Hey Mister Pt. 01

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Accidental Nudity

“Hey, mister…”

I stopped and turned to face the opposite door. The voice was unfamiliar and sounded a little hesitant.

I live in an apartment building where everyone kept to themselves. No reason why… it wasn’t a bad neighborhood. It was just quiet. I guess everyone liked it that way. Which was why I was a little puzzled as to why my neighbor suddenly felt compelled to talk to me.

At least, I assumed it was me. There was nobody around at that hour. I’d come home early from work that day because I’d decided I’d had enough of dealing with idiot bosses and even more silly customers. When I’d walked up to my apartment, I’d been looking forward to a nice rest of the day, with no one to bother me.

“Hey,” I said to the half-hidden face peering at me from behind the door jamb. “Sup?”

OK, I’m not exactly young anymore, but I knew who I was speaking to, and I knew enough from my interactions with young people (customers and bosses) that its best to speak their lingo. At the very least, it would make my own utterances comprehensible.

My neighbor’s daughter pushed the door open a little more and stood straight. She was a plain girl, not given to wearing make-up. I’d hardly noticed her till now, but as she adjusted the black-rimmed spectacles to sit more comfortably on her snub nose, I realized she wasn’t that bad looking. I guess the other young girls with all their make-up (false lashes and all) would put this one in the shade. A pity, that. She wasn’t a looker, but she was still quite sweet looking, once you got past the huge spectacles and the occasional blemish on the skin.

I suppose I should’ve asked her name or something, but like I said, the people who lived in the same building kept to themselves. We never asked each other questions nor even showed an interest in the goings-on in any apartment, regardless of what we could hear through the walls. After all, the loud arguments, crashing tableware, crying or screaming would end soon enough. And they never did last too long, anyway.

Maybe I was too surprised by the fact that she was actually speaking to me to do or say anything other than to repeat myself: “Sup?”

She looked a little nervous, like a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar, except that she was no kid. At least, I didn’t think so. She was quite tall, almost as tall as I was, and she wore her hair in a short crop around her pixie face. Her eyes darted up and down, looking me in the eye and down again at the floor as she spoke to me.

“Can you… help me?” she stammered, her anxiety and embarrassment quite apparent in her speech and behavior. Her legs were crossed beneath her, like she needed to pee quite desperately, and her arms were held behind her back.

I thought the better of returning her request with a snappy reply. She looked so unsure it was almost painful to watch. Instead, I said to her quite gently: “What do you need my help with?”

“I… ummm… there’s something wrong. With our water. No one’s home and… and I wanna take a bath. I don’t know what to do…”

Hmmm. OK. For a brief moment, I wondered if it was a prank of some sort. The things the young people get into these days, it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was. I suppose it was really dumb of me to dismiss the thought so quickly, but… well, she did look quite pathetic. Ignoring my initial urge to tell her to wait for her father to get home (so that I could go about getting the half-day off that I had been so looking forward to), I slipped my keys back into my pocket and stepped towards her.

She shrank a little back into her apartment, and I thought she would’ve slammed the door shut in my face if I’d been nearer to her, but she stood up straight again and pushed the door open.

“Do you know where your water mains are?”

“It’s not. I mean, the problem is with our heater.”

“Oh I see. Well, I don’t know if I can help. I’m not a plumber or electrician, but I know a good one…”

“No. No, that’s not… it’ll take too long,” she shook her head determinedly, her tone and demeanor surprising me. Maybe my initial impression of her as a mouse wasn’t as accurate as I’d thought.

“I’m really not sure if I can help you, then.”

“Oh. OK. I guess. Never m…”

“Oh alright,” I said, feeling sorry for her. She really looked… I don’t know how to describe it. She looked as if she was relieved and as if she was about to cry at the same time. I really didn’t think I could help the poor girl, but I thought I should give it a try, if only so she wouldn’t look so miserable. “I’ll take a look at your fusebox to see if anything’s been tripped.”

She looked surprised, then a little pleased. And, to be truthful, I thought she looked a little afraid at the same time. Good grief. I opened my mouth to say I wasn’t going to do anything to her, but closed it again. Not exactly a smart thing to say to a girl who looked afraid of you… and who was also inviting you into her apartment. Damn, I must be really tired, walker independence izle I thought to myself. Where was I going with these thoughts? She was just a neighbor asking for help, that’s all. Nothing else to it.

