His Mistress

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He was kneeling, naked, as he had been instructed to. He began to take in his surroundings, and thought about how familiar and welcome this room had become. It was a stone room, walls, floor, even the ceiling, windowless and a perfect square. Each time he had entered it had been different, today it was completely bare, the only light coming from the red candles burning in the wall sconces. He was nervous, fear and anticipation flooding his body, but still he waited.

The cold of the stone floor began to seep up, into his knees, his thighs, he shivered slightly but he didn’t dare move, and so, he waited.

He began to remember what had first brought him to this place. He had been out with a few workmates, they had been drinking for a while when one of them began to talk about a place he had recently gone to. A place where all your fantasies came true. A place of desires, secrets and awakenings. There had been laughter and then someone had suggested that they should go check the place out.

A phone call and a taxi ride and then they had arrived. A beautiful large old house stood at the end of the long driveway, surrounded by vast formal gardens. Candles lit the way, he walked towards the door, dazed trying to take it all in, he had never done anything like this before he was unsure of what to expect. As they entered the house they where approached by a beautiful woman, she began to ask them a few questions, it was all a blur, his senses trying to take in everything around him, smells, sounds, textures and colours. He didn’t remember a lot about what she had asked, but he did recall bragging that he could handle anything they had to offer.

She had smiled back at him, obviously amused. Alright, she replied, she had just the woman for him and laughed. She had brought him alone to this room, and then he had been introduced to her, his Mistress and his first night with her had changed him forever. It wasn’t just her beauty or her amazing body; she was different from any woman he had ever met. She radiated confidence and she knew what you desired, even before you did, it was as if she had looked basmane escort into the deepest part of his soul that first night and had unlocked its deepest secrets.

He had never thought he could enjoy being dominated, but she had changed that, she had shown him the truth. She had awakened that desire and now he would do anything she asked, for she was his mistress, she commanded and he willingly obeyed. Only those that fully submitted, passed her tests and pleased her where awarded the honour of being collared to her, with that came entrance to her inner chamber. He had never wanted anything in life more than to be wearing her collar and be allowed into that room, her room, the honour, the possibilities, maybe tonight would be the night. So he waited.

He heard the door at the far end of the room open, and he quickly bowed his head. His breathing became rapid and he dared not move or look up. The sound of heels, and several other footsteps echoed around the room. Something heavy was placed on the floor and then the footsteps retreated. Silence. Waiting, his breathing laboured, his body aching from the tension, the waiting, the fear, the mounting anticipation. Once again came the sound of heels on stone, coming closer, stopping just in front of him. All he could see was a pair of red leather boots.

“You may look up now and we will begin.”

His heart thudded in his ears, it was her, his mistress, her voice soft, delicious, commanding. He lifted his head slowly wanting to take in all he could. The red leather boots stopped just before her knees and emphasised the pale creamy colour of her smooth thighs. He knew he was already erect and had no way to hide it from her. She wore a red velvet corset, cut high on the hips; a small strap hid her most secret place. The corset accentuated her beautiful round hips, small waist and ample bosom, which rose steadily up and down as she breathed. A red silk skirt attached to her hips covered her at the back and flowed on to the floor. Then he came to her face, and he felt like he could no longer breath. Her auburn bayındır escort hair was piled high on top of her head; curls fell gracefully onto her neck. Her lips, full and a deep crimson. Her mouth, slightly parted, so inviting, but it was her eyes that really took his breathe away. Bright green, more beautiful than emeralds and often just as cold, eyes that saw and knew everything but gave nothing away.

Bowing his head slightly, trying to control his trembling he spoke “What do you desire Mistress?”

She leant forward, towards him, legs straight, hands on hip. He found himself staring into her cleavage, the tops of her breasts so enticing and she whispered slowly into his ear, her warm breath tickling his face, “I have a new game for you tonight, and I expect, as always, complete submission.” As she pulled away he closed his eyes, licked his dry lips “Yes Mistress, I await your command” his voice was barely audible, raspy and full of desire. She laughed “I can already see that you are ready, so we will begin”

He blushed, and looked at his hard member, twitching with need and then back to her. For the first time he noticed that a large throne like chair had been brought into the room and she was sitting init, legs gracefully crossed, hands resting on the arms. She was close enough that if he reached out fully he would be able to run his hands up her boots, her smooth creamy thigh and then…

“Tonight I have decided that you are to pleasure yourself until you climax, right here in front of me, you are not allowed to change positions nor will you be given any aids”

He was shocked it wasn’t anything he had ever done in front of someone; he was embarrassed doing it even when he was alone. Flustered he began to shuffle slightly.

“I am waiting” her voice cut through the air ” I am beginning to get displeased, now take hold of yourself with your hand and begin.”

He did what he was told; to displease her would be far worse than any embarrassment he may suffer. Closing his eyes he began to move his hand slowly up and down his bayraklı escort shaft, god he was so hard and hot, it actually hurt.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” she demanded

Stopping, but not removing his hand, he open his eyes, swallowed hard and looked at her, her unfathomable green eyes stared back.

“That’s better” she purred, “Now carry on”

Nervously he began to stroke himself again, focusing on her eyes and the up and down movement of his hand, he was beginning to sweat, the cold of the floor, forgotten. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he couldn’t stop, his desire was building it demanded sating.


Obeying he began to speed up, moving from the base up and over his glans, and then back again, He focused on her mouth, still slightly open, the tip of her pink tongue slowly circling the inside of her lips. He imagined what it would be like to have those lips around his cock right now, to feel the hot wetness of her mouth as she began to suck, each time taking more of him into her mouth, her tongue flickering across its head, teasing his hole, her moans as she sucked harder, and harder. Oh god, everything had disappeared except him, his cock, his need and her.

His gaze shifted to her breasts. He imagined undoing her corset, watching as her large breasts sprang free, full, pert, demanding attention. Licking, biting, teasing and pulling her nipples until they where red and hard. Placing his cock between her breasts, her coolness a delicious contrast to his raging heat. Feeling her breasts squeeze him as he moved in and out, her tongue licking greedily at any of his cock that she could reach, her mouth open and ready waiting to be filled and…

He could hold out no longer, one last stroke and he came, moaning shuddering, jerking, twitching, spilling his sticky seed all over himself and the floor. She stood “Very good, I am pleased” with that she turned away and began to walk towards the door. The sound of her heels echoing all around and swish of the silk skirt on the stone floor. The door opened and as she vanished through it he caught a glimpse of her chamber, sumptuous, silk, satin, candlelight, and then it was gone.

He was left all alone, cold, humiliated, sticky, throbbing, disappointed, his breathing harsh and yet strangely satisfied. He would be back, and soon, he knew that, after all she was his Mistress, she commanded and he obeyed.

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