Hit and Run

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I was at home reading when I heard a loud cry of alarm, not far from my house. It happened about 3 houses away from where I lived. When I went out to see what had happened young man of about 24 was lying by the side the road wearing a push-bike helmet. He was conscious but in the early stages of shock. Nobody had stopped to offer any assistance. I asked him which part of his body hurt the most. He did not answer.

‘Can you understand me?’ I asked.

He nodded, yes.

‘Can you wriggle your fingers and toes?’

‘Where’s my bike?’ he asked me.

I stood up and looked around.

‘I can’t see one at the moment. Are you cold?’


‘What happened?’

‘I was riding along that way when I was hit from behind. The sun was in my face so I guess the driver following me couldn’t see me very clearly if at all. I think it was a large SUV but it had disappeared when I came to a stop.’

‘Can you feel all your fingers and toes? Can you move them?’

He watched his hands and slowly answered, ‘Yes. I can. But I can’t move my leg very well.’

‘I’ll call an ambulance and you can get all the tests done in a hospital. There’s one about 3 miles away.’

I dialed an emergency number on my cell phone and was told there would be help in about 25 minutes.

‘I’ll look around for your bike, mate. What color am I looking for?’

‘It’s yellow and blue’.

I found it and carried it back to show him while he waited for the ambulance to arrive. He had begun shivering

‘It’s a bit messed up. I’ll keep it at my place if you like and you can get it when you’re ready. Wait here and I’ll get a blanket to keep you warm while you wait.’

He nodded as I raced away carrying his push bike and returned with a blanket, and covered him with it. It seemed to calm him a little.

I received a call on my cell phone from the emergency service asking for the exact location of the patient and what I thought his injuries were.

‘I think it’s a broken leg. He can move his fingers and toes and doesn’t seem to have head trauma, but tests will have to confirm that,’ I said. ‘He is conscious and quite coherent. He was knocked off his push bike by a car I believe.’

They told me if he was in shock or getting agitated, to keep him warm and comfortable and asked me to stay with him if possible.

I told them I could wait and they said about 30 minutes as they had another patient to take to hospital before they could come for him.

I mecidiyeköy escort introduced myself to the victim and he told me his name was Oscar and he needed to make some calls to cancel some appointments he had the nest day. I passed him my phone and told him he could make all the calls he wanted.

He dialled a number and before he spoke, I interrupted him and suggested he call them in the morning.

I said, ‘Wait until you know what’s wrong in case they get unnecessarily concerned. Once you know more, it will be easier for them to accept you not keeping your appointments. At present you don’t really know what your injuries are.’

‘I think you’re right. Good idea, Mark.’

He returned the ‘phone to me. I noticed he had placed his hand at the top of his legs and was slowly moving his fingers. I had read about people in trauma alleviating their stress by fondling their genitals. I was unsure what to do. I thought I should stay with him, but would he want me there while he was having a private moment?

I placed my hand on his and said, ‘Oscar, would you like me take care of that for you?’

He closed his eyes and moved his hand away. I could not tell if he was self-conscious at being caught, or whether he would want me to touch him. I didn’t know what to do. Would he object and snap at me to stop, or would he want me to continue?

Maybe I had interrupted him by bringing it to his attention that I saw what he was doing. I was asking myself, whether he had stopped because of me, or would he like me to take over or just leave it?

I began by smoothing the blanket from his shoulders and making sure his feet were covered. After I ‘straightened’ the blanket by pulling it out to the sides and smoothing it over his body stopping short of his penis. Then I lightly traced my hand over the growing lump in the otherwise smooth shape of the blanket and felt it’s shape and considerable size. I circled my fingers around his swelling organ. Lightly gripping it between my fingers, I squeezed it gently.

I moved my hand under the blanket, and pulled the tee shirt he was wearing out of the way. My fingers traced light circles on his stomach and circled lower and lower until I could feel the shape of the base of his penis. I then slowly felt the lump caused by his cock under the straightened blanket. I saw him move one of his legs to one side. After some long moments of indecision, I gradually moved my hand closer to his genitals and once again softly taksim escort felt the shape of his cock.

