Her Simple Request Ch. 02

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It was well after 10 A.M. as the morning sun came streaming into Noah’s room, but it was the wonderful aroma of bacon being cooked that had wafted into his room that roused him from his sleep. He rolled over to face away from the window’s bright glare, but his stomach grumbled loudly in protest of his plans to fall back to sleep. Soon, his hunger won out, causing him to sit up on the edge of his bed. With his mind on food, he had managed to temporarily push the previous night’s incident from his mind. He stumbled around his room, mindlessly grabbing a new pair of shorts and shirt from his drawers. He slipped on the shorts and headed downstairs. He managed to get his shirt on by the time he reached the living room.

He walked into the kitchen, seeing his sister standing by the stove as she piled more fresh fluffy pancakes on the stack on the plate that she held. She spun around with a smile plastered on her face as she saw him.

“About time you woke up.” Madison laughed. “I thought you might be hungry.”

Noah sat down at the table. She had set out two glasses, plates and silverware. He reached over and grabbed the carton of orange juice and poured himself a glass and grabbed several strips of bacon from the plate that sat at the center of the table. She turned off the burner and placed the plate of hot fluffy pancakes down.

She watched him, a devilish grin plastered across her face as she watched him pile three of the large pancakes onto his place and slather them with butter and syrup. “Thanks, sis.” He said before stuffing a big bite of them into his mouth. She poured herself a glass of juice and took a sip.

“Well, it’s the least I could do after what you did for me last night.” She said softly before reaching for a couple of strips of bacon. She took a bite, then reached for the plate of pancakes. Madison did not notice the look of utter shock that was frozen on her brother’s face as the realization of what she was talking about hit him. He sat there, a large partially chewed bit still in his mouth as he stared at her.

He forced himself to swallow as he tried to find the words to say. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He finally mustered up the words “Maddie, we shouldn’t have done that. You know it was wrong.”

Madison shook her head as she chuckled. “Don’t tell me you regret it. You certainly enjoyed yourself last night while you were burying your cock in me.” She said brazenly. “Listen to me, Noah. No one will even know what happened between us.” She said trying to soothe his rattled nerves. “I have thought about it for a long time and I knew you were the only person I wanted to take my virginity. You are the only person I really trust like that.” Her cheeks began to flush as she said “Besides, it was always you that I fantasized about doing it ever since that time at the lake when I walked in on you changing out of your wet swim trunks.”

The words floored him. He had never had a clue that she had felt this way about him. Sure, he had seen her looking at him when her friends have all gathered around and trying to flirt with him, but he always had assumed that she was just annoyed that they were giving him so much attention. He could not fathom how he could have missed it. Now, he was even more confused by his feelings. The revelation didn’t make it all OK,, but at the same time, in some small way it did.

The thought that he had taken advantage of her inebriated state had added to his stress. Now that he knew that she had wanted this for quite some time, he felt a little relieved. “Why didn’t you say something before last night?” He asked cautiously.

“I didn’t know how you would react. Besides, we usually weren’t alone for very long. I certainly didn’t want mom or dad coming home in the middle of things.” She replied.

He paused, taking a long slow sip of his juice. “That makes sense.” He said before going quiet. The two of them ate in virtual silence, occasionally catching the other looking at them.

Madison felt a bit exposed after telling him the dirty little secret about fantasizing about him. Deep down, she was a little hurt that he seemed to just brush off the admission. When they both finished their food, she cleared away the plates, putting them in the dishwasher while he retreated back to his room to try to make sense of things.

By the time he stepped back into his bedroom, his phone was loudly buzzing, still in his pants pocket from the night before. He hurried to check it. Trevor, his best friend, wanted him to take a ride with him to drop off his cousin at the airport. The idea of getting away from it all sounded like paradise to Noah. It wasn’t that he really wanted to get away from his sister, but the uncomfortable way that squirmed through the remainder of their breakfast had left him feeling uneasy. He had no idea what to say to her and despite his trepidation about what had happened, he certainly did not want to hurt her.

