His Professor Aunt Pt. 03

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Sunday morning, Sarah woke to Mike kissing her body. He had moved to her nipples by now, kissing and sucking each. “Mike, ooh, didn’t you get enough sex yesterday?”

“Waking up next to you, especially on a Sunday morning, I can’t resist you,” he replied, before returning his attentions to her tits. He was soon between her legs and Sarah murmured, as his tongue slipped into her velvety pussy.

“Mike, fuck! Nothing like getting one’s pussy licked on a Sunday morn–Oh!” Sarah stuttered, as his tongue worked its magic. Mike learned to read Sarah by now–what little things turned her on. And he exploited them. He licked her clit, as he fondled her tits, pinching her nipples occasionally. Slowly, Sarah’s ardor rose. And as her body became restless, Mike drove two fingers into her love box, and his tongue ravaged her clit.

“Mike, fuck!” she screamed, as her body spasmed in climax. He continued to lick furiously, as waves of orgasms washed over her, until she gently pushed him away. “Mike… Oh, Mike…” she said, breathlessly. “Come here!”

Mike climbed on top of her, then rolled themselves over, as they kissed. Sarah could feel he was hard and knew what he wanted. She knelt over his cock, then holding it to her pussy, lowered herself onto it, feeling it slide into her warm sheath.

While she looked at him, Mike grabbed her tits, mashing them. His eyes! Both full of lust and adoration. Sarah felt it, too; it’s not love, she reminded herself, but she did care deeply for her lover, her nephew.

Mike swung their bodies, so his legs were over the edge of the bed and sat up. He sucked on one tit, then the other, as both felt their mutual passions rise. Sarah rode him, as he held her in his arms. She kissed him hard, driving her tongue deep. And she could see in his face, he was close. “Yes, cum in me,” she whispered.

His groan and the thrusts of his hips told her he was cumming. “Cum, Mike, yes! Oh…” Sarah shivered. Mike’s orgasm triggered one in Sarah. Her special lover, his sperm filling her womb, seemed to have had an effect on her. And Mike could feel it. There was nothing more he liked, than to watch Sarah cum.

They held each other some minutes, enjoying this special connection once more. “Aren’t your friends expecting you?” she asked softly, still hugging him.

“Noon,” he replied.

They showered together, then met in the kitchen. As Mike poured himself a cup, he felt Sarah’s arms around him. She planted a kiss on his back. “I’m finding there are benefits to having a live-in lover.”

Mike turned and kissed her. It was music to his ears.

He met his friends on campus for a game of basketball. An hour or so in, they took a break from the heat of the late summer day, and sat on a bench drinking water; watching people, mainly the women go by. Mike noticed his friend, Jake, eyeing a woman. “She’s hot!” Jake said.

Mike saw a woman, fortyish, he guessed, and a figure not unlike Sarah’s. Mike reflected on the tacit agreement he had with Sarah. He looked at Jake, six-two and lean, like himself. He suspected Jake was a type, Sarah would go for. Yet, he was torn. He liked having Sarah to himself, then remembered Sarah’s spirit and their agreement. He could only share her, as Sarah was happy to share him.

As the game broke up, Mike turned to him, “Jake, if you’re interested in a good dinner some time, my aunt is a great cook.”

“Yeah? When?” Jake asked.

“Oh, Tuesday, maybe? Let me check with her.”

He came home and found Sarah in her office and gave her a long kiss.

“You smell good, nice and sweaty,” Sarah told him.

“Sarah, mind if I invite a friend over for dinner Tuesday?” Mike asked.

Sarah guessed what was in the offering, but asked, “Any reason?”

“Oh, thought you’d like to meet Jake.”

“What’s he like?”

“You can judge for yourself on Tuesday.”

On Monday, Mike caught up with Jake and confirmed he was coming over Tuesday. Monday evening, over dinner, Mike repeated that Jake was coming the next night. And he told Sarah about the woman Jake had stared at Sunday. Her curiosity was now piqued. That night, Mike had studying to catch up on. And when he entered Sarah’s bedroom, he found she was asleep. He slipped in beside her, realizing he missed his chance for lovemaking, and wasn’t going to get any the next night.


Tuesday evening, they arrived home and Sarah started cooking, as Mike helped. When the doorbell rang Mike went and let Jake in. “Jake, this is my Aunt Sarah.”

Jake stared a second, especially at her scoop-necked top, that showed off her fine cleavage, then turned his gaze to her smiling green eyes. “Uh, hello,” he stuttered.

Sarah was no less pleased at what she saw. “Call me Sarah,” she told him, as she gave Mike a knowing look. She approved of his choice.

