High School Romance Ch. 03

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Big Clit

Brady was nervous the next day at school. Time passed by slowly, but he knew he only had to make it a few more days. This week would be a four day weekend and there would be no football game. He would have some time to think of a solution.

Brady gave up the football position that morning. The coaches pressured him, demanding to know why, but Brady didn’t tell them. Paul didn’t say a word about it, but Brady was sure that he knew by now that Brady had held up his end of the deal.

On the last day of school that week, Brady waited for Ezra by the band room. He hadn’t told him about Paul and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to. He decided to wait for a while. There wasn’t really a problem at the moment after all.

The school was empty and the young couple went to their vehicles. Out of habit, Brady opened the passenger side door for Ezra, but instead of getting in the truck, Ezra motioned for Brady to get in his little blue sedan.

Brady smiled and obliged. Ezra drove cautiously and in fifteen minutes he had parked in front of a nice one story house.

“Is this where you live?”

Ezra nodded.

“Are your parents home?” Brady asked. He wasn’t the type that anyone would bring home to mom and dad, but if that’s what Ezra wanted then Brady would go.

Ezra shook his head and held up one hand with his fingers spread out and one finger.

“They get home at six? Oh, OK.”

Ezra led the way into the house and took Brady by the hand. He led Brady to a bedroom and started to show him things. They were simple things and it made Brady smile. Ezra beamed as he showed a closet full of clothes, a twin sized bed with two pillows, and finally a soft red blanket. Ezra stood up on his tip toes and rubbed the soft material against Brady’s face.

Brady laughed and kissed Ezra’s forehead. “You have a very nice room.”

Suddenly Ezra was completely focused on something but Brady didn’t know what it was. Finally Ezra opened his mouth and made a few soft sounds. “Uh…ah…I…I…” He sighed and tried again. “I…l-l-l…l-lo..l-love…” He paused again, his eyebrows nearly touching and finally his eyes locked on Brady’s. Brady watched him in wonder. “I…l-love…yuh…you.”

Brady kissed Ezra softly. “I love you too.”

Ezra buried his face in Brady’s chest, little moist tears soaking through the material. Ezra nuzzled against Brady’s neck and kissed him. Brady sat on the bed and then lay down, taking the red blanket covering Ezra with it.

“You look like an angel,” Brady whispered. He couldn’t believe how happy he felt. It was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. He would never understand why he was lucky enough to be holding someone so small and precious. He kissed the top of Ezra’s head and held on to him a little tighter. He could stay like this forever. Unfortunately, the sound of a car broke the peace.

They slowly separated and stood. Ezra looked up at Brady, smiling softly. He stood up as tall as he could and put his hands on Brady’s shoulders. Brady knelt down and they kissed, their tongues intertwined for a moment before a car door slammed.

Ezra went to the front Travesti door and Brady followed, smiling. Ezra hugged the woman before she made it through the threshold.

“Well someone is happy,” the woman said. She looked to be in her late forties with a kind face and short ash blond hair. When she saw Brady she couldn’t hide her surprise. “I didn’t know you had a friend over,” she said and rushed to introduce herself. “I’m Amanda Lockheart, Ezra’s mom.”

Brady shook her hand. “Brady Walker. I hope it’s OK that I’m here.”

“It’s great that you’re here,” she said. “Do you want to have dinner with us? I’ll call William and have him pick up a pizza and some movies. Ezra, if you would like, your friend can stay the night.”

Ezra nodded and Brady accepted the invitation with a smile.

Ezra drove Brady back to the high school so that he could get his truck. “Go on back home,” Brady said, kissing Ezra’s forehead. “I’ll be there soon.”


Brady went into his house and grabbed clothes and a few toiletries. He hoped to make a quick exit without any questions, but Steve was by the door.

“Where are you going?” he demanded.

“Just staying with a friend,” Brady explained, careful of his tone.

“You didn’t ask my permission,” Steve said with a sneer.

“I didn’t think it would be an issue,” Brady said. He felt pressure at the back of his head, a sure sign that his temper was about to flare.

“You live in my house. You ask me before you do anything, you little bastard.”

Brady stiffened at that word. He could take any name but that one. It stung a little too much because it was true.

“Fuck you!” Brady shouted, pushing Steve aside and heading out the door.

“Don’t think you can fucking come back here!” Steve slurred. “You stay the hell away from my house.”

The drive to Ezra’s house was the longest of his life. He couldn’t stop the thoughts that filled his head. He should have outgrown the feelings he was experiencing, but that damn word brought it back every time.


Ezra was waiting for Brady by the door and immediately sensed his bad mood. He went and put his hand on Brady’s forearm.

“Are you alright?” Mrs. Lockheart asked.

“Just got in an argument with my step-dad is all,” Brady said.

“What’s wrong? If you need anything, just ask.”

“I was told not to go back there. I don’t think he meant it. He was drunk. Mrs. Lockheart, I really hate to ask but…can I stay here? Probably just for a few days.”

“Of course. You’re staying here,” Mrs. Lockheart said.


Ezra was sleeping with his head on Brady’s shoulder as the movie credits rolled. Brady carried Ezra to his room and tucked him in to bed and then went back to the living room. Mr. Lockheart had already gone to bed but Mrs. Lockheart was standing in the kitchen.

He casually walked in and stood beside her and she put away dishes. “Thank you again for letting me stay here,” Brady said.

“I’m just glad that Ezra made a friend,” she said. “I worry about him all the time. He never speaks and I’m worried that he gets bullied at school.”

“I İstanbul Travesti won’t let that happen.”

She smiled. “You’re a very nice young man.”

