Her Rules

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If Tarantina wasn’t quite dressed to kill, she was certainly out to maim. In a leather skirt and fishnets, her brunette hair flowing down over her shoulders, and a silver cross nestled in the cleavage created by a low-cut black blouse and a very pushy bra, she’d had guys’ tongues hanging out most of the evening. I hadn’t said where we were heading, just to meet me in the West End and dress sexily. We’d started at a private members club, then jumped a cab. She never needed a second invitation to get her glad rags on, but judging by the expression on her face as our cab stopped outside what was clearly a swingers’ club, she was a little piqued at not being given more of a heads-up.

‘The girls are wearing BDSM gear,’ she protested as a I paid the driver. We were both ogling the other guests who were arriving and joining the short line to get into the invitation-only event.

‘I didn’t want to spoil the surprise,’ I said. ‘After all, this is your fantasy.’

She kissed me hard – my thanks – then said, ‘You bastard.’

At the door we handed over our IDs and completed our registration as a couple. It was a first time for both of us at the club and they had a strict couples-only policy. Other first-time visitors to a club like this might be daunted by what they were about to see or be asked to do, but we were worried for another reason. Declaring ourselves as a couple made a record of what had up until then stayed a very private secret. No-one knew about our affair, not even our closest friends. We hid our tracks. Never visited the same place twice. And we certainly didn’t declare ourselves to be a couple. I hoped this club held its data securely. The idea of it being hacked and the information published on the web wasn’t an idle concern.

We took a deep breath and headed inside. Tarantina gripped my arm. I knew it wasn’t from trepidation any longer, but from the sexual energy that would be charging through her body just as it was mine. I glanced over; her eyes had gone wide. There were beautiful people everywhere, all dressed to thrill, and the idea that some of these gorgeous bodies might want to have sex with us was simply overwhelming.

‘There’s a dungeon downstairs, apparently,’ I told her, ‘and a dark room, plus lots of side rooms where we can do it ourselves or join in.’

I expected her to tell me where she wanted to visit first, but instead she turned to me. ‘We need rules,’ she said firmly.


It seemed fair enough. She hadn’t been expecting this and I had to congratulate her on even venturing inside. I could imagine what the response would have been if either of us had tried the same trick on either of our other halves. It would have made for a frosty trip back to the suburbs, maybe even a swift visit to the lawyer’s office.

‘You can look,’ she said. ‘And you can touch. But no fucking.’

I nodded. I was just happy to be there. ‘Same goes for you?’

‘Of course. I don’t want to fuck a man I’ve never met.’

It was the difference between the sexes, I knew, and didn’t question it. I’d even anticipated this. We’d had conversations previously about inviting someone to join in one of our hotel romps, and agreed that we didn’t want to share each other with anyone else. But she’d also told me about a fantasy of having a few men at once. Contradiction, thy name is woman. There was only one way to deal with it: find a place where she could explore safely. I’d gently steer us downstairs, and then maybe suggest the dark room.

We came across an open area with sofas. It was still early and there was no full nudity yet,. People kissed and fondled. A few women had their tits out. One guy was getting his cock stroked through his jeans. I grabbed Tarantina around the waist from behind and pulled her to me, so she could feel my erection pressing into her cheeks.

‘Someone’s enjoying the show,’ she said.

I kissed her neck and played with her breasts, tweaking her nipples hard.

We walked to get a drink and noticed a couple standing near the fridges watching us. They were about our age. He had a strong, angular features – a Mediterranean look bursa sınırsız escort – and she wore a sharp blonde bob that could have been a wig. Both were slim and a had a confident air. Something told me they weren’t first-timers, far from it.

‘It’s quiet tonight,’ the man said, as we opened our drinks.

‘We wouldn’t know,’ I said, ‘it’s our first time.’

His eyes it up, as I’d hoped they would. ‘Two virgins. You will enjoy it.’ He spoke with an accent, but I wasn’t sure where from.

‘What would you recommend first?’

‘Depends what you like.’

I knew this would prompt Tarantina into action. Meekly following along wasn’t her style. As I was about to answer the question, she pushed me to one side. ‘Who says we’re following your fantasies?’

The other woman laughed and said, ‘What are your names?’ Her accent was stronger than her partner’s. German, I guessed. Maybe Danish.

Tarantina and I looked at each other quickly reading each others’ minds. Should we give our real names?

‘Tina,’ she said quickly. Nice one.

“I’m Seb,’ I said.

‘He is Jusi,’ she said, ‘and I’m Meta.’

