He’s Here!

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When the Summer nights come, the powerful heat of the sun stored up inside the Earth is slowly released in the air. Then, it makes everything vibrate: the aroused crickets lead a musical orgy, the late-night cats fight each other, and the stars twinkle through a dry, lipid sky. It’s the time of the wide-opened windows, drinking in avidly the coolness of the night wind, welcoming the stellar light on our sweating bodies.

On our bed, my sleep hunting is fruitless. I have to count entire legions of sleep-walking sheep. I’m travelling over motionless miles when I wave under our sheets in order to find some kind of peace. But it’s useless: I’m suffocating.

Against you, my dear, my eyes are wide open. I’m contemplating your unreal curves drawn by the shadows of the moonlight; I’m surveying the regular motion of your breath; I’m spying your most subtle reactions when I try to touch you.

What can I do? I’m listening to the fresh breeze through the forest’s leaves, all around us. Everything is so quiet, and yet my blood is boiling because… I know he’s here, ready to join us.

This great well-behaved women’s predator, purveyor of pleasures and thrills, is preparing himself just a few meters away of us. Through the partition between our bedroom and the guestroom, I can hear him. He’s undressing. The metallic sounds of his belt buckle, the muffled rustling of his clothes and his little laughs reach my ears. I know he’s enjoying his lust for you… and you, asleep, are aware of nothing.

A few minutes later, his steps echo in the corridor. He’s walking with a sure, conquering pace. No hesitations can hinder his victorious march toward you. At last, a powerful hand is grabbing the handle of the main door… and very slowly, it’s pivoting on its axis.

An impressive silhouette appears. In the dark, I can make out his smile. The muscles of his black body are shining. They are catching that strange light, and reveal the strength and the young energy burning inside him. His breath is relaxed and quiet. He knows that he owns us.

Did you feel it? That young African student you wanted so much to take in our house is lusting for you. In front of me, an avalanche of centimetres stands to salute your voluptuous beauty. A thick column made of black flesh, ended by a bulbous glans, is extending, fluttering, following his heart’s beat while some drops of impatience come out on the meatus. I admire that fantastic vision, I can’t help it.

The last meters… and he’s stopping a moment. He’s looking at me. He’s watching my reactions.

I can feel his inquiring eyes on me, as well as the intensity of his will to dominate. My heart is pumping so hard that I’m trembling. I think about our conversation about your dark secrets, about that crazy idea that I suggested to you, about my own desires. Then, while I’m looking at this gorgeous African male, I grab the sheets of our bed, and I answer the black man’s question by uncovering a free room: a sigh of satisfaction gets away from his mouth.

The wood of our bed is singing under the pressure of his weight, and yet you are staying undisturbed, asleep and happy. You Ataşehir Esmer Escort still turn your back on the black pleasure attracted by the whiteness of your hips.

I’m kissing your neck, your lips and your nose. A smile is growing now on your face, you are encouraging me, but it’s a black hand and not mine that is caressing your thighs, your belly, and seize your breasts. Those caresses are puzzling, because you don’t understand the geography of my body anymore. If I’m kissing you, how could you feel my manhood against your buttocks?

Gradually you are surfacing. Then, without a word, another dream takes place inside your head.

Your eyes are widening! I love that expression. You are trying to understand that mystery. You doubt, but those black hands on your arms confirm your reasoning. Yes, oh yes, he’s here, in our bed… against you…

Are you afraid? I notice that you can’t talk to me. So, when you open your mouth, I want to taste a passionate kiss that seems to last an eternity.

We are intertwining; deeply in love with each other, but the stiffness of your moves betray your state of mind: you don’t know how to react.

What could you say while some foreign hands are touching shamelessly your naked body? How to react while your breasts are knead, your belly is stroked by a stranger, while you can feel the kisses of your fantasy on your shoulders? And don’t forget that erected black penis, full of promises against your butt, which is waiting my final signal to penetrate you… in front of me… can you let it seduce you?

You are whispering to my ears: “My darling… oh my God, you are crazy… do you really love me enough to do that?”

I’m answering: “Enough to do what?”

Again, you can’t speak anymore, but with a lot of efforts you end up to tell me: “Enough to watch me have sex with an other man….”

I’m smiling in order to reassure you. I’m taking your hand; I’m leading it to my crotch. There, you understand how big my own arousal is. I feel an extreme pleasure in my body, because I’m showing you my own desires… I’m naked in front of my Queen. You are kissing me again. You are so happy!

“I love you so much, you little pervert!”.

Then, straight away you are touching your African lover’s body, and you are saying with a little voice, full of joy : “Please, make love to me… I want to feel your cock inside me, my beautiful lover… my beautiful black, African lover!”

The young black man answers: “With great joy, you are mine, now”.

Yes, you can feel his hands leading his penis into your vagina. You are thrilling, you are trembling. Afterwards, he buries lightly the tip of his glans, he’s lubricating it with your loving fluids, and then, he’s grasping hold of your hips and… he’s penetrating you very, very deeply.

You are holding me in your arms with all your strength, because you need my skin against yours at this very moment. It calms you, it reassures you.

Little by little, the long, thick black penis is sliding inside you. It’s stealing some moans to you. You can feel your vagina blooming under the continuous Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort progression of the invader. You are welcoming it with such joy and love! The inner surface of your sex is following closely the massive shapes of this dominant organ.

