High School Harem Pt. 01

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I’ve seen plenty of anime, manga, light novels, etc where the main character is the only guy in an all girls school and perverted antics ensue, those are what inspired me to write my own. This is a fictional story, due to the subject matter it’s obviously rather unrealistic, I don’t plan on having any of the magic/supernatural stuff that a lot those anime and such have, but still a guy in an all girls school is pretty unrealistic on its own. It takes place in a 100% fictional school. A common trend among those anime/manga is the main character having a harem, and as you may have judged from the title this story will certainly contain those elements.

A fair warning, parts of this story may drag at points, it’ll take a bit to get to the sexy time. That’s just the way I like to do things, I like to have a lot of set-up. But I assure you, when the action does finally start, it really pops off. I’d like to do multiple parts to this story, given the feedback is decent of course. So please by all means, give me your feedback. And if you’ve got any suggestions and ideas or tips, then let me hear them.

As always, please forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I never claimed to be a great writer, but I certainly try my best.

All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


Hello, my name is Alan and through some strange twist of fate at age 18 I ended up the only boy in an all girls school for my senior year. Now I understand, to most guys the idea of being surrounded by hot girls every day sounds like a dream come true, but being a teenage boy I was basically a walking hard on, which was like torture. How did I end up in this place? Well, long story short I got into some trouble and was kicked out of my old school and my mother who was the headmistress at Redwood Academy for Girls pulled some strings and exceptions were made, so I got transferred here. It’s a little hard to explain and I don’t know all the details myself.

Now growing up in a family with only my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my 2 female cousins, I was used to being around women. My father had split when I was young and my aunt’s husband had split too, which I’m quite sure left them feeling a bit jaded towards men. But despite their feelings toward men, they always treated me very well, so I never felt unloved or anything. Well that was until I became a teenager and started getting into trouble. Then I suppose the recent trouble with my school was the last straw and despite my mother going out on a limb to get me transferred to Redwood she seemed to act rather cold towards me, and I got a similar treatment from the rest of the family.

My first day in the new school I was introduced by the teachers in all my classes and let’s just say the reception was a little less than warm. Some girls looked at me curiously, clearly fascinated by the situation. But most of the girls met me with cold stares, quite obviously not happy about me, a guy being allowed in their school. And honestly, who could blame them? I didn’t even try to make an effort to fit in, hell I didn’t even wear the school uniform right. The uniform which consisted of a burgundy blazer with school seal sewn onto the breast, a white button down formal shirt, a tie, dark navy blue slacks, and brown leather dress shoes. The proper way to wear the uniform was the blazer closed with the three buttons going down the bottom half, white dress shirt tucked in and buttoned all the way up, and the tie done in your typical Windsor knot. (Being a male, the tie part only applied to me, the females had ties too but not the same as a men’s tie. And the girls had skirts rather than slacks.) Anyways, I having always hated dressing up walked into that school with the blazer unbuttoned and open, the white shirt only half-way tucked in with the top few buttons undone and the tie was half-assed at best. Not to mention my unkempt medium length brown hair and the unshaven stubble on my face. From the second I stepped foot on that campus most everyone looked at me like some kind of delinquent. And by the time I was being introduced in my classes, word had already gotten around that the new male student was a delinquent and somehow they even got the idea that I’m some kind of pervert. I’ll concede the delinquent part, but a pervert? That frustrated me.

When the first day of classes ended, I walked alone to the student dorms. I was supposed to be meeting with the RA concerning my living situation on campus. The campus was huge, countless classrooms and other facilities, three separate dorms each with their own cafeterias and rec rooms. It’s really a miracle I didn’t get lost. I got to the dorms and found the RA in her office. I noticed immediately that she was an attractive woman, she looked to be maybe in her late 20s to early 30s.

“Alan Reynolds?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Right. Well hello I’m Danielle, I’m the resident assistant of these dorms. Go ahead and take a seat.” she said, gesturing to a chair sitting in front of her desk.

I took a seat while she turned her attention back to the computer Malatya Escort sitting on her desk.

“I’ll assign you a room here in a bit, but first I need to go over the rules with you. As you can imagine the situation is a bit unprecedented.” she said turning her attention to me.

