound. She felt the heat rising as he carefully shaved her, reminding her not to move. When he was done, he again helped her stand in front of the mirror and had her feel herself and open her lips. She saw her clit staring at her! He held her and kissed her, thanking her for her submission, and taking her hand, led her to the bedroom.

On the dresser she recognized a remote butt plug, and remote egg; and she whimpered in anticipation. He had her lean forward at the edge of the bed, with her legs spread, and she felt the anal plug going in. He slid one finger into her pussy commenting on her moistness, and telling her that tonight she would learn to be his slut slave. He offered his finger to kuşadası escort bayan her and she eagerly licked it clean. The plug, he told her, would be worn daily as part of her routine, and would increase in size as her ass accepted each one, resulting in distention, causing her ass to always be open and welcoming.

He then told her to crawl onto the bed, flip onto her back, and lay spread-eagle. She was fully exposed to him and he smiled at her apparent state of arousal; her breathing ragged, her clit protruding, and her nipples erect. He then placed the egg into her pussy and proceeded to clamp her lips shut tight! He turned both on low and pressing her legs together, bound them at her thighs and ankles. She was gasping as her moistness continued to flow. He turned the remotes off and moved up to her mouth, offering his cock which she eagerly ravished.

He pulled out and released him seed on her breasts, rubbing it in and telling her that tonight he would bring her to the edge over and over, eventually, when he wished, allowing her to orgasm. She was thinking it was going to be a very long night indeed, but it was what she had wanted for so very long.

He sat above her, with her head on his thigh, and turned on the television. His cock rested on her cheek and she moved her head so she could rub it with her cheek. He casually played with her nipples, prompting the to rise more. First one remote, then the other, varying speeds. Then nothing. He watched as her eyes glazed and refocused, and started the process over. She was moaning, and he told her before the night was over she would be begging like never before to be fucked like the slut she was becoming.

He placed a ball gag at her mouth and she hesitated. He knew her dislike, and told her only for a moment to muffle her screams. That scared her and tears formed at the corner of her eyes. He looked at her gently and said, just a moments pain dear. She opened her mouth a little and he placed the gag in, not bothering to secure it; she seemed to be frozen in place. Her breathing was very quick now, her breasts rising and falling, as he grasped one nipple and clamped it. She did try to scream, but due to the gag… Then the other nipple and the gag was removed. He wiped her tears and told her this would become part of her daily routine as he wished for her nipples to always be obviously erect, another symbol of welcoming and invitation. When she adjusted to the pain, she began to feel escort kuşadası the pleasure; right down to her pussy. She blushed and it did not go unnoticed by Master!

He helped her to sit at the edge of the bed and again offered the gag to her. Not completely willingly, she opened her mouth and took it. Master showed her weights which he informed her were to be hung from the clamps. He agreed with her thought that her nipples were quite large now, but told her he wished them to be bigger still. How this man could read her mind!? Again, she tried to scream, jerked, and cried at the pain. He removed the gag and held her until the pain turned to pleasure. He gave her more water, and told her that he was hungry and would order food to be delivered.

She sat at the edge of the bed for twenty minutes before the gag was inserted and the clamps and weights removed. Her pussy was continually convulsing even as the tears flowed. When Master had helped her calm down, he released her clamped pussy, removed the ankle and thigh binds, and told her to lay spread-eagle again. Glad for the relaxation she rightly thanked him and did so.

The knock at the door prompted her to move, and as quickly not to move as Master bellowed ‘stay.’ She was sure she was red from head to toe as he opened the door for the delivery boy. Asking how old he was and being told twenty, Master informed him that if he wished, as his tip, I would willingly give him a blow job, but he had to release his sperm on me as I to much enjoyed the swallowing of. Of course the lad said yes. Master told him I was in training to become his slut slave and told him about the remotes; even gave him a demonstration as I tried to retain some dignity. He straddled my face and unzipping his pants revealed a long thin cock, which was already hard. Unceremoniously he stuffed it into my mouth. I was having a hard time maneuvering due to the length, and finally gave up, allowing him to use my mouth as a pussy. This seemed to suit him just fine because within minutes he withdrew and sprayed his seed over my breast. I was more frustrated, and he quickly left. Master rubbed the sperm into me and I began sobbing.

With a concerned look Master asked if I wanted to stop. I did, but did not want to disappoint him. He said we could rest, that I was his slut slave and had nothing more to prove. I looked into his eyes to see the truth there and nodded my head yes. He gently removed the remotes and lay next to me holding me tight until I fell asleep.

Later he would tell me that he had moved to the table where the food was, but didn’t eat for some time. He stared at my sleeping figure thankful that we had met; how in awe he was at the depth of submission to him, and what a wonderful slut slave I was becoming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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