High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 36

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As I dressed for my date with Staci I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach, even though she and I had shared several intense fuck sessions this was to be our first date since she’d agreed to continue seeing me. “Come on Allen, you’re forty-one, you shouldn’t have butterflies about a first date,” I thought to myself. I was fairly certain that since she had told me about a special outfit she’d bought for our date that was adding to my anticipation of taking her out. I’d chosen a gray pinstripe three-piece suit, a white shirt and a light gray striped neck tie hoping it compliment her dress for the evening.

I rang her doorbell a fashionable five minutes late and waited several minutes before she opened the door. I was floored by my first look at her outfit, it was a black leather mini dress with a high neckline, sleeveless and very form fitting. The mini dress ended at about mid-thigh. Around her waist, she wore a black leather belt with two large gold buckles. The neckline of this awesome dress was the same as the waistline giving her a choker style accent around her neck. A third belt connected the belt around her waist with the belt around her neckline, running vertically up her chest. It also featured a gold chain that ran around her neck. She’d decided to pull her hair tightly against her head and into a bun at the back. Her wrist was adorned with several gold bracelets and every finger featured a gold ring as well as gold stud earrings.

She smiled widely at me and invited me in saying, “Sorry it took me so long to answer the door I was tying my heels when you rang the bell.”

For the first time, I let my eyes drop along her sleek slender legs to look at her shoes, a pair of black stilettos that laced up above her ankles in an open toe design.

I smiled and said, “It was well worth the wait.”

Her makeup as always fit the outfit, dark eyeshadow, extended eyelashes and a lovely pale lip gloss.

“I hope you’re as excited as I am about tonight,” Staci said as she turned and walked away from the door.

I didn’t reply immediately because I was enjoying the snug fit of her dress over her sexy ass. “I am very much looking forward to spending the night with you.” I finally replied.

My use of the word night apparently didn’t go un-noticed because when she turned around to again face me Staci was smiling widely and to my complete enjoyment her tiny erect nipples appeared as just a hint through the leather dress.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked.

She picked up her small black leather purse which of course had a gold chain to hold onto and said, “I’m more than ready.”

I reached for her hand and escorted her to the elevator then into the parking lot to my car. After opening the passenger door, I stepped back to watch as she slid into the seat, her dress rode up exposing even more of her shapely legs.

As I exited the lot Staci asked, “So you haven’t told me if you like my outfit.”

“It’s incredible, I’ve never seen you look sexier, and to be completely honest I can hardly wait to get my fingers on all those belt buckles,” I answered.

She giggled, then said, “But this is our first date, what makes you think I’ll let you undo my belts?”

“Wishful thinking?” I replied.

She laughed again, then said, “Well if you do, you’ll be happy to know there’s nothing under this dress.”

In her own way, Staci was letting me know that she was braless and apparently hadn’t bothered with a thong.

It didn’t take long for us to arrive at the gallery where the art show was being held, and after finding a parking space I went around to the passenger door to assist her getting out. She swiveled in the seat and let her legs slide apart giving me a very nice view of her naked pussy, confirming at least that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She smiled at me and said, “I hope you enjoyed the preview.” Taking her hand in mine, I escorted her to the entrance while saying, “You’re such a tease, I’ll probably have a hard-on while we’re here just thinking about tasting that sweet pussy and more.”

The other attendees were all dressed in avant-garde attire, many of which looked like they were from another planet. I’d never seen such exotic clothing and styles of make-up which appeared to be applied by professional make-up artists.

I commented, “Looks like the art show is not only on the walls but walking around the gallery.”

“It’s a lifestyle for most of these people,” Staci replied.

I kinda felt a little out of place with my conservative gray pinstripe, three-piece suit.

As Staci and I began making our way through the gallery I got the impression that this style of art could be something a five-year-old would create, but I didn’t mention that to her. I actually enjoyed looking at the others in attendance more than the paintings displayed on the walls.

Staci and I were viewing one painting when I heard a voice from behind called “Allen”.

I turned around to find Stephanie Peters headed in our wednesday izle direction.

I instantly got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, worried about what this chance encounter with another of my sex partners would bring about.

