Her Night

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She thought it would be exciting. Something different. It was one of her fantasies. She had told him about when they were in bed late one night. Every girl liked her hair pulled and her ass slapped, right? Why not push the boundary a little?

He offered to help her experiment. Friday night 9:00. Her apartment. She would be lying face down on her bed, nude, freshly showered, shaved and wearing a blindfold.

The anticipation made for an impossibly long day. After work, she did a yoga class to get her mind clear, but her thoughts kept drifting to the night’s plans. At least she would be limber and relaxed.

She got home and took a long hot shower as planned. She fought the urge to use the loofah for more than just exfoliating her freckled skin. She wanted to let the excitement grow. After her shower, she put her favorite sheets on the bed and sprayed the bed with her favorite lavender scent.

At 8:55, she was ready for him. She turned on some relaxing music, took off her robe, put on the eye mask she’d bought and laid down on her bed.

Her apartment door was unlocked. She heard him come in and lock the door. Then his feet down the hallway. She felt a draft when the bedroom door opened. Were the goosebumps from the cool air or the excitement? She couldn’t tell.

“Hello.” She was feeling very sexy and it was coming through in her voice. He didn’t say a word.

She heard him approach the bed on the side she wasn’t facing. Something was placed on the bed, a bag perhaps. She heard and felt him empty it near her head.

She felt his hand on her pony tail, then suddenly her head was yanked back. Placed something on the bed under her face, pushed her head into the bed again. Then she felt it tighten around her head, a long piece of cloth, his tie maybe, wrapped around her head, over the eye mask and tied at the side of her head. That definitely made the room darker than her $5 eye mask.

In turn, he took each leg and wrapped a rope around then, stretched them out and tied them to a corner of the bed. Wow, he had really planned this out, hadn’t he? Then he pulled her arms together above her head. Cold steel snapped around her right, then her left wrists. Handcuffs. Not the fuzzy plastic play ones either, they weren’t as comfortable as she’d imagined. Then he tied a rope to them and stretched her more as he tied the other end of the rope to the bed post.

Well this was exciting. She felt that familiar warmth down below. Her nipples were already hard from the cool sheets now they were tightening even more. He ran his hands along her entire body, starting at her shoulders, down her ribs, across her ass, then down the back of her thighs, the back of her knees, and her calves. Her whole body tightened.

He was back in his bag. She knew he had taken something out, but not what. He leaned over and she felt his warm mouth on her ass. He nibbled and chewed until he was at the line where her ass and thighs met. Oh God, that felt so nice. vampire academy izle His tongue worked its way back and forth across that line on both legs. She involuntarily tightened and lifted her ass for him. She was wet now. She wanted to feel that tongue on her pussy. But he kept missing the place she needed him most. He lifted his head.

*SMACK!* Damn it that hurt, but so nicely. She never expected it, but it was followed by six more, three on each ass cheeks. The sting of each one sent a charge to her pussy. Her legs were spread enough that she couldn’t grind against the bed.

Then she heard the low hum of a vibrator. Finally some relief. He only been here what ten minutes?

And she needed that first orgasm. He moved to the bottom of the bed the vibrator was just a low hum when he brushed her thighs with it, then he plunged it into her once, She tightened up to try to take more, but he pulled it out. Then he ground it against her clit. Finally!! Her clit was tingling she felt the wave start to build inside. Then he pulled it back.

No no no. She needed that back. That was so close.

“Please?” She begged.

His response was to place it on the bed, between her thighs, but not touching either one. It vibrated the bed just enough to feel it, but not enough to get relief. He shifted his weight off the bed. He moved to the chair in the corner of her bedroom.

No come back. It’s not close enough! She tightened her thighs and ass, tried to shift her weight, squat towards it. This was horrible. Her movements just excited her engorged clit even more. And there was no way to get the things closer to her pussy. It was maddening.

And then she noticed he was still sitting. Had he been sitting there five minutes? Ten? She was so close to coming that it almost hurt. Tightening her ass didn’t work, she couldn’t move to place where her clit was rubbing the bed. And that damn vib was just out of reach.

She heard him shift in the chair, finally! But nothing. He was still sitting.

“Please, please Tom. Enough. Just come her and fuck me! Eat me! Something!” Her clit was throbbing and her pussy was drenched. She need it now.

Thankfully he stood up. Walked to the bottom of the bad. She heard his pants unbuckle and unzip, then the sound of him removing his shirt and the rest of his clothes. She imagined that his dick was nice an full and hard. Oh she needed to feel that right now.

He moved the vib up to her pussy and against her clit.

Thank you thank you thank you

She was so ready. She felt that wave build in her belly. Then it was gone. Turned off. Shit. She was right there. But she would be ok. As soon as he slid that hard dick into her, she was going to come all over him.

She tried to raise her ass to make it easy to slide into her. He knelt between her knees. SMACK. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

OH FUCK that really hurt! Holy shit! Her ass velma izle was burning. Just when she thought – oh shit – what had she thought? Her mind was blank. All she was focused on was her sore ass.

