His Awakening Ch. 03

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The afternoon continues, the time is getting later, Amy is due to arrive within the hour kissing Darnell softly, Kim walks off to take her shower and get ready, still feeling the heat from his kiss on her lips, the feel of his hands on her body, she so badly wanted to cancel dinner and just have him all to herself but however it was too late for that, closing her eyes the water runs down over her face as thoughts of him run through her head, her hands slowly move onto her breasts cupping and massaging them gently, twisting and pulling at her nipples, all she could feel was his hands on her.

Her breathing deepens as she starts to moan softly, her hand slides softly down her body as she feels the moisture building between her legs, her fingers tracing over her pussy lips her juices beginning to flow, teasing her clit lightly, she slips one finger inside her, she had gotten so lost in what she was feeling she lost track of the time, she suddenly felt a hand joining with hers, her body shivered as she let out a louder moan, feeling a tongue running softly up and down her neck nibbling and sucking at it gently.

“Oh baby I was hoping you would come and join me!” she whispered as her pussy was grinding against their fingers.

“You were?” a sexy voice replied softly in her ear.

She stops for a moment pulling herself out of the trance she was in only to hear that voice again, taking her hand away she feels another finger being slipped inside her, her earlobe being sucked on lightly.

“Amy…how long have you been in here?” she asks in surprise.

“About 10 minutes or so, when I arrived Darnell told me you were in the shower, and I love to look at you every chance I get.” She whispers in her ear.

“Oh my god Amy I am sorry I must have lost track of time, that happens every time I get to thinking about Darnell, I can’t help it he just drives me crazy!!” Kim replies softly

Amy turns Kim around to look at her, softly her lips meet with Kim’s Amy’s finger explores inside her, their tongues meet exploring each others mouths Kim’s hands cup Amy’s breasts caressing them gently, Amy moans softly, kissing her way down Kim’s neck, her fingers pushing deeper inside her.

“You really love Darnell don’t you Kim?” Amy whispers in her ear.

“I do…I love that man more than anything in this world, he makes me feel so alive!!”

“He makes you really wet doesn’t he Kim, when he whispers in your ear, or touches you like I am, or even if he just holds you, and don’t try to deny it girl because I can tell, you are sooo wet right now!!” Amy kisses and licks her way down her chest cupping her breasts sucking one nipple into her eager mouth, suckling it gaziantep escortları like a baby trying to nurse, Kim’s hands holding her head as she guides Amy further down her body.

“ OHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSS, he drives me absolutely out of this world I don’t know what I would ever do without him and I don’t intend to find out!!!!!!!!!!” Kim replies in a soft moan.

Taking a hold of Kim’s ankle Amy puts her foot up on the side of the tub, her tongue slips down onto her mound as her hips push forward, her pussy aching, screaming to feel Amy’s tongue on her clit, her fingers pushing in and out of her harder and faster as she could tell Kim was getting close.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK WHERE IS HE, I NEED HIM AMY??” her hands grabbing the back of Amy’s hair as she sucks her clit into her mouth.

“Baby girl I am right here.” His soft sexy voice whispers in her ear, his hands wrap around her pulling her in close to him, his hands cupping her breasts, feeling his breath on her neck as he nibbles on her ear gently, her breathing deepens, her moans grow louder as he nibbles lightly on her neck, her hand slips down behind her encasing his hardened member stroking it slowly, Amy slips a finger inside her puckered rose bud, as she slips in Kim let’s out one hell of a scream, Darnell holds her tighter as her body begins to shake, Amy pushes her tongue deep inside her hot wet hole, exploring every spot.

“Go ahead baby girl let it go give it to Amy baby!!” Darnell whispers softly in her ear.

“Oh baby it just feels so good I can’t stop it!!!!!!!!!” Kim replies almost in a scream as her body shakes almost to the point of convulsions as Amy pushes her over the edge.

As her body starts to settle looking deep into Darnell’s gorgeous hazel eyes, her lips meeting with his, his tongue slipping into her parted lips, her finger tips running up and down his main vein stroking him off faster and harder, his head goes back against the wall of the shower he moans softly his hips gyrating to her hand, faster she strokes him, Amy moves in sucking his balls into her mouth, Darnell suddenly lets out with a scream.

“Good god Amy what the hell are you doing to him don’t hurt him!!” Kim exclaims as all she could see what the look of discomfort in Darnell’s face.

Again Amy sucks on his balls, gently this time, Kim strokes his member faster and long, her thumb finding that sensitive spot paying special attention to it. Darnell’s breathing deepens as his moans grow in intensity, his hand grabbing onto Kim’s ass cheek groping it.

