Her Night with Mommy

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She felt the presence of the two bodies before she heard them, or smelled them. She knew they were in there, in bed. She had just closed the door behind her, standing in the dark, carpeted room. She had a habit of curling her toes into her mother’s carpets, as they were plush and soft.
She was wearing a long tee shirt. It once belonged to Harry, her mother’s boyfriend from a year ago. Harry is now gone, and her mother has replaced him with Ty. She also wore sheer, blue panties that covered her ass, but did little to obscure her cheeks or nani (the name she gave to her pussy).
The room was dark, but her eyes quickly acclimated to the darkness and she began to make out various structures. And the shapes of people. Her mother and Ty were in bed, under the covers. She could not make out who was where, which body part was what, or what exactly they were doing, but she knew they were there.
She uncurled her toes and began to step toward the bed, whose foot was about three meters from the door. She made her way to the right side – from the door’s perspective – and as she reached to grab the sheets, she noticed Ty’s upper body was above the covers, un-obscured. Had he been like this since I entered, she thought. His eyes were open, but he was not looking at her. He was looking ahead. Indeed, he did not seem to notice her.
Her mother, at that moment, lifted herself up from beneath the covers, throwing them off as if she was exposing herself from hiding. The covers flung to the foot of the bed, to Ty’s feet. Her mother was holding Ty’s cock, and seemed to be regaining her breath. Ty was breathing steadily and quietly. She did not seem to notice Roxy, her daughter, by the bed.
Ty leaned forward, grabbed the covers and passed them to his left to Roxy.
“Here. Get in”, he said.
“How long have you been standing there?”, Jazmine asked of Roxy, more incredulous that she didn’t notice her daughter than that her daughter had seen her emerge from sucking the biggest cock Roxy had ever seen, with the string of saliva connecting her mother’s mouth to the cock being snapped by the question.
“She just walked in, Jaz. Come and lie down.” Ty was looking directly into her eyes. The darkness could not obfuscate that.
Roxy took the covers, and as she got her right leg onto the bed, Ty grabbed Jazmine’s head, and, without ceasing staring at Roxy, pushed it down onto his cock. Jazmine took all ten and a half inches, her pierced tongue slithering out to try and lick his massive, gaziantep eskort bayan sagging scrotum. As Roxy settled into bed, her right thigh touching Ty’s as he spread his legs a bit, Jazmine began to pump her head up and down onto the four and a half inch thick python. Roxy could see, thanks to the glittering effects of her mother’s saliva, the veins and smoothness of the cock.
Jazmine lifted her head completely from the cock, sucked in her breath and excessive saliva, and, without letting go of Ty’s cock, which she began to stroke, told him that he will not be sleeping in the middle this time.
“I told you I don’t want you fucking her.”
“But I haven’t and I won’t.”, Ty said quietly and without concern.
“Or fucking with her, Ty. I saw that assplug she was wearing yesterday, and I know you put it in her.”

