History of CFNM Ch. 01

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The year was 2232 A.D. The more things changed the more they stayed the same. There were incredible advances in science, technology, spirituality politics etc. But like us, people took it all for granted. Not knowing how good they really had it.

Jenny wasn’t quite sure why she signed up for this class. Jenny was a freshman in college. She needed to take a history elective. The choices were extensive. Everything from US history, world history, history of technology, history of the new world order, history of war, history of fashion. Literally thousands of choices offered, of everything you could ever thing of. (thanks to teleportation, you could attend any college anywhere, and with the Earth, the moon and Mars and various space stations the Human population tipped the scales at 30 billion strong, this supported a wide variety of educational opportunities.)

But one class in the catalog caught her eye. The History of CFNM. How weird she thought. To her seeing a male naked or in various states of undress was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact it was an everyday occurrence for most of all women of her day. But never the less it seemed to jump off the page at her.

The History of CFNM — 4 credit hours Explore the rich history of CFNM – Clothed Females Nude Males. Discovery it’s humble origins. From underground internet fetish to mainstream entertainment and acceptance. Course work is extensive, as well as lab and field work. (Nudity and Sexual situations involved)

Jenny circled it, as well as Calculus, Psychology, and Trans Dimensional Engineering. 16 credit hours was aggressive, but she could handle it. She was a straight A student though High School. She was looking forward to starting college. New friends. New experiences.


Day One:


Jenny teleported into the campus and made her way to the L.T.N. (localized Teleportation Network) where she was teleported into the history building.

She made her way through the busy halls and finally found her classroom. She was surprised to see it was mostly female. Although there were a few guys in the class. Not too shabby either she noticed. Quite nice actually. Cute she thought. She could feel their eyes on her as she sashayed across the room to find her seat.

The teacher was a lady in her early thirties. Hair pulled back and glasses she seemed very formidable. Jenny couldn’t help but notice her figure. Her black skirt hugged her well-proportioned curvy hips. Her blouse did nothing to hide her well-endowed breasts. Jenny wasn’t bi sexual, but she could admire a women’s body. Mrs. Nelson certainly cut a beautifully imposing figure.

‘Okay, settle down class.’ the murmurs of conversation dimmed out as she continued, ‘My name is Mrs. Nelson.’ as she handed out the course syllabus she said. ‘You might be wondering to yourself. Why are we here? What is this class all about? Well……you will see during the course of this class, that things were not always as they are today. Today we take alot of things for granted. For example, you there, what is your name?’


‘Dave would you mind coming up to the front of the class.’

‘Sure’, Dave made his way to the front. The class full of women, watching his every step. Once up front he turned around facing the class.

‘As you can see class, Dave has on a classic pair of shorts and he does wear them nicely. We call them biker shorts because at one point in time these were used usually exclusively for biking. But men wear them all the time now. When they first came out they caused quite a sensation. Nowadays, we take these things totally for granted. This may come as a shock to you girls. But through most of history the only full grown penis a women ever saw was that of her husband’s. There were audible gasps from some women in the room. She had to be kidding Jenny thought to herself.

Mrs. Nelson continued, ‘A women could go through life thinking a 3-inch penis was normal. Of course WE all know that isn’t quite the case’, that brought chuckles from the room.

‘Yes these types of shorts caused quite a stir in there day. Class, notice how the fabric hugs Dave’s penis. You can clearly see the outline. Look here are his balls.’, Mrs. Nelson’s finger traced the fabric along Dave’s testicals and continued to follow her dissertation. ‘And here is his shaft. Yup and that looks like the head of his penis right there.’

Dave was turning red. ‘I’m sorry, am I embarrassing you Dave?’, Mrs. Nelson asked in a concerned manner.

‘Ahh kind of Mrs. Nelson. Can I sit down now?’

‘No not yet. And I’m sorry about embarrassing you Dave. But you really should NOT be embarrassed. In fact we will cure you of that by the end of the semester.’ She got a gleam in her eye as she put her hand on his shoulder and raised her eyes from his crotch to look Dave in the eye to say. ‘In fact Dave, part of the lab work of this class will help you with that. As you can read from the syllabus, all males in order to pass this Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort class will need to do a variety of things including exposing themselves and demonstrating their masturbation techniques for the class. ‘

Mrs. Nelson gave Dave a warm comforting smile. Dave seemed terrified.