Feeling that he was accepting my invasive touch, still working unseen below the blanket, I lowered the zip of his shorts and removed his cock from the confinement of his jocks. He used his uninjured leg to lift his buttocks and I lowered his shorts so I could have better access to his cock.

I held his swollen penis between my first two fingers. My curiosity became too much for me. I had to see what his penis looked like. I lifted the blanket out of the way to see a magnificent straight circumcised reddish pink cock with a considerable girth and a pronounced head throbbing noticeably.

I vibrated my hand so the head of his cock was wagging quickly from side to side. This seemed to arouse him, and I was becoming very excited feeling Oscar’s penis hardening in my hand.

I moved my hand gradually toward the base of his penis so that more of it was wagging, and felt the increasing weight as his organ increased in size and weight. As it hardened even further, the vibrating movement became slower until his large cock had stiffened completely.

‘Wow! It’s a bit of a monster. I can stop if you like, but I wouldn’t mind playing with it until the ambulance comes.’

He nodded his head. Oscar seemed to be a man of very few words.

I held it up straight with one hand and ran the fingers of my other hand around it in circles, just below the pronounced head of his thickened eight-inch cock. I held it just below the head lightly between my thumb and first finger and moved the skin up and down just a fraction of an inch. I thought that the natural heightened arousal of a person in trauma and the situation of a stranger playing with his most private and sexually responsive organ would be enough to arouse him extremely. At least I knew it was having that effect on me.

After a few minutes of this, he said ‘I think I’m going to make a mess.’

I kept up my very subtle movement just below the head of his engorged cock and asked, ‘Do you have a handkerchief you could ejaculate into?’

‘No. I haven’t.’

Just then we could hear the distant siren of the ambulance. It was clearly heading our way as it became louder.

‘I’d prefer you to stop than to make a mess Mark. I don’t want to explain myself to strangers when the time comes to remove my clothes,’ he said.

‘There wouldn’t be any sign if you wouldn’t mind ejaculating into my mouth levent escort Oscar. Just tell me when you can feel yourself ready.’

I continued to play with his pulsing cock as the siren got louder. It seemed that the closer the ambulance came, the closer Oscar came to cumming. His large egg shaped balls had tightened up against the base of his penis. Just as I placed it in my mouth, the ambulance drove around the corner towards us with a nearby telegraph post casting a thin shadow over us from the front lights.

Oscar began whimpering little high-pitched cries. He seemed to hold his breath. With his cock in my mouth, grasping it between my lips, I began very lightly licking the underside of his turgid cock.

He took a deep breath, then he let out a long strained groan. As he had reached the point where his climax became unstoppable, he began gasping. His throbbing cock swelled up and hardened with each pulse as he ejaculated several long squirts of semen into my mouth.

I was still swallowing his tasty semen as the ambulance slowed down with its lights shining full in my face and came to a stop right next to us. Both Oscar and myself were in darkness again near the rear of the ambulance.

I replaced the blanket and left Oscar to fasten his pants again as the driver and his assistant got out and prepared to load him into the back opening of the van.

I told the driver and his assistant, ‘It might be a broken leg. His neck and head seem to be OK.’

I removed my blanket so the ambulance guys could examine him. His pants were low on his hips with the zip still down. His cock, now back in his jocks, was still a considerable size.

The ambulance medic placed his neck in a soft brace and shone a torch in each eye for some kind of response test.

As they carefully lifted him into the ambulance, I asked him if he wanted me to accompany him to the hospital.

‘No, but thanks Mark. There is one thing I’ll need tomorrow.’

He reached into his pocket and gave me a key ring, which had a tag with his address and his house key on it. .

‘Could you get my cell phone and bring it to me with the charger in the morning please? They’re on the kitchen bench at home.’

‘Sure, Oscar. No problem. Good luck.’

They closed the rear the door of the hospital van and drove away. I slowly walked back to the house thinking about his possible injuries,. I gave a brief thought to my blind luck of having such an impressive large cock in my hand, and my mouth.

I’ll see him tomorrow when I bring him his mobile phone and charger, but I’ll visit him again in hospital in a few days. If there is any way I can get access to that impressive swollen hardened cock again, I’ll do whatever he wants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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