Hockey Girls Together

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Gavin’s car was standing in the small car park to Jack’s apartment block. He opened the door for Betty and she smiled at him as she slid inside.

“A gentleman too!” she grinned.

When Gavin got around to the driver’s seat he found Betty still struggling with the seat belt connector. He leaned over to help her.

“Sorry, this fastening has been a bit dicky for a while now. I don’t get many passengers so it’s not a problem normally. There, that’s done it!”

Being suddenly so close to the warmth and the aroma of a woman in a confined space had an immediate effect on Gavin. As he regained his seat and fastened his own belt he also had to surreptitiously adjust his position in order to allow his cock to find a little more space. He inserted the key into the ignition and glanced across at Betty. She was grinning at him like a Cheshire cat! He quickly turned the key and the engine fired.

“Don’t be so embarrassed Gavin,” said Betty as the car moved out of the car park and into the road. “I take it as a great compliment that I can make a guy start a stiffy just by sitting next to him in a car.”

Gavin took a deep slow breath as he turned left at the traffic lights; he was almost driving by habit towards Barbara’s flat.

“I’m not embarrassed,” he replied. “Well, not much anyway. After all, you’ve seen me naked already this morning.”

“True. True,” said Betty. “I revealed all as well, didn’t I? In fact, I like being naked with other people, male or female. Did you like what you saw?”

Gavin recollected Betty’s tremendous body and his cock twitched in his jeans. Betty saw it and laughed, reaching over to place her hand on his bulge.

“I see that the answer is yes,” she giggled. “In that case I’ll make sure that you see me again soon. Your cock is a prize specimen, isn’t it? It is already filling the space in your jeans.”

Fortunately for Gavin it was not far to Barbara’s flat. Within five minutes he was pulling up alongside the pavement kerb outside. Betty had managed to release her belt by the time he had walked around the car to open the door for her.

“A gentleman again,” she smiled, accepting his hand as she got out of the car.

They entered the building and Gavin stopped Betty in the foyer.

“Betty darling,” he began. “Please don’t let on to Barbara what Jack and I were doing this morning. Not yet anyway. You see I’ve not had a proper date with her yet. This morning will be the first time I’ve even been inside her flat and you are here too.”

“That’s OK Gavin,” said Betty. “I didn’t realise. So I might be the one to have your cock first then?”

Betty groped Gavin openly, making his cock rise almost to maximum. She only just managed to drop her hand as Barbara opened her door. She looked surprised to see them both there together.

“Hi there Barbs.,” trilled Betty excitedly as she walked into the flat. “I’m a bit early ‘cos Gavin came round to Jack’s this morning and he kindly offered me a lift around here. He said he wanted to ask you something.”

Barbara recovered quickly, closing the door behind them.

“That’s OK, I’m reasonably tidy, I think. Shall I make a coffee?”

“Yes please, we’d love one,” answered Betty. “Even in a car it’s a bit parky out there!”

Barbara disappeared into her tiny kitchen but everything that she said could easily be heard in the lounge.

“It won’t take a minute. Make yourselves comfortable,” she called. “What was it that you wanted to ask me Gavin?”

“I just wanted to invite you to the cinema this evening,” replied Gavin. I just wondered if you’d like to see ‘Walk the Line’? It’s on at the Multiplex.”

Barbara re-entered the lounge with two cups of coffee and put them down on the coffee table. She turned to Gavin.

“I’d love to go with you,” she said. “I love Johnny Cash’s music.”

Barbara put her arms around Gavin’s neck and kissed him. Even though that surprised him Gavin reacted quickly enough to pull her to him and intensify the kiss. His cock began to rise again. Betty laughed.

“I bet his cock is rising again, isn’t it?” she hooted. “It’s been partly up ever since he had to help me with my seat belt in the car. I admit I did grope him a bit too.”

Barbara released herself from Gavin’s embrace.

“Hmn, yes, er, well,” she stammered. “No back row of the movies for us, my lad. I want to watch that film.”

They all laughed and sat down, Barbara quickly fetching her own coffee. They chatted about this and that and not much else until coffee was finished and Gavin said he must go. He offered to pick Barbara up at about six o’clock.

As he got up to go Barbara, for some reason, turned to Betty.

“I don’t mean to be nosey Betty, but did you go to Jack’s with Gavin this morning or did you er, er, er.”

“You mean, whose bed did I sleep in last night, don’t you?” laughed Betty. “My date was with Jack so he got full access to my pussy last night. God, his cock is so hard and thick when he’s on form and he was on top form last night, I can tell you.”