Ooh cool Jenny thought to herself. Maybe watching Dave stroke his penis would give her some ideas to use on her boyfriend John. How big was it anyway? Would Mrs. Nelson really make him do this for the class? Jeez, and would she even make him stroke to orgasm? Jenny vividly pictured it in her head. The class watching intently as Dave stroked his massive cock. The jets of semen squirting vigorously from the tip of his hard shiny cock head. Jet after Jet…

Jenny came back to reality when Mrs. Nelson said, ‘Oooooh my…Look class! Dave is getting an erection’ All eyes took in the sight. Dave’s cock was expanding in the biker shorts, causing more pressure against the fabric making it even more visible. ‘You might be embarrassed Dave but I think your little friend there seems to like what is required in this course.’

‘Can I sit down now?’

‘Sorry just one more minute, hang in there.’ Mrs. Nelson soothed him. Dave valiantly stood there as Mrs. Nelson continued.

‘Class for ages men wore loose fitting clothing. They could get erections at will and no one would ever know. In fact women really had a hard time telling how big a male really was unless she was getting intamate with him. Nowadays any man wearing loose fitting, visually restrictive clothing would be laughed at and otherwise completely ignored. Yes we take so many things for granted nowadays ladies. Just look at Dave’s fine penis. He certainly cannot hide the fact that he is aroused. He has grown considerably. I would say it’s a good 5 or 6 incher. Very Nice Dave, you may sit down now’.

With her eyes on the outline of his cock, Jenny watched Dave walk by her. She could tell he was looking at her but she didn’t care. She was more interested in looking at the outline of his hard cock as he went by. Dave walked by and took his seat.

Mrs. Nelson prowled the classroom. ‘You there, what is your name?’


‘Mike please come up to the front of the room with me’

Jenny was really enjoying this course. It was much more interesting then Calculus.

When Mike got to the front of the room Mrs. Nelson said, ‘As you can see class, Mike has on the latest rage in men’s fashion. The MC pants made their debut years ago in the European territories but only lately have they become popular in the Americas. And it’s about time, don’t you think girls?’

MC pant’s were Male Cleavage pants. The were the equivalent for males what the low cut blouse is for women.

Mrs. Nelson continued, ‘For thousands of years women’s fashion required a women to expose parts of her breasts for men’s enjoyment. A small chested women was not usually as desirable as a full figured women. Now we finally have parody!’

The MC pant’s were regular pants except that the front portion was made of see through material, or in more daring versions no material at all! ‘Conservative’ MC pants would only reveal some pubic hair. Others would actually expose the first inch or more of the shaft!!

‘However’, Mrs. Nelson continued, ‘Ladies, even in this enlightened age it is against public decentcy laws to have the head of a penis exposed in public. This is very similar to how TV in the US around the late 20th and early 21st century could show large portions of breasts but never the nipples. And public beaches could have string bikinis as long as no areola’s were showing. Quite silly when you think about it. But this is and was the reality.’

‘You look quite stunning Mike, you look like a very….(her eyes dropped to look at his exposed shaft)… distinguished gentleman. Class what do you think of this new style of pants?’

A cute girl in the front row said ,’I think they are hot! I mean I like biker shorts, speedos, pouches, sock shorts, tight jeans etc but these are…..nice.’

The class was in agreement. Mrs. Nelson commented, ‘I couldn’t agree more. And these pants are quite daring. Normally a man will only show an inch of shaft. The more daring 2 or 3 at the most. But we are very fortunate class. Mike is exposing quite an impressive amount of skin. In fact that is one of the things that makes these pants so wonderful. If you want to look good, be in vogue and impress the ladies, the more shaft you show the better. However, with the public decency laws being what they are you need a large sized penis to keep the head out of sight. So basically the larger the penis the more shaft you can comfortably show. ‘

‘Isn’t this wonderful class. Look at the endowment. Mike has been truly blessed down there and now we can all appreciate it, instead of maybe one or two girlfriends. Look at the girth, truly a wider then normal shaft and ooh my’. Under the scrutinay of the classes’ gaze Mike’s cock started to harden. ‘Wonderful! Just Wonderful!!’, clapping her hands in excitement, she continued, ‘Look class, the folds of skin are disappearing as his cock, err um I mean his penis lengthens and thickens. Notice how it runs down the side of his leg. Jeez it looks really hard. Is that uncomfortable Mike?’

