Hide the Vibe Game

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“It’s time to play a game, Tanesha,” I said to my weekend getaway friend. Two or three times a year Tenesha and I have a weekend together. She is a submissive friend who I’ve known for years, we used to live near each other but now we live over a thousand miles apart with completely separate lives; we will always be deep, special, loving friends and we enjoy these periodic sexual “benefits”. We had just returned from breakfast to the BnB and she was coming out of the master bathroom having freshened up (she knows the rule is to always be ready), wearing a nice little nipple exposing bustier and matching garters with sexy thigh high stockings and slutty high heels – all the naughty parts exposed – the perfect outfit for our game. “Grab a vibe, the paddle, and come kneel,” I say as I indicate the space in front of the bedroom chair I’m sitting in.

“Any particular vibrator, Sir?”

“Not one of the big ones. Medium sized.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She goes to the toy bag, I’m already getting blood flowing into my cock that slightly increases when she hinges purposefully at an enticing angle while she picks through the toys. She chooses a non-cock shaped vibrator, it’s V shaped for simultaneous moderate-to-shallow insertion and clit stimulation. She immediately walks and kneels at my feet, holding both the vibe and the paddle out in two hands as an offering. I know the vibe is fully charged because she is always efficient and pays attention to details.

I take the toys, offer my thumb to her lips, and she begins to suck it, “the rules are very simple. Look at me. You are going to go put your face in that corner, I am going to go hide this vibrator somewhere in this house, not too terribly hard to find, and then you are going to look for it. When you find it you are going to kneel right there and vibe yourself to orgasm, and then I’m going to fuck you. The kicker is, I’m going to be following you around motivating you,” I wave the paddle a little, “easy rules, yes?”

“Yes, Sir,” she says as she releases my thumb from her lips.

“Eyes down.” She complies. “Do you have any questions?”

“No, Sir, I understand.”

“Spread your knees farther,” as I reach between her legs. She is notably wet already. I smile, her lips purse a little knowing her need has been exposed. “Okay, in the corner. Go.” I give her a swat as she rises to her feet that incites her to a momentary prance.

I leave her there and go hide the vibrator under the cushions in the couch in the living room. The living room is down the hall past other bedrooms and a common bathroom. I walk back to her, paddle sticking out of my back pocket, press up behind her standing in the corner, let my left hand begin playing with her kuşadası escort tits and my right hand slide between her legs, my cock pressing against my pants pressing against her ass. She begins to writhe, her wetness covers my fingers. I pull my right hand out of her pussy, reach behind my back and pull the paddle out of my pocket, grab her by the hair with my left hand and let the paddle smack across her ass [X]. “Are you ready to go find your toy, sub? [X]”

“Yes, Sir.”

I let go of her hair, “Nice, I can hear the eager in your voice. Off you go now. [X]”

She begins to scurry as I stay behind her at close range. She goes into the hall and stops for a moment to decide if she wants to go left into the utility room or skip that. I apply the paddle. “Decisions [X]. Is it in there? [X] Is it above the dryer in a cabinet? [X]” She decides to go in and look, “look close [X], you don’t want to miss it. [X] It might be in the clothes [X] basket under the towels. [X]” The paddle is beginning to bring back the heat to her brown skin on her bubbly ass cheeks. She determines that the vibe is not in the utility room and heads back into the hall. I’m right on her ass.

I paddle her through the next door into the bathroom. “Is it below the sink? [X] Better look [X],” I tell her as she has to bend over to look, setting up a perfect target. I reach between her legs and tickle her pussy lips a little, just to let her know I can. I continue to spank her and taunt her as she looks in the tub and in the hamper. No vibrator in the bathroom.

She slips past me to leave the bathroom, taking a smack to her bottom with her, but then she makes a big mistake, she covers her ass with her hand. It was a natural reaction, the way anyone would, except not just anyone is a submissive that should know better. I snatch her up by her hair, “did you [X] just cover [X] your ass to me? [X]”

“I’m sorry, it was just a…”

“Do [X] I [X] sound [X] like I care [X] about your excuses? [X]” my paddle swinging freely as I speak. “Face that wall! [X] All the way! [X] Tits and hips touching the wall! [X] We need to have a little discussion. [X]” She presses her body completely against the bare wall I move her to, her arms angled down, her legs are spread past shoulder width. “You [X] don’t [X] ever, [X] ever, [X] ever, [X] try to block [X] my [X] paddle, are we clear?” She’s writhing, humping the wall.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Are [X] we [X] clear?! [X]” Her hips grind. Her pussy wants attention. My cock is trying to force its way through my fly.

“Yes, Sir, I’m sorry Sir!”

“Oh, [X] I know you are sorry. [X] You are a naughty, [X] slutty, [X] disobedient, [X] girl! We shouldn’t have to have kuşadası escort bayan this conversation, should we?”

