Hole in One

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The day is a blistering 105 and like fools, we are out on the golf course sweating our asses off and having the best golf game we have both ever played.

My shirt is soaked with sweat as is yours. We are on the back 9 and no one has been even close to us for the last hour. It is my turn to tee off on the 16th hole.

I get out of the cart and go to get my

wood. I look around and decide that I am going to take off my shirt, since no one is close and I have my swimsuit top on underneath it anyway. You have no idea that I am doing this, as you are sitting in the cart with a cold beer up to your forehead and your eyes are closed.

My huge tits are barely staying in my top, which is a black see through material, and so I may as well not even had it on. I feel a slight breeze, and my nipples immediately become erect…I walk around the cart, and ask you to hand me a tee.

You open your eyes and look over at me; your eyes open as big as saucers and your chin drops down to your pants, as you stare at my erect nipples, fully visible through the material. I tell you to close your mouth and hand me a tee.

You then ask if I am trying to get us kicked off the course. I say no, I am just too hot for my shirt. I go over to the tee box and as I am bending over, I feel the heat of your eyes, checking out my ass, so I wiggle it a little for you and I gaziantep escortları hear you say “you bitch” I just laugh my nasty little laugh and proceed to hit the ball.

It is your turn and so I return to the cart, to stand next to your side so that when you go to get out, your face lands smack in the middle of my sweaty tits. Your tongue finds its way up and down a few times.

This makes me shiver with delight, and my nipples are once again erect with want. You move one hand up to fondle my right tit, as you take my left nipple in your mouth and suck on it gently. I moan with delight as the fire deep inside my cunt starts to burn higher and hotter. You grasp both tits with your hands, sucking on my nipples at the same time. I almost scream with delight as the feeling starts racing down to my hot clit, which is now aching to be stroked. You push me back a little and stand up, and look down at me with those sexy eyes and begin to kiss me very deeply with your hot tongue.

You then release me, and look at me once again, saying “you are so beautiful, did you know that” I shake my head no, as I cannot speak, I reach my hand up to find your very hard cock, straining against the material of your shorts, the tip just showing itself at the waistband. There is a small wet spot just next to the head of your cock.

I know then, that I have to release it and taste the precum with my hot lips. I unzip your shorts, and undo the button, swiftly reaching inside, I pull your very erect cock out and I am rewarded with a glistening drop of your juices. I bend over and lick it off slowly with my hot tongue.

Your body quivers with delight, as I continually keep stroking the head with my tongue. Suddenly with out warning, I engulf your smooth head with my hot moist mouth, sucking and stroking the shaft with my hand. You have a hard time standing up, so you move backwards until your legs hit the cart and you sit down.

I move over you and begin to lick and suck on your very hard and smooth cock. You are leaning back, moaning that it feels really good. I stand up and pull up my skirt, revealing that I have no panties on. You reach you hand up and slip a finger deep into my dripping wet snatch, fucking me lightly with it. You then pull it out and put it in your mouth, licking it slowly, savoring all of my juices.

I move up and straddle your cock, slowly lowering my wet cunt to the top of your cock. As soon as my flesh meets yours, you have your hands on my hips, slamming my pussy down hard on your cock. I let out a little scream, not loud enough for anyone but us to hear.

I began pumping my pussy up and down on your shaft, it feels so good, and I know that it won’t take me long to cum all over your cock. I fuck you a few more times, slowly going up and slamming your cock inside of me on the way down. The next stroke up, you pull me off and whirl me around, inserting your thick cock deep into my snatch from behind.

I know that I will be Cumming very soon, as I love to fuck this way as much as you do. I feel your cock getting harder and harder, and longer as your balls start to pull up close to your cock. I reach down and stroke my clit, making my pussy tighter and tighter with each stroke that I give it.

I feel the flame ignite, and tell you that I am going to cum. You start to slam your cock deeper inside of me, and I know that you will be shooting my cunt full of your jism just as I cum all over your cock. You moan that you are Cumming, and as your hot load fills me up, my cunt explodes with a mind blowing orgasm. You are still fucking me, only slowly this time. My clit is so sensitive, I can hardly stand it.

I stand up and pull my skirt down, then leaning over, I start sucking our cum off your cock, licking it dry. You lean back, moaning as I keep licking you until your cock goes soft. I gently tuck it back into your shorts and lean over to give you a deep kiss. I then tell you that it is your turn to tee off.

You smile and say that you are not sure that you can. I just laugh my nasty little laugh and take your hand and pull you up. Finally you go tee off and we are off to the next hole.

Who knows what will happen there…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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