Over dinner, they chatted. Sarah learned he was nineteen and his sport was swimming. Yes, she thought, he has a swimmer’s body–narrow waist, and broad shoulders. Sarah carefully probed his love life and Çeşme Escort learned he had just met a girl; their third date was Friday.

As dinner ended, Sarah looked at Mike and raised her eyebrow. He knew it was the seal of approval, and to make himself scarce. “Jake, I got an assignment I need to finish. Mind helping Aunt Sarah clean up. Thanks.”

And before Jake could say anything, Mike was gone.

“Jake, mind helping me clear the table?” Sarah smiled warmly. He stacked the dishes, as Sarah loaded the dishwasher. As the last was done, Sarah turned, and Jake found himself face-to-face with her. “Thank you, Jake,” Sarah smiled, warmly.

“Uh, I didn’t realize Mike had work to do,” Jake said. “I wouldn’t have…”

“Jake, don’t you understand why Mike vanished?” Sarah said, putting a hand on his chest. “How tall are you, Jake?”

“Uh, six-two.”

“Yes, and the body of a swimmer. Come Jake, let’s not beat around the bush. You know what this is about.” Sarah paused, looking at him, then gave him a lingering kiss. “Understand?”

Jake was nearly trembling, things seemed to happen so fast. Sarah kissed him again, to make the point.

Jake kissed her back, harder. He had gone from disbelief, to eager in a flash. He wrapped his arms around her, as he continued to kiss her passionately. He was eager, Sarah thought to herself, just like other nineteen-year-olds, then contrasted it to Mike’s sensuous nature.

“Uh, but Mike?” he asked.

“Jake, he knows what’s happening. Mike and I have, let’s say, an arrangement. He introduces me to his friends, and I introduce him to mine.” Sarah smiled, wryly. “Come, let’s get comfortable.” she added, taking his hand.

Jake realized she was taking him to her bedroom, and it truly dawned on him this was really happening.

When Sarah closed the door, she turned to Jake and said seductively, “I like pleasing young men. Do you like pleasing women?” as she moved to him. She kissed him sensuously, as Jake tried to match her. “How many women have you made love to, Jake?”

“Uh, a few. I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

Sarah pulled his T-shirt off and stroked his muscular chest. Then she put his hand on her breast, “Like to undress me?”

He pulled her top off and fumbled for her bra, finally releasing her tits. He cupped one, feeling the softness of it. They were fuller than any of the girls he had known. Next were her pants. He pulled them down, then knelt and removed her panties. He paused for a moment, to admire her womanly form. Jake stood and kissed her hard. Sarah could feel the bulge in his shorts and his pressing desire.

Sarah felt she needed to ease his sexual pressure. She pushed him to the bed and pulled off his shoes, followed by his pants. Next his briefs. As she pulled them down, his hard cock popped out. His long rod was in proportion to his height.

“My,” Sarah teased. “You seem eager. Let me ease the tension.”

With little ado, Sarah licked his cock, then sucked it into her mouth as Jake groaned. He looked briefly at this lovely woman sucking his cock, before he closed his eyes, and just enjoyed it. Sarah continued sucking on it, as she cupped his sack. He was shifting his hips and Sarah knew it was coming.

“Agh! Fuck!” he groaned and thrusted his hips up. Sarah felt the first of his sperm in her mouth and started swallowing. It was quite a load, and some dribbled onto her hand as it held his shaft. He bucked some more, until his body relaxed. Sarah continued pleasuring his cock, looking at the smile on his face.

After she licked the cum off her fingers, she told him, “I think you enjoyed that. Now rest a bit. Then I hope you’ll return the favor.”

Jake looked at her, and after quickly catching his breath, rolled Sarah on her back and was quickly between her legs. His tongue was soon probing her pussy with little ceremony. It felt good, but Sarah couldn’t help comparing his to Mike’s sensual approach. She grabbed his head, guiding him. In a few minutes, she was getting hot, and her body started getting restless. Then he stopped, and began climbing on top of her.

“Finish the job, first!” she hissed, pushing his head back to her pussy. Jake redoubled his efforts, knowing he had to get her off, if he wanted to fuck her.

And get off, she did, “Oh, fuck! Yes! Oh, Fuck! Oh…” Sarah moaned, as the orgasm finally came. She spasmed and squirmed, as he continued pleasing her.

Her climax barely passed before she felt him move on top of her. The lust in his eyes was primal. She thrilled at it and spread her legs wide, as his cock found her entrance. Sarah gasped, as his shaft parted her pussy lips and thrusted deeply into her core. Her hands felt his broad back, as he took long, deep strokes. She loved feeling this hunk of a man pounding her with his long shaft. He continued fucking her wildly, pounding away. It was so hot to Sarah, so primal; she could feel his lust.

