His Wife’s Fetish Ch. 02

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Note: This story is a continuation of Chapter 1. It contains male chastity, orgasm denial, and light femdom themes. Be warned! As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know!


It was Monday morning and James woke up before his alarm, a sudden tightness between his legs rousing him from slumber. His chastity cage was denying his morning wood, and it was mildly uncomfortable.

As James groggily fought his way out of sleep he realized that he was still spooning Ava, his arms wrapped around her, their legs entangled, and his caged cock nestled securely in between her toned ass cheeks. If he hadn’t already been turned on, he would have been now. Slowly, so as not to wake his wife, James moved his right arm down her soft body, feeling the soft mounds of her breasts, the small, cold key on the golden chain around her neck, and the smooth plains of her stomach until finally his fingers came to rest against her freshly shaven pussy.

Ava’s legs were clasped together, so James didn’t have good access to the beautiful flower of her nether lips. Moving slowly, he moved one of his legs between his wife’s legs, propping them open slightly so that his fingers could move farther down. As he finally came to rest against the cleft in her delicate flesh, he pressed slowly inward until he found the nub of her clitoris, where he finally began to make delicate circles.

“Oh?” Ava said groggily as she finally woke up.

James took his queue and quickly wrapped his arm and legs firmly around his wife and picked up the pace against her pussy.

“Oh, James!” Ava gasped in ecstasy as she grabbed his arm and arched her back.

James was loving the physical intimacy that they shared. It was hard to tell where his body stopped and hers began, and something about the skin to skin contact with her warm body fulfilled something deep within him. He was almost sad when, mere seconds later, his wife tensed in orgasm from his touch.

“Oh babe, that was so fast! I think you’re getting a lot better at this,” Ava purred, closing her legs and ejecting her husband’s hand.

“Mmm, it’s because you’re worth it, babe,” James said, hugging his wife close and gently kissing her neck. His cock strained painfully, but he couldn’t help but hump her sexy behind.

The couple savored those last several minutes in each other’s embrace before James’ alarm went off. With a sigh James untangled himself from his wife and rolled off the bed to shut off the alarm. He had to hobble slightly to deal with the tightness in his groin, but before too long he was able to move about normally. Ava worked from home, so she was able to sleep in. That meant that this morning James would be showering alone. It was normally during these showers or on the toilet before hand that James would jack off, and he felt the same compulsion this morning. As he waited for the water of the shower to heat up he found himself desperately trying to jack off through the cage; tugging on it, twisting it, or trying to get sensation through the bars. His desperate ministrations through the unyielding bars felt good, there was no denying that, but it was nowhere near enough for him to cum. He had halfway hoped that this chastity fetish experiment would only last the weekend and his wife would have taken the cage off before work, but James hadn’t said anything. Ava was self-conscious, and he knew that if he said anything to indicate that he wasn’t having fun she would end the experiment early, even if she wasn’t yet satisfied. Besides, there was something delightfully erotic about surrendering his cock to his wife. As frustrating as it was, it felt good.

With a sigh, James stepped into the shower and started his day.

Ava kept James in chastity for the entire week. It was a little awkward for James at first to be around his coworkers while such a perverted thing was attached to his cock, but by Wednesday he had almost forgotten that it was there. He was still incredibly horny and he found himself spending more time fantasizing than actually working, but he had grown used to the feeling of the cage and it was almost as though it wasn’t there.

As far as sex went, the couple managed to calm down a little. James still brought Ava to orgasm every night, but she would only ask for a reasonable one or two orgasms, nothing like the five or more that she had been given over the weekend. Ava was letting her kinky side show in other ways, however. When James would come home after work Ava would show him the art that she had been working on that day. Over the course of the week she had started drawing erotic art inspired by the pictures that she had taken of him. Apparently they were already bringing in more commission requests than she had ever gotten before.

“Maybe Anadolu Yakası Escort I’ll have to become an erotic artist,” Ava giggled, only half joking.

