Hey Neighbor!

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I’m on the ninth floor, sitting quietly on my small terrace. The late summer evening is fading to night, and I can feel the chill in the breeze that is promising fall. It’s been a busy couple of months, but the work has resulted in our organization getting stronger even during these troubled economic times, and I’ve been recognized for the key role I’ve played – new title, new office, and entry into a brand new tax bracket. Tonight is an opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come as I watch the city lights replace the setting sun’s rays reflecting off the glass of downtown. I’ve taken this evening for myself, coming home and slipping into my favorite jeans and a light sweater, letting my hair fall out of its tightly wound “business bun” and kicking back with a bottle of my favorite white, a wedge of aged cheddar and the iPod playlist that favors mid century jazz looping through the speakers on my terrace.

Not bad for a small town Southern girl, I raise my glass to the sky and smile as the thought crosses my mind. My phone buzzes lightly, glancing at a number I don’t recognize, I turn it off and let myself float away from the cares of the day. The view from my apartment is what sold me on the building. It’s an older complex, but a sweeping view of the river and downtown are worth slightly smaller elevators and an underequipped gym, as far as I’m concerned. I love waving to the other residents when we’re enjoying our decks on weekends and evenings, and have gotten to know many of them as a result of “wave over” invitations to get-togethers and dinners as the last couple of years have passed. “Hey neighbor” and soft voice registers itself and I turn to see Alison just stepping out with a beer to settle in across the way. I raise my c glass and smile in response as she takes a long pull from her bottle. Ali moved in a few months back, and she reminds me a lot of me when I first hit town. We’ve shared some stories and I’ve tried to help her find her way, and she’s reminded me that even though I’ve passed 30, I’m still not “old”, including me in some small parties and excursions on the town with her friends. She’s 25, with raven eyes, dark brown hair Sex hikayeleri and a complexion that hints at her Latina heritage – in other words, the opposite of the red haired, green eyed, fair skinned lass writing this.

“Have you had dinner yet, Ali?” I call over, “Drinking on empty stomach can lead places you never intended” I smile and watch her make a face at me and mouthy the word “Mom” in mock protest. “I just called for a pizza, Kat – so I’m good – what about you, miss know-it-all?” she grinned, knowing damn well if she can’t smell my dinner cooking, she’s spot on. Laughing, I let her know she’s got me, and add that pizza sounds like the perfect solution to my problems. We both fall quiet for a bit, nursing our drinks and watching the night envelop our complex. I see her leave to answer her door – must be the pizza, I guess, pouring myself another glass and nibbling on a wedge of cheese. As Coltrane pours his heart into his version of “My Favorite Things” I hear a knock on the door. I open it to find Alison, a six pack of beer and a heavenly smell emanating from the big box she’s carrying in front of her. “Problem solved, neighbor” she says, “care to share your view with me for a slice or two?” I usher her in with a smile and we make ourselves comfortable, exchanging small talk about the week and other neighbors – a very pleasant surprise for me. After an hour or so, we’ve begun discussing complex romances and Romeos, laughing as we share awkward moments spent fending off the advances of a certain guy on the fourth floor. As we talk, I notice movement on the rooftop deck below. Our complex is built in a stair step layout, and there are shared decks at the 5th, 10th and 15th floors that jut out toward the river. Glancing down, I catch my breath and signal Ali to scoot her chair toward the rail and take a look. There’s a couple out by the rail and they’re obviously not interested in the view, as they’ve fallen into a very close embrace. We watch, spellbound by the intensity of their passion as she balances herself on the rail and wraps her legs around the man, pulling him to her. The movement of their hips in silhouette leaves little Sikiş hikayeleri to the imagination, and a short interlude of fumbling with zippers and belts leads to a clear understanding of what’s occurring. Between the night air and the alcohol, the scene is intoxicating, and I’m more that turned on by it. I look over at Alison, and her eyes reflect pure lust as she takes in the view.

I lean over and whisper “Not sure who it is, but I trade places with her in a minute… that’s incredibly hot” Ali turns, her face close to mine and smiles, whispering back “If only we could order a couple of guys as hot as that pizza was” I fall back with my hand over my mouth, trying to stifle my laughter as to not interrupt the couple below. Alison reaches down and puts her hand over my mouth as well in mock horror, mouthing “quiet” and starting to giggle herself. I reach up to muffle her laughter and we collapse on the terrace in a pile, laughing and shushing. I pull my hand away from her face and am stopped as she holds it, kissing my palm gently. “Thanks, Kat” she says softly “Having a friend like you around can make being alone sometimes so much more bearable.” I return the kiss with a caress of her face and smile back. Without another word, we share a lingering kiss lying there, as a jumble of emotions tries to untangle itself from the moment.

Rather than sort this out, I simply decide to let us decide what to do together. Breaking the kiss, neither of us move away, happy and comfortable intertwined in the night air. Another kiss follows, a bit deeper, and our tongues touch and explore. I feel her hands on my hips and sliding up under my sweater, soft and warm. Rather than waiting, I simply slip the sweater over my head and expose myself to her hands, letting my eyes and lips explain the desire I’m feeling. Alison begins kissing her way down my neck and across the excruciatingly sensitive skin of each breast, taking time to gently suckle each nipple as I gasp with pleasure, then back to my mouth to explore and kiss again… as she kisses me, my hands roam across he rounded curve of her ass, feeling her quiver through her jeans. Letting Erotik hikaye my hands wander, I cup the curve of each cheek and slip my fingers along the inside of her upper thighs. She parts her legs slightly and begins a second round of lips and tongue on my nipples as my hand rubs across her and presses in, making her hips rock with my ministrations. No words here, just soft purrs of appreciation ad movements indicating pleasure and enjoyment.

Both breathing hard, I look into her eyes and sit up, taking her by the hand and moving to my bedroom. Already topless, I simply stand I front of her and peel my jeans, letting her look at me, turning so she can see all of me. I then undress my lover, exposing a lean, athletic body that I cannot wait to get next to in my bed. We embrace, kissing as out r hands run across each others’ backs and tumble into the bed. Our legs separate and thighs make contact with the other’s pussy and clit, rubbing slowly across as our lips and tongues dance and hands explore stiffening nipples. Breaking the kiss I begin to kiss my way down her body, only to have her stop me. Looking up, she simply spins her self, presenting me with what I want and would love to get at the same time. I dive between her legs and kiss her inner thighs as I feel her tongue dart, locating my clit as a moan escapes my lips. My tongue responds, drawing a slow line from her pussy to her clit, circling and returning over and over again. I can feel her hands caress my cheeks, then slip between and slide toward, and inside of me. Two, hen three fingers invade me and curl back, searching for my spot… and finding it as she continues to lick and suck my clit. I want to scream in pleasure, but instead bury my face in her wetness, letting my tongue do to her what her fingers are doing to me. Lost in the feelings, we twist and turn, legs locked around each other, teasing, thrusting toward orgasms until she stiffens first and I feel her hands begin to jerk spasmodically, with a flood of warmth covering my face as she orgasms. The sensation is just what I need to go over the edge as well, clenching her hand inside me as I writhe and moan. Gasping, I reach for her hands and we spin back to face each other, kissing her as we look at each other, wondering at what jut happened, and happy to have begun another phase in what promises to be a beautiful friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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