“Oh, so he really bursa evi olan escort does like girls then? Somebody told me that he, you know, er, went for boys too.”

“I think he’s a bit like me,” said Betty. “At our age we don’t really know what we like best so we experiment. I love a big cock pumping sperm up my cunny but I love girl’s breasts in my hands too. I love the juice that we girls make when we’re excited, don’t you?”

Gavin decided that he’d heard enough and made his getaway, saying he’d be back at six. It was now one o’clock so he drove quickly over to his mother’s for Sunday lunch. He was delighted that Barbara had said yes to the cinema. For one thing it meant he could leave his mother’s fairly soon after lunch. He definitely didn’t like his mum’s new boyfriend and anyway he was too excited to be making small talk with them.


“Good, that’s got rid of Gavin,” giggled Betty. “I like him a lot and he’s got a huge cock but I really wanted to spend some time with you. Have you got something to drink to relax us? Some wine maybe?”

“I’ve got a couple of bottles of red wine in the kitchen,” said Barbara a little nervously. “Shall I fetch one?”

“Of course,” giggled Betty again. “Let’s have a party!”

Barbara went out to the kitchen and soon returned with an opened wine bottle with two glasses. She stopped dead in the middle of the room and gazed down on Betty.

Betty had spread herself across more than half the sofa. She had undone at least two buttons of her blouse, revealing a large area of her sumptuous breasts. She had one leg, bent at the knee, up on the sofa cushions so that both the knee and plenty of her thigh was on view.

“Great,” she said. “Put the glasses on the table and pour. Then come and sit down here on the sofa with me and we’ll have a good old chinwag about cocks we’ve seen and fucked. No names, of course, we don’t want to make each other jealous!”

Barbara poured the wine and then attempted to sit in an armchair. Betty would have none of it, grasping one of her arms and pulling her down beside her on the sofa.

“I told you I was bi, didn’t I?” she whispered. “I love to have a nice warm girl to sit next to sometimes. Girls are the warmest creatures on earth, aren’t they; and so soft too. Now, let’s drink to our friendship, maybe more!”

Betty raised her glass and drank deeply. Barbara drank too, albeit rather more tentatively. Betty took some more and Barbara followed suit.

Betty put her glass down on the table. Her lips were wet with wine. She leant over and kissed Barbara on the cheek, quite close to her lips. Barbara started slightly then seemed to relax. She smiled at Betty.

“God, that feels good,” said Betty as she leaned back into the sofa cushions. “I’m knackered after last night! All that wine, then a steak and then back to Jack’s for a fuck! Funny though, he seemed much keener last night. He fucked me three times all together. My pussy got quite sore.”

Betty put a hand up under her skirt. She clearly sat closer to Barbara.

“Ahhh, it feels better now! I’m even quite damp down there again.”

Barbara looked at Betty. She didn’t move away from her. If anything, she was sending warm signals across the space between them. Betty kissed her cheek again.

There was silence for a while, except for the slight rustle of Betty’s skirt as she moved her hand under it.



“How many cocks have you seen? I mean, really seen? Oh shit, I mean how many have you touched?”

Barbara was silent. “Four,” she finally said. “How many have you?”

“Oh, I lost count,” giggled Betty. “At least ten I suppose. Most of them fucked me. I do like it. I like pussies too. I love to see and touch them!”

Barbara remained silent. Betty reached across and rested her spare hand on Barbara’s right breast. Barbara now sighed slowly and deeply.

“Do you like that darling? Your breasts are gorgeous. So full and round. Warm too. I love them.”

Barbara looked down at Betty’s hand as it started to caress her right breast. She moaned softly.

Betty removed her hand from up her skirt, licked her fingers and took Barbara’s shoulder in that hand. Then she pulled her around until the girls were facing one another.

“I think you’re beautiful,” she whispered and kissed her.

Barbara allowed the kiss but initially didn’t react. Then she felt Betty’s tongue lick across her lips and then push gently. Barbara moaned again and slightly opened her mouth, allowing Betty’s tongue to enter.

That was the trigger. Barbara pushed her tongue at Betty’s lips, finding them open with no resistance at all. She put her hand behind Betty’s head and Betty followed suit. They kissed harder and harder, dribbling saliva all over their chins so that the excess began to drip on to the upper slopes of their breasts.

Finally they drew back and looked at one another, stroking each other’s faces softly.

Betty then began to undo Barbara’s blouse buttons, slowly revealing her ample altıparmak escort charms. She undid all the buttons and pulled off the blouse altogether. Then she reached behind her and unsnapped the clasp of the bra. Barbara’s breasts fell into Betty’s waiting hands.