It was Friday again before Ava suggested something new.

“Hey babe, let’s go out to the bars!” She said excitedly after the two had a nice home cooked dinner of baked salmon and lightly fried potatoes.

“Since when do you like going out to the bars?” James joked.

“The bars aren’t normally my thing, but,” Ava lifted her leg under the table and placed her bare feet against the crotch of James’ pants, curling her toes around his caged cock, “this is a time for new things. We might as well go out of our comfort zone. Besides, we’re already trying out bars, why not try a different kind?”

James laughed out loud at the cock cage pun. It really wasn’t funny, but his heart was beating fast and his body was pumped with adrenaline as his wife gave him a faux foot job.

“Sure babe, whatever you want,” James said with a smile. “You’ve got me by the balls, so to speak.”

Ava smiled at her husband’s stupid joke and lifted her other leg to play with his caged cock between her feet.

“One rule though,” She said with a smirk. “No underwear.”

Ava wore a beautiful, form fitting floral summer dress that didn’t even reach down to her knees, and James wore a button up dress shirt with nice black slacks (mostly because they were the loosest pants he owned and he didn’t want to show off his cage for the world to see). The couple started the night off drinking at a nice bar with an outdoor patio called Gloria’s where they sat, chatted, and pregamed a little bit. The early summer night was gentle and nice, and sitting across from his wife as denied as he had been, James thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Her smile lit up her face enough to distract him from her cleavage peeking through the neckline of the dress. For a moment he was actually happy that he was in chastity so that his cock wouldn’t tent his pants awkwardly at the bar.

After Gloria’s the couple went to a club. After several drinks Ava wanted to dance, so James took her to One Shot, the club that was the most popular with the college students, famed for it’s mosh pit of a dance floor. While they were waiting in line several scantily clad girls started flirting heavily with James, an act that Ava only encouraged. James started to get uncomfortable when the girls started to get handsy with him and no help came from his wife, but fortunately the security guard passed them through into the club before things got weird.

James took his wife’s hand and quickly led her out onto the dance floor and away from the flirty girls. The music was so loud that the pair couldn’t hear each other, and the dance floor was so packed that they had to dance skin to skin, though James didn’t mind that part. The club was also very dark, illuminated only by various strobes and dancing lights. This put James at ease; all night he had been worrying about whether people could see his cage through his pants without underwear, but on this dance floor he didn’t have to worry about it.

The beat of the music quickly got Ava in the mood and soon she was all over James, making out with him in the middle of the crowd. It was a bit voyeuristic for him, but he went along with it. It wasn’t like anyone would recognize them here anyway. James was, however, taken aback when his wife’s hands slipped down to his groin and began undoing the zipper of his pants.

“What are you doing, babe?!” James called to his wife, but even as close as they were she still couldn’t understand him over the din. Before he knew it his balls and cage — almost overflowing with his straining cock — were hanging out of his pants. James desperately looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but it appeared as if the whole world were oblivious to what the couple were doing.

Ava grabbed her husband’s nervous face and smothered it with another sloppy kiss before turning around and backing up into him, gyrating her hips to the beat and grinding on his exposed cage. Much to James’ additional shock, as his cock slipped beneath her short dress, he learned that his wife wasn’t wearing underwear either! The alcohol, the denial, and the eroticism of the situation were finally enough for James and he threw away all inhibitions, grabbing his wife’s hips and grinding back into her.

The couple ‘danced’ like that for many minutes, the friction against James’ cock enough to make him feel good and leave him wanting more, but not enough to actually get him close to orgasm. Several people tried to interrupt and get in a dance of their own with one or the other of the couple, but they were too enamored with each other to be split up. Avrupa Yakası Escort Eventually Ava turned around and wrapped her leg around James as she began to make out with him and hump his cage.

Several minutes later and she was tensing up and breathing heavily into his mouth as she paused in the middle of a French kiss.