“No, Sir!” She presses and presses her hips against the wall.

“Should [X] we?! [X]”

“Noooo, Sir!!”

I release her hair, slide my hands between the wall and her hips, and reach between her legs, her inner thighs are wet. I insert two fingers inside her pussy. “Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I pinch her clit, “do we [X] understand each other? [X]”

“Yes, Sir, we understand each other perfectly.”

“Good, your vibe is in the living room, go find it.” I send her off with another smack, her brown ass is glowing.

She moves quicker than she has yet; she is needy, and aching, and I can tell she wants release. I give her a little space as she goes to the love seat and desperately moves the pillows, then the cushions, but before she moves on I’m on her again with the paddle. “Ooh [X], you are so close. I bet you can already feel those vibrations.” She hurries over to the couch, throwing pillows on the floor, then lifting the cushions, and there is the prize. She quickly turns to me, drops to her knees, has a little bit of a falter turning on the vibrator, but once on she wastes no time applying it both inside and on her clit.

I walk up and stand in front of her, she looks up at me with complete submissiveness. In less than a minute she begins to beg, “please, please, pleeease, may I come? Please, please, please, please, please?!”

“You may come, sub,” I offer her my thumb which she eagerly sucks on like she is trying to suck the skin off. Her eyes roll back as she transforms into a writhing, whining expression of desire and release.

“Thank you,” she pushes out with my thumb still in her mouth, “thank you, Sir, thank you.” I remove my thumb and she puts her face to the floor, grabbing my ankles in supplication, hips still writhing. I give her a moment.

“Okay, sub, on the couch, face up, hands behind knees… and keep them wide.” She doesn’t move as fast as before, but she glides up onto the couch, her mid back curled up on the back of the couch, torso slid out as far as possible, hands grabbing her knees from the inside pushing out, legs wide. She knows how to present. I look her in the eyes as I insert my thumb into her pussy and begin stirring it around while the base of my index finger begins to press and rub her clit. Her hips begin to pulse. “That’s right, sub, show me how much you want it.”

“I want it, Sir. I want your cock. I want it badly. Please.” She continues to pulse her hips. Her ass is still glowing from the paddle.

I continue working my thumb as I slowly move my face to escort kuşadası her pussy, keeping my eyes fixed to hers. As I approach the goal, I remove my thumb, grab both ass cheeks, and begin to assault her pussy with my mouth. I alternate between sucking her clit, tongue fucking her pussy, and licking her ass. I take a few long, flat tongued licks from her ass all the way to her clit. And then I focus on her clit while inserting my thumb into her ass. For a moment she acts like she is going to close her legs, but I lift my head and give her a stern look. Her eyes emote a submissive plea for mercy as she pushes her legs apart and forces her pussy higher as an offering. I grant her request and begin assaulting her clit again. She immediately bucks into an orgasm and begins to try to squirm away, I grab her thighs to hold her in place and lick her through another, and then another as she grips the couch cushions.

Silently I raise up to my knees, pull her toward me so that her hips are hanging off the couch; she maintains her hands pushing her legs out. While keeping mostly constant eye-contact I unbuckle my belt and pull it all the way out and lay it on the floor, I undo my pants and push them to my knees, boxer briefs and all, releasing my engaged and engorged cock, I roll a condom on, and I start to tap it against her clit. She wiggles a little, but she stays presented. I reach down, grab the belt, put the buckle in my hand and wrap it around a few times, leaving about 8 inches of tongue.

“We understand each other, don’t we?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I slap the belt directly on her entire pussy and she gasps, “We understand each other, don’t we?” I ask again.

“Yes, Sir, we understand each other.”

I give her another full pussy slap with the belt and she writhes. “We understand each other, don’t we sub?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moans.

I thrust my cock inside of her and toss the belt to the floor. I grab her thighs and begin a fast in, slow out rhythm. As I feel myself get close to orgasm I pull out and slap my cock on her clit until the feeling passes. I can tell she’s on edge, I return my cock to deep inside her and hold for a moment. “Before I get to zero.” With each deliberate stroke I counted, “Ten… nine… eight… seven…”

At “five” she starts to convulse, gripping the couch cushions, trying to maintain a controlled writhing. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Again.” I say before she is able to catch her breath. I begin to piston in and out.

She tenses up almost immediately, “Thank you, Sir.”

I’m ready to release, “Again!” She moan/cries out her gratitude as a third straight orgasm is forced through her; my cock begins to spasm. I push all the way in and hold until I am finished.

For a moment there is nothing but breathing and staring into each other’s eyes, then both of us begin to chuckle a little. I breathlessly sing an old R&B song, “Games people play, night or day it’s just not magic.” She giggles and tells me those aren’t the right lyrics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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