His First Act of Revenge

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He had never felt so humiliated and degraded. Kalie had used and abused him in every way she saw fit. She had treated him like a faggot and fucked him in the ass with her strap-on. She had made him eat out a stranger’s pussy. Then, in his shame and horny state, he had apologized to her again and again for breaking his promise, and agreed to film himself doing exactly what she had caught him doing. He was to film himself jerking off while fingering his own asshole. She wanted to see it. He knew he had to, he had no choice. He had broken his agreement with her and this was the second part of his punishment.

Yet in the back of his mind he was already thinking up a way to get his revenge. He felt like his manhood was slipping away, and he had to assert his power. Kalie had used him, fucking him brutally up the ass like a woman or a queer, and worse than anything he knew that she had seen the undeniable look of pleasure on his face. She had seen his dick hard as a rock with her strap-on inside of his ass. She had seen his cock covered in an enormous amount of pre-cum. He knew she knew he liked it, and it burned at him.

He sat in his hotel room, having just sent her the humiliating film of him fingering himself and jerking off. He had invited her over for later that evening, and he was in the midst of devising a plan for revenge, as well as a plan to gain a piece of his manhood and pride back. By the time she arrived that evening, the plan was finalized, and she didn’t have the slightest clue. She arrived looking dead sexy and slutty. She had a ruffled mini-skirt on. It barely rested on the bottom of her ass curves, and when she walked you could catch glimpses of her red thong. She wore a red tube top, no bra underneath. It was chilly outside and when she stepped into his hotel room her nipples were perky and hard. She walked over to him and sat down on his lap. Her perky nipples were right in his face, and his cock started getting hard. Sitting on his lap her skirt rode up over her ass and her bright red thong was exposed from the back. She leaned in and they began passionately kissing. One of his hands was under her shirt rubbing her nipple, while his other hand was sliding her thong to the side on her rear. She sat on her haunches and as he slid her thong to the side and slipped his finger deep into her pussy she lifted her ass up so that he could go deeper with his finger. She started bucking up and down on his big fingers and he could tell that she was getting really turned on.

She felt that she still had the power, and he went along with it, letting her believe what she wanted. When she asked him to lay her down on the bed and beg her to let him eat her pussy, he complied.

“Please Kalie, let me eat your beautiful cunt. Please baby, I want nothing more than to eat your pussy and please you. Please let me.”

“Okay sweetie, but first you have to suck my toes.”

He began licking and sucking her toes with passion, exactly as she had asked.

Next she said “okay, baby, now you must lick my ass out. Go ahead baby, stick your tongue deep into my ass.”

He didn’t miss a beat and soon his tongue was sawing deep into her ass. His cock was throbbing but he made sure to control himself and wait until the time was right. Kalie was so close to an anal orgasm that when he stopped eating her ass out she couldn’t help herself and she said please baby, keep going.

“One kuşadası escort second baby” he said. Roll over. She was so drunk off lust she turned over onto her hands and knees. Next thing she knew he quickly grabbed her hands and handcuffed them behind her.

“Oh, someone’s playing a lil rough” she joked. The next moment she felt rope around her ankles and within seconds she was completely bound and helpless. “Oh baby, be careful tying that rope sweetie. Gentle.” He tied it tighter and rougher.

“That’s what you get you fucking whore,” he said coolly. “You humiliated me, and stole my pride and manhood. Now you will be punished like the true slut that you are.”

Her complete helplessness became apparent to her and she felt a wave of panic as she heard the deep rage in his voice. She had never heard this tone in his voice before and it worried her. “Baby?” When she looked over her shoulder she was alone in the room. Minutes went by, and it seemed like an eternity before he returned. She heard other voiced. Women’s voices. Strange she thought. Then there he was, in the doorway, with three beautiful and hot women behind them. One of them was blonde with huge DD tits. The one behind her was a brunette with firm cs. The last girl was black. Firm breasts and a big tight ass. She was hot as hell. Huge lips, thick all over. She was looking over shoulder at the three women when she was suddenly struck on her lower back. She screamed out in pain. He had hit her with his doubled up belt and her lower back quickly turned a deep red. After she screamed he went up to her face, roughly grabbed her by the cheeks.