“Oh my God, these are fantastic. I love them! I’ve got to kiss these darlings! Let me play with these gorgeous titties and get your big nipples hard!”

Betty expelled saliva all over Barbara’s breasts and began to spread it with her tongue. When she reached the nipples she sucked them into her mouth, sucking and biting quite hard. Barbara gasped but made no move to stop Betty. Indeed she initially grasped her head again and pulled her to her breasts. Betty snuffled at her like a pig at the trough.

Then Betty felt Barbara’s fingers at the remaining buttons of her blouse. She pulled back and watched as her new lover exposed her breasts just as she had done a few moments earlier. Her nipples erected unaided as she reached out for her glass of wine.

Barbara was now gazing at what she had revealed, her wet breasts heaving as her excitement grew.

Betty drank deeply from her glass and then dribbled the remainder all over her tits.

“Come on darling,” she whispered as she lifted her breasts and offered them up to Barbara’s lips. “Come and drink your wine. You aren’t keeping up with me!”

Barbara drew in a deep breath and launched herself at Betty’s chest. She put her hands behind Betty’s back and pulled her in to her as her mouth engulfed the offered teats. She licked up the wine and sucked on Betty’s nipples like a woman who had had no sustenance for weeks. Betty’s eyes filled with emotion as she held tight on to Barbara.

Soon they needed a respite. They drew back, feasting their eyes on one another.

Betty stood.

“I need to get fucked,” she smiled at Barbara as she dropped her skirt and pulled off her panties.

Barbara’s eyes were immediately drawn to Betty’s naked pussy. Betty moved closer so that her vagina was only about a foot from Barbara’s face. She slowly slid her hands down her groin until they were on either side of her crack. She pulled open her labia to reveal the wet juicy crack within.

“There, Barbara my darling,” she whispered, “that’s where I want to get fucked. Get naked too and we can really get each other off!”

Barbara reached out and tentatively stroked her fingers down Betty’s wet crack.

“You are so beautiful Betty. I love your pussy. I do so want to kiss it!”

“Fuckin’ kiss it!” exclaimed Betty. “You are going to lick me out but good. Then I’m going to do the same to you. Come on, get your skirt and panties off!”

Barbara peeled off her remaining garments, revealing firm rounded thighs and a dark patch of pussy hair. Now that she was naked she again reached out, took a firm grip on Betty’s bum cheeks and pulled her to her lips. Betty gasped and sighed, even before Barbara made contact with her pussy.

“Ohhhh yessss Barbara darling!” she moaned. “My pussy is aching for your tongue! Kiss me and lick me darling!”

Barbara stuck out her tongue as Betty thrust her cunt towards her. Her tongue made contact and received a first taste. Betty was wet, very wet, and liquid dribbled on to Barbara’s tongue. She tasted sweet and Barbara drank the juice down. As soon as she tasted she realised that she loved it. She stuck her tongue firmly into Betty and began to suck and drink. Betty howled with joy.

“Darling darling Barbara,” she shouted. “That feels so good. Don’t stop please don’t stop. Ohhhh my God, I’m going to come soon!”

Barbara felt all-powerful. She sucked in a full mouthful of Betty’s juices and smiled up at her new lover. She raised herself slightly and expelled the mouthful all over Betty’s large round tits. She then made to return her lips to Betty’s cunt.

“Did you like that Betty?” she asked just before resuming her tonguing.

Betty was moaning non-stop now, rubbing her cum juices all over her breasts. The skin over the whole of her body felt as if it was tingling and driving her into an orgasm. Barbara was licking and sucking her hard now. She was also pressing her fingers up and down Betty’s arse channel. She found Betty’s arsehole and slid two fingers into her.

Betty howled again, this time into her long awaited orgasm. She made juice in great quantities that Barbara attempted to drink; failing to consume it all, so great was the amount. Betty shuddered again and again, her cum running down her thighs.

“Barbara darling, I love you,” she moaned. “No girl has ever made me come like that before. Where did you learn to lick girls like that?”

Barbara raised her wet face and looked up at Betty.

“I didn’t,” she replied. “You are the first for me. I must be a natural. As soon as I tasted you I knew that I loved it. I wanted to please you. I wanted to make you come!”

“Well, you sure did that all right,” Betty smiled, her breasts heaving with the aftermath of her exertions. “I don’t know if I’ll ever feel gemlik escort that way again.”

As she spoke Betty subsided on to the sofa beside Barbara and kissed her deeply. She fondled Barbara’s generous tits with one hand and thrust the other between her thighs.

Barbara finally broke the kiss and rubbed her face all over Betty’s breasts.

