His Good Girl Ch. 02

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Group Sex

We did go to dinner with Conner and Alice. Just a double date in a public place. Nothing risque’. With every hour that passed i began to feel more awkward about what had happened. Normal people didn’t just have oral sex next to another couple did they? Or had this been something that everyone did and nobody talked about? The orgasm was fantastic, there was no logically denying that. Even if my brain couldn’t wrap around the idea comfortably my body was very into it. We decided as a group not to outright plan the “next time,” since i felt like it would be weird and too much pressure.

“I think it will be easier if it just happens naturally. I’m sorry i can’t just dive in.” I said quietly and avoiding eye contact with my friends.

“Yeah, actually i agree. ” Conner added. “I think i would get performance nerves if we tried to plan it in advance anyways.”

I glanced at him and he smiled at me. It made me feel shy when i remembered him smiling at me before…from between his girlfriend Alice’s legs. I blushed and glanced away again.

The rest of dinner passed for normal. In the car on the way home i turned to Kayden, “Are you disappointed babe?”

“Disappointed? About what? The food was good, that waitress had a nice ass too. What’s to be disappointed about?” He grinned as he drove. I rolled my eyes and clasped my hands on my lap. “About not planning any other sexy stuff. With Conner and Alice.” I clarified.

Kayden looked at me with his serious face. “Well no, disappointed isn’t the right word. Being with you Karli, getting to put my hands on you and have sex with you. THAT is all i need. Ya know? If we never do anything with anyone else ever again i wouldn’t complain. Doing stuff with other people is just icing on the top. Without you i wouldn’t want any of it.”

“Really? Alice is a lot skinnier and more outgoing than i am.” Seeing his face turn angry i raised my hands to ward off his retort, “I’m not saying that to belittle myself! It’s just a fact. I’m a curvy girl who’s naturally shy. Alice is bold, carefree, model thin, tiny. I just wanna know if you’re sure you aren’t into this stuff because part of you wants her. And don’t get mad at me for asking! I have every right to ask these questions if we are going to do this stuff. We HAVE to be able to speak freely. There have to be rules. I need there to be limits Kayden.” I was doing my best not to shout it at him.

He stopped at a red light and turned to look at me. His face was appraising, trying to gauge my emotions. Tilting his head he answered shortly, “One, i wouldn’t poach on a friend’s territory, and two i wouldn’t do that to you. If you told me i could never touch another woman again, i would respect that because i love the hell out of you. That said, i am a man. I look at women and i think about how i would fuck them, how they might feel. Natural curiosity. I think my curiosity about Alice is partly because her body type is a lot different than yours or any of the other women i have dated. But that’s a basic thing. I don’t want to date her or be with her that way. We’re just friends. But if we could be friends with Alice and Conner and satisfy our curiosity without jeopardizing that, then why not? As long as it’s not hurting anyone, why not do what we want to do?” The light turned green and he looked back to the road as we drove on.

“So i can make the rules?” I asked after a minute or two. “If we keep going down this road i can decide who and how far and how often and all of that?”

He pulled into the garage at our house and put the car in park. “Yes i’m fine with that. I don’t want to do anything you don’t want me to do. You say the word and it is law.”

It gave me a tingle to hear him say it. Silly as it was, it turned me on to hear him swear too. Especially things like ‘loving the hell out of me’ and ‘fucking.’ I flicked my hair over my shoulder and sent him a flirty look as i asked, “So you will do anything i say,… starting now?”

He grinned at me, “Yes. Why? Do you wanna practice?” His dimple flashed as he smiled his wicked sexy smile back at me.

I licked my lips nodding, “Lean your chair back.”

He reached down and pulled the handle making his seat in the driver’s side recline. I turned the radio on to a rock station and turned the volume up. Then i reached over his body and pulled his hands over his head, wrapping his wolf like me izle hands around the headrest. I managed to scoot my body over onto his lap so the steering wheel was at my back. I straddled him, my left leg still laying wide across the center console. His face was in shadow from the limited light in the garage, but i knew his eyes would be daring me like they always did.

I bent over him so our lips brushed when i spoke, “Keep your hands on the headrest.”

I watched his biceps flex as he tightened his grip. I moved to kiss one. I loved his sexy muscles and broad shoulders. Then i moved to his neck, kissing and nibbling from his ear to his collar and back again. Letting my breath tickle him as i let my hands wander over his chest, then up his sides. All the hard angles and sexy edges of his beautiful body.

Then i moved my hips so i could grind against him as he got hard from the attention. I love turning him on, making him grow for me. I sighed as i finally kissed his lips. Heat swept through me and the kiss turned desperate. I pressed my body against his, grinding in his lap as the taste and feel of him started to drive me wild.

I sat back and jumped when I bumped the steering wheel and the car horn went off. We both started to laugh and i leaned down to touch my forehead to his and kissed him playfully.

“Count to 50 then come and get me.” I winked at him as i said it and then opened the car door, disentangling myself and ran into the house with a big smile on my face.