“Now you listen up you slut. You do everything these girls ask and want. You ask no questions. You enjoy it. You beg for it. If you don’t, my belt will leave you with welts all over.” She was terrified and she had never seen him like this before. She began to cry a little. He grabbed her face again, “stop crying you fucking baby. Take it like a woman.”

The next thing she felt was her ankles being unbound. The black woman, and the blonde approached her from both sides of the bed. They rolled her body over. From the other end the brunette tied her legs to the posts of the bed. She left the ropes slack and she could move her legs around to a certain extent. Next her hands were removed from the cuffs and tied to corners of the bed. There she lay, spread eagle and completely helpless. The women stood around her wearing only their black thongs, and black boots with point-tipped heels. The black woman took her heel point a put it at the opening of Kalie’s mouth. Kalie hesitated a moment to long and the black woman forcefully pushed the point into her mouth. She whimpered in pain as her lip was busted up a little.

“Stupid fucking slut” the black woman said. “You hesitate one more time and I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

Kalie stared up at this specimen of a woman. She was thick, and looked really strong. Kalie was sucking on her heel point with passion and didn’t dare to stop. The blonde woman was watching intently and had started rubbing on her pussy. The brunette stood behind the blonde and started pinching on her nipples.

“Hey sluts,” the black woman yelled at the other two. “Let’s not forget what we’re here for.”

With that she took her heel out of Kalie’s mouth. The blonde woman straddled Kalie throat, and rocked back and forth.

“Now you’re kuşadası escort bayan going to get your first taste of pussy,” she cooed. “And you’re going to love it just like the dyke that you are.”

Kalie looked up at the woman’s neatly shaved pussy, with only a small thin strip of hair above the cunt lips. She was already dripping wet, and she marveled at the size of her engorged clit. Suddenly the blonde slid forward and smothered Kalie’s face with her pussy. She rubbed it up and down and all over her mouth and nose. Kalie could barely breathe and she tried turn away.

“You fucking cunt,” the blonde screamed. “Eat this pussy like the dyke that you are!” Kalie started licking her inner lips and then slipped her tongue over and around her clit. She had never tasted another woman’s pussy and it felt foreign and strange.

The blonde was really getting into it and frantically smashing her pussy down onto Kalie’s tongue.

“That’s it. You’re a little lesbian pro aren’t you? Don’t pretend this is your first pussy you fucking slut. You are loving this.” The blonde turned around and placed her asshole right in front of Kalie mouth. “Eat up,” was all she said. Kalie’s tongue started circling the woman’s pink asshole and pushing into the opening. “Oh god yess” she moaned. “Stick your tongue in deeper. I am going to cum. I am going to cum.” Kalie’s tongue took the final plunge deep into her anus and it sent her over the edge. “Yes, yes, yes, ohhhhh.” Her body collapsed forward and her pussy and ass juices leaked all over Kalie’s face.

Suddenly Kalie felt a strange sensation in her ass and pussy. She was getting attacked with three different tongues. She couldn’t see anything because the blonde’s pussy was still planted in her face. The blonde, brunette, and black were all going to work eating out her ass and pussy, getting her nice and wet. She felt fingers going in and out of both of her holes and she was getting wetter and wetter. The black woman stopped eating her and came around the bed towards Kalie. She pushed the blonde to the side, and roughly grabbed Kalie’s nipples. She pinched them and Kalie gasped in pain. The black woman grabbed something from the nightstand, and when she returned she began putting clothes pins around Kalie’s nipples. The pain was nearly unbearable and she bit the inside of her cheek. Yet she also observed her nipples getting rock hard in the center of the circle of clothespins.