Two weeks prior, Roxy had placed an ad to get fucked online, using her mother’s pictures. She was seeking a particular man who had come over their house for appointments to fuck Jazmine. His second visit, he had gone to the hallway bathroom, naked, and found Roxy on the toilet urinating. The man started stroking his cock to hardness upon seeing this pretty, thirteen year old looking up at him. Roxy herself was turned on watching the precum slowly generate on the tip of his cock, as she instinctively spread her legs. The man then lifted her up from the toilet, bent her over the sink and spread her ass cheecks. He was shocked to see that not only had her flower bloomed, but that she had been fucked quite often, due to the gapeness of her nani. He plunged his tongue into her, lapping up her residue urine and juices she was excreting.
This would continue for three more of the man’s appointments. He would come fuck Jazmine, then sneak off and eat out Roxy. On his fourth visit, he fucked her anally. He couldn’t resist himself, and Roxy didn’t protest.
Then he was gone. And Roxy sought to get him back.
A man responded to her ad, and she was certain it was him. She asked if he had been there before, and he affirmed. She asked for his description, and it seemed to match, although there was a difference he noted that she put off. It would prove vital. The voice was not too similar, but she chalked it up to this being a phone conversation, and she and the client would only whisper at every of their illicit rendezvous.
When the man arrived, she noted he was black…and he shocked. Roxy was wearing a fishnet body suit with her mother’s assplug in her…asshole. The man asked for Jazmine, tried to reason himself out of the apartment, but twenty minutes later Roxy was sliding up and down on his cock. He was alternating between her asshole and nani, and each time Roxy reminded him that it was the day after her fourteenth birthday he would ejaculate in whichever hole he was in.
She would tell him how he fucked better than her mother’s client, who ate her ass out but fucked her once. She bragged how his cock felt better than her mother’s toys, or how his tongue could go deeper in her asshole tha her mother’s half-brother, Roxy’s uncle.
It was when she had her head down and her ass in the air, while getting fucked anally, that Ty and Jazmine walked in. Jazmine was drunk and began to protest loudly, as the man causally removed his cock from her (he was cumming a fourth time right as the key was turning), stepped back, and gave Ty a pound, while his cock was erect and covered in his and Roxy’s juices
He saw Jazmine regularly at the strip club where she had worked – as well as in her bedroom at the apartment – and had put Ty onto her.
Roxy stood up and faced her mother, as thick cum oozed out of her asshole, and dripped down her legs from her nani. She told her mother it was from her that she learned such values, and pulled down Jazmine’s tube top, revealing a thirty six-D breast, with a large areola and pierced nipple. Jazmine stumbled back a bit, but Ty caught her, handed her to the man, and they both headed for the familiar bedroom. In the living room, Ty and Roxy overheard Jazmine make some observations.
“Mmmm, my baby tastes good”, was heard in between mouth-popping sounds.
Then the door shut.
Ty took Roxy to the bathroom and cleaned her up, spread her ass cheeks and looked into her gaping asshole. He began to sniff her asshole so intensely, that his nose was plunged into it. Neither said a word to each other from the moment Jazmine and the man disappeared in the bedroom, but both wanted to fuck the other. Roxy had noted Ty’s cock when Jazmine would fuck and suck him in the living room, while Ty saw Roxy, on two occasions, fuck herself with her mother’s massive cock dildos. (The first of these occurrences was the first time Ty spent the night, awaking to find Roxy pulling the giant dildo out, covered in her juices. This was two weeks after her flower had bloomed.)
Since that night of walking in on Roxy and his friend, when he cleaned her up and sniffed her, Ty did fuck with her. He did, indeed, often plug her asshole with toys, rub his cock between her ass cheecks, and watch tranny porn together while she sat on his lap – she wearing panties while we wore nothing.

“That wasn’t me who did that, Jaz. Was it me, Rox?”
“No, mom, Ty didn’t do that. Just as he didn’t do it this time.”, Roxy taunted hornily.
She turned onto her left side in a slight fetal position, pointed her ass out toward Ty and lifted her tee shirt.
“Is that my plug?”, Roxy demanded.
“Ty, can you remove mommy’s plug for me, please.”
“Baby, go back to ‘throating me while I handle this, ok?”
“Ty fuck with her, Ty. But I bet your bigass dick can’t fit in there.”, Jazmine responded and challenged.
Ty heard her but ignored her, as he was thinking the inverse. My bigass cock will fit in there.
Ty pulled Roxy’s panties’ down just below her asscheecks and began to spread her right cheeck. He found the base of the plug, grabbed it with his fingertips and began to extract. Slowly, he began to unscrew it from Roxy’s asshole while Jazmine choked on his cock. He twisted it to the left, then a bit to the right, and then it popped right out. Ty was face to asshole with a serious gape. That plug never stood a chance.
“Babe, that’s good, let’s go to sleep now.”, Ty said.
Puzzled, as he had not cum so that she could swallow him as she liked, Jazmine removed her face off from his cock. As soon as his cock was free, Ty cuddled up behind Roxy and began to spoon her.
Roxy reached back and found and grabbed Ty’s cock. It was drenched in sailiva. She tried to guide it toward her asshole. Ty had to move his hips back a bit so that his massive cock could be aimed accordingly. As he did this, he bumped into Jazmine.
“Ty…?”, Jazmine seemed to plead, laying back onto the bed and beginning to finger herself.
“I’m not fucking her, Jaz. Just seeing if it fits.”, Ty said absently, almost trying to convince himself more than acknowledging Jazmine’s concern.
With the extra space, Roxy, grabbing the cock from the center of the shaft, guided the head to her asshole.
Ty was stunned to find that his cock-head fit in Roxy’s ass effortlessly. Within seconds, half of his cock was inside of Roxy’s ass. Soon, his whole python was balls deep.
“Oh my god. I need to be your daddy”, Ty said, feeling almost overwhelmed by how loose yet gripping this fourteen year old’s asshole was.
“Mmmmm, only if mommy thinks I taste good”, Roxy responded, as she began to slowly gyrate her hips on the biggest cock to enter her loose, young asshole yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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