High Concept Ch. 02

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“Flight Risk” became a $200 million hit in the United States, grossing roughly the same amount overseas, and First Fleet Pictures was anxious for a sequel. Michael Carter and Abby O’Donovan weren’t thrilled about the idea, however, and wanted to make a romantic comedy instead. They came across an unproduced script entitled “Linus, Lucy and Lisa,” about an interracial love triangle involving three powerful New York attorneys-the smooth, handsome Linus Jones, the perky, romantic Lucy Hamilton, and the sexy, ambitious Lisa Donahue.

Michael and Abby faced a couple of challenges: they were worried that audiences might not buy the comedy couple as Big Apple legal titans, and they couldn’t find a young actress willing to play Lisa, since none of Hollywood’s starlets wanted to play third fiddle to the leads.

A fateful trip to New York would solve the latter problem…

Abby came across a story about Martin Roberts and Miranda Kelly-Roberts in Legal Digest magazine. Abby thought it was serendipitous that she and Miranda were both successful Aussies who came to America and fell in love with gorgeous black men, and she arranged for both couples to meet in New York.

Over dinner at Saoirse’s, an expensive Irish restaurant in midtown Manhattan, Martin and Miranda told Michael and Abby about how they met and how they were able to keep their relationship strong. Miranda did most of the talking while Martin, still struggling with guilt from his one-night stand with Miranda’s cousin Claire Robyn Kelly, kept to himself.

The Aussie ladies were loud, animated, full of life. Michael joined in on the conversation at times, but for the most part he stared at Miranda, jealous that Martin got to go home every night to this smoking hot Aussie redhead. Abby’s hot too, he Ataşehir Olgun Escort thought, but Miranda is just that much hotter.

The conversation soon drifted to the casting problems Michael and Abby were running into with the role of Lisa. When Abby mentioned that they were looking for an up-and-coming sexy blonde actress to play the role, Miranda gave Martin a sharp elbow and said, “Hey, how about Claire?”

“Uh, no,” Martin groaned.

“Oh, you’ve got to meet her,” Miranda yelled, ignoring her husband. “She’s so beautiful and so talented. She’s a big fan of yours, too, Michael-she loves all the big black comedians.”

Michael laughed. “Well, I’d certainly love to meet her.”

“Yeah. Me too,” added Abby.

Miranda removed her cell phone from her purse and called her cousin, telling her that America’s king and queen of comedy were having dinner with her, and that they wanted to stop by to meet her. Claire squealed with disbelief and said she’d love to meet them.

After speaking to her cousin, Miranda asked Michael and Abby if they’d like to head over now. They said yes.

Martin said he wasn’t feeling well, and had to catch a cab home.

Claire gave Miranda a big hug before greeting Michael and Abby. The visitors made their way into Claire’s Brooklyn apartment, the one whose rent Martin and Miranda paid for.

They sat down at Claire’s kitchen table and talked about Claire’s experiences in the US, as well as the possibility of flying out to LA to discuss the potential role. Suddenly, the four were interrupted by a knock on the kitchen door.


“Colin, why are you up?” Claire asked.

“It’s too loud.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry…we’ve got to keep it down. He needs his sleep.”

As Ataşehir Sarışın Escort Claire walked over to her son, both Michael and Abby stared at her toned ass, her long curly blonde hair, her curvaceous body. Then they looked at Colin, and immediately glanced at each other. The young child had Martin’s face.

They both looked at Miranda, who nodded nervously.

A few minutes later, Claire, Miranda, Michael and Abby wrapped up their impromptu meeting, with the Hollywood superstars promising to be in touch. As they left, Michael thought of Claire’s luscious body, and what it would be like to get her pregnant with another half-black baby. Abby thought of what it would be like to lick a fellow Aussie’s sweet pussy, as she had done numerous times before she left for the states.

Claire flew out to LA two weeks later, leaving Colin in the care of Martin and Miranda. Little did she know that as she left Colin to play with his half-siblings Patrick and Kylie, she’d be in for a little playtime of her own.

Michael and Abby booked Claire to stay in the Gramercy Hotel and took her to the finest restaurants in LA. They had her read through the script and were quite impressed by her interpretation of the Lisa Donahue character. They convinced her that this role would make her the next Australian Hollywood superstar.

The night before Claire was scheduled to head back to New York, she shared a joint with Michael and Abby at their LA condo and spoke about her dreams for the future and the life she wanted for herself and her son. Suddenly, Michael put his hand on her shoulder.

“Claire,” he asked.


“Have you ever heard of this thing called the casting couch?”

Claire shuddered.

“Uh…do you Ataşehir Şişman Escort mean, sex for roles?”

“Well, that’s not really what it means…”


Abby then put her hand on Claire’s bare thigh.

“Well, think of it this way…when you get a role, there’s a certain way to, shall we say, celebrate. And you’re definitely going to get this role…”

Abby leaned in and kissed Claire on the mouth. Claire was stunned.

“Did you like that?” Abby whispered.

Claire smiled and nodded.

Michael then turned Claire’s face to his and kissed her.

“Did you like that?” he whispered.

“Yes…I liked that too,” Claire replied.

“Claire,” Michael whispered. “Both of us want to fuck you really bad…Now, it’s OK if you say no, and we’ll understand. You’re still getting this role. We think you’re great…but we’d give anything, anything to fuck you—”

“Yes, yes,” Claire responded. “I want to fuck you guys too.”

Quickly, all three removed their clothes and made their way to Michael and Abby’s bedroom. Michael and Abby covered Claire’s body with kisses, smelling her hair, nuzzling her neck, fondling her breasts, stroking her stomach, licking her inner thighs, playing with her toes. Michael and Abby took turns eating Claire’s pussy, causing her to cum repeatedly. The two stars shamelessly used their new protégé as a sexual plaything, whispering in her ear and telling her how beautiful she was as they fucked her. Claire loved having so much sexual attention focused on her, delighting in the fact that two of Hollywood’s biggest names couldn’t keep their tongues away from her mouth and pussy. As midnight crept closer, Michael lubed Claire’s virgin asshole and fucked her anally while Abby licked and kissed her erect nipples. Claire came so hard she almost passed out.

The three managed to sneak in another quick fuck before Claire had to leave to catch her flight the next morning. After Claire left, Michael and Abby decided to revise their script. Linus, they decided, would end up with Lucy and Lisa as co-girlfriends.

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