He quickly changed clothing and bounded down the steps. Madison had just finished up in the kitchen rokettube and was about to go upstairs when he met her at the bottom. “Trevor wants me to go with him to take Mike to the airport. I’ll be home later. We can order pizza if you want.” He blurted out quickly.

“That’s fine.” She said softly, trying to hide any feelings she had behind a slight hint of a smile. She turned to walk upstairs, still unsure about how she felt. Her brother’s sudden and seemingly eager departure had left her second-guessing her choice. Did she make a huge mistake by letting him be the one to pop her cherry? It was a thought that would plague her the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Noah was plagued by thoughts of his own. As he watched the scenery roll by the back window of Trevor’s SUV he could not stop thinking about the look on his sister’s face when he left. He also could not stop snippets from their late-night session from filling his mind. When the guys noticed his distracted behavior they asked him what was going on but he just lied and said he was slightly hungover from drinking at the reception after his parents departed.

It was a convenient little lie that the two of them eagerly swallowed. Trevor started teasing him, asking him about any eligible females that were in attendance. He laughed it off, mentioning a daughter of one of the women his mother worked with giving him the eye all night. There was no way he was going to divulge anything about what happened with his sister. It was then when his sister texted him asking him if he’d be back for dinner. He replied that he wouldn’t so she should go ahead and eat without him.

After dropping off Mike, the two stopped and got some dinner not that far from home. It was a nice distraction from all of the thoughts that were floating through his head. They took their time, drinking several sodas after they finished while Trevor flirted with the waitress. Noah barely noticed how hot she really was. When they finally left, he had her number and was planning on seeing her later that week.

By the time that they got back it was nearly 10 P.M. Trevor tried to convince him to hang out at his place for a while but he declined, stating that he was getting a low-key headache. When he got out of the car, he felt a white-hot ball of dread forming in the pit of his stomach. He had tried to think about what to say to Madison but nothing felt right. He hoped that when he saw her that the words would somehow flow, but he doubted that would happen.

She was lounging on the sofa in the same outfit that she had worn earlier that day when she greeted him with breakfast. She was scrolling through her social media on her phone while half-watching some shitty rom-com from the 90s. She looked up from her phone when he walked further into the living room and flashed a smile at him.

“Hey.” She said, looking back at her phone.

“Hey, Maddie.” He replied, walking around and plopping down in the chair. “What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just texting Cyndi about yesterday and posting pictures from the reception. She was so jealous that Tony’s parents brought him.” She chuckled. “There is some leftover pizza in the kitchen if you want some.”

“I’m good. We stopped off at Wendell’s on the way home.” He headed to the kitchen. The comment about a headache wasn’t completely a lie. He could feel one just starting, so he slipped away and took a couple of Motrin.

He started back into the living room, pausing in the doorway as he watched his sister sitting on the sofa. She looked so different to him now. She wasn’t just his sibling. She was a beautiful young woman. He had seen her naked and felt her most intimate touch. He knew now that she loved him in more ways than just familial. He found himself beginning to wonder if she would once again seek his touch and guidance.

He felt his member start to stir at the thought of having her a second time. He quickly chased the thought from his brain and walked back into the room. He sat back down in the chair he had previously occupied.

“She reached for the remote. The movie she had been half watching had ended and she had begun to scroll through the guide. Madison seemed oblivious to the fact that he would steal a glance at her while she was preoccupied with finding something for them to watch. His eyes followed the curve of her neck down to her shoulders and then down the thin strap of the heather grey top she wore to her full, round breasts. He shifted uncomfortably in the chair, adjusting himself to hide the beginnings of an erection.

“How about Bob’s Burger’s?” She chuckled.

“That’s fine.” He answered, tearing his focus away from her body.

The two sat in relative silence as the episode played out. It wasn’t long before it was over. Even sitting that close to her had set his mind racing with impure thoughts. He decided it was time to head upstairs. A shower and some alone time would be a welcome escape from the visions that filled his head.

Madison stayed downstairs for a while, asyalı porno playing with her phone and watching snippets of what was on the television. She heard the sound of Noah’s bedroom door shutting since he decided his need was a bit more pressing.