A key turned in the gate separating the girl and myself, and the door swung out towards me. She had stepped back out of sight, but the open gate was an invitation to enter, I guess. Oh well. Putting the nagging doubts to rest in my mind, I slipped off my shoes and stepped over the threshold and into the apartment.

I realized I had been mooned (however inadvertently) the moment I stepped into the apartment. The girl had been reaching up to put something on an upper shelf. Because she had been wearing the kind of dress/blouse that young women like today – you know, the type that looks too short to be a dress yet too long to be a blouse – I had thought she was wearing a pair of shorts under that, as was the fashion today, but no, she was most certainly not. She was completely commando underneath. I had a good view of her ass cheeks flexing as she stood on tiptoe to reach the shelf, then returning to their lovely roundness when she was done. Her backside was vanilla white, along with the rest of her legs… it looked like she wasn’t one to go swimming much… and was enticingly luscious enough without being too heavy.

I took all that in, in the few moments I got a look at her naked ass. Then she turned around and I wondered if she knew I’d noticed she wasn’t wearing any pants. She looked a little embarrassed, but then again, she had been a little shy to begin with, so I couldn’t tell for sure why she was that way.

“Uh. Ummm… the heater’s this way,” she seemed to speak to the floor between my feet. Then she turned and swiftly walked into a room.

“Hey… you forgot… Here, I’ll shut the door for you.”

“OK,” her reply was terse, but her tone was still tentative.

I shut the front door, pausing before I walked into the room after her. She was waiting for me in what looked like her bedroom. There were plush toys on the single bed, and framed photos of a much younger version of the girl who stood in front of me on the desk next to the window. The curtains fluttered slightly with the slight breeze, and a young woman’s scent – don’t ask me to describe it, I only know it when I smell it – permeated the room.

“Wow. Nice room,” I said, hoping to allay any fears she might have had about my being in her room.

“Thanks. I… ummm… this is my room.”

“Uh huh. It’s nice. Very you.”

“Thanks. Thanks for… you know, helping…”

“No prob. Actually, I haven’t done anything yet. So where’s the heater?”

“Oh. Yes, I… the bathroom is over here.”

She waved towards a door at the end of the room. I started moving towards it, and was startled to hear her exclaim, then run past me to the door. What the..? Oh. I guess she must have left her underwear around or something like that. I could see how that idea would have spurred her into running into the bathroom first.

A few steps took me to the door of the bathroom, where I got mooned again. No, that’s not quite right. I got flashed. She was bending down, picking something up from the floor. I could see that delectable ass again, but also got a good look at her pussy at the same time. The small pinkish slit was clearly visible, peeking out from under the curves of her buttocks. Even her anus was visible, the little puckered hole revealed by her ass cheeks spreading as she bent forward.

I was so engrossed by the sight of her pussy and asshole that I didn’t really notice what she was picking up from the floor. Then she straightened up and turned to face me, her face flushed a deep red. She couldn’t have not known what I’d seen, and I felt really bad for her. She must be feeling very embarrassed, poor thing. I decided to change the subject and save her from further embarrassment.

“So… what’s the problem with the heater anyway?”

“Uh. Oh, yeah,” she recovered a little composure, but her face was still flushed. She kept one hand behind her back. “It’s… not hot. The water, I mean.”

I wondered what it was she was holding behind her back, but thought the better of asking her about it. It was none of my business anyway.

“OK. Do you know if the fuse has tripped? Is everything else working in here?”

“No. I mean, you don’t understand,” she said, inching her way backwards, towards the sink. I could see a bit of the handle of what looked like a straight razor. So she shaves. No biggie. But I guess if you were a painfully shy girl, you wouldn’t want anyone else to know. Then again… I remembered how her bare legs looked and my eyes flashed downwards before I could stop myself.

“It… the heater is a gas heater. Not an electric one,” she explained, the flush on her face deepening. “I cooked dinner using the stove just now, so there’s nothing wrong with the gas supply.”

“So… waterloo road izle does the gas light up in the heater?”

“No. That’s it. It’s not working.”

“Wow. OK, given it’s a gas heater, I’m not sure I should be knocking around trying to fix it when there’s a chance it might blow up. I’m not a plumber, you know.”