He was moving to the top of the bed. She felt his weight next to her head. Then he had her pony tail again. He pulled her head to the left. Then his mouth was on her neck. He chewed and nibbled up to her ear. The hair on her neck and back was standing up. Oh damn she loved that. She was his. Whatever he wanted she would do, just please please don’t stop. He bit her ear. She could smell his cologne. She wanted to kiss him. But no. He kept her hair pulled back and moved his mouth all over her. Then he released her hair.

His much was at the base of her skull and he ran his tongue down her spine. Thank God she thought. She knew where his mouth, his tongue was going. At the base of her spine, just above her ass, was the magic place on her body. His tongue, his mouth, his fingers stroking her there was enough to make her cum. Finally.

How long had she been here? Her wrists were starting to hurt from the metal cuffs. Her shoulders were sore. Her ankles were rubbing the ropes. She was gonna have some bruises tomorrow.

“Oh YES! Oh God Yes! Please don’t stop! Please!!” He was almost there oh finally…

He ran his tongue straight down her spine. When he reached the place she loved so much, he slowly circled it with his tongue. So lightly at first. Then more pressure. Oh the wave was building. It was like every nerve in her body was connected to her clit and they were all being charged at once.

She took in a deep breath, tightened every muscle in her body. Oh just a few more seconds. She held her breath waiting for that release. But…

Fuck. He stopped again. His breathed. He lifted his head and took a breath then blew ever so lightly on the wet trail his tongue had left. Oh Fuck it felt good. Soooo damn close. If he would just finish. More light blowing

“PLEASE! Please. Let me cum.” He said nothing. She could almost hear his smile. That bastard and his stupid silly smile. Damn he drove her insane. She was getting aggravated. This wasn’t fun anymore. It was torture.

He moved again. Back to the top of the bed. He was kneeling next to her. He grabbed her pony tail again. She love that. Damn did she love that. She knew he was in control. He could do whatever he wanted when he controlled her like this. And she knew she was his.

She opened her mouth to let out a quiet moan. Only to have his cock slid into her mouth. She started to gag but he pulled back slowly, then in. They developed a rhythm, but she was only able to get half or a little more into her mouth. She lifted her neck to get a better angle and she got more of his cock into her mouth. The pace picked up. It wasn’t slow and gentle anymore. Now he was fucking her face.

He was so hard. She knew he was really enjoying this adventure. vikings valhalla izle His cock was so smooth. She wanted to stroke him, play with his balls, but her hands were pulled out of the way. She was focusing on her breathing. He was fucking her mouth pretty hard. Every once in a while he went too deep and she gagged.

Then she heard him take a breath. The Breath. She knew it well. She realized he was going to come. She relaxed her throat, as much as she could as she felt him tighten, the release. He was throbbing in her mouth as he came. She tried to swallow every drop but she missed some. As he pulled out of her mouth she felt the wet cum on her lips and chin. She moved her head to sheet and felt it n her face, her cheeks.

Damnit. She thought, I just changed these sheets.

She couldn’t smell the lavender any more either. Just sex. She smelled like sex.

He moved away and off the bed. He must have wiped his cock in his hand because she felt the wetness when he wiped the excess cum on her ass. She knew he did it on purpose. He was marking his territory. This was his ass.

Yes it was, she thought.

Smack smack smack smack smack smack

Dammit that hurt. Her ass as just stinging now. But each time he did it her ass tightened and her pussy tingled.

He took a drink at set the glass down. Then moved to the bottom of the bed.

Smack smack smack smack.

Holy fuck. One more and she would need he said word. It was as intense as it was painful. Her back as sore from the motion. She’d been there for what an hour? Two hours?

She felt his hand at her ass. She tensed. But this time he rubbed it gently. Coconut oil? He was rubbing something on her ass. Something nice and cool.

Eventually he moved to her pussy. Her hot wet throbbing pussy. His finger found her clit. She tensed up. Again for the hundredth time tonight the pressure built. The tingling sensation took over her body. She was moaning quietly when she felt the first orgasm. He rubbed her erect clit harder, back and forth. Between his thumb and finger.

Oh finally!! There it was! She ground against his wonderful hand as she had a roller coaster ride of orgasms. One after another after another. He slid two fingers into her and ground around inside. Her body responded immediately. She was going to squirt. She knew it when his fingers went inside.

“HARDER HARDER HARDER!!” She begged. Holy fuck she was cumming. Her juices started pouring out of her. She’d never actually squirted outside her body. But this wasn’t a leak or a drip – this was spurting. And he just kept pounding her with his hand. It hurt and was pure pleasure at the same time. She lost her breath finally he slowed, then stopped.

She had just started to relax when his hand returned. A cold hand. Then she felt an ice cube. Where the fuck did he get that? She didn’t know but it felt sooo very nice on that hot pussy. It melted immediately. The he had another. This one he slid into her. Oh shit. Too much too cold too intense…

“Pineapple!” She screamed her safe word.

No mas. No more. She was done.

He untied her arms, then her legs. Then took off the handcuffs. She barely had the strength but as he lay down next to her she wrapped her arms around him.

And she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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