Hide and Seek

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Mina’s husband Wulf was at least a half a foot over 6 foot tall and 220 lbs. Thick arms. Broad chest. Muscular. A man’s man if you will. As such he had an old fashioned desk, one made of a deep cherry wood, thick, heavy, quite sturdy and tall. Standing as high as his waist when he sat, it also had a very deep knee recess. Which gave Mina the naughtiest of ideas. It was the perfect hiding spot.

Wicked grin in place she slid carefully into the space backwards upon folded legs. She’d left him a trail to find her, all there was now, was to wait.

“What in the world is she up to…,” Wulf said to himself as he found yet another article of his wife’s clothing. Wondering what game she was about he collected each piece in his large hand as it led him from their bedroom to his office door.

Entering quietly, he softly closed the door following the trail straight to his high-backed desk chair in which lay a lacy, black thong. Judging by the handful of things he’d already acquired he guessed this to be the last of it. Sitting gaziantep escortları down in the leather swivel chair he immediately saw where his errant wife, Mina, had hidden herself. Wulfs arousal grew quickly as he realized the clothing he held was what she HAD been wearing. There under his desk was his Mina, wearing only an impish grin and her waist-length, dark auburn hair for cover.

“Just what are you doing down there you naughty little hellcat?” Wulf inquired as he adjusted his very noticeable erection.

Mina only giggled as she scooted forward just far enough to grasp his legs and pull him chair and all towards the opening she currently occupied. Stopping him as he came flush with the desk she began to fondle him through his trousers, continuing to stroke him as he grew harder and longer. Finally, he met full length and she opened his zipper, freeing him.

From his position Wulf could no longer see his wife only feel her actions. Very heady sensation to be fondled by an unseen hand.

Taking his thick flesh in her hand, she stroked upward. Using her thumb she spread around his cock’s head the pearly drops she’d caused to appear before coming up on her knees and taking him into her mouth. Her lips reached the base of his hard length just as a knock sounded upon his office door. Caught by her mouth, Wulf could do nothing more than respond to the knock with a rather strangled, “Yes?”

From where she hid Mina heard the soft voice of Natalie, the housekeeper, as she announced that Wulf had a visitor, his brother, Landon. Unable to turn him away without giving away Mina’s position he managed a choked, “Send him in”. Thankfully, hidden as she was anyone entering would be oblivious to her impudence and his “predicament”.

As Landon came in and sat down across the massive desk from him, his wife never once let up the grip her lips had upon him. Her tongue was playing havoc with his thinking ability, stroking slowly up and back down the length of his cock, yet he somehow maintained a semblance of coherency as his brother explained his presence. Wulf could feel the smile upon her lips as she chose that moment to suckle him hard and deep. The head of his cock bumped the back of her throat and swelled, causing him to clench his teeth tightly to keep from exploding right then and there with his brother sitting not 10 feet away completely unawares.

Testing his patience as well as his staying powering Landon prattled on for 10 minutes more before he rose, announcing his intention to leave.

Nodding at his departure but not rising Wulf breathed a loud sigh of relief as he pushed back from the desk his wife following naked upon her knees, her hot mouth still milking his cock.

“You little minx,” he growled.

Grabbing two fistfuls of Mina’s long, auburn hair Wulf plunged deep into her mouth his hips taking up a hard and fast rhythm. Before long he was exploding down her throat. Holding his grip on her hair he forced her to swallow every drop of the thick, hot streams of semen or risk choking on it. Finally letting go Wulf fell limply back into his seat as he watched his wife very daintily wipe her mouth and smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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