‘Ahhh ya kind of’, answered Mike. He was have trouble standing up straight now because of his erection.

Mrs. Nelson eyes sparkled as she commented, ‘Well that’s one of the nice features of these types of pants. Men in the past would get erections and have to suffer as it squirmed for space. Normally they could get no relief. But with these pants that isn’t a problem, or at least if your not out in public anywhere. But this is a private institution so Mike if you would like to demonstrate that feature of the pants for the class that would be great!’

His voice cracked as he said, ‘Here? Now?’.

‘Ooh don’t be silly Mike.’, she crept up and put her arm around him as she cooed, ‘Look at how much of your penis you are already showing to us!’ Mrs. Nelson tried to keep her composure. Her nipples where incredibly hard beneath her blouse and the moisture between her legs was intense. As a professor and a distinguished faculty member of the school she needed to keep her composure. With her other hand on his stomach she said. ”Here let me help you.’

Her hand slid past his belt buckle, past the exposed public hair and lightly danced along the 4 inches of exposed shaft, as her warm hand wrapped around that hot piece of meat.

Jenny couldn’t believe it. Mrs. Nelson’s hand wrapped around his shaft and gave it a tug. Out it sprang. The class was amazed. Mrs Nelson had just pulled his cock out of pants!!! Every set of eyes in the class were fixed on the now fully exposed penis.

—— Normally Mike was a shy guy, but he was used to this by now. Ever since an early age his penis had been put on display for women. He fondly remembered…

His mom had a few of her bridge friends over. They were playing cards by the pool. It was hot so he went outside for a swim. Thinking nothing of being in a speedo he ran outside and jumped in the pool. After he had splashed around for a bit his mom asked’ Mike, I need some more ice and I think Margeret needs another soda, do you mind?’

‘Sure, no problem’, Mike said leaping out of the pool and coming over to grab his mom’s glass.

On the surface these four ladies appeared to give him little heed. But hidden behind their sunglasses all of the ladies took the opportunity to look over, and appraise the half naked young man.

As he went back inside Margeret broke the silence, ‘My, he does fill out that speedo, doesn’t he!’ That brought giggles from them all.

Smugly, leaning back in her chair, Jane folded her hands behind her head. This caused her bikini to rise up alittle as the fabric hugged her large well proportioned breasts. She was very proud of her son, ‘Well you know, what can I say, I think he’s taking after his father.’

Sara rolled her eyes, ‘Ohh here we go again, you just always have to always rub it in don’t you!’

‘Ooh Sara’, Margeret came to Jane’s defense. ‘Your just jealous and you know it!’ The ladies had been drinking during there little bridge game and they were becoming quite fiesty. ‘You should be thankful that Jane, is such a sharing friend! How many times has she showed you Jack’s penis?’

Margeret had Sara there. What could she say. It was true. At an earlier bridge party they started discussing and comparing notes on their husbands. Sara’s husband was 3 inches, Jan’s 4 and Margeret’s 6 and a half, when Jane said Jack was 10 inches long they couldn’t believe it. Sure he filled out those biker shorts, but come on, no one is that big. So they kept hounding her until she finally said, ‘Jeez, do you want to see it?’ Of course they said yes. They called Jack over and he was reluctant at first. But they talked him into it. He pulled it out. They even talked dirty to him until he got fully hard.

In the 23rd century it was common place for a close group of women to compare notes on their husbands like this. However, they never touched another women’s husband. That was taboo (or at least for conservatives). However, a women might stroke her man, or make him do it. But sex wasn’t really the point of the whole thing, it was more just curiosity, or female bonding. They might just want to see it hard etc. Or maybe embarrass their hubby a little bit.

Sara shot back, ‘Margeret relax! Jane knows I’m just kidding. And yes, I think we are all thankful for Jane sharing. Jack’s penis is quite an incredible sight. ‘


‘Hi Mike. Thanks for the ice’

‘Sorry it took so long, and here is your soda.’ Mike liked it when his mom’s friends came over. They were all very pretty. And they were always nice to him.

Jane chided him, ‘I was just telling them about your physical’

‘Mom!’ Mike fumed, quite exasperated, as he started to turn red.

‘They didn’t believe me, when I said told them that you were already developed, and were so large!’