As she approached I acknowledged her, “Stephanie, how are you?”

She smiled widely and opened her arms and wrapped them around me, giving me an unusually tight hug, crushing her big tits into my chest. Stephanie gave me a quick kiss on the mouth, then whispered in my ear, “I need to feel your big, hard cock inside me again and this time I want you to spend the night.”

Staci stood beside us smiling at the tall, older woman who’d warmly greeted me. Stephanie was dressed in a form-fitting, light blue knit sweater dress that highlighted her enhanced 36DD tits, while completely hiding her sensual deep cleavage, it fit snuggly over her wide hips. The hemline was right at her knees, and below she wore black stockings and as usual a pair of matching leather stilettoes.

Once I’d extricated myself from her hug, I looked at Staci and said, “Staci Van Holden I’d like you to meet Stephanie Peters.”

Staci extended her delicate hand and Stephanie took it in hers, both women smiling politely at one another.

Staci was the first to speak, “I think Ms. Peters helped me when I leased my apartment.”

Her use of the name Ms. Peters was the first salvo in what would become an undeclared war of words between the two.

“I do seem to recall you, Staci, I believe I thought at the time you were far too young to be leasing such an exclusive unit. Was it your first since moving out of your parents’ house?” Stephanie shot back.

Staci wasted no time in replying. “Actually, it was, but since I had just started my own company I felt the unit was quite appropriate.”

Stephanie turned her attention to me asking, “Allen, aren’t you kind of robbing the cradle tonight?”

I didn’t reply since Staci took the opportunity to get in another dig saying, “I happen to like older men, and apparently you have a thing for younger men.”

I couldn’t tell how Staci had already figured out that I’ve been fucking Stephanie. Perhaps it was from the way she’d greeted me, the kiss on the lips and whispering in my ear, either way, both women apparently assumed that I’ve been fucking the other.

Stephanie addressed me again, “I had no idea you had a thing for such dainty ladies, Allen.” She shifted her weight from hip to hip and arched her back a little showing off her awesome tits.

Staci replied, “That’s strange, I didn’t know Allen enjoys full figured, mature women.”

I finally put an end to their banter saying, “Ladies please, let’s not let this conversation get out of hand.”

Staci smiled and slipped her hand under my suit jacket wrapping her arm around my waist letting Stephanie know that at least for tonight she’d be the one enjoying herself with me.

Stephanie seemed to acknowledge that fact and said, “We must get together again soon Allen, I’ve been practicing my technique.” An obvious reference to her wanting to become a better deep throat cocksucker.

“I’ll be sure to call you Stephanie.” I finally said confirming that she and I have fucked in the past.

As she turned to leave us she said, “I look forward to it.”

Staci watched Stephanie carefully as she walked away, studying how she moved her hips and carefully placed one foot in front of the other as she stepped.

“That’s one confident mature babe, she’s old enough to be my mother,” Staci said as she turned her attention back to me.

“Yes, she’s very charming,” I answered hoping our conversation wouldn’t continue about Stephanie.

Apparently, Staci wanted to know more about the mature leasing agent that had greeted me so fondly and asked, “What did she whisper in your ear?”

I certainly couldn’t tell her that Stephanie wanted me to fuck her again so I lied and said, “She told me that she didn’t know I was interested in art and that I was a lucky man to be in the company of a very, attractive young woman.”

I could see by the expression on Staci’s face that she wasn’t completely buying my response. However, Staci continued to be inquisitive about her and asked, “She mentioned that she’s been practicing a technique, what’s that all about?”

I didn’t expect her to ask me about it. “It’s really no big deal,” I replied.

She smiled at me, then said, “Seems to me that she wouldn’t need to practice given her age, but if she mentioned it, it must be a big deal.”

It was crystal clear that Staci wasn’t going to let this go so I told her, “Stephanie has a problem with her gag reflex.”

She smiled and moved closer to me, “So she can’t deep throat a big, hard cock like yours?”

“Not yet,” I answered.

Staci turned her head so her lips were right by my ear then whispered, “Like later tonight when I swallow every rock-hard inch of your throbbing cock?”

I weekend family izle turned my face toward her and replied, “Exactly, but what about that first date thing you mentioned earlier?”