I just nodded my head.

“First off, we don’t have any men’s facilities in the dorms. So we’ve had to make some new rules for the bathrooms and showers. I’ve made up a schedule for when you can use the showers when nobody else is using them. As for the restrooms, since that obviously can’t be scheduled, you’ll have to use one of the restrooms on the main campus.” she said, handing me a piece of paper with a list of times that I can use the showers.

“That’s fine.” I said, but thinking differently. Wonderful, I thought, this is basically like a fucking prison, scheduled showers? Fuck.

I mean, I understood the reasoning, but it still bothered me none the less.

“Good” she said, with a smile. “If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to your room.” she added while standing up from her desk.

I followed her out of her office and walked with her as she continued telling me about the dorm, the cafeteria, rec room, etc. She showed me to my room at the end of the hall.

“For obvious reasons, you’ll be given your own room. All students are expected to be in their rooms with lights out at 10pm. If you need anything, just ask, you know where my office is.” she said handing me the room key before walking away.

I entered my room and took a look around, there were 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks, and a pretty sizable closet that was clearly built for 2. Looking around at all the extra furnishings really hammered home how lonely my life would be at this school. Then again, I suppose having my own room was better than having to share like all the other students. I set my book bag down next to the desk and took a seat on the bed, luckily the bed was at least plenty comfortable, but I would need to get sheets, pillows, and blankets. However all of my stuff was out in mom’s car, so I would have to go see her before the day was over.

I got up and left my room, shutting the door and locking it behind me. I walked through the hall of the dorm, ignoring the stares from the girls. I made my way out of the dorm and onto the main campus, I was headed to the headmistress’s office, my mom’s office. When I got to the building where her office was located I walked in and found mom’s office, the door was open so I didn’t bother knocking or talking to her secretary.

“Mom.” I said, to get her attention as she was busy working at her desk.

“I have a secretary for a reason, you know.” she said, not even looking up from her work.

She’s been rather cold and distant like this ever since the trouble with my old school, so this was no surprise.

“I hardly think I need to ask a secretary to speak to my mother.” I countered.

“Very well, what do you need? I’m busy.” she responded.

“I need to get my stuff out of your car.” I said.

Mom then reached down to her purse on the floor beside her and grabbed her keys from one of the pockets. And she finally looked up from her work at me when she handed me the keys.

“Fix your uniform, Alan. And please get a haircut and shave. Try to make yourself presentable.” she said before turning her attention back to her work.

I didn’t say anything further, I just stuffed the keys in my pocket and walked out of her office. Strangely enough it felt good that she acknowledged my improper wear of the uniform, it seems to have been the most attention she’s paid to me in a long while. I walked out to the parking lot where mom’s car was parked. I had a couple of boxes and bags, too much to carry all the way to the dorms, so I just drove the car over to the dorms and parked outside. I then got out and grabbed my two large duffel bags from the backseat and began carrying them to my room. I made note of the audience of girls watching me as I carried my bags. I dropped my bags off in my room, then made my way back out to the car. I popped the truck and as I looked in the trunk to get my remaining boxes, I heard a female voice from behind me.

“Hey, you’re the new male student, right? Alan’s your name?” the female voice asked.

“huh? Oh yeah.” I said, turning around slightly startled.

The voice had come from a pretty attractive brunette with green eyes. I couldn’t tell much else about her due to the restrictive school uniform, but she had a light tan and stood about 5’6. I remembered her from one of my classes, she’s one of the few girls who didn’t look at me with disgust. I also quickly noticed the number of girls outside the dorm who were giving me the stink eye as this girl spoke to me. And she must’ve noticed too.

“Oh don’t worry about any of them, most of them are just uppity bitches who are just jealous that their boyfriends aren’t allowed on campus and you were.” she said, looking around at the other girls.

Wow, I thought, this girl just calls it how she sees Malatya Escort Bayan it. It was a breath of fresh air to be sure.

“Anyways, you need some help carrying those boxes? Oh I’m Molly, by the way. Nice to meet you.” she said with a smile and a cute giggle, reaching out her hand for a handshake.

“Uh yeah, nice to meet you, I’m Alan.” I said, taking her petite hand in mine and shaking it.

