Her Petite Possession Ch. 06

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Life had settled into a sweet routine for Brad and Kate, comprising sleep, arousal and constant intimate contact with each other. Kate would wake up naked other than for the pink panties that were in fact her boyfriend, Brad.

Kate was sleeping better than ever since she’d been wearing Brad, his snug embrace around her hips and down between her legs made her feel safe. Brad would sometimes wake during the night, but as he was unable to get off her hips, there was very little he could do under her dark, warm duvet. Getting up to watch a movie was certainly out!

If he did wake during the night, he’d examine every inch of Kate’s butt, hips, crotch and as far as he could see down her legs. He’d then pull himself gently back and forth across her skin which was his equivalent of kissing. Kate would always be lying on at least one part of him, pinning him to the bed and making the impossible task of sliding off her body even more impossible. If he moved gently enough it would tickle her and she would roll over in her sleep, only for him to be pinned down by another part of her body.

If he still couldn’t sleep, he’d tighten and twitch against Kate’s clit in the hope that she’d wake and reciprocate. Sometimes this worked and she would rub the back of her panties to bring him to orgasm. Sometimes though, she would wake up tired and cranky and push her hand down the front of her underwear to prevent his touch.

“Remember I have a safe,” she would whisper, her head under the duvet, “do you really want to spend the night locked inside there?”

“Sorry Katie.”

“Good, now snuggle up to me tightly and go back to sleep.”

Kate was a beautiful woman, but she could be scatty. The chances of her mislaying her key or forgetting the code to unlock the safe was high. With this fear instilled in him, Brad had always obeyed her and had yet to be locked inside her safe. Anyway, cuddling up to her warm butt was much sexier than being locked in a cold steel box.


Before Kate got up they would always ‘make love’, their way. She’d pull off the covers, open her legs and watch as the pink silk fabric that was always pulled tight across her pussy, pulled even more snugly around her and then trembled and moved. Its touch was so gentle, but yet so effective and the feeling of the silk against her was almost too much to take. Her moisture would soak in and would remain infused in him for the rest of the day.

Kate would rock her hips back and forth to stimulate Brad and then roll on to her side and massage the back of her underwear with her fingertips so they could climax together. She’d then collapse back down with exhaustion, still comforted by Brad’s tight embrace.

With a white robe tied around her, Kate would walk barefoot, hair messy to the bathroom. Love making often meant that Brad wouldn’t be sitting straight, usually with at least part of him slipping between her cheeks. He could usually retrieve himself from inside her crack, but after lovemaking he was usually too exhausted to straight up.

The only time Brad couldn’t pull himself out from between her round butt cheeks was when Kate was sitting down. Kate knew this and liked to tease him by pulling him deeply between her cheeks just before sitting down on a wooden chair. Her almost naked bum would spread out under her weight leaving Brad trapped inside her crack. To Brad it felt like having his arms tied behind his back.

“You know you’re good as a thong,” she’d tease as Brad lay trapped helplessly beneath her, hoping like hell that she didn’t break wind.


Once locked safely inside the bathroom Brad would get the first of his two daily reprieves from her body, but even here they would play games. Brad would tighten as tightly as he could around Kate’s hips to see if he could stop her removing him. With Brad pulled tight, Kate could still remove her underwear, but had to pull a little harder while jiggling back and forth on the bathroom tiles.

“Bad you!” she’d cry, aroused by both the thought of being trapped inside Brad’s embrace and the pressure that he was inadvertently applying to her clit.

“Well it’s not fair that you can put me on and take me off whenever you want,” Brad complained, “whereas when you put me on, I’m trapped!”

“What do you expect? You’re just a pair of my panties, you have no rights.”

“I have basis human rights!”

“Why, are you human?”

“Well, ‘lingerie’ rights.”

“Making yourself sound posh doesn’t help,” Kate gigged triumphantly as she dropped him on to the bathroom floor, “You can just wait here until I put you back on!”

