Higher Education

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Nancy Johnson arrived at Vassar College in September 1954. An innocent farm girl from the Midwest, her experience with boys was limited to kissing in the hayloft and having her breasts squeezed. It was frustrating because her sexual urges were strong. Nancy felt guilty about how often she masturbated. She had always been told it was unnatural for a girl.

During the first weekend at school, Nancy was in bed with the lights out. Martha, her roommate, arrived with her boyfriend. Nancy couldn’t believe it. Boys weren’t allowed in the dorm rooms, especially at night. In the dim glow of the night light, she watched them kiss and rip off their clothes. They fell onto Martha’s bed. Nancy could no longer see them, but she could hear them.

“Oooohhhhh,” he groaned, “You suck cock so good.”

Nancy listened to the loud sucking and slurping sounds Martha was making. She thought only whores did things like that. She wanted to be disgusted, but the throbbing between her legs was unmistakable. Her hand slid down and touched the moist folds şişli escort of her pussy.

“Climb up here and shove that big cock up my cunt,” Martha begged.

Nancy was shocked at Martha’s use of words, but somehow it excited her even more. She listened to the bed squeaking and the headboard hitting the wall as he pounded his cock into her roommate’s cunt. Martha’s shrieks became louder. Filth spewed from her mouth.

“Fuck me baby…fuck me…harder…”

Martha’s boyfriend grunted. Her scream pierced the air. Moments later, Nancy bit her lip to suppress a squeal. Pussy juice gushed over her fingers.


“Do you have a date this weekend?” Martha asked a few days later. “I can set you up with John. He’s coming up from New York with my boyfriend. You’ll like him.”

“Okay,” Nancy agreed, hoping she wasn’t getting in over her head.

John turned out to be handsome, rich, and sophisticated. That night, he took her for a ride in his car. They parked on a country road. Nancy let him kiss her even though it was a first date. She didn’t want to seem like a prude. It was the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced. When his hand went to her breast, she let him feel her up. He unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand inside her bra.

Nancy was losing control. Her body was on fire. He pinched her nipple and made her gasp. His hand slid under her skirt and between her legs. She should have stopped him. Instead, she spread her thighs, encouraging his touch. His fingers moved under her panties and touched the moistness of her pussy. A fingertip found her clit and rubbed. Moments later she gasped and gushed all over his hand.

John pushed down his pants. Nancy saw the hard cock poking up from his lap. It was beautiful. He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing flesh, showing her how to stroke. She loved looking at his cock and touching it. Nancy moved her face closer until it was only inches away. The thing Martha had done with her boyfriend no longer seemed disgusting. She wanted it in her mouth.

Her lips slid down his shaft. John held her head and pumped his cock in and out. She felt him swell. John thrust deep and grunted. Hot, thick cum spewed from the tip as he ejaculated into her mouth. When he was finished, she let it drool from her lips and back down his shaft. Was she now a whore for letting him do that? She didn’t care.

John drove her back to the dorm and came into her room. Nancy knew what was going to happen next. She was nervous but ready. John pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He slowly removed her clothes. Nancy fell back on the bed. John crawled between her legs and clamped his mouth over her hairy pussy. Using his tongue and fingers, he bought her to climax.

When he mounted her, Nancy spread her legs and raised them in the air. She felt his hardness part her folds and lodge in her opening. She braced for the pain that everyone told her would accompany the first time, but it was barely a pinch. He pounded into her again and again, driving her to heights of sexual pleasure she didn’t think possible. He grunted and pumped the condom full of cum. Nancy screamed. Her world went black.

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