“Yeah, I know. Everyone knows your name.” she said with a another cute giggle.

“Oh, right.” I said, with a nervous smile as I scratched the back of my head.

“You want some help? I can carry one of those for ya.” she said, easing the nervous tension with a smile.

“Oh umm yeah. Thanks.” I said, handing her the lighter of the two boxes.

“No problem.” she said, as we began walking with the boxes to my room.

Once we got to my room with the boxes I set them on the floor in my room, while Molly waited in the hall.

“Thanks for the help.” I said, meeting her back out in the hall.

“It was no problem. And it was nice meeting you, come talk to me sometime. I’ll be eating dinner in the cafeteria around 7 if you wanted to come sit with me.” she said with that same cute smile from before.

“Uhh yeah, I may do that.” I said.

With that she walked away. Meanwhile I headed back out to mom’s car, so I could return it to her parking space. I drove the car back across campus as I thought about the girl. She was nice, and quite pretty. I would for sure take her up on her offer to eat with her, after all I was getting pretty hungry. I parked mom’s car back in her spot and then brought her keys back to her, I didn’t bother to say anything to her, nor her to me, I just dropped the keys off and continued on my way to the dorms.

Back in my room I checked the time, it was only about 6. That Molly girl had said she would be getting dinner around 7, so I had an hour to kill. I decided to go ahead and unpack my things, my casual clothes I put in the dresser, and I had a few spare uniforms that I hung in the closet. I unpacked my computer from one of the boxes and set it up on the desk. In the other box was some sheets, a blanket, and a couple of pillows, I made up my bed and by the time I’d finished unpacking it was nearly 7.

I left my room and headed to the cafeteria. I grabbed a plate of food and looked for a place to sit, I quickly noticed Molly, she was sitting by herself. So I walked over and sat across from her.

“Hey, I was wondering if you were coming.” she said, greeting me.

“Yeah I got hungry.” I said, as I began to eat.

“Did you get everything unpacked okay?” she asked, looking up from her own food.

“Yeah.” I said.

We continued our small talk like that for a little while, she asked how I ended up in this school. I didn’t tell her the whole truth, only that I had gotten in trouble at my last school and they gave me the boot. I could tell she was still curious and wanted the whole story, but she didn’t press thankfully. As we continued talking, 3 girls walked up to the table, I prepared myself to be insulted by them, but no insults came.

“Hey Molly!” the 3 girls said in unison.

“Hey guys, have a seat.” Molly replied.

I deduced that they were friends of Molly.

“So who’s the guy?” one girl asked Molly.

“This is the new student, Alan.” Molly replied.

“Oh, so this is the male student I’ve been hearing about all day. Well, I’m Katie.” the same girl responded.

“And I’m Amanda.” one of the others chimed in.

“I’m Erin.” the last one added.

They all had friendly smiles as they introduced themselves.

“Oh. Well, as Molly said, I’m Alan. It’s nice to meet all of you.” I said, returning their friendly smiles.

“We’re all on the volleyball team together.” Molly said.

“Oh cool, I didn’t even know this place has a volleyball team.” I said.

“Well, you probably don’t know much about this place, do ya?” Katie said, with a giggle.

“I know, look at the way he wears the uniform.” Amanda chimed in with a laugh, pointing at my disheveled appearance, the other girls let out a laugh as well.

“Ah well, you know, just thought I’d make a fashion statement.” I said, try my hand at some humor and all 5 of us began laughing.

We all sat there talking and laughing for a few minutes when I decided to check the time. It was nearly 8:30, which was one of my scheduled shower times.

“Well ladies, I do hate to cut this short but I gotta get going. I’ll talk to y’all some other time.” I said, before getting up.

The girls all said goodbye, then I left. I quickly went back to my room, grabbed a towel, a change of clothes, along with a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, and bodywash then went to the showers. The showers were empty as expected, Danielle, the RA, had already gone over this schedule with all the girls living in the dorm. I set my towel and clothes on the counter and put my shampoo, bodywash, etc in one of the shower stalls, I then quickly removed my clothing Escort Malatya and got in the shower. It felt good standing under the relaxing cascade of hot water after such a long and stressful day. But as I had only been allotted 15 minutes in the shower, I couldn’t relax too much. So I brushed my teeth quickly then washed my hair and body afterward. I then got out of the shower and began drying off. I put on a clean pair of boxers and athletic shorts I’d brought with me. I didn’t think to grab a shirt to take to the bathroom, besides the shower was just down the hall from me, so being shirtless for a few seconds wouldn’t hurt. I grabbed my dirty clothes, towel, and hygiene products and left the showers.

