High Fever Mom – 2

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Brutal Dildo

[b]Now that I was back home from the service, I of course, remembered the pleasures of the mutual masturbation with my mother some four years before. I was wondering if she would want to pick up that intimacy again. No need to wonder since my aunt and cousin were once again temporarily living with my parents, so there was no chance for us to get together. Just as well, since I hardly did more than sleep at the house, busy working, dating and running with the guys.

I got out of the service in September and was married at the end of November. My wife and I visited my folks one night, only to find everyone gone, except my Mom. She told us she had been to the doctor for her age old problem of a prolapsed bladder. She had had this for years and two operations. She proceeded to tell us the doctor couldn’t operate again. I was getting a bit uncomfortable at this discussion in front of my new wife. Then she said the doc had advised her that the only thing to help her condition was intercourse. That motion would tend to strengthen those internal muscles. Now, I was getting very uncomfortable.

She went on to say that Dad had given up any intimacy many years before and she turned to me and said: “I was hopeing you could…….” I leaped to my feet and started yelling at her for even suggesting such a thing to me and in front of my wife. I didn’t let her get a word in. To tell you the truth, my mother was quite outspoken and I was deathly afraid she might say something like: “Well, we were intimate several years ago and this would only be one step more”. I grabbed my wife’s arm and we left the house in a hurry.

On the drive home, my wife pointed out that I was really rough on my Mom and even though she was startled by the request, she apparently thought she was being above board in her unusual request and that I should call her from work the next day and apologize and let her down easy.

When I talked to her, I tried to mention some alternatives, such as a dildo. She didn’t even know what that was, but when I tried to describe şişli escort what it was, she said she wouldn’t do that and besides the doc had mentioned that artifical means wouldn’t work as well as the real thing. She said Dad absolutely refused to do it and she certainly wasn’t going to find a man and not know his health, mental state and etc. Dad was the only man she had ever been with. She asked me because she could trust me, I was in good health, she knew I wasn’t unstable and etc.

I admit, as I talked to her, I became intrigued with the idea. One time, years ago, when we had been doing mutual masturbation, we were in such a position that as she jacked my cock, she was also rubbing it up against her cunt. I was never the aggressor, I just followed what she wanted, but this one time, when I felt her rubbing her cunt with my cock, I gave a gentle push to try to enter her, but she pulled back. Nothing was said, but her look was telling me no-no. Now here she is asking me to fuck her and I only have to say yes to make it happen. Well, I’m weak willed.

Friday nights, my Dad didn’t get home until after nine and my wife had to work until six at the bank. I got off at 4:30 and could be over to my Mom’s in ten minutes, so that’s what we arranged. I told her this could not be put in a diary, told to her closest friend nor even tell the dog!!

Friday arrived and I left work with great anticipation. Mom met me at the door in her robe, hair all fixed and makeup on. I kissed her on the cheek and she stopped me saying that was no kiss, especially considering the reason I was there. She gave me a big kiss on the mouth as she pressed her body to mine.

She had showered, so I jumped in for a quick shower and came out with a towel around me. We went in the bedroom and I sat on the bed. She wedged my legs apart and moved in closer to me. As she undid her robe and pulled each lapel to the outside of her beautiful tits, she said: “Remember the pleasures we used to have?”
I said I surely did as she bent over a bit from the waist to bring her nipples to my mouth. She admonished me that I couldn’t play favorites and had to suck the other one as well, which I happily did. Her tits were quite a bit larger than my wife’s, so I was really enjoying this when she said: ” Honey, I know you like my breasts, but my missus needs attention”. (My Mother was not worldly and didn’t use the earthy terms for tits, cunt, cock and etc., until sometime later when she kept hearing it from me and finally relented. Her cunt was “missus” and my cock was “mister”, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying every moment we were together.)

We finally layed down on the bed and renewed our pleasure at foreplay. She could have multiple orgasms and came very easily. I thought at first that it was the initial excitement, but over the years, she was always that way. When I got between her legs she asked me to go very slow, so I did. As my cock started in I would push gently, just an inch or so and then back out and then back in just a bit further….very slowly. She cried out a couple of times and I asked if it was hurting her and she said no, but her eyes were tearing up. She said later that it was so emotional for her. When I finally got all of the way in her and started a gentle motion, she came. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock. I held it as long as I could, eeven stopping now and then, but I finally came big time. After a few moments we agreed that was wonderful and both went into the bathroom, she to the toiloet and me to the sink. Since I had to wait for the hot water, she was done before I started, so she took over washing and rinsing my cock. She said: ” What does this remind you of?” Of course, she was referring to when she nursed me through my illness and had to wash my hard cock and balls each day and that’s how this whole thing got started.

She noticed we had a half hour left before I had to go, so she suggested we go again, so back to the bedroom and this time I lasted for the whole time. She asked me if it felt as good as when I was with my wife. She got all excited when I said it was better simply because my wife had not had children and her cunt was quite tight whereas Mom’s cunt was very soft and warm.

Well, every friday we had our fun and once in a while we would get other chances, such as when my wife would go to her Mom’s to give each other a perm. After about a year, I got a job out of state and had to move. Several years later, Mom and Dad moved down to be near us and Mom and I could once again get together fairly often. Then years later, my Dad passed on, so Mom moved into an assisted living facility. Now, she was in her mid 70’s, but she still wanted to fuck once in a while. Through the years, I introduced her to oral sex, which she knew nothing about and was at first horrified that anyone would do such a thing, but given her love of sex, she soon came to love it. She especially loved to watch me ejaculate and so sucking me off was one of her pleasures. In fact, in her last years, she sometimes didn’t like to get undressed and do the cleanup and all, so she would lay her lazyboy chair back to the right height and I would stand beside it and she could lay there relaxed while she sucked my cock.

Well, enough of the story. Strangely enough, as told in the first installment, this all started with my Mom when I was almost 17. I must have been living right, because this started when a similar arrangement ended with my sister-in-law……in my 16th year…..and with my brother’s blessing!!! If anyone is interested, I will write that up and call it “Wild Sister-in-law”. Those are the only two stories of incest that I have. I don’t like fiction, so I don’t make up stories, but I will pass on some stories I got from contacts in the swinging world.

Incest can be bad when it’s forced or threatend, but when it is mutually accepted and people are treated with courtesy and respect, and your certain it won’t creat a pregnancy, then I think it is pleasureable to the individuals involved.

……………………………………….. I KNOW IT WORKED FOR ME ……………………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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