Kate couldn’t hear Brad when she wasn’t wearing him, which meant that he couldn’t answer back when she stood on him with her bare feet and started to brush her teeth in the nude. Her weight, channeled through her manicured feet started to make him ache, but Kate didn’t care, he was lovely and soft to stand on. Kartal Escort

Kate’s showers lasted at least fifteen minutes, after which she would towel dry and eagerly slip him back on. This was one of Brad’s favourite parts of the day when they would be alone together and Kate would strut around in just her underwear, giving Brad a rare view of the world. Other than that, Brad’s view on the world was either what he could see down between her legs, or just the dark inside of Kate’s jeans or yoga pants. Shorts were slightly better as they gave Brad a brief glimpse out through the trouser leg, but that still wasn’t much and even that would vanish when she sat down and crossed her legs.

Kate’s work was Brad’s least favourite part of the day, particularly when Kate had long meetings. Kate had a great posture and sitting still for long periods of time wasn’t a problem for her, but it could be for her underwear.

“When will this meeting finish?” Brad asked, aching from the unyielding weight of Kate’s butt pinning him down against the hard seat.”

He knew that Kate couldn’t reply, but he hadn’t expected her to react by crossing her legs. Now he’d lost his trickle of fresh air and his glimpse out through the bottom of her skirt.

“Fuck you Katie,” he joked as he tightened up around her.

Brad couldn’t see Kate smile, but the colleague sitting opposite her did and looked back expectantly, hoping that the stunning brunette was smiling at him. With everyone now looking at the presentation, Kate covered her mouth as if coughing and then whispered into her hand.

“You made me smile and my boss thought it was a come on!”

“Well, uncross your legs or I’ll make you smile again…I mean it!”

Brad’s pathetic attempt to threaten her made Kate giggled again and everyone looked at her. Fuck, she would make Brad for that.

After work, Kate would alternate between the gym and a run. A run was her favourite because she could talk with Brad and have a laugh as she relaxed from the day.

Brad had been begging her to wear short running shorts in place of her usual yoga pants. Yoga pants were tight and provide a complete blackout. They were also hot and airless and Brad ended up soaked by Kate’s perspiration that he literally had to suck up from her body.

As a present for Brad on his birthday, Kate had bought herself a cute pair of orange running shorts. They seemed promising as first, with Brad enjoying the orange glow and the view out through the short trouser legs. But when Kate started to run, her pert butt started to bounce around with very little to hold it in place. The shorts didn’t provide the same support as the yoga pants and the only thing left to control her bouncing cheeks was Brad. He tried to tighten up to hold her in place, but it was exhausting and soon he had to rest and just take the relentless buffeting from his girlfriend’s behind.

“Please stop! Brad panted.

“Hey you wanted these tarty shorts.”

Brad hugged her helplessly as her damp cheeks knocked him around. It was a relief when she stopped and sat down, her sweaty cheeks sliding across him and pinning him to the park bench.

“You almost knocked me out,” he panted, looking up at the damp butt cheeks that held him firmly in place.

“Are you talking to my butt again?” Kate asked.

“No,” Brad replied in embarrassment before admitting, “OK yes, they seem like spoilt bitches from where I live.”

“Well, you better learn to love them, because there’s no escape from them.”

When Kate returned home after her run, Brad would get the second of his two breaks from Kate’s body. She would strip him off and place him in the top loader washing machine with the rest of her dirty washing. She liked to sit on top of the lid, as if holding it closed, as she pressed the ‘lock’ button to start the machine. The click of the lid locking echoed inside the drum, followed shortly by the machine being flooded with warm water. To Brad it felt nice, as did being dried inside the tumble drier.

Kate would shower at the same time as Brad was washing so that her naked body was ready and waiting for him as soon as the drier program finished. She’d pluck him out and slip him on while he was still warm. He’d get a few moments to look around as if a real person, before she’d reach for the dreaded jeans.


On the day Brad had made Kate giggle during her important meeting, Kate had something special planned. She stepped out of the shower and slipped into Brad as usual, but then picked up a bag containing her new purchase.

“Added protection for me and added incarceration for you,” Kate teased as she held up a pair of lockable underwear come shorts that were designed to repel any sexual attack.

“Aren’t they supposed to keep men out, not in?” Brad questioned.

“You’re not a man.”

“But I have the mind of a man.”

“Yes, I guess Pendik Escort it’s ironic that you’ll be locked ‘inside’ then.”

Brad watched as Kate eased the tight garment up her legs and up over her hips. He’d heard about these things, they were impossible to cut and once locked in place around a woman’s waist, were impossible to remove without knowing the combination.