“Darling Betty, come to bed with me and make love to me. Make me feel that I’m being fucked. I want to come. Please make me come!”

“OK, you got it,” said Betty. “I must have a pee first though. Where’s your bathroom?”

The girls both stood and hand in hand they exited the room and went to the bathroom. Betty lifted the seat and sat down. Barbara knelt before her and parted her thighs, gazing at Betty’s naked pussy.

“I want to watch,” she said, her hands holding Betty’s knees apart.

Betty smiled at her. Her pussy lips trembled and her lemon stream squirted from her vagina. Barbara watched fascinated, beginning to finger her pussy.

“Another first,” she whispered.

“First time I’ve pissed for another girl,” answered Betty. “I’ve not watched either. Will you do it for me now?”

Barbara nodded. She quickly stood, pressing down on to Betty’s shoulders to keep her sitting on the pan. She closed Betty’s thighs with her legs and straddled her, sitting down on her knees and facing her.

Betty had made to move but now she stayed where she was, looking down at Barbara’s brown hairy patch.

“Open my pussy,” whispered Barbara.

Betty reached down into Barbara’s heat and carefully opened the lips of her labia. Barbara let out a little moan and then let out a veritable cascade of hot pale yellow pee. Betty froze in position as the hot liquid spread over her hands and thighs before trickling between her legs and into the pan. Eventually Barbara’s stream slowed and stopped.

“Wow,” said Betty and kissed Barbara. “That was horny,” she said as they broke the kiss. “Your cunt is still hot and wet.”

Barbara put her arms around Betty and kissed her again.

“I’m sorry my love. I don’t know what came over me. It just seemed to bring us closer together. I don’t want you to stop feeling me but I do want to go to bed with you.”

“It’s not for more than a few seconds darling. Let just have a quick wipe down then we can get into bed and take up where we left off. How’s that?”

Soon the girls were in bed. After some preliminary kissing Betty mounted Barbara and began to explore her cunt with her tongue. Barbara soon lifted Betty into a sixty-nine and returned the compliment.

Both girls worked hard at satisfying the other. They both loved to feel their generous breasts cushioning their bellies. First Betty then Barbara squeezed the others’ tits hard, making them moan and groan as they approached orgasm.

Then Betty pushed her fingers into Barbara’s arse crack and found her little hole. She wriggled gently until the whole of her middle finger slid inside her. Then she added two other fingers. Barbara grunted but didn’t complain. Indeed, she humped her cunt at Betty’s face with renewed vigour. She also stuck her tongue deep into her cunt again.

Neither girl was speaking. They had their mouths full! Then Barbara broke contact.

“Ohhhh Betty darling, I’m commminnng! Don’t stop; oh please don’t stop! That’s it yessss, yessss, yessss! Arghhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhh fucking Hell! I’m done for!”

She wasn’t of course. In a few minutes she resumed playing with Betty’s shaven pussy until she too thrashed into another orgasm. They lay together on the bed, recovering their composure as they caressed each other’s breasts and cunts.

They began to get to know each other better.

“Betty?” said Barbara.

“What?” answered Betty.

“When Gavin left at lunch time you said that he has a big cock. When did you see his penis?”

“This morning, at Jack’s. I saw them both. They both saw me nude as well!”

“Why did the boys show you their cocks? Were you going to have er, a threesome?”

“Nah! I came out of the bedroom to find them both tossing off all over Jack’s sofa. I even cleaned it up for them! I think that they had been experimenting. You know, cocks up their arses kind of experimenting!”

“Ohhh! Does that mean that they are gay?”

“Nope! I heard them both say that they’d decided that they weren’t gay. Gavin is rather fascinated with Jack’s cock and balls ‘cos he uses hair remover on it so he looks nice and soft even when he’s hard. I must say that I like Jack’s smooth cock up me a lot. Jack’s given Gavin some of his cream but I don’t expect that he will have used it before tonight!”

“Did you use the same cream on your pussy?”

“Sure did; worked a treat, didn’t it? Are you going to let Gavin fuck you tonight?”

“Would you mind if I did?”

“Nah! I told you, didn’t I, that I’m bi. I tell you, after seeing Gavin’s fucking great cock this morning I really fancy having a go with it myself!”

Barbara went quiet and Betty realised that she was thinking something over so she kept quiet. After a while Barbara spoke.

“I’ve been keeping Gavin waiting. We’ve only felt each other a bit. You know, I’ve felt his cock though his jeans and he’s groped my breasts a bit. After I said that I would go to the movies with him tonight I thought that maybe, you know, I would invite him in for a coffee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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