All this time she was building towards an amazing orgasm as the women continued to eat her pussy and ass. The black woman went into the corner of the room and talked with the man for a moment. She dug through her bag and when she turned back around Kalie saw an enormous strap-on hanging from the front of her. It was at least nine inches, and thick as could be. It was jet black. The woman approached Kalie and placed its tip at her mouth. Kalie knew better, and this time she quickly started licking the head. She sucked it passionately, and then the woman started face fucking her. She thrust the black dildo into the back of her throat and Kalie gagged and chocked on its enormous size. She couldn’t breathe and she tried to pull away. The black woman’s strong arms grabbed the back of her head and pushed the cock further down her throat until she saw Kalie’s eyes roll into the back of her head as if she was going to pass out. She pulled the cock out enough escort kuşadası so that Kalie could cough and breathe.

On the other end of the strap-on was another dildo that was buried deep into the black woman’s ass. It was only six inches, but was in all the way. After she finished face fucking her she moved down to the foot of the bed. She didn’t apply any lube and abruptly thrust the cock deep into Kalie’s asshole. Kalie screamed in pain but her mouth was quickly covered in the brunette’s asshole as she squatted down on her face. The black woman began fucking her with no mercy and tore apart her ass like never before. Kalie couldn’t believe how deep and hard she was being fucked. Suddenly the fucking stopped, and she opened her eyes to find the massive cock at the entrance to her lips. She could not handle the thought of ass to mouth, and she squirmed and turned her face away.

“Oh no you don’t you little lez slut, your going to taste your own ass juice bitch. Eat your own ass.” With that her helpless mouth was ravaged by the huge cock again and again and she tasted her own ass all over it.

Next the black woman lifted Kalie up and started fucking her ass from underneath. With every thrust the ropes yanked on her ankles. She was eating the brunette’s ass all this time and next she felt another cock at the entrance of her ass. The blonde was inserting her own strap-on into Kalie’s ass and she was about to be fucked with two enormous strap-ons in her tight ass. The cock wouldn’t fit at first but soon the blonde forced it into her, ripping her anal passage apart. At the same time the brunette stretched herself out and began licking Kalie’s clit. Kalie was frantically licking the brunette’s ass out as she approached her first climax. Her ass had never felt so full and when she started cumming the feeling was soo intense she passed out. She woke up only to find that her ass was still being demolished and her mouth was full of pussy. She came again and again and the pleasure was out of this world. The brunette on top of her lifted up and suddenly she began peeing all over Kalie’s face. This sent Kalie over the edge again and she came while the two women fucking her came from the dildos inside of them. They stopped fucking her and pulled their cocks out of her ass. Both of them moved up to her face and tuck turns fucking her mouth full of the dirty dildos covered in her own ass secretions. She took the cocks deep into her throat and gagged down her own butt juice. The two women each took turns squatting over her face and pissing down her throat while the other held her mouth open. They left her on the bed tied up and soaking wet in her ass juice, and their pee. He sat in the corner and did not say a word. She needed to pee but he refused to untie her. She could no longer hold it and soon she peed all over her own pussy and thighs. He kept her there tied.

“Tell me you’re sorry,” he said. “Tell me you’re sorry or I’ll leave your slutty ass here tied up to be found by the cleaning maids. Tell me you’re sorry or I’ll sell your ass as a trick and you’ll continue to get used and abused.”

“I’m so sorry baby,” she pleaded. “I’m so so sorry.”

He untied her and they began slowly and passionately kissing. She could not believe what she had just gone through. And she could not believe he would treat her like that. She had been forced to eat pussy like a little lesbian slut. She had been forced to eat her own ass juices. She was furious and knew she would have to get her revenge. She could get him back for this worse then he could ever imagine. She would get him back for making her feel like an absolute dyke, and being used like a whore. She would have her revenge soon enough…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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