Her lips, I noticed as she spoke, were round, full, and highly glossed. There was a hint of something fluorescent in her lipstick too, because every time an ultra-violet strobe swept the room, it gave her mouth a purple glow. I couldn’t help but wonder if Meta might be tempted to leave some ultra-violet marks on my cock at some point, but then it occurred to me it might not be allowed. Was oral sex touching, or fucking? Our hasty agreement hadn’t been comprehensive.

‘So tell us your fantasies,’ Meta said. It was addressed to both of us, but I could see her checking out Tina. She was hoping my lover had a desire to explore the feminine side.

‘That’s what we’re here to discover,’ I said. ‘I’ve fantasised about pretty much everything.’

‘Why don’t you try a room first,’ Jusi said. ‘That’s what most people are here for. We can show you if you want.’

Tina nodded and I was happy to go along. They led us down a flight of stairs. I caught sight of another floor below, and guessed that’s where the dungeon might be. We turned a corner, went through a doorway, and there before us were a couple on a chaise longue, naked except for their bondage gear. The man wore a spiked collar around his neck, and the woman held him on a chain, pulling his face between her legs. He was eating her pussy for all he was worth, but she wanted more, flicking a leather switch across his back and ass every time he slowed down.

I felt an instant desire to touch Tina the same way and my hand swept across her leather skirt, but it was too long and tight fitting to reach her pussy.

‘You should have told me where we were going,’ she said, ‘I would have worn something with easier access.’ We kissed and I reached for her breasts instead. She moaned and felt for my cock, which was pressing painfully against my trouser fronts. My first instinct was to find a room of our own.

‘Would you like to see another?’ Meta said. ‘There are some you can join.’

We went on a tour through the private rooms. There were couples fucking, in pairs and in groups, plus single sex couples of both genders, and one room where people were rotating in and an out, like a tag-team mini-orgy.

All through our visiting, Tina seemed happy to stay and watch. We kissed and felt each other a few times. I’d even had to loosen the waist of her skirt at one point to get my hand down to her clit, which couldn’t last another second without being touched. But when I’d tried to go further and remove it, with the intention of heading for one of the beds, and with the hope that Jusi and Meta might follow us, she pulled my hand out and pushed my fingers to my mouth, while she refastened the zip.

It was then that I realised what she wanted – and just as importantly what she didn’t want. She knew that if we headed for the bed that the other couple would follow. She didn’t want a swap. That had never been her fantasy.

I led us back out and down the stairs toward the dungeon, bursa üniversiteli escort ditching the Danes in the process. Various people were hooked up in various contraptions, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. The club had a strict couples-only or single-female policy, because otherwise it would be overrun by predatory young men looking for an easy shag. But that meant a relatively equal ratio, and most of the guys were occupied.

Eventually I spotted a pair of hardbody young men sitting next to a drinks station, chatting between themselves happily enough, but I wondered if maybe they needed a distraction.

Suggesting another drink, I led us over. We got the drinks and asked if we could join. They took one look at Tina and agreed. She took the opportunity to squeeze herself between them on the sofa. I think she’d twigged my plan, even then.

‘Aren’t you guys a little bored over here?’ I asked them. ‘I mean, there’s so much to watch.’

‘We’re waiting for our wives,’ one of them said. ‘They’ve gone off together somewhere.’

‘Probably dyking it up,’ the other one said. ‘They’re into each other.’

‘Don’t you want to watch?’ I said.

‘If they want to put on a show, yeah,’ the first one said. ‘But they disappeared. We’re not going follow them around.’

‘Why don’t you do the same?’ Tina said to them. ‘Get into each other while they’re gone?’

The two men laughed nervously.

‘Did they tell you to behave yourselves while they were away?’ she said.

‘No it’s not that, but…’

‘But what?’ she said.

Throughout most of the conversation my eyes had been on the St Andrews cross, which I’d read was the highlight of the dungeon and didn’t disappoint. A woman wearing only a leather bodice was strapped to it, her legs spread by the apparatus, while a masked man applied various gels to her holes and penetrated them with a variety of toys. She was shrieking with pleasure, and sometimes surprise, and it was impossible not to watch.

Noticing a pause in the conversation, I turned back to Tina, and received the shock of my life. One of the two guys had his tongue down her throat while he was unbuttoning her shirt, and the other had his hand inside her leather skirt. She saw me and giggled naughtily, then beckoned me to her. When I was close enough she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer. It only took a few seconds before my cock, which had been desperate to be freed for what seemed an eternity, leapt out of its confines.

Tina brought me to her mouth and began swirling her tongue, just like I’d taught her during our last session together. Her bra soon came off and the guy she’d been kissing began sucking hard at her nipples. Her skirt was up around her waist and I could see a hand fighting to get down the front of her panties.