She put one hand on his butt, feeling his muscles flex, as he Çeşme Escort Bayan drove his rod inside her, while she stroked his back with the other. Then she felt his pace quicken. “Fuck! Yes! Give me your cum!”

He groaned, and with a deep thrust, began pumping his seed into Sarah’s womb. He thrusted and pumped, each time releasing more of his sperm inside her. Spent for the moment, he rested on top of her. Sarah didn’t cum. But feeling this gorgeous body and his sperm inside her was pleasure enough.

Sarah patted him on the butt, and he rolled off her. She kissed him, but he still seemed to be recovering. She stroked his body, admiring it, then played with his cock, soaked with their mingled juices. She felt there was more life in his cock, and she wanted one more orgasm. She kissed her way to his semi-hard manhood, then licked it before sucking it back to life.

Jake watched passively, as this hot older woman sucked on his lengthening cock. Sarah was satisfied with her work and straddled him. “Fuck! I love your big cock!” she hissed, as she lowered herself onto it. She began grinding on it, as Jake mashed her tits. She looked at Jake, his eyes closed. She needed more stimulation and began working her clit.

“Yeah, Jake! Fuck… Love your cock!” she said breathlessly, as she rode and ground on it. “Fuck, yeah! Oh…” Sarah screamed, as she came. Jake opened his eyes to see her body spasm in climax, and held her hips.

When it passed, Jake positioned her on all fours. “Fuck yes!” Sarah gasped, as he drove his cock into her soaking pussy from behind. He pounded her with long, hard strokes, as his hips slapped her butt. He was pounding her wildly, and Sarah reached for her clit, but heard him groan as he planted more cum deep inside her. She buried her face in the pillow, just enjoying his throbbing cock, filling her with his sperm.

When he was done, he fell to Sarah’s side, “Fuck! That was great!” he murmured. As he pulled out, Sarah could feel his cum dripping from her well-used slit. She scooped some up, and tasted it, before moving to his side. She gave him a kiss that he barely responded to, then laid her head on his chest.

They said nothing, as Sarah reflected. He was a hunk, and she loved his animalistic pounding. Yet, there was something missing. He rarely kissed her. She realized that he seemed more interested in getting himself off. There was no eye contact, no sensuousness. Her mind turned to Mike and his sensuality, his attention to pleasing her. She felt Jake was an okay lover, but he made Mike’s star rise higher.

They lay together an hour or so, as Sarah continued to admire his physique. But she was satisfied sexually and wanted her bed to herself. “Jake, shouldn’t you be going?”

He was happy lying with this lovely, nude woman, but realized he did have to go. “Sarah, you were great!” he said, getting dressed. Sarah put on a robe then saw him to the front door. He kissed Sarah then asked, “Can we get together again sometime?”

“What about that new girlfriend?” she asked. “Oh, I think you should focus on pleasing her. But maybe.” Then she added, “And Jake, I hope you’re not the type to brag about your conquests.”

“No, Sarah,” he replied, kissing her. She watched him drive off and went back to her room.

Sarah took a shower and looked at her empty bed. It was damp from lovemaking. She had slept in it like this many times. But this time, the fact that it was empty pulled at her.

Mike was in bed reading when his door opened. “Still up?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, Jake gone?”

“Yes,” Sarah replied, sitting on his bed.

“Yeah? So? How was he? Come on, you said we were confidantes.”

Sarah smiled at his turning her words back on her. “Well, yes, he is a hunk. And fuck! What an animal in bed!”

She looked at him, his eyes glued to hers. Sarah put her hand on his chest. “Funny, I like that primal sex, yet something was missing,” she told him, before giving him a sensual kiss. “I hope this talk hasn’t got you aroused,” she teased. “Hmm… when was the last time we made love?”

“Sunday,” he replied.

“Your libido must be pent-up by now,” she said, pulling back his covers to reveal his nude body. She grabbed his cock and brought her mouth to it.

“Sarah, it’s okay, you don’t… Fuck!” he gasped, as his cock slipped into Sarah’s mouth. Mike’s willingness to bring a guy home to satisfy her sexual appetite, only made her appreciate him more. Now, she wanted to reward him in the short term, as best she could. She sucked and licked his manhood, hoping to give him a good orgasm. She looked at him with sultry eyes, trying to express her desire for his cock–his sperm.

When she felt he was close, Sarah held him at the precipice. “I love your cock, your seed,” she told him, taking his shaft out of her mouth.

“Oh Sarah!” he begged, as he closed his eyes.

She held his cock a second, before letting it plunge between her soft lips. With a groan, he bucked his hips, as a copious load of Escort Çeşme cum filled her mouth. She hummed her satisfaction between each swallow of his sperm. His orgasm seemed endless, and Sarah thrilled at bringing her special man so much pleasure.