As I walked out into the hall, I noticed almost immediately that there were several girls out in the hall and they were staring at me, well my shirtless torso to be more precise. Now look, I’m not a muscle-bound meathead by any means, but I did have some decent muscles and noticeable abs from working out and stood at about 6’0. Plus, coming from a family of naturally attractive people, I was at least reasonably handsome myself, or so I’ve been told. I was just glad the girls weren’t staring at me in disgust for once, so I didn’t mind the attention as I walked back to my room.

Back in my room I put my dirty clothes in my laundry bag, then sat at my desk and turned on my computer. Luckily the dorms all had wifi so I was able to connect to the internet. I decided to check my Facebook to see what my old friends were up to, I saw that I had received friend requests from Molly, Katie, Amanda, and Erin, I accepted the friend requests then signed out of Facebook. I then turned on some music and went over to my bed to lay down.

I laid in bed listening to music and I thought about the day’s events. At first I dreaded having to go this school, but the first day wasn’t actually so bad, I did at least manage to meet a few intriguing girls. What an attractive group of girls, I thought. They were all seniors, like me, except they were actually supposed to be in this school, unlike me. Katie had dirty blonde hair that stopped just below her jawline and hazel eyes, she was certainly shorter and more petite than the other girls, standing about 5’0, but had the more outgoing personality. Amanda had shoulder length flaxen blonde hair and light blue eyes, she had without a doubt the more curvy body type, her ample bust was noticeable even under that restrictive school uniform, and she’s about 5’5. Erin had long dark almost black hair and brown eyes, I’d say she was the most average of the group, she stood about 5’3 and while the other girls all had light tans of varying tones, Erin’s skin was a bit paler, not ghost white or anything but not tan either. Don’t get me wrong, Erin was plenty attractive too, she just didn’t stick out like the other girls did. Plus, she seemed to have a more reserved personality.

Being a teenage boy with raging hormones, I immediately began to think about whether I had a shot with any of these girls. But then I remembered how I ended up in this school and realized I should just suppress my own urges and forget about it, lest I get kicked out of this school as well. You see, that trouble I got into at my old school, it was those very same hormones, those damned accursed hormones that led me astray. Long story short, I got caught having sex with a female student in the girl’s bathroom. Then as if that alone wasn’t bad enough, the girl’s parents tried to say I forced her to have sex with me and threatened to get the law involved. In the end they got a restraining order against me, I was banned from ever setting foot on the school’s property, and I was forced to leave the county completely. No one believed for a second that I was innocent and the girl’s parents had pressured her to keep quiet, all of my friends stopped talking to me and even my own family began ignoring me. The whole matter got sweeped under the rug, but the damage was done. My mother, left with no options pulled some strings to get me into Redwood Academy for Girls, and trust me I see the irony in that, considering my supposed crime. I just want to set the record straight, I have never nor would I ever pressure a girl into sex.

Needless to say, the whole incident had a lasting effect on me. I couldn’t so much as look at a girl without getting nervous now. I guess subconsciously the only thing I could think about was what all could go wrong, that history would repeat itself and I would end up in the exact same kind of situation that got me here in the first place. So I resolved to keep my hormone in check. I should just focus on my education, I told myself, and getting my family to forgive me. The latter would be much easier said than done. I still remember what my mother said to me after the incident, she looked at me with cold eyes and said: “I guess you’re no different than any other man. I’m so disappointed in you.” Her words cut me like a knife, and after a while I stopped trying to plead my innocence to her. I was depressed most of the time, constantly questioning why the girl wouldn’t just come clean, wondering why her parents had such an axe to grind, after all it was just a couple of horny teenagers doing what horny teenagers do. But most of all what bothered me was that my own family had never even stopped to hear my side of the story.

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