“Let’s go home, babe. I need you now!” Ava panted into her husband’s ear, and this time he even understood her.

Hastily stuffing his painfully denied cock back into his pants James took his wife’s hand and led her out of the club. James hadn’t drank quite as much, and so he was their designated driver for the evening. The couple hastily buckled themselves into the car and took off for home. The whole ride back Ava rubbed James’s caged cock while she delicately fingered herself, letting out sultry moans every now and then. If James hadn’t been caged and could actually feel his wife’s touch he probably would have crashed the car in his excitement. Yet another instance where being in chastity had proven beneficial.

“Oh my god, babe. That was so fucking hot!” Ava moaned. “I can’t believe that you actually let me pull your cock out in public like that! You’re such a fucking pervert.”

Ava once again undid his fly and pulled out his caged cock.

“Mmm, you’re dripping so much precum. You must be so horny.” Ava teased as she rolled his dripping, caged cock between her fingers.

“Oh, Ava baby, I’m so horny for you, you have no idea.” James moaned back, telling her the truth that she wanted to hear.

“That’s good, babe. Then tell me what you think of this.” With that Ava leaned over and swallowed James’s caged cock into her mouth.

James let out a gasp as he felt his wife’s tongue through the bars of the cage. He had never gotten road head before, and what an irony that he was only now getting it when he couldn’t feel it.

“Shit babe, that’s amazing! I wish I could feel the real deal,” James said, remembering to turn on his turn signal as he turned onto their street.

“Do you want me to take the cage off?” Ava immediately stopped sucking and looked up at her husband, a twinge of concern entering her voice.

“No, no! That’s not what I meant,” James said hurriedly. “I want you to keep me in this cage as long as you want. Don’t take it off until you want to.”

“Hmm, okay!” With that Ava immediately dove back onto her husband’s cock and began sucking on the cage like the sluttiest porn star he had ever seen. She kept at it all the way until they reached home.

When they finally got into the house the couple quickly stripped their clothes and Ava threw James onto their shared bed. She dove on top of him and began rubbing her pussy against his caged cock while she made out with him again. Before long she was panting and her husband was dripping with precum.

“I need cock so bad babe,” Ava moaned into her husband’s ear as she held him close and continued to hump his body.

“I’ll give you a choice,” she continued. “I can take that cage off of you and you can pound my pussy to your heart’s content. Or… we can take this fetish deeper and you do what I tell you.”

James swallowed hard. His heart must have been beating a hundred miles an hour. What did she mean ‘take it deeper’? His cock fought against the bars of his cage at the thought. He couldn’t deny it any longer, he actually liked being denied. He liked being his wife’s sex toy.

“L-let’s take it deeper.” James managed to choke out.

Ava didn’t give him another chance to think and instead smothered him in another long, wet kiss as her tongue explored the deepest recesses of his mouth. When she finally broke the kiss and stepped off the bed he was panting.

Ava reached beneath their bed and rummaged around for a moment.

“I bought this while you were at work this week,” She said as she held up a strap-on dildo.

It was hyper realistic, circumcised, eight inches long, and complete with silicon testicles. Attached to the base were black, nylon straps. A black cord came out of the base and attached to a small control unit.

“I need cock, and since you’re trapped in that cage this one will have to do. Put it on and fuck me like the man you are.” Ava handed him the toy.

James was hesitant to touch the hyper realistic fake cock, but trembling, he did as he was told. It was soft to the touch and felt almost too real. It felt weird for him to be touching it. On top of everything else, it was longer and thicker than his own cock by a significant margin. It wasn’t too late to back out, Ava would understand, she was great like that. No, he wasn’t about to back down now. He would do it for his wife.

Shakily James stood up and began to step into the İstanbul Escort straps as his wife replaced him on the bed. It was surprisingly easy to fix the toy over his own, trapped cock. As he stood there looking down at himself, he couldn’t believe just how big the fake cock was. He hadn’t seen his own erection in a week, so maybe it was overblown in his own mind, but the thing looked massive! With a gulp James grabbed the control hanging off of the harness and pressed the button. The toy came to life with a vibrating pulse.