I got my shoes off and was just about to get my pants undone when he burst into our bedroom. Without breaking stride he tackled me onto our bed. He yanked my shirt off and ran his hands over my breasts, squeezing the twin spheres while he kissed me. Then he slid his hand down my belly and into my panties. He slid one finger into me with no preamble. I was slick and ready as he knew i would be. He leveraged my jeans down to my thighs and started working his finger in and out of my tight pussy. Part of my brain marveled at his multi tasking capabilities when he moved his other hand down my body to rub my clit back and forth while he fingered me.

I broke the kiss, tossing my head back as the electric jolts from my clit made my body rock and clench in all the best places.

“Mmmm hell Yes Kayden.” I gasped, “More, give me more!”

He smiled at me, “Your wish is my command.” He said, managing to sound sarcastic and sincere at the same time somehow.

He worked a second finger into me slowly, “God your so fuckin tight baby.”

I gripped his arm so i could feel his muscles flexing as he fingered me, picking up speed. I squeezed his arm as the pressure built. I couldn’t talk anymore just moaning as i breathed. He worked my body right up to the edge, knowing just what i could take without going over it. He bent to kiss along my ribs and the underside curve of my breasts as he slowed down. Keeping my body teetering on the brink.

“Tell me what to do Karli.” He whispered. “Tell me how to take you there.” He nuzzled his face into my body just under my sternum.

I didn’t answer and he stopped moving his hand. Demanding again, “Tell me.”

I opened my eyes and saw his serious sexy face, his hungry hazel eyes, waiting. I swallowed and licked my lips, trying not to pant.

“My ass too.” I said, locking eyes with him as i saw the lust darken them. “Finger my ass too. Fill me up and make me cum. Then you can make love to me and cum anywhere you want.”

He nodded his head once and scooted down my body. I grabbed my own breasts and circled my nipples against my palms. I didn’t get much sexual pleasure out of them but i liked how my nipples felt against my hands. I noticed the door was open then. If anyone walked by they would have a clear view into our room from a certain angle in the hallway. I was about to say something but then Kayden started tongueing my ass while he fingered my pussy and all thought left me. I spread my legs as wide as i could for him.

I froze like i always do as he started working one of his fingers into my always reluctant asshole. I grabbed my legs and held them open for him as my body spasmed and wanted to clench down. I took a deep breath and tried to let it out steadily.

“Mmm good girl.” He said, his breath tickling against my dripping wolf pack izle pussy. He slowly worked his finger in and out of my bum getting me ready and used to the movement.

My body shook with the pleasure of it when he worked a second finger in, and once seated worked two fingers from his other hand into my pussy.

“Holy Shit!” I gasped. Even the movement of me breathing seemed to send lightning straight to my core. Every heartbeat, the tiniest movement. I felt so full and spread for him. It was amazing.

Then he started to rub his hands in alternating circles inside of my body. I groaned and slapped my hands to the mattress, fisting them and holding on to the edge with all the strength i could manage. Kayden kissed my clit then, just a soft, almost chaste, pressure but it was enough.

My body convulsed as the orgasm hit me. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked me and i cried out as i clenched down on everything to ride it out. Kayden kept circling his fingers until my body fell limp to the bed. Aftershock shivers raced up and down my spine as he pulled his hands away.

He flipped my body over and dragged my hips over the edge of the bed. He slid his cock inside my pussy and rocked his hips back and forth, not really thrusting just feeling me out. I smiled at having him inside me, he fit so perfectly in there. Then he pulled out and i felt the head of his cock at my backdoor instead. He ran his hands up and then let his fingernails graze down my back settling on my hips. He started to push it in and i held my breath. We had done anal before, but every time might as well have been the first. I never seemed to get used to it, it was always a surprise to feel my ass being invaded, however pleasurably. I focused my willpower and demanded that my muscles relax, let him in. I felt that tiny pop as the head of his cock got past that first ring of muscle. The pressure was incredible and i gasped when i dragged in another breath.

Finally he got all 7 inches up my ass and i could feel his balls against my sensitive pussy lips.

“Ready?” He asked, his voice ragged with the effort to stay still and not give in to the need to just pound away.

I turned my head and pulled my hair over my other shoulder and nodded, leaving my arms outstretched to either side.

“God you’re so gorgeous like this sweetheart.” He told me.

I smiled and flicked my eyes over his face. “Thanks. Now fuck my ass baby.” I moaned as he twitched inside me. He likes it when i swear during sex, since i was raised to keep my language clean and almost never swear normally. He knows it means i can’t think of anything except him. No inhibitions and no control left.

He started to work up his rhythm, every thrust of his adding fuel to the flames as another orgasm built up inside me. I loved the feel of his strong hands on my hips, pulling me towards him to double the pleasure when his cock slid home. His breath started to get ragged as my body tightened around him. I wanted to squirm, my empty pussy begging for attention as my ass was so thoroughly filled. I slid my hand under my body and slid two fingers inside my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh yes, Holy fuck baby.” Kayden’s rhythm faltered for a second as he felt what i was doing. “Finger that pretty pussy for me. You’re so fucking hot. Oh my god!” He grunted and started pounding my ass harder, going deeper. He growled as i pressed my fingers up so it added pressure to his cock in my ass.

