His Sweet Girl Ch. 06

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As I walked downstairs stark naked, my whole nubile body ached from its repeated exploitation the night before. Semen was splattered over my face, tangled in my hair and dried in rivulets down the sides of my mouth and onto my chin. There were also copious amounts of white cum splashed over my tiny tits and crusted over my small pointed nipples, with their silver piercings more prominent than ever. As well as huge spurts of semen dried over my smooth pink labia and peachy bum cheeks, I could feel warm, gooey remains of Mr Charles’ pleasure oozing out of my stretched vagina and dribbling down the inside of my thighs. Some streams had reached my knees, such was the volume of potent semen Mr Charles had propelled into my orifices the night before. I knew even more semen would be leaking out of me if it wasn’t for the smooth silver plug inserted neatly into my anal sphincter, which stretched my hole open for various erect penises but also acted as a stopper, currently sealing a large amount of viscous semen in my rectum.

I entered the kitchen and bent over to open the dishwasher and pull out a water glass. As I bent over though, I heard a sudden gasp and the thud of a bag of groceries hitting the tiled floor. I turned round to see Mrs Charles as the door to the kitchen, her face pale and shocked and outstretched arms empty. There was nothing I could do to hide my slutty naked self, crusted gaziantep escortları with her husband’s cum all over, and I realised that as I had bent over, Mrs Charles would have seen my large anal plug poking out from between my soft ass cheeks too.

Mr Charles’ driver was as professional and dispassionate as ever as he drove me to the doctor’s office. I had pulled on Mr Charles’ oversized shirt from the night before but apart from that my twenty-year old body was completely exposed. I clutched an ice pack to my forehead where the cell phone hurled by Mrs Charles had struck me. The immediate shock was subsiding already, but I was secretly extremely pleased by the concern Mr Charles had shown for my welfare when he tended me. Sending me to his doctor had the added advantage of getting me out of his marital home while his wife continued to scream obscenities and trash the furnishings in her jealous rage.

I was ushered straight into the doctor’s office this time, and came face to face with the same physician as before: the middle-aged man who had become painfully erect during my sexual health and contraception appointment. He eased the icepack away from my face and assessed the lump forming on my brow.

“There won’t be any lasting damage from this. Judging from your attire, you seem to have been caught in quite a compromising position. Maybe it could have been worse.” My cheeks burned and I knew he was right. My swollen and abused young form, coated in semen with a large anal plug protruding from my buttocks, must have been a huge shock for the prudish, middle-aged Mrs Charles. “While you’re here, we should do a health exam and check up. I know Mr Charles wants me to ensure you are exclusively intimate with him, so I’ll do some tests for sexually-transmitted diseases for evidence.” My head was aching now, and I let the doctor lead me to his examination table and slide the baggy button down over my pale shoulders.

“When did you last have intercourse?” he asked as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

“Last night. No, this morning. A couple hours ago, I guess.”

“Once? How many times?”

I paused. How many times had Mr Charles’ huge member forced its way into my tight body? I felt exhausted and finally sated so it must have been several. The doctor noticed my hesitation.

“I need an accurate answer. Start with instances of full vaginal intercourse, where semen was deposited in your vaginal canal.”

“Four, I think.” I mumbled. There had been so much semen, everywhere. Surely some must have been propelled towards my cervix.

“And as for anal intercourse?”

“Three times.” At least three times, I thought. With the silver butt plug reinserted immediately afterwards each time to maintain my anal girth and store up copious ejaculate in my rectum as future lubricant.

“Okay. Now lie back.” As the doctor probed my vagina with his gloved fingers, huge globs of creamy cum drooled from my labia and flowed out of my pink hole. It bubbled on my thighs and the doctor used several tissues to wipe it away so that he could continue his exam. I was resigned to his investigation now and let him spread my pussy wider to take his swabs and photograph my abused young genitals, covered in frothy spunk.

I heard the doctor let out a surprised chuckle when he realised shiny butt plug was shoved into my anus. He tweaked it slightly and my whole body jolted with remembered pleasure; I let out a choke of lustful surprise.

“I will do my best to take samples from around this device. I know Mr Charles prefers to manage their insertion and removal in some detail.” The doctor moved his cotton bud around the edge of my straining white sphincter then closed the sample in a sealed tube for testing.

“If you have engaged in oral sex, I will also need to swab your mouth. I remember from our first appointment that you enjoy receiving the male member in your mouth and throat?” I nodded hesitantly. “And you have actually allowed men to complete inside your mouth?” I nodded again. “Open up, then.” I stretched my mouth open and the doctor ran a final swab around the inside of my cheeks. He stored the swab and I was free to go. A black mood of disappointment and rejection settled on me as Mr Charles’ driver took me home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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