Holly, Mom and Daughter

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This is the story of three beautiful women, all in love. One a lesbian, the other two, they swing both ways.


Holly Valant looked across the room swiftly, “There,” she said to herself, “she’s looking at me again,” she smiled and she knew why. She gave the hostess a small smile to let her know she had seen her watching her, which she knew. It was about the sixth or seventh time she had caught her.

Alice Tanner was hosting a celebration party, only a small one, for her daughter’s friends at the end of the school year. It was for her daughter, but also for her close friends who were thrilled over their exam results, and at being in Alice’s extremely well appointed and large home.

Alice was a wealthy woman, she had her own money, and now she had a lot of her ex husband’s too. She had finally divorced him after years of unfaithfulness, and philandering. He was a rich man, but he hated losing, and he had denied everything until the day in court for attachment of blame for the breakdown. His lawyer had advised him to own up or he may never recover from the media outrage, and the financial meltdown he would suffer. So he had signed on the dotted line, and it was settled, a no blame divorce, but it cost him dearly, very dearly.

Alice was a wealthy woman, but she was also well grounded, and being divorced gave her a new lease of life, she became out going, supporting of charities. Joined women’s clubs, went dancing, sports, and her social life took off. Now she was well respected, and in some quarters, well loved. The biggest thing to surmount for her had been when her beloved daughter told her that she was sure she was gay. She didn’t know for certain, because she had not yet gone down that route at the time she told her mother.

Alice had always wondered why she sometimes felt like she did, that there was something missing from her life, something that she could not tie down. She had everything, she certainly did not miss her husband. She had friends, went out on dates, by and large she led a full and enjoyable life.

Alice and Karen, her daughter, shared all of their secrets, they were like sisters instead of mother and daughter. Karen was also, in Alice’s mind so beautiful too, tall at 5ft 7″ and a woman in the making. Alice knew nearly all of her friends, including the half dozen boys who were there. Karen was the star of the show, and, Alice noticed, so was the new girl that Karen had introduced as Holly Valant.

Karen had told her that Holly had only arrived two months ago and had sat her exams in a completely new environment and passed, as she had, with flying colours. They had also become firm friends, but this was the first time Alice had met her. And Alice had been more than impressed. In fact as soon as she set eyes on her she was smitten, her breath caught in her throat, her body tightened.

Why, she did not know, but she was captivated by the tall dark extremely beautiful chocolate skinned girl. She was the same age as her daughter at nineteen, and that was all she knew about her. But the moment Alice looked into her eyes when they exchanged a handshake, she had to force herself to let go.

In the back of her mind a flame flickered, the girl held her gaze for that brief moment, but it was enough for Alice to register her look. It told her “I have your number Alice.” Alice had no idea what was in her own mind. When Holly and Karen walked away her eyes followed Holly all the way.

Holly was tall for a girl, very tall, around 6ft, but she wasn’t gangly or stick thin, she had a cat walk, though she walked like a model. Her body was in line with her height, she weighed about 135lbs, she was strikingly beautiful. Her face was individually but collectively perfect. Her eye brows set it off, her deep dark eyes were luminous and bright. Her nose was slightly upturned, and her lips were of her heritage, thick and full, and the top arched over the bottom like a bridge. The bottom one was straight across and slightly down turned at the corners. Her smile dazzled, perfect white even teeth, and a chin that was prominently aggressive.

She was wearing this night, a gold lame strappy cocktail type dress, it crossed her chest between neck and nipples, almost sat on what looked like perfect upturned breasts. And it was held up over her shoulders with small straps. It finished half way up her super long legged thighs. There wasn’t a boy who was drooling over her. Holly’s hair was short and spiky, but nothing could detract from its luscious soft, jet black gloss.

As she walked away Holly casually looked over her shoulder and gave Alice a wink, Alice gaped, then she was gone. Miraculously Alice managed to hide her shock, amazement and her embarrassment over, to her, school girl behaviour, though no one but she had seen it, apart from Holly.

Alice preened herself in a mirror, what she saw pleased her, she was thirty nine now, but she knew she still looked much younger, her friends said thirty to thirty five. Her hair was giresun escort still naturally blond, though a little darker than she would have liked, she was considering having high lights. She had a lovely face, men adored her, her body was still ‘active.’ She dressed well, and she looked good even when she never cared, like when she was gardening, which she loved.

As the night wore on she kept glancing at Holly, she couldn’t stop herself, she felt silly inside, it was like having a school girl crush. But what really got her was, every time she laid eyes on the beautiful girl, the beautiful girl lifted her own dark eyes to meet hers. And as quickly as she glanced away, she saw the recognition by Holly, and even caught the smile sometimes.

Now Alice was realising what it was that had been lying dormant in her mind all these years, she began to think that maybe she was akin to her own daughter. That she may have lesbian tendencies.

“Well Alice,” she said to herself, “we will never know will we, we are not going down that road, not after all these years.” At the end of the night and people were drifting off Holly came to say goodnight and to thank Alice for a wonderful evening.

As they shook hands again, Holly leaned in and whispered.

“Great meeting you Alice, and I am looking forward to meeting you again, Hmmmm?” Then she lightly kissed her cheek, Alice garbled her reply and watched as the gorgeous girl drifted away. Karen walked with her, and again she looked over her shoulder at Alice and winked, but this time the wink told Alice.


Karen came back, they tidied round, Karen asked her mom what she thought of Holly.

“To be honest darling, I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful girl, have you? And she seems so nice.”