When it was over, she kissed his shriveling cock lovingly, until Mike pulled her to him, planting a long kiss on her lips. “Sarah, I…” he checked himself, “You’re such a special woman.”

“Well, I have nothing to complain about. You bring me some stud! And admit it, it’s hard sharing me. I’m behind in this deal. So, I hope to have you meet someone special this weekend. She’s an on-and-off lover. And she’s coming by Thursday for a tryst. And when she meets you, well…” Sarah told him softly. Then, “Can I sleep here tonight?” she asked, innocently. He turned out the light, and soon fell asleep with his lovely Sarah beside him.


Thursday evening, Sarah started cooking as Mike helped. “Katie should be here by six,” she told him. And, at the appointed time, the doorbell rang. “Let her in, Mike.”

He opened the door. There was quite a woman, no more than fifty, he guessed, and Sarah’s height, with stylish, short hair. More curvy than Sarah, and quite the bust. He forced himself to look her in the eyes, and smiled.

Katie was no less pleased at what she saw. “Oh, you must be Mike.”

“Uh, yes, come in. Aunt Sarah’s cooking,” he told her. In the kitchen, Sarah greeted her with a kiss on the lips and a hug. Mike returned to his cooking duties, but Sarah stopped him.

“Mike, pour Katie a glass of wine and entertain our guest. I’ll finish.”

Mike sat with her at the kitchen table, and they got to know each other. He learned she worked in administration at the college, and her husband was a professor at the medical school, and often went to conferences, where he was the next four days.

Over dinner, Katie looked at the way Mike looked at Sarah. And she knew Mike was just the type of young man Sarah liked. As dinner ended, Mike said with a knowing look, “Aunt Sarah, if you two want to go talk, I’ll clean up. Then I have some assignments to work on.”

The women thanked him, then grabbed their wine glasses and headed to the living room before diverting to Sarah’s bedroom. Inside, Katie kissed Sarah sensuously. “Quite a nephew you have. Does he really think we’re going to talk?”

Sarah laughed, “No, he knows about me, and us,” she replied before putting her arms around Katie and kissing her. Then added, “And he’s free to bring girls here. Let’s say we have an agreement.”

Katie looked at her quizzically, “A young guy like that? Tell me you haven’t bedded him.”

“Katie! He’s my nephew! Now, you. Been a while since I had a woman in my bed,” Sarah responded, before driving her tongue into her friend’s mouth. They kissed a while before Sarah unbuttoned Katie’s blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Next came the bra and Katie’s pendulous breasts fell free. “I missed your tits,” Sarah added, before lifting one and sucking on a large nipple.

Katie closed her eyes. Sarah had that touch that brought Katie back for more. She looked at Sarah as she sucked on it, until she brought her lips back to Katie’s. “I want to see you naked!” Katie exclaimed, as she pulled Sarah’s top off and bra. She kissed Sarah’s tits, as she knelt then pulled down her skirt. With Sarah’s panties gone, Katie kissed Sarah’s hips and firm stomach.

Sarah pulled her to her feet, and pushed her on the bed. She removed Katie’s shoes followed by her pants. As Sarah got Katie’s panties off, she kissed her leg, her thigh and hip; then licked her tits before laying on top of Katie, and giving her a long, deep kiss. Katie wrapped Sarah in her arms, feeling her lover’s body–her skin–on hers.

“When was the last time we made love?” Katie asked.

Sarah just kissed her again, as Katie caressed her. Sarah knew her lover’s passion was unfulfilled by her husband, so knew what she wanted. She kissed Katie’s neck, lingering a while, before returning to her sumptuous breasts; lavishing attention on both. She took special pleasure in sucking on Katie’s large, soft breasts.

Sarah moved to Katie’s soft belly, kissing it and licking it as Katie closed her eyes, anticipating where Sarah was headed. She parted Katie’s legs and knelt, gliding her fingers over her skin with long strokes.

Sarah planted kisses on the delicate skin of Katie’s inner thighs. She lavished attention there, as Katie’s anticipation grew. “Sarah!” Katie exclaimed, as her tongue slipped between the moist folds of her entrance. “Fuck! Sarah, you know just how to please me… Fuck! Yes… That!” Katie moaned, as Sarah tongue explored her.

Sarah could see that Katie’s sexual tension was high. She worked Katie’s clit as she fondled her breasts until Katie’s body was restless, eager for release. Then, Sarah slowed down, just slowly licking her clit. Katie grabbed her head and ground on her face, moaning, trying to get release. But Sarah continued working slowly.

“Fuck! Sarah! Please… Yes! Oh, fuck! Oh… Oh yes! Fuck!” Katie screamed, as her body shook to an intense orgasm.

Mike was heading to his room, when he heard it. He paused in the hallway, and listened, as Katie continued to moan and gasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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