Her Panties Ch. 01

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I hate doing laundry in the summertime. During the rest of the year it’s not that bad, but in the summertime, my sister-in-law is home from school, and stays with us, resulting in a fifty percent increase in the amount of laundry that I have to do. It wouldn’t be so bad if she contributed while she was here, but all she ever seems to do is go out drinking with her friends and sit around on her ass watching soaps all day. I had no idea how she was able to pay her tuition for university.

So, as part of my laundry completing, I made my way into her room. As I picked the laundry up, I noticed a purple thong on top of the rest of her laundry. It was oddly placed – if I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought that she had placed it there, as if she wanted me to find it. Of course, that would mean she knew about my panty fetish, which I’d done my best to keep secret from everyone I knew, so I dismissed the idea as nonsense.

I picked up the thong and brought it up to my face. Immediately Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort the mixed scents of her perfume and vaginal juices filled my nostrils – whatever she’d been up to the night before, it was clear that she’d gotten aroused if nothing more. The smell that resulted was intoxicating, and I wasn’t surprised to feel my cock start to harden.

I stopped to think for a moment. My wife was out of town for the weekend, and my sister-in-law had told me she was spending the day at a friend’s house. That meant that here I was, with a pair of panties in my hand and a hard cock, I felt that there was only one possible course of action. I dropped the laundry bag, and my trousers with it. I quickly put one leg through the panties, and then the other one behind it, pulling the silky purple fabric up over my cock, which gets even harder as it feels the fabric start to constrict it. I start rubbing the fabric back and forth against my trapped cock, which eventually couldn’t take it anymore, and sprang out from behind the elastic of the panties, forcing them down over my balls.

I grabbed my cock, and started to jerk it, thrusting my hand back and forth. I quickly get into a rhythm with it, and start to gently squeeze in and out along with the back and forth motions. Even with the panties down at my crotch, I can still smell her pussy juice on it, and as I take in her aroma I can feel my cock swell larger, which prompts me to squeeze down harder on the tip of my cock each time I reach it. I start to punish my cock with harder, rougher jerks; between her glorious scents, and the pressure the elastic of the panties on my balls, I start to feel pre-cum leaking out of the head of my cock. I took it and rub it over the length of my shaft and continue to jerk, spitting onto my hand to increase the lubrication. By this point it’s so moist I can close my eyes and imagine that there’s a mouth around it. My breathing starts to get a little harder, so I take my free hand and use it to lean against the wall; it’s been awhile since I’ve cum, either alone or with a partner, so I know this is going to be a big one.

Part of me wants to slow down, and enjoy the experience more, but I’m feeling greedy, and just want to finish myself off as quickly as possible. I jerk harder and faster, harder and even faster, As I feel myself starting to approach orgasm, I take the panties and pull them back over my cock, putting my hand down the waistband and jerking from inside them. A moment later my cock exploded, cum squirting out all over the fabric. There seems to be an endless supply of it coming out, and the fabric of the panties turns so dark that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get the stain out. Which, I guess, means that these panties are goign to become mine permanently and I’ll have to tell my sister-in-law that they got lost in the wash.

“That should just about do it,” I heard from behind. I turn around to find my sister-in-law standing behind me, video camera in hand. “I think we find ourselves in an interesting situation here,” she said to me with a smile.

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