Kate’s slim body was now tightly contained inside the high security underwear. Her hips were tightly wrapped up and her round butt was pulled in so tight that it no longer bounced as she played with it. The material encircled her upper thighs so tightly that she could barely push a finger in between. Already aroused by how snugly it fitted her, Kate tightened the waist band some more, secured the catch and turned the dials until the unlocked position was lost.

She tucked her fingertips inside the waistband and tried to pull the white shorts down over her hips, a physical impossibility as the waistband was now locked at several sizes smaller than her hips.

“Katie, I can barely move!” Brad’s voice sounded in her head, “I’m being crushed from all angles!”

“Mmm, so am I,” Kate purred, as she enjoyed the tight shorts.

“It feels like that time you tried to iron me!”

“Oh yeah, that was fun…”

Kate slowly stepped into her jeans, which were now tighter than ever as they had to enclose an extra layer of fabric. The jeans tapered around her waist such that there was no need for a belt, but that didn’t stop Kate using one. It was made of thick black leather, but most importantly its buckle could be locked with a padlock. Kate pulled it tighter than usual, which made her jeans ride up a little higher than before, which in turn meant that crotch of her jeans pushed Brad even more snugly against her shaved pussy.

“Why, hello…” Kate smiled suggestively as Brad’s soft silk pushed against her and then twitched and moved in response to the new even more taut position.

“Kate, your jeans are pushing me into you.”

“Are they?”

“I’m slipping inside!”

Kate had now closed the buckle and was locking the small gold padlock in place.

“Now will you distract me at work again?” she asked, twirling and inspecting her figure in the mirror.

“No Katie,” Brad gasped, barely able to move inside the press.

“Good,” Kate purred, “Now I’m not going to let you out, but I will do this.”

She reached behind her and worked her fingers into her butt. Even with the barrier of her jeans and the security shorts, Brad instantly felt her touch as it massaged his silky material.

Oh fuck,” Brad moaned, as he relaxed at the front and slipped further into her vagina, “Fuck yes!”


For Kate it had been a long summer evening with friends, for Brad it had been an even longer evening crushed and smother, engulfed and enclosed. Kate had loved the feeling of power, the feeling of her and Brad being inseparable. Her jeans were now like a safe, all locked up with no way in or out. Brad and her vagina were inside, snuggled up together and that’s exactly how she wanted them. Evidently Brad had also understood the permanency of the situation and had immediately obeyed every command that she had discretely whispered into her jacket. ‘Clit, gently’. ‘Vagina, now!’

Kate had sipped spirits all night so that she wouldn’t have to pee, but had still drunk too much. She arrived home in the early hours with her head spinning. She let her long brown hair out of its ponytail and tried to do a ballet pirouette as if that would stop the room from spinning. Brad, sober as always had no choice but to hug her as they both spun around and then Brad took the brunt of her weight as she landed unsteadily on the bed.

The key to Kate’s belt was in the back pocket of her jeans, but she didn’t even get that far, as she closed her eyes and was soon asleep.


Kate apologised the next morning and agreed that she would only use the anti-attack shorts if Brad misbehaved. However, a few days later she had reason to regret her decision.

Unbeknownst to Brad, Kate had confided in Emma. Emma was the only other person that knew about Brad being shrunk and therefore was the only person Kate could tell about Brad being transformed into lingerie. She’d even told Emma the magic transforming spell before she had hypnotised herself to forget. Although she knew the spell, Emma was under strict instructions not to tell her unless it was a life and death emergency.

However, Emma had become increasingly frustrated by Kate and Brad’s relationship. Kate was in a constant good mood, which was irritating enough, and was more often than not in a state of arousal, looking down at her crotch, whispering and giggling. So one Friday evening, Emma decided that it was her turn.

The girls had already drunk a bottle of red wine and had moved to the lounge to watch a movie. Göztepe Escort Emma looked on nervously as Kate sipped another glass of wine, unaware that it contained sleeping tablets.

“Are you OK Katie?” Emma asked as she retrieved the glass of wine from Kate’s unsteady hand.

Emma’s dose of drugs was already coursing through Kate’s slim body and within minutes it had sent the brunette into a deep sleep.