We were in a fairly open area of the club and I wasn’t even sure if we were supposed to be doing it here.

‘Do we need to get a room?’ I said, to no-one in particular.

‘There are no rules here, mate,’ said the man with his hand in Tina’s pants.

I’d thought that the sight of another man pleasuring my lover would raise terrible feelings of jealousy in me. And while I can’t say they were entirely absent, the expression of sheer pleasure on Tina’s face went some way to alleviating it. It excited me to see her so lost in sensation.

The head of my cock was building up a good rhythm sliding in and out of her mouth, and Tina now had both of the other two guys’ cocks out too. She was wanking them with both hands, rather expertly if I may say, and I wondered if she’d ever pleasured three men simultaneously before. Her panties had been pulled off and I could see two fingers sliding in and out of her gorgeous pussy with its tiny landing strip of hair.

Tina took me out of her mouth and said, ‘Fuck me now.’

The two guys obligingly moved aside as I placed my hips between hers. But before I could enter her, she said to the other guys, ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

She had each of them stand beside her and took their bursa ucuz escort cocks in each hand, then made sure they were positioned so that she could suck them in turn.

I took that as my cue to enter her, and I’d never felt her pussy hotter or wetter. She thrust her hips forward to meet mine, grinding her clit into my pubes.

It didn’t take long before all four of us were cumming. Tina was first, letting out one of the low, loud yells that seemed to start in the depths of her being and had shaken the walls of many of London’s finer hotels. That set me off. I pulled out and shot my load over her belly, and the two guys added theirs to mine, showering her tits.

We all laughed once we were done, as I don’t think any of us had expected it, but what came as an even bigger surprise was the sound of hand clapping behind us. We looked up and there were the two guys’ wives, who’d been watching the whole thing.

‘Seems you found some new friends,’ one of the girls said.

‘I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your men,’ Tina said to them.

‘No, we were having fun watching,’ said the other wife.

They were both gorgeous. In their thirties, with very firm bodies, they were both wearing matching corsets and bras.

‘In fact, we were coming to get the guys to join us in a room. And seeing as you’re friends already…’

They showed us where there were some showers, and we got to know each other better, laughing as we soaped up. Afterward, as we followed them to one of the private rooms, one of the wives turned to us. ‘We’re going to put on a show, it’ll give you boys a little time to recover.’

As soon as we were in the room, the two girls got to work on each other. They’d been saving it for the husbands I guessed, as they were as greedy as we’d been earlier. I was getting hard again, which wasn’t lost on Tina, because it was her hands on me that had started it. I returned the favour and slid my fingers across her clit as we watched the girls take it in turned to go down on each other.

One of the two wives set the other on her knees and turned her around so that her pussy and ass were on show to us. She then put two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. Her friend squealed in pleasure. The two guys couldn’t hold themselves back any longer. They dived straight in. One got behind the girl on her knees and went straight inside. The other lifted his woman onto the bed, and sat her on top of him, where she sank straight down with a cry of delight. We watched, loving the show, and then laughed with surprise as the couples switched partners in a flash. I’d still not worked out who was with whom, and at this point it had ceased mattering to them.

‘Do you want to fuck them?’ Tina said in my ear.

‘No, I want to fuck you.’

‘Well hurry up then.’

We climbed onto the one space left on the bed and began fucking doggy style. The other couples saw us and hands reached across in playful camaraderie. Tina and I stayed together, but as the couples switched again and positions changed, we touched them and allowed ourselves to be touched. I felt pussies, cocks, tits, asses… I was reminded of Woody’s Allen’s gag about wanting to be reincarnated as Warren Beatty’s fingertips, but after tonight I reckoned there would be a number of people who’d be happy to come back as mine…

Tina and I came together, then lay watching as our new friends went off and other couples took their places. It was mesmerising to watch such a parade of sex – like a having your own private porn channel, in real life and close up.

Tina was staying at a friend’s house that night and she didn’t want to be back too late. We gathered our belongings and as we were leaving we passed a room where I spotted Jusi and Meta taking part in what I can only describe as a full-on orgy. Jusi had his dick deep in a stunning Afro-Caribbean woman, and Jusi was being DP’d by two guys, in a room full of many other pulsating bodies.

I was clearly transfixed, as I felt a tug on my arm. ‘We’ll come back again.’

She pulled me into a cab and our tongues stayed firmly entwined all the way to her friends’ place.

As she was getting out, she said, ‘Thank you for making my fantasy come true. Next time can be your rules.’

I instantly wished she hadn’t said it. At least not then. Riding home in a cab by myself with a throbbing erection and no way of relieving it…

I guess there are worse ways to end a Saturday night.

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