“Fuck me babe! I want to feel your cock in my tight, wet pussy!” Ava called to him, holding out her arms and spreading her legs for missionary.

James obliged and slid onto his wife. He was well experienced in this position, having fucked his wife like this for eight years, but it took a little getting used to with the larger cock and no sensation. Carefully he lined it’s massive head up with her sopping wet pussy and began pressing into her. As soon as the vibrations hit her delicate opening she gasped and wrapped her arms around her husband’s shoulders.

James continued to press firmly but slowly into her until suddenly the head was past her tight opening and the rest of the cock quickly slipped into her love tunnel. Ava let out a loud gasp that turned into a deep moan as her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Yes! Fuck me! You’re cock is so fucking big!” Ava yelled.

James probably should have been humiliated, but for some reason he wasn’t. His cock strained even harder to be free of his prison as he began to roll his hips into his wife’s twat. He knew just how to please her. He repositioned so that his thrusts were at a higher angle and thus rubbing against her clit with every movement. Ava seemed to be losing her mind at his ministrations and she threw her legs around his hips, now fully latched onto him as he made tender love to her pussy.

James wasn’t quite sure what his cock was doing to her as he couldn’t feel anything, but it was certainly going deeper into her than his cock had ever gone. Encouraged by her response he began to piston into her harder, delighting in the slap of flesh against flesh as he raided her deepest parts with his new, fake cock.

Ava’s moans became louder and louder until finally she yelled out and her whole body tensed in an explosive orgasm. James was stunned; he had never made her cum that fast before from penetration. Maybe it was the vibration?

Slowly, he withdrew from her and left her collapsed, panting on the bed.

“Don’t take that off just yet,” Ava said wearily when James reached to undo the straps.

Her legs were shaky, but nevertheless Ava pushed herself up onto her hand and knees and presented herself to James.

“Fuck me like a dog. I want more cock!”

James was continually impressed by his wife’s eroticism ever since he had been put into the cage. Dutifully he got back onto the bed and positioned himself on his knees behind his wife’s flowery entrance. She had perfect form; her chest was pressed against the bed and her ass was in the air, presented to him. Her back had the arch that only the best porn stars could achieve.

James pressed the thick, flared head of the fake cock against her pussy and began rubbing her, making sure that she was still wet enough for penetration. It wasn’t necessary though, she was wetter than he had ever seen her before. Doggy style had always been much more intense for Ava, so James was careful as he sank his fake cock back into her. This time he was able to see what he was doing and he realized, much to his relief, that this large cock couldn’t even sink all the way into her. It was too big!

“Fuck me hard, don’t hold back,” Ava moaned as James started slowly thrusting.

He had been pent up for so long and he was so frustrated that he didn’t even think twice. James thrust hard into her tight cut and plowed his wife right there on the bed with his fake cock. Ava’s moans became grunts as the plastic strap-on pounded into her. James realized that his caged cock was dripping a steady stream of precum onto the bed. The vibrations where slightly translated through the metal bars and he was so aroused that he couldn’t help but discharge.

For the next several minutes the room was filled with Ava’s sultry grunts and the lewd sound of slapping flesh and wet fucking. James was beginning to wonder when his wife would tell him to stop when she let out another loud cry and tensed up in an even more powerful orgasm. James was stunned, he has never gotten his wife to orgasm from doggy style before. He wished that he could have done it with his real cock, but the fact that he was now able to give his wife this much pleasure was something else. He felt almost giddy with joy.

“Okay, that’s enough. I can’t take any more,” Ava said as she flopped onto the bed.

James stepped out of the strapon, turned off the lights, and joined his wife.

“I love you so, so much,” Ava said, snuggling up against her horny husband.

“And I love you too,” James said, kissing her forehead.

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