Hidden Desire

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Age Difference

When Jack moved in to his new flat, he was not expecting to meet Sarah: the curvy brunette from next door. Arms full of boxes and her concentrating on her phone, neither saw the other coming! Lying flat on his back, with her on top of him was definitely a surprise. She, embarrassed, scrambled off him quickly and apologised before running out the lobby door. Jack seemed to have lost the ability to speak, and just grunted in reply. He couldn’t help but stare at her round bottom as she left, perfectly shaped by her yoga pants. He suddenly realised his mouth was open.

In his first few months of living there they’d met occasionally in the hall, exchanged pleasantries and once shared a lift. Each time they met he studied a new part of her, she was beautiful. Her body toned and curvy, the way her hair fell across her face, her legs shapely and her breasts. Oh her breasts, Jack had to admit he was definitely a breast man. He longed to kiss her luscious lips and pleasure her, and it was on a hot Saturday morning that he finally got his chance.

“arghh why won’t you work!” Sarah had been trying without fail to get the communal washer to start and had finally lost her patience. The machine had eaten her money, the door was jammed and her favourite bikini lost within it. Jack had watched with amusement, his sexy brunette wrestling with the machine. He’d offered Tekirdağ Escort to help but she told him she was fine and could handle it. He admired her independence and was also enjoying the view in those skimpy shorts.

“Will you stop smirking! Oh it’s too hot for this!”

“I thought you were a feminist?”

“Does it look like I don’t shave?” She said, hand on hip. Jack chuckled, she’s feisty and funny.

“Can you help me or not?” she said as a small smile crept across her face.

Jack toyed with the idea of playing hard to get, but he never was very good at playing chess and didn’t want to lose catching his queen.

“Sure, let me get my things”

Jack returned with his tool box and two cans of iced coffee. Sarah was impressed, and found herself studying his body as he worked. Jack, silently working, could feel her eyes on him and hoped his tight jeans were triggering her imagination.

“Got it! The mechanism was jammed, it’ll work now” the machine hummed into life. Sarah, who was reaching up for some softener, didn’t realise how close she was to him. Jack turned round and found himself face to face with the hottest woman on the planet. Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise. Not only were her lips just inches from his, but his bulge was now touching her pussy. Jack knowing this was a now or never moment, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan leant in. His eyes reading hers, he paused to study her face, enjoying building the sexual tension between them.

Sarah felt all time had stopped, his eyes: a deep blue, she tentatively placed her hand on his cheek. Her thumb tracing his jaw line, when he finally kissed her, his lips massaging hers so softly. She could taste his coffee on them as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Sarah could feel the want in him; flowing through his arms, in his kiss and it made her tingle.

“Iv wanted you so long, oh god baby!” Jack exclaimed and took a sharp intake of breathe as her hand brushed his cock.

“Do you like that?” Sarah teased as she cupped him through his jeans and massaged him. Jack could only nod. She could feel how hard he was she continued to kiss him, allowing her body to melt into his as he kissed her neck. Sarah stepped back, enjoying his cock jutting and tugged off her top revealing her young firm breasts. He wanted to reach out and touch them, play with them, suck them, kiss them. But sarah had pinned his wrists to the machine, and was slowly slipping down his legs.

She reached up, combing his abdomen and undid his jeans, finally releasing his man hood in all its hard and wanting glory. Without breaking Escort Tekirdağ eye contact, Sarah pulled back his foreskin and licked his tip, enjoying the taste of him. Fuck she’s so hot, Jack thought as he watched her lips massage his head, luscious, shiny and covered in his pre cum. Sarah gripped Jacks base, and massaged his balls. Pleased to feel them tight with desire for her. Licking his shaft and exploring his ridges, Jacks moans encouraged her to go further and she swallowed his swollen head in one. Swirling her tongue round, taking him inch by inch, sucking him firmly up and down the whole off him. She could see he was close, he’d stretched her corners wide and his cock pulsed on her tongue. Sarah ran her hands up his inner thighs and round his arse, gripping him and pulling him deep into her mouth. Her nose buried deep within his pubic hair, she inhaled deeply and allowed him to ride her mouth. Jack could feel her tongue swirling round his head and appreciated his pre cum foaming at the corners of her mouth. Sarah sucked harder, gripped his pert arse firmer; leaving marks. Enjoying him, she moaned and then he was gone. Bucking and cumming into her mouth, filling her as she milked every last drop of him onto her tongue. Coating it with his thick warm seed, it spilled out of her mouth as he continued to ride her. Dripping off her lips and onto her breasts, such a pretty picture and so so sexy.

Sarah stood up, dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and traced them across his lips.

“Next time baby, you will have me” and with that she left, leaving Jack breathless, his cock still out and wanting their next encounter already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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