There, alone in his room he opened his laptop, going back to the pages he had open the previous night before she had interrupted him. Every time he would start getting into a scene playing out on the screen, the thoughts of Maddie returned. After several minutes of trying to push the thoughts away, he finally accepted it. Picturing the girl bent over the generic kitchen table was his sister. It took a while but he finally got the release he needed.

He reached for a Kleenex and cleaned up the mess he had made. He had been focusing so intensely on his own pleasure that he did not even notice that his sister had come upstairs and was in the bathroom. He pulled his shorts back up as he stood up and walked out into the hall. He reached for the doorknob, his mind still on what he had just done, and found the bathroom door was partially open.

Noah paused, hearing the sound of water running inside. For a moment, his feet were made of lead. He couldn’t move. Was this some sort of invitation or had she simply not noticed if the door actually closed all the way? She had always been adamant about keeping the door shut and locked after one of his friends walked in on her in the bathroom when they were younger.

He stood there debating what to do for several seconds, debating what he should do. Curiosity finally got the best of him and he pushed the door fully open. He had decided that if she was upset by it, he would simply say he didn’t realize she was in there. He could see her form through the steam. The clear glass shower door did nothing to hide her nakedness.

He stood there silently staring at her for a couple of minutes before she realized that he was in the room. She turned, looking at him with a wicked smile forming instantly on her lips. She chuckled when she saw how nervous it made him. “Well?” She asked. “Are you just going to stand there and watch me shower?” She paused “Or do you want to join me?”

The offer seemed too good to be true. After all, she had revealed to him that morning, he was feeling a little more at ease by the thought of being with her but it was still quite a foreign concept. The reality of it hadn’t changed by his perception had. It was still too hard for him to just easily accept it. It took him a moment to finally croak out the words “I… I should go.”

Noah quickly turned around and fled back to his bedroom. His heart was pounding as he shut the door, standing with his back against it for a moment while he tried to collect himself. He wanted to join her so badly but despite everything he still knew just how wrong it was. After several excruciatingly long minutes he heard the sound of his sister’s bedroom door slam shut.

A slight wave of relief washed over him as he sat on his bed. He had managed to keep from giving in to the temptation of joining Madison in the shower but he had no idea how long he could hold out if she kept blatantly offering herself to him. Never in his life had he thought having a beautiful girl throw herself at him would be such absolute torture.

It wasn’t long before he felt the pressure of a full bladder building inside him. He dreaded going out into the hall and by chance running into her again. He knew he had little choice in the matter and finally crept out into the hall. He hurried into the bathroom to relieve himself and was on his way back into his room when he heard a noise from his sister’s room. At first, he wasn’t sure what the sound was. As he inched closer to the door, he realized that it was the sound of his sister crying.

Noah’s heart sank. While he was not sure what had prompted the tears, he felt deep down he was to blame. He hung his head as he stood there listening to her sob for a moment as he gathered his courage to knock on her door. His knuckles gently rapped on the door, “Maddie?” He said quietly.

“”Go away, Noah” She replied loudly.

As badly as he wished he could, Noah could not bring himself to comply with her wishes. He gripped the doorknob and gave it a slow turn. His sister laid face down on the bed, crying into her pillow, refusing to look at him.

“I said go away” She choked out between sobs.

“I’m sorry, Maddie. I can’t.” He said walking over to the side of her bed and sitting down. “What’s wrong? ” He asked, genuinely concerned. On some level, he already knew the answer. “Is this because I didn’t join you?” He asked softly.

Madison said nothing. Noah sighed audibly. “I don’t get it. You are a beautiful girl, Maddie. You could have any guy you wanted and you know it.” He paused. “Hell, I can’t deny that I want you. You seen how my body reacted to you. It’s part of why I came upstairs so abruptly tonight. I just kept thinking about how good you looked…” His voice trailed off “and azeri porno how incredible you felt.”

He could hardly believe that he was admitting to any of it but it was the truth. He looked at the floor as he continued. “Ever since last night, you have been all I can think about. We both know it’s wrong and we shouldn’t be together like that again. It’s taking every last ounce of willpower that I have not to.”