Kate’s head flopped down on the sofa and on to Emma’s waiting pillow. Emma then lifted her legs up on to the sofa and excitedly peered under Kate’s short floral dress, which she had specially worn to allow Brad some air on the warm summer evening.

“Oh my, you’re pink,” Emma exclaimed as she saw the tiniest and tightest pair of pink silk underwear hugging her friend’s crotch, “no wonder Katie can’t stop giggling.”

Brad was in shock as Emma’s big blue eyes approached and instinctively tightened his grip around Kate.

“You can move!” Emma cried. This was getting better and better.

Emma grabbed Brad’s waistband and ripped him down Kate’s legs and off over her black ankle boots. Emma was also wearing a flared summer as she also wanted ease of access. She reached under her dress and ripped off her blue thong to be replaced by a quivering, trembling pair of pink panties.

“If you ever tell Kate about what I’m about to do to you,” Emma warned, “I’ll take these scissors and cut you into a hundred pieces.” She snapped the scissors dangerously close to him to demonstrate her point.

She poked one foot into Brad and then the other. From there she pulled him slowly up her slightly paler, slightly longer and slightly fuller legs. Her shaved crotch was getting closer and closer and then he was there, stretched tighter than ever.

“Fucking hell Emma, take me off!”

“It can talk!”

Emma dropped her dress back down, sat on the sofa next to Kate’s peaceful face and crossed her legs.

“Now panties, do whatever it is you do to Kate…”

Brad stayed quiet and motionless, aware of just how much power this sadistic blonde had over him. Moisture from the horny bitch was already soaking into him and her scent was quickly replacing Kate’s beautiful scent.

Emma stood up, lifted her dress and slapped her butt hard. Brad winced in pain.

“You bitch!”

“Oh good, you’re still there,” Emma smiled as she slapped herself again, “but then I guess you can’t go anywhere.”

“Take me off you fucking bitch!”

That annoyed Emma and reached the open scissors up between her legs and positioned Brad between the sharp blades.

“One squeeze and I’ll slice straight through you.”

Brad was terrified and started to flex himself against her clit as she continued to hold the scissors in place. He tightened himself against her now moist vagina and his silky material soon slipped inside.

The scissors were gone and Emma opened her legs wide, making it easier for Brad to breathe. Her threats were gone to be replaced by cute cries of pleasure. Emma writhed around on her butt, unknowingly arousing Brad. He started to cry out in pleasure which only turned her on more.

He tightened at the back and slipped between her butt cheeks. Although this felt like having his hands tied behind his back, he willingly submitted. Fuck, her touch was amazing. They climaxed together and lay recovering from their exertions.

“You’re so deep inside my crack, you’re almost a thong!” Emma breathed as she played with the pink silk that ran between her legs.

“Yes and with you sitting on me I can’t pull myself out.”

Emma smiled, pulled her skirt down and stayed sitting exactly where she was.

“Kate told me the spell to turn you back again,” Emma confided.

“Really? Kate told me that no one knew it.”

Brad wasn’t sure how to feel. He’d committed to staying as a pair of panties for the rest of his life and he thought there was no way for him to be turned back even if he wanted. Now there was a way, Emma knew the spell.

“Would you want to be turned back?” Emma was intrigued.

Brad didn’t know what to say.

“I can see why Katie told you there was no way back,” Emma continued, “I’d certainly keep you imprisoned as a pair of panties if I could.”

Now he knew that it was possible to be turned back into a guy, Brad wasn’t sure what he wanted.

“Can you turn me back, just for a few minutes?” Brad asked nervously.

“No, Katie has to say the words.”

“Oh yeah.”

Brad looked inwards at Emma’s still warm pussy and vibrated himself against her soft skin. He could feel Emma melting away again, her head going back and her strong thighs opening. Why hadn’t Kate been honest with him? If he’d asked her to turn him back would she have lied and told him it was impossible? At least Emma had told him the truth. He listened to her cries of pleasure and realised that he might enjoy an evening inside Emma’s dress. He could deal with Kate in the morning.

Emma was naked other than for the panties. Her legs were spread, her blonde hair lay crisscross across her face and she was gasping for breath. If Brad kept this up, she doubted she’d make it through the night.

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