‘MOM!’ he was about to die from this embarrasment.

‘In fact young man’, Jane ordered, ‘why don’t you just drop that speedo so they can see that your mom isn’t a liar.

Jane’s friends couldn’t believe she said that, nor could poor Mike.


‘You heard me, off with it!’ A few seconds went by as she stared him down. Finally his resolve broke, and his hands went to the waist of his swimsuit.

There were gasps as he whipped the speedo down. His cock sprang free.

‘Ooh My’ ‘Jeez’ ‘Wow’ ‘Oohh, my, yes you are developed.’

Sara lifted up her sunglasses, her eyes clearly fastened on his penis and said,’ Mike you have nothing to be ashamed of. My son would kill to be hung like you.’

Sitting up in her chair to get a better look, Margeret chimed in,’Wow mike. Ya know your already alot bigger then some full grown men are’

Those kinds of comments continued and under their gaze his member started hardening.

‘Ooh Look,’ exclaimed Jan,’He’s getting an erection!’

Mike had shrinkage from the pool, but his mom’s friend’s eyes which focused on his penis were like invisble hands stroking his cock. It was like someone filling up a water balloon. It just started to swell and swell.

The ladies were shocked into silence as they watched this boy grow a massive erection.

Finally Jane broke the silence. ‘See ladies, I do not lie. I told you he was fully developed!’, Mercifully she said, ‘Okay, thank you Mike, you can go now.’

Mike pulled up the speedo. Although it was difficult to get it back in now that it had lengthened.

Mike retreated to his room where he played it all back in his head. He masturbated furiously. He couldn’t believe how his mom’s friends all looked at him and his exposed member. He was hooked.

From then on Mike always made a point of hanging out by the pool when they came by for bridge.

Usually it was uneventful. However, each year after his birthdays they would always ask for a ‘status check.’

It would usually start with some quick comment about how his development was going.

Mike was eager to show them. And they were eager to see. But that’s all it ever was. Just taking off the speedo so they could see it. Then he would start getting hard, but then his mom would make him put it back on.

However, one time things were a little different. He had just turned 21. It was the usually bridge club over. They asked him how he was, etc. They asked if his penis had finally stopped growing. They were all amazed at how it got a little bigger each year.

‘Geez I don’t know, what do you all think?’

Mike wiggled completely out of his speedo.

His balls dangled low and his shaft was a thick wrinkled 4 inches or so.

‘So ahh, Jane said that you just turned 21?’


‘Ahh legal….tender’ as Margaret said tender she reached out and cupped his balls.

Mike felt violated. He looked at his mom for help but she just sat there and smiled at him.

It was taboo to touch a married man, but Mike was single and of age now. So really for the 23rd century this really was not that unusual. After all they were all friends and had built up a repore over the years.

As Margaret fondled his heavy balls she looked to Jane and said,’Your not gonna make him cover up so soon like you always do, are you?’

Jane responded, ‘He’s 21 now, he’s a big boy. He can handle himself’

They all smiled. Sara asked Mike, ‘You don’t mind if we all have a little look do ya?’

They didn’t wait for him to answer. The hands were everywhere running up and down his body. They were all laughing having fun. They worked him to a full erection. A solid 9 inches. Giggling they took turns stroking him. It looked so funny with him naked outside with the bridge club wanking him.

‘Jane? Do you mind if we have a taste?

‘Jan!’ Jane feigned being shocked, ‘and what would your husband say! He certainly wouldn’t approve. Hhm but , maybe he wouldn’t be mad if you just gave it a little kiss.’

They all giggled. Mike almost jumped out of his skin as the first set of lips kissed the head of his cock. They all took turns. The first kiss was quick. They got successfully longer though. Infact they were now letting the tip of his cock to just barely penetrated there lips now.

Jane, sat back and watched her horny married friends amuse themselves with her son’s massive cock. She was so proud of her son. She really felt great that her genetics were so good to have produced him. Meanwhile her friends would take turns wanking him or kissing him. Or one would hold it while the other would kiss it etc.

Mike was shocked when Sara went to kiss it but as she puckered to kiss the head she let the head slide past her wet lips until the whole swollen penis head was in her mouth.

Mike looked down to see her cheeks dimpled as she sucked hard on the head. to either side of her was Jan and Margaret.

‘Hey save some of that for us!’ Jan complained.

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