He was ashamed of the fact that he felt that way, but he knew she needed to hear it. Madison had finally stopped crying. He felt the weight on the bed shift as his sister moved her hand to her face to wipe her eyes.

“You are the only guy that I want.” She said almost too softly for him to hear her. “I can’t help it.” She rolled over and sat up, looking at him.

Noah’s head turned and he looked deep into her soulful eyes. It was hard to believe that her wounded pride had made her look even more beautiful in that moment. It was clear to him that it wasn’t just words. She truly did feel that way about him. He turned slightly, pulling her in for a hug to comfort her. The moment that he felt her body pressed against him, he knew it was a mistake. She was clad only in the towel she had wrapped around herself after exiting the shower.

The feel of her in his arms, so frail and trusting, was almost too much to bear. He pulled back, looking down into her eyes once more. A faint hint of a smile curled upon her soft pink lips and Noah felt that last bit of control slipping from his grasp.

His head lowered as his lips met hers, igniting the passion within them both. All of the trepidation evaporated as the kiss deepened. Noah’s tongue slipped between her soft plump lips. He moaned softly into the kiss as her tongue wrestled with his. It no longer felt like a taboo act. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted any of the girls he had been with or even fantasized about.

His hand slipped to the back of her neck, cradling it gently as he continued to kiss her passionately. He could feel his cock quicken in his shorts as he inhaled her scent. After a few fleeting seconds, he broke the kiss. The pitiful look that played across her face as the thought that he was about to flee quickly vanished as he stood up and took his shirt off. She stared lovingly into his deep brown eyes for a moment.

Her gaze then lowered, following the sparse dark brown chest hair as it led down to his happy trail. He then slipped his hands down, pushing his shorts down over his hips and letting them fall to the floor. His erection jutted out obscenely pointing at her as he climbed onto his sister’s bed. She bit her lower lip as his hands moved to the towel, slowly undoing it so that it fell to the bed beneath her.

For a moment, he stared at her naked form, taking in her beauty with a new appreciation for it from her narrow waist and flat stomach to the womanly curves of her hips. He positioned himself next to her on the bed, once again pressing his lips to hers and guiding her back onto the bed. His hands roamed over her side and down her back as they lay on their sides facing each other.

Any trace of the sadness that had filled her soul had dissipated as the two lovers let their hands explore each other’s flesh. Her body moved like a cat, so reactive to even the slightest stroking of his hand upon her skin. He could feel her small pink nipples, now hardened with excitement pressing against his bare chest. He rolled her onto her back, continuing to kiss her. His hand slid from her side and around to the front.

His fingertips faintly traced her skin as they approached her mound. It was obvious that he was in no rush as he began to toy with her clit. His swollen 7 inch manhood pressed against her thigh as his fingers manipulated the tender flesh. She moaned softly into his mouth as he strummed and lightly tweaked it. He pulled away, staring down into her deep blue eyes.

His fingers continued their assault on the tiny pink nub as he watched her face contort in pleasure. It was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen. He stopped momentarily, allowing his fingers to then trace down her soft pink lips. She gasped as he slowly began to push them inside her just a couple of inches.

Her eyes widened as his fingers curled, zeroing in on the dense little patch of flesh. He began to stroke it carefully, watching her face all the while. Her breath quickly became more rapid and uneven as he teased the tender area. He varied up the movements speed and pressure as her moans grew louder. Her body trembled and shivered as she felt the deep satisfaction growing. Her back arched, pushing her perfect breasts outward.

Noah couldn’t resist lowering his head and plucking one of the ripe little buds into his mouth as his fingers continued to toy with her. He could feel her muscles twitch around him as she teetered on the verge of orgasm. He loved the symphony of sounds that came from her as he gave her the final nudge into the oblivion of orgasmic bliss. Her body writhed as he continued to keep pressure on the spot. He gave her nipple a final little nip before spitting it out. He watched the glorious display that played out before him as she gave in to the feeling. His fingers were bathed in the warm juices flowing from her as she jerked and writhed.

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