The extra pressure was all i needed and i started to cum again. I cried out writhing in ecstasy as he slammed into me, trapping my hand and forcing me to finger myself at the same pace. I nearly blacked out as the orgasm dragged on and on when i finally felt him cum inside me. His body thrusting involuntarily with every stream of jizz my body milked from him.

He slid out and collapsed onto the bed next to me. I crossed my legs to keep his jizz from sliding out as my muscles shook. He lay there getting his breath back and i flopped my arm over his chest and set my fingers on his lips. The wet fingers that had been in my pussy. He smiled at the smell of me and opened his mouth to suck on my fingertips, making me giggle.

He opened his eyes and smiled at me. He slid his arm under me and pulled me against his side. I felt him kiss my hair as i snuggled his side woman of the dead izle and we both relaxed.

“That was awesome.” I sighed, 100% content with the world. Kayden let his fingers trail up and down my arm with a mumbled, “Mmmhhmm”

“Hey babe,” I asked a little while later when our breathing was back to normal, “Do you think that if we practiced with some of my toys that maybe i could take two cocks the way i take your fingers? One in each hole i mean.”

He slid his other arm behind his head and glanced at me with surprise etched across his face. “You want to have two men fuck you at the same time?”

I blushed and tilted my head on his chest so i wouldn’t have to look into his handsome and rugged face. “Well i kind of think about it sometimes. It was never really viable because i couldn’t think of a way to do it that wouldn’t feel like cheating. But if this thing with Conner and Alice works out, maybe it’s something we could try. But i don’t know, just taking you sometimes feels like nothing else could possibly fit.”

“Well your muscles are flexible. With enough lube anything is possible. We can look into it, do some research and see how pornstars do it and stuff. I’ve never DP’d a girl before.” He answered thoughtfully.

I twisted and got my elbows under me to prop me up. “You’re kidding! Mr. He Who has Fucked them all, hasn’t done something yet?” I laughed. “I never thought I’d get to keep one of your firsts.”

He smiled with his eyes closed and shook his head at me. I settled my head back down on his chest to listen to his heart. He knows all about my little hobby of collecting firsts, and i wonder if he said that to give me the drive and motivation to take this first of his. A first kiss, a first hand job, first blow job, first fuck. The little sexual milestones of a relationship had always been celebration worthy moments for me. You only get one time to be the first time. And even if it isn’t the most special or coordinated effort, it’s the first time and that makes it memorable, one of a kind, and therefore collectible.

I had given Kayden a lot of my firsts over the 3 years we have been dating. But since he was so much more experienced than me when we met, i hadn’t gotten to collect many of his. It was almost a jealous drive i had against whatever women might be in his future. If i collected all of his firsts, then i knew he would never forget me. Plus, it adds an element of adventure to the everyday sex monotony of a long term relationship. Leading to questions like, “Have you ever had sex on the kitchen table? No?” Then that’s a first, and i lived to find those firsts and take them.

I could tell Kayden was starting to fall asleep so i scooted up and kissed him on the lips. Then i got up and walked over to close our bedroom door. I thought i saw Josh’s door move down the hall as i got up. If he had been home and the door was opened he would have had a clear line of site to our bed. The light was off in his room though, he must be sleeping i told myself. But still, i wondered.

I smiled a sultry smile at the thought of it. I didn’t care if he had been watching. It would have been a damn sexy show. I wondered if he saw us if he would have dared to stroke himself as he watched. Wondered if he thought about joining in or if he enjoyed being the silent and unseen watcher of private things. Or maybe he hadn’t seen anything at all. It didn’t really matter. I locked our bedroom door and walked across the room to our master bathroom. I cleaned myself off, inside and out as much as i could with toilet paper and wet wipes. Then i walked back to our bed and the sexy rugged man who was indeed fast asleep now.

Yanking as hard as i could i managed to get the blankets out from under his muscular naked body, and flipped them over him so he wouldn’t get cold. He would wake up on his own in a bit and get more comfortable. He always did. I slipped into my silky pajamas and turned the light off before getting in on my side of the bed.

I thought about how amazing Kayden’s fingers felt tracing opposite circles against each other through the thin and sensitive skin between them. We have a birthday party planned for our friend Jaxon in a couple weeks. I know Conner and Alice will be there. We’ll drink and we’ll party and dance, and maybe if the mood is right and everyone is ready, we could do more sex stuff together. I thought about the feel of Kayden’s hard cock driving deep in my ass, and tried to imagine what it would be like to have Conner’s dick sliding in and out of my pussy at the same time. I smiled sleepily as my body tingled at the thought. And i dreamed of our next group sex adventure with the love of my life by my side.

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