“OHHHHHHH fuck baby this is unbelievable don’t stop please baby don’t stop!!!!!!!!!” Darnell screams as Kim feels his member swelling in her hand as his body tenses his hand grabbing tighter onto her ass.

“Amy back up now!!!”

Doing as told Amy backs up onto her knees, Darnell’s moans turn to screams as Kim feels his member beginning to throb his balls tightening as she takes them into her hand.

“OHHHHHHHH SON OF A BITCH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Darnell screams as he’s pushed over the edge, his hot cum shooting all over Amy’s face, in her hair, ohhhhh she was a complete mess.

Licking his cum off her lips, opening her eyes to see Kim sucking his cock licking his balls cleaning him up completely. Amy rinses off what she couldn’t get and steps out of the shower. Darnell steps out offering his hand to Kim helping her out, taking her into his arms once again pulling her body in close to his, planting his lips to hers, nibbling on her lower lip slapping her ass lightly. Drying one another off he helps her into her clothes she had planned to wear.

He gets himself back together with a little help from Kim; she can’t keep her hands off his body.

“Lets go and eat baby, after dinner I want dessert!” winking at her he takes her hand and walks into the kitchen with her helping her to serve dinner.

The three of them had a wonderful meal, they talked and reminisced about the night they went to the club, and what happened after, Amy winked at Kim, she knew what she was thinking.

As dinner was finished Kim got up and started to clear away the dishes, Darnell stood to help her they brought the dishes into the Kitchen putting them into the sink, Kim was getting ready to wash them when all of a sudden, he wraps his arms around her waist, pressing his body into hers she could feel his hardness pressed against her.

“I want you right now you are my dessert!!!” he whispers softly, growling in her ear

“You naughty boy, let me finish the dishes then you may have dessert!” she pressed back against his hardened mass, looking back at him she licks her lips lightly, letting her tongue cross over his lips lightly.

Kim kept him in the kitchen with her as Amy prepared for the about to happen events, once the dishes were finished he turned her around picking her up he sits her on the center island, spreading her legs moving her thong aside looking into her eyes and smiles his wickedly evil smile.

“You my baby are sooo fucking sexy I just can’t take anymore I need my dessert and I need it now!!!!!!!!!” winking keeping his eyes locked on her he slips his tongue deep inside her love tunnel, she lets out a scream grabbing the back of his head holding him there, her pussy begins to grind against his mouth as her screams get louder.

Amy hears the commotion coming from the kitchen, she walks in standing there she was in awe as she watched Darnell devouring Kim’s pussy, walking over on the side of the island Kim looks at her as Amy slips a hand inside her panties, slowly stroking her clit, she leans down kissing Kim softly.

“You like what you’ve got there don’t you Darnell??” Amy asks him in a soft voice.

“ Oh hell yesss there’s nothing better than my baby doll!!!!!!” he replies.

“Well how about this, you said you wanted dessert well I’ve got dessert that you might really enjoy.”

Going into the refrigerator Amy brings out a pitcher, standing next to Kim she slowly pours this very cold liquid down Kim’s body, her body shivers from the feel.

“Is that what I think it is Amy?” Darnell asks.

“Taste it and find out!” Amy replies.

Darnell licks what she had poured on Kim his eyes widened as he licked his lips.

“Oh my god give me some more of that right here!!”

Amy pours more of it onto Kim’s pussy, Darnell dives in back in for more, and “OH hell if there’s one thing I love I do love my ICE CREAM!

Amy proceeded to disrobe climbing on the island straddling over Kim’s face, pouring some of the ice cream down her own body, lowering her pussy down toward Kim’s mouth, her tongue reaches out touching her pussy lips, as the ice cream ran down Kim lapped at it as fast as she could, licking nibbling and sucking at Amy’s pussy, slowly she slid two fingers inside her hot box, Amy screamed as her body shuttered, as Kim pushed her straight to orgasm, burying her tongue as deep inside her as she possibly could, licking every drop from her.

Darnell stopped for a moment having Amy get off the island, having Kim bend over the counter as Amy lay in front of Kim, grabbing onto his member he slides his cock into Kim’s love tunnel very slowly at first, as Kim went back to work on Amy’s screaming pussy, His hand reaching around Kim rubbing her clit as he pistoned his member in and out of her pussy harder and faster, feeling her pussy clamp down onto his cock he knew she was almost there.


Kim’s pussy screaming and aching severely at this point once again squeezes hard onto his member, milking it for all it’s worth, she feels his cock swelling inside her his grip on her hips getting tighter with one last thrust they hit ecstasy together riding through wave after wave of orgasms.

Once their bodies settle, he pulls out of her, Kim stands, giving a hand to Amy to help her up Darnell takes Kim into his arms once again as they all look at one another with smiles.

“That was one fantastic evening!!!!!!!!!” they all agreed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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