“Oh. So you won’t..?”

“Not that I won’t. I’m not sure I can do anything that wouldn’t put you in danger.”

“That’s alright.”

“No, it’s not. I think it’s best you get a hold of a plumber or something. When are your parents due home?”

“They… ah… should be back pretty soon. In an hour or so.”

“Well, you’ll only have to wait an hour…”

“You don’t understand. Oh… never mind. Thanks anyway.”

She seemed to be quite unhappy about having to wait, so I thought I should offer to take a look anyway.

“Alright. Tell you what… I’ll take a look at it anyway, and if it’s a simple enough problem, I’ll fix it for you, OK?”

“Oh. OK,” she replied, seeming a little surprised and a lot relieved. “I… you know, the gas pipe is that one over there…”

As she said this, she spun around and pointed up at one of the pipes near the ceiling. Her action gave me yet another glimpse of her butt, the hem of her blouse riding up to reveal the bottom halves of the lovely white globes. I was a little surprised. Surely, she couldn’t be unaware..?

She turned around and further volunteered: “I can get a chair if you want.”

“Uh, no. Thanks. I think I can get up there by standing on the tub.”

“Do you need a tool? My dad has a toolbox in the storeroom.”

“No, that’s alright,” I replied, stepping gingerly up onto the rim of the tub. It was a little damp, as if it had been used not too long ago. Hmmm. If she’d had her bath, what was the rush to get the heater fixed? “I’m just taking a look first anyway.”

She didn’t reply, but I didn’t think any more about that. My eyes were fixed on the pipe, and what looked like a valve on top of the heater. Could that be the problem? I reached out towards it and managed to grasp the thin piece of metal. I turned it a little to the right but stopped myself from turning it all the way. Wait a minute. Why was this valve turned off? It didn’t make sense. I decided to get some answers before proceeding further.

“Hey,” I said out loud to the girl. No reply. I turned my head and saw that she had left the bathroom.

“Hey miss?” Boy, did I regret not asking for her name. “You there?”

Still no reply. Damn it. Where had she gone? I clambered down from the tub and made my way back into her room. I didn’t see her at first, but just as I started walking towards the door to the living room, I saw her spectacles on the bedside table and realized she was lying in her bed, under the covers. Her dark hair made a noticeable splash of black on the white pillow.

“Hey, mister,” she said from under the covers. Her voice was plaintive, almost like she was begging. She sounded like she didn’t want to be heard, yet she must have wanted to get my attention… otherwise, why would she have spoken up?

“You alright? Sup?” I enquired. I was genuinely concerned by her behavior. “Are you unwell?”

“No. Yes. Maybe,” she replied from under the covers. “I’m like… hot all over.”

“Should I get a doctor in to see to you?”

“No. That’s not what… I think… YOU should see this!” she said, flinging the covers off her body.

I was shocked to see that she was completely naked. She was pale all over, the small mounds of her breasts rising rising and falling rapidly as if she had been running for a bit. Or maybe she was excited. Her nipples were the size of dimes, and looked painfully hard. I let my eyes drift further down, past her quivering stomach and saw a small thatch of dark hair perched perilously on the edge of a high mound, accentuating and not covering the tiny slit dissecting the vee that marked where her legs met her hips. The split on her groin was so small it was almost unnoticeable. Then, as I stared, the vee disappeared and the deep pink slit became more prominent when she spread her legs wide apart. Almost immediately, she closed them again, as if she had had second thoughts about what she was doing. Although the two movements where almost instantaneous, I had seen enough to know that she was wet. Oh, she was excited alright.

I hadn’t realized my mouth was hanging open, but when I looked up at her face and saw the tears gleaming at the corners of her eyes, I immediately shut it. What was going on?

“You don’t like that, do you, mister? I’m real ugly, aren’t I?” She pulled the covers back over herself, obscuring her nakedness and allowing my brain to finally engage. What the..? Empathy mode kicked in. She was still quite young after all, not more than 19 or 20. Perhaps she had some self-confidence issues. Or something like that. I thought I should say something to make her feel wayne izle better about herself… even though the situation was really weird, and I was getting a monster boner from her persistent flashing.