“Ezra is very special.” Brady cringed. Special? That sounded so gay. “What I mean is…he’s cool.”

Mrs. Lockheart smiled knowingly and Brady was sure she knew, but she didn’t say anything. “He’s had a hard life. I’m glad he has a friend now.”

“He’s not really your son, is he?” Brady asked. He had noticed that Ezra looked nothing like his parents.

“We adopted him two years ago.”

“What happened to him before that? I’ve seen some of his scars and I just wondered.”

“He was abused. I believe it was his uncle that…tortured him. When Ezra came to us he was constantly terrified. We worked with him, gave him the best therapist and doctors. When he found music, it was a miracle. He learned so much so quickly, not only with music but everything, especially math. He’s very smart, just…” She couldn’t find the word, but Brady knew what she meant. Ezra was something beautiful that had been damaged, but was now healing.

Brady nodded. “Well, I’m going to try to get some sleep,” he said.

“Before you go, I just wanted to warn you that Ezra has nightmares. He might wake up in the middle of the night upset. If he does feel free to wake me or my husband and we’ll take care of him.”

“Thanks,” Brady said.

“Good night,” Mrs. Lockheart said.

Brady smiled and replied with the same.

He carefully slid into the bed behind Ezra. There wasn’t much room because Brady was so big and tall. Finally, he found it was most comfortable to mold himself to Ezra’s curled up body. Brady wrapped his arms around Ezra and started to fall asleep.

Suddenly, Ezra was shaking, whimpering and kicking in his sleep.

“It’s OK. Wake up, Ezra,” Brady said soothingly, giving Ezra a light shake.

Ezra groaned and kicked more.

“Wake up now,” Brady said. “Come on. Wake up. It’ll be over if you just wake up.”

Ezra finally opened his eyes but didn’t seem to know where he was. He was crying so hard his entire body shuddered with every sob. Brady held Ezra close to his chest. At first Ezra fought but then gave in and let Brady hold him close.

“It’s over now,” Brady said. “I won’t let anyone hurt you. I love you.”

Ezra started to cry again.

“What’s wrong?” Brady asked.

Ezra raised his shirt and showed the scars that spelled slut.

Brady sat up in the bed and pulled Ezra into his lap. “No. You are not a slut.”

Ezra shook his head in disagreement. Brady lifted Ezra’s chin and kissed him. Their lips crashed together and Brady’s tongue slipped inside Ezra’s mouth.

Ezra pulled away and pointed again to the scars.

“That isn’t your fault. You didn’t deserve to have that happen to you. You’re my angel.”

Ezra reached into the drawer of the bed side table for a pad of paper and marker. He wrote one word and underlined it and then showed Brady.

“You are not dirty! Nothing about you is. You’re beautiful, angel. Please don’t let that dream hurt Ankara Travesti you. It’ll never happen again.”

Still Ezra sobbed until Brady couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up, carried Ezra into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When it was at a good temperature, he started to strip away Ezra’s pajamas and then his own. Together, they stepped under the stream of hot water, steam rising all around them.

Brady bent down and claimed Ezra’s mouth with his. Their tongues tangled together and Brady held Ezra close. He broke their kiss and whispered, “It’ll all be alright, angel. If you feel dirty, I’ll make you feel clean.” Brady grabbed the liquid body wash and poured it onto his bare hands. He got on his knees and rubbed Ezra everywhere, covering him in bubbles. Ezra’s skin was so smooth and warm under Brady’s hands and Brady felt more connected to Ezra than ever before.

Brady gently grabbed Ezra’s penis and worked it with his slick hand until Ezra groaned softly. Brady continued to jack him off as his other hand continued to spread soap over Ezra’s body. Brady gave Ezra’s firm butt cheek a squeeze and Ezra whimpered.

Brady held Ezra close and they let the water wash the bubbles away. They kissed and Brady started to run his hand over the head of Ezra’s penis. He gripped it and started stroking and then went down to his knees and started to suck. Brady wrapped his arm around Ezra’s back side and felt the tight entrance there. He slipped one finger inside and started to move it in and out. This seemed to drive Ezra closer to the brink. Ezra grabbed Brady’s hair with both hands and Brady could feel the raw desperation. It was like an aphrodisiac, encouraging him to bob his head faster and increase the speed of his fingering. Ezra whimpered and sperm shot into Brady’s mouth. The next few waves of it spattered over his face and he was sort of disappointed that the water washed it away.

Brady shut the water off, stood, and grabbed a towel. As he was doing so, he felt a hand fondling his balls. He looked over to see Ezra smiling nervously.

“That feels good,” Brady said. He kissed the top of Ezra’s head. “You do whatever you want, angel.”

Ezra dropped to his knees and looked up at Brady. Brady stared down at him, watching every move he made. He licked at the tip of Brady’s penis and Brady brought the towel roughly over his mouth and held it there with his fist to keep from crying out as he watched Ezra take his length into his mouth.

Ezra took all seven inches and it felt amazing. Brady groaned into the towel. Watching Ezra was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. The shy boy deep throated him with ease. Brady was about to cum, when Ezra stopped and moved down to his sack. He kissed and licked it, sucking one nut into his mouth and Brady nearly screamed. He’d never felt anything like it before.

As Ezra began to deep throat again, Brady was overwhelmed that his shy little angel was doing this for him. Brady removed the towel and huskily whispered, “I’m going to cum, angel.”

Ezra started to bob his head faster, looking up at Brady with pure adoration in his eyes. Brady felt the tightening of his muscles and he moaned into the towel as he found release. Ezra swallowed it all and then stood and hugged Brady closely.

Brady wrapped the towel around his angel and started to dry him.

“I love you so much,” he said. “Thank you.”

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