In my mind, I tell to myself :”A black man is making love to my beloved fiancée, yes, he is fucking her and she loves it… our fantasy is accomplished… she’s on the verge of been completely africanized”, and it improves my arousal.

Pitiless, the young predator is burring is manhood until the point where its meat touches the cervix of your uterus. He’s glad to own you. His jubilation is obvious, because he is fulfilling his need to fuck a white women in front of her white boyfriend. He enjoys his sexual victory. And you, white female owned by a black male, you are closing your blue eyes, and you enjoy the moment too.

You feel good. Your sex is full of that black member of his. You let that forbidden pleasure fulfil you: it’s so good satisfy your fantasy… but, one moment later, you look at me with a bit of anguish in your eyes.

“Do you love me?”

I’m putting a hand on your belly. I’m listening to the breath of your lover, then I look at his hands on your breasts: “Yes, I love you… you are beautiful”.

“Even with this… oh my God… this… this stranger’s cock inside of me?”. You are closing your eyes; your lover is starting to fuck you.

I smile. “Yes, I love you even like that… especially like that… I love you when you turn yourself into such a naughty bitch”

You are kissing me, then you put your forehead against mine. You are losing control of yourself now…

“And if… if he had an orgasm inside of me? Could you still love me? Could you?”

A delightful fear stokes me. I can see your redden cheeks. Your lips and your nipples are taking the colours of the pleasure. You are coming, and I don’t want to interfere. It’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

“Yes, I could. But… do you want it? Do you want him to ejaculate inside you?”

“My sweet love, my baby, you love me so much. Hold me in your arms! I want to feel you close to me!”

I’m obeying, and I realize the true power of your lover. Through you, I can feel every penetration. They demand an orgasm of you. You are vibrating, happy, the two of us… God! It’s such a sight! If only you could see it with my eyes.

I can hear some sentences whispered to your ears: “Pretty girl, I’m fucking you… take my black cock inside you… I own you… now you know what a real cock looks like…”.

Yes my love, you do are bewitched by this wonderful African male, so, he really deserves to come inside you.

“My dear, answer me, do you want him to ejaculate inside you?

“Yes, oh yes… But, I’m not on the pill, you know that!”

“I don’t care, your pleasure comes first!”

“But… I’ll be pregnant… think about it!”

I’m slipping my fingers in your black, curly hairs, and my eyes in your eyes I answer : “Then you’ll have a black baby… a black baby in your womb, would you like it? Would you Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort like to be impregnated by this man?”

I’m losing my mind too. My arousal is like a heart beat. My cock is hard, almost painful. The prospect of you pregnant with a black man’s baby is such a turn on. I don’t understand why, but I want it.

At this moment, you experience your first orgasm. Your inhibitions are washed away.

“Oh yes, yeeees, I want to carry this young black man’s baby. I want to be knocked up. I want to be impregnated by an other man just in front of you. Oh, please! Kiss me!”

I bury my face between your breasts. I suck at them for a while and then I kiss you. I can hear your heart’s beat in your chest. You smell good. Your skin is soft. And again, I feel each powerful penetration of your lover.

You are moaning. You are crying because of your pleasure. You are masturbating me according to the rhythm of your own desire.

Your lover is fucking you hard. For an hour I can watch his ass moving between your legs. You are crazy about his enormous cock. You never experienced such a wonder with your previous white lovers. And then, you can feel that your black lover is about to come. His penis grows a bit more… at last…

You are encouraging him:

“Yes, do it! Shoot your sperm inside me! Give me your baby with that black cock of yours. It’s so good! Yes, ejaculate in me! Impregnate me in front of my white fiancé!”

The young African man is happy. His victory is complete. Absolute.

“Yeah, take it all! I’m impregnating you, yes, I’m seeding you in front of your man! You feel it? My beautiful black cock, so hard, just for you! Yeaaaaah, this is it, I’m ejaculating inside you…oooh… I plant my baby inside you!”

The pleasure is so huge. The young African man is becoming completely dominant. His semen is the symbol of his power and proud. He uses it as a political weapon, and you like it, don’t you? He’s taking his due; he’s exposing his superiority with splendour and I admit it, there is nothing better than seeing a black man shooting many load of semen inside of you. To be honest, I admire him. He is so black, his penis is so impressive, his buttocks are rounds and muscular, his face shows noble African features. This beauty is seducing you. You can’t escape to it. Now, you are allowing it to invade you, to inseminate you, to impregnate you with joy. You are surrendering to it.

Your eyes are full of grateful tears. You thank him, and you turn toward me:”My sweet love, he’s coming in me! I can feel his hot semen, there, in my womb”. You take my hand, and you put it on your belly :”He’s there, his big cock is there… oh my, he’s ejaculating inside me… he’s making me a baby… a pretty black baby…”

That’s too much for me. I spit my semen outside of you; in your hands. Semen dominated and surpassed by your African lover’s in your womb, fertilizing you right now. I surrender too.

Your eyes are full of love. You want to lull me. There is no doubt in your mind, you know I love you so much that my orgasm is linked to your wish: to be impregnated by a black man. And, while your lover is finishing ejaculating his potent semen inside you in order to be sure of your impregnation, I can ear him saying “When you go black, you never go back… don’t forget this! Your children will be black… all of them!”

A new orgasm explodes in us.

We know he’s right, both of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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