“No. No, not at all. That’s very nice,” I said. I wasn’t lying too. She wasn’t anything like the skinny model type – she had the curves where a woman’s curves should be – but I could understand where she was coming from. The modern girl had so much to contend with – have big breasts, a flat tummy, a perky ass – that it was really quite impossible for any girl to fulfill the image of feminine perfection other than to starve AND go for cosmetic surgery. I’m all for the natural woman, to be frank… I appreciate the feminine form in all its variations. Skinny girls are fine by me as long as they don’t have to go to extreme measures to get that way. Ditto the curiver ladies.

“You’re lying just to make me feel better,” she said. All this time, her head had been turned away so I couldn’t see her face. But I could tell from her voice that she was close to sobbing. Poor thing.

“No, no. I mean it,” I responded, moving to the bed to sit beside her. A risky move, I know, but I didn’t think I could be very convincing standing away from her. She might take it to mean she repulsed me. “It is very nice. I mean, YOU are very nice to look at. I guess I was kind of surprised… I don’t get that happening to me a lot, you know.”

She turned to look into my eyes for the first time. I could see the mistrust and confusion in them. Poor thing. “You… don’t like to look at me. Nobody does.”

“Who says so? Why do you say that?”

She turned away again without replying. Then, she slowly drew the covers away again, exposing her naked body to me once more. Her long legs spread slightly, trembling as they did. This time, she didn’t close them. She held them apart so I could see her slit. It was quite a pretty pussy too, the thick pinkish outer lips puffy at the top and dipping down into a small darker pink depression that marked the entrance to her vagina. Just below that, on the narrow shelf between her pussy and her asshole, I could see her liquid excitement gleaming. It streaked the insides of her thighs, suggesting she had been wet for a while now. Holy shit.

Once more, the connection between my brain and my mouth had been completely disengaged by the sight of her nude body. Once more, she took it the wrong way.

“See? You don’t like me. Or you wouldn’t be just sitting there!”

The covers were drawn back across her body once more, and I recovered enough of my senses to reply.

“I… what do you expect me to do?”

“What any guy would do if he saw a naked girl!”

“You mean..? But… you know, I’m not into rape…”

“Well, it’s not rape if I’m offering it to you, is it?”

“Yes, well, you’re right. But…”

“But nothing. You’re just not interested. You weren’t interested just now when you saw my ass, and you’re not interested now when you’ve seen me naked. I’m just not attractive to any guy…”

“Wait a minute, young lady,” I interrupted her before her train of thought went off the cliff. “Listen to me, will you? Like I said, I was surprised. I mean, it’s not everyday a sweet young thing like you makes me an offer like that.”

“Sweet young thing. Right. Like I believe you.” she said. Her head was still turned away, but I thought she sounded different. Perhaps a little relieved and… flattered?

“Yeah. Sweet young thing. I mean, you’re sweet and young, and I’m… well, I’m not exactly a hunk now. So I didn’t expect that you would… I mean, I didn’t even get what you meant…”

The covers slid off her body again. She turned her head slowly and looked into my eyes once more. OK, the confusion was still there, but this time I was more certain there was also something else in her eyes. Lust, maybe? Or was I just getting the wrong idea?

“Now you know, mister. So… what are you waiting for?”

“Ah. Ummm. Nothing, I guess.” I couldn’t figure out any other answer, and didn’t move away when her eager hands moved to my belt, undid pants and removed them.

“Nice boxers,” she remarked, and slipped those off too. My erection sprang up at her face. “Oooh. Ummm. I didn’t think it would be so… big. I’m not sure if I can…”

“Thank you,” I said, in response to her latter comment more than to her former one. I’d not heard the compliment often. Truth be told, I’m not that long, but I’m wider than most. Some of my previous lovers have told me they prefer my dimensions, but I never could tell if they were just saying that to make me feel better during sex. This girl looked like she meant it. “I… ah… are you sure..? I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t want…”

“Geez. You really are a fuddy duddy aren’t you?” she said, smiling at me for the first time. It was quite an engaging smile. It was the smile of a young woman who knew she was having an effect on a man. A really quite impressive effect.

“You really should smile more,” I said, trying to remain cool while the blood rushed away from my brain. “You look really good when you smile.”

“Really? Thanks, mister,” she smiled again, then she tentatively tapped my erection with her finger and giggled as it bobbled in front of her face. Nobody’s said anything that nice to me before.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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