She grinned and answered, “Guess I’m doing a little wishful thinking too.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips confirming our wishes would come true later. Taking her hand in mine we continued through the gallery stopping to admire and discuss each work we viewed. The crowd began to thin some and I occasionally spotted Stephanie chatting with a few of the remaining attendees. Apparently, Staci was also paying attention to her because at one point when she knew Stephanie would see she moved closer to me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. As her tongue darted toward me she moved one hand to my crotch and slowly stroked my soft cock through my slacks.

After breaking our kiss and removing her hand from my cock I asked, “What brought that one?”

Staci grinned and turned her head toward where Stephanie was watching, “I’m just showing off a little for the old MILF.”

Stephanie smiled when I looked in her direction, a reaction that would have been totally different if she knew Staci had just referred to her as an old MILF.

I thought it best that we get out of there to avoid a second round of verbal barbs between the two of them. “Are you getting hungry?” I asked as I again took Staci’s hand in mine.

“Actually, I am feeling a bit peckish,” Staci replied.

“Great, I know a little mom and pop diner not far from here that we can grab a bite to eat,” I suggested.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of Archie’s Diner, a 1950s style streetcar diner that could fit well into a Norman Rockwell painting. Time and weather have taken a toll on Archie’s. The original gleaming exterior stainless-steel siding is now dull and faded, and the blue neon lights below the roof line flicker from wear as does the letter H in the roof mounted sign. It’s seen better days but I knew from experience the food was very delicious.

Like every diner from the era, a long counter with round, metal stools topped with leather in front that ran from side to side, with only a walkway to the restrooms at one end. Opposite the counter, there was a single row of booths for anyone inclined to sit facing their companion. The interior of Archie’s, while still looking like it did when they opened, was impeccably clean. The only disappointment was that every jukebox control along the counter and at each booth had a small handwritten sign that said: “Out of Order”.

I began directing Staci to the booths, but she stopped me and said, “Let’s sit at the counter.”

We slid up onto the stools about halfway toward the restrooms. “This place is so unique,” Staci commented as she crossed her legs and reached for a menu that was held between the old-style record player cabinet and a heavy sugar dispenser.

As she began reading over Archie’s offerings, a full-figured middle age woman wearing a pink, blouse and a black knee length skirt approached carrying two glasses of ice water. “Welcome to Archie’s, my name is Susie and I’ll be your waitress,” she said as she set the glasses in front of us.

I smiled at her and replied, “Thanks Susie, can you give us a couple minutes.”

“Not a problem,” she replied, a warm, friendly smile coming to her lips.

I was caught by the way her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled, and as she turned to walk away I watched how her hips moved and her flowing auburn hair bounced with each step she took.

“Anything look good?” I asked Staci once I’d finished eyeing up our waitress.

She turned a little toward me and asked, “I wonder if their meatloaf is homemade?”

“I’d be willing to bet it is,” I answered.

Staci kind of waved at the waitress who walked back toward us. I paid more attention to her as she approached noticing how her cleavage was exposed at the opening of her blouse. Apparently, she had undone a few buttons on her blouse after she left us.

“Susie, Is the meatloaf homemade?” Staci asked.

“Fresh every day,” she answered, smiling at my date.

“Great, I’ll have that with mash potatoes and gravy,” Staci said.

“That comes with a side of vegetables,” the Susie said.

“Do you have green beans?” Staci asked.

“Sure do,” Susie answered.

While Staci and Susie were talking, I continued my assessment of her full-figured body. Even though she appeared to be in her early fifties and clearly had given birth to at least one child I decided she was more than fuckable. As she turned her attention to me, I got the feeling that she wanted to relay a message that she would be very receptive to my advances in the future as she stared me down with those sparkling blue eyes.

“What would you like Hun?” Susie asked.

“I’ll have the same but instead of beans I’d like succotash, oh and hold the gravy,” I answered.

Staci welcome to chippendales izle asked, “Can I get an unsweetened ice tea?”

“I’ll have the same,” I added.

“Great, I’ll place your orders and be right back with the drinks,” Susie said.

I didn’t watch her walk away, instead turning my attention to the sexy young thing beside me.

“She was flirting with you Allen. Did you watch the way her hips moved when she walked away?” Staci remarked.

I laughed and lied, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Staci moved one hand to my thigh as she spoke, “You didn’t notice that when she came back to take our order she’d unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse?”

“Nope,” I answered lying a second time.

Her hand moved along the top of my thigh as she said, “You seem to attract an awful lot of older babes.”

Staci’s hand had reached a point where if she slid it inward she’d be caressing my cock. I turned a little toward her and said, “I’m most interested in the sexy young babe who’s about to touch my cock.”

I dropped my hand to hers and was about to guide her delicate, young fingers to my growing erection when our waitress returned with our drinks.

“Here ya are,” Susie said as she placed our ice tea in front of us.

“Thank you so much,” Staci replied as she moved her hand to my cock and began caressing it slowly.

Her touch caused me to jump a little in my seat. “You okay Hun,” Susie asked.

“Just fine,” I replied trying not to let on that Staci had her hand sliding on my hardening cock.

As she walked away, Staci remarked, “I bet you’d love to bend her over and hammer that hard from behind.”

I replied, “Why would you suggest that? Would you like to watch me fuck her?”

Staci smiled and said: “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Her fingers moved to the zipper of my pants and in short order, her hand was sliding along my silk covered cock. “I just love silk boxers on a sexy man,” Staci commented.

I didn’t need to reply, I just leaned back a little to give her fingers full access to my hard cock. What I didn’t realize was that from our side of the counter anyone who was interested could easily tell Staci was in the throws of giving me a gentle hand job. At the time no other customers were in the place, but our waitress did walk from behind and noticed what had made me jump earlier.

Our meals arrived and Staci excused herself saying, “I’d need to use the restroom,” then walked to the end of the counter and down the hallway. As she entered the hallway I zipped up my pants.

No sooner had Staci disappeared into the ladies’ room when our waitress returned. Susie leaned against the counter and with a big smile said, “I get off at ten, why don’t you give that cute little lassie the boot and I’ll give you the ride of your life.” She squeezed her shoulders in some to show off the healthy, deep cleavage between her tits.

“I couldn’t do that Susie, but maybe I’ll stop back sometime to take you up on your offer,” I answered figuring that if she was willing I’d be happy to take her up on it.

Susie smiled and with her blue eyes sparkling said, “I work nights all the time, and by the way, I love having a big, hard cock sliding between these all-natural beauties.” Her hands pulled her blouse open farther giving me a sexy view of a lot more of her tits and the large brown areolas surrounding her nipples. The sexy view continued until Susie heard the sound of Staci’s heels as she returned from the restroom. She straightened up and as she was closing her blouse, she said in a very low voice, almost a whisper, “I hope you enjoyed the show and remember what I said. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed,” then she started to walk away. I started eating my meal and waited to see if Staci saw any of what just happened.

“How’s the meatloaf?” She asked as she slid back onto her stool.

“Pretty good,” I answered.

Fortunately, Staci was apparently hungrier than she led me to believe, she finished her meal in record time and after taking a huge gulp of her unsweetened ice tea, leaned back and said, “Hurry up Allen, I’m so looking forward to dessert.”

I finished up and motioned for Susie to bring our check.

“Not having dessert?” She asked.

Staci in a moment of weakness said, “He’s my dessert.”

Susie smiled and placed our check upside down on the counter on the back she’d written: “Thanks Much, Susie.” She had dotted her “I” with a tiny heart.

I held Staci’s hand as she slipped off the stool and together we walked to the cash register. At this late hour, Susie also served as the cashier so I had to be careful not to make any verbal mistakes that could affect Staci’s demeanor later.

I smiled at Susie and handed her my credit card which she ran without even glancing at the name. I added an appropriate tip and scribbled my signature so she wouldn’t be able to read it then said, “Thanks very much.”

She answered quickly, “My pleasure.”

Once outside Staci turned to me and said, “Maybe we should wait around till Susie gets off and have her join us, I’d love to watch you fuck her.”

I thought about that possibility for a moment but instead, I just said, “I want to concentrate on us tonight, after all, it is our first date.”

“Good answer,” Staci replied.

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