“She is lovely mom, I really like her,” Karen said, and she swings both ways too mom.”

Alice could hardly speak, “Are you sure Karen, er are you er, you and Holly, are you erm, more than friends then?”

Karen laughed, “No mom, just real good friends, I am with Linda, you know that don’t you.” Alice almost breathed a sigh of relief, though she still didn’t know why she was feeling like she was.

“She really likes you mom, she told me, she says you are everything she wants to be,” Karen told her.

“Me, why on earth would she want to be me, like me?”

“Because mom, you are so beautiful, so nice, a real person, that’s why, Holly says that anyway.”

“Wow,” Alice replied.

“Mom, we are going into town tomorrow mid morning, Me, Holly, Linda and Carole, do some shopping okay?”

“Yes darling, now,” she said, “come on its bedtime, goodnight sweetheart, I love you.”

“I love you too mom, and thank you for being my mom,” she told a proud Alice.

The next day Alice got up to find Karen had left, she showered, and dressed for the day, nothing special, a button down dress. It was a comfy one that allowed housework to be done, yet looked good enough if anyone were to call.

At ten thirty her door bell chimed, she opened it to be stunned to see Holly standing there.

“Oh hello Holly, this is a surprise, Karen has left already to meet you,” she flustered as she took in the dark vision on her door step.

“Yes I know,” Holly said, “I called to tell her I couldn’t make it. So, instead I thought I would call round to thank you for last night, I really enjoyed it,” she said, and she stepped past Karen’s mother.

Alice shut the door and followed Holly as she walked to her kitchen, she couldn’t take her eyes off her, Alice felt like a rabbit in headlights. Holly walked to the centre island and turned to her.

“You were really amazing last night Alice, you epitomise everything I think a parent should be.”

“Why thank you Holly, that’s a lovely thing to say, thank you,” she repeated.

Holly was wearing a short white skirt that showed off her fantastic long legs, a small black satin top hardly covering her magnificent breasts, and held up by small straps, as her dress had last night. It was loose below her protruding breasts, i8t also showed a tantalising flat tummy with a pearl in her belly button. It hid, slightly, her very evident nipples. Alice noted, just as she had the previous night. Her hair was the same, it was gorgeous. Holly had done a little to her face and she was stunning. Her skin glowed with health, it shone, and it was as smooth as silk.

“Would you like a coffee Holly?” Alice asked making herself turn away, she was shaking inside, her mind was a mess and she could not understand why.

“I have come here to see you Alice, and to ask you something,” Holly said to her back. Alice hardly dared to turn around. She did so reluctantly, Holly was staring into her eyes, they were boring into her. “Last night you kept staring at me, I know why, I do understand it believe me” she said, “but is it you who wants to ask me something Alice?”

Alice felt immediately yalova escort trapped, she didn’t know what to ask, or what to say, she wanted to ask all sorts of things, but could not triangulate her mind to do it. She also knew that Holly was here on a mission, though what that was, she couldn’t begin to know.

“I, I, er, I’m not too, er, sure what you mean er, Holly,” she stuttered. Holly smiled, she knew what she meant, and she now she was going to hook the gorgeous mother of her friend Karen.

“I told Karen that you are the sexiest woman I have ever met Alice, and she agreed with me too.” Holly said.

“She did?”

“I also asked her if you liked girls too,” Holly went on.

“You didn’t, Ooooh,” Alice blathered, “oh wow, what did she say?”

“She wasn’t sure Alice,” and she stepped towards her. Alice backed away. “You kept watching me, looking at me last night Alice, did you like what you saw Hmmmm?” Now she was right in front of her.

“I, I, er, yes I, I suppose I did Holly, you are very beautiful.”

“And sexy Alice, did Karen tell you that?”

“Yes, yes of course, that too.” Holly moved to her, now they were almost touching and Alice had nowhere to go, she was against her units, she slid sideways and Holly moved with her, keeping her target right in front of her. Alice looked up into Holly’s eyes, her face seemed to lock into her memory, she perused it, she looked at her lips, Alice licked her own not knowing she had done it.

What Alice couldn’t know, and not even Karen knew was, Holly, when she set her mind on something, or in this case someone. She was predatorily, a huntress, a lioness, and solely fixed on her target, her prey. She had done a very similar thing to a friend of her mother’s a few months ago. Helen was, and is, a very happily married wife and mother. But she succumbed to Holly in a spectacular way. And while she was a happy person, she was also happy when ever Holly called to see her and take her to bed.

Alice innocently fell right into that category. Holly put her hands on Alice’s shoulders, she was still trying to ascertain Alice’s internal feelings, would she be susceptible to a sexual attempt from her. She guessed, rightly, that Alice was not strong enough right now to fend off a possible or probable seduction from the dark skinned beauty who had her already trapped in her kitchen. Alice gulped when Holly’s soft hands slid on to her shoulders. She was looking transfixed up at Holly. The thirty nine year old mother was in the throes of her unknown seduction.

“Do you think I am beautiful Alice?” Holly breathed her sweet breath right into her face.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Do you think I’m sexy too?”

“”Yes,” her voice was almost inaudible.

“Do you know why I am here Alice?”

“No, not really,” Alice knew now, “er, yes I think so.”

“Tell me why you think I am here Alice.” Alice was, and felt so flustered, so out of her depth, she could hardly speak, she had never in her life been in a situation like this and she couldn’t handle it.

“I don’t know Holly,” it was all she could muster.

“Shall I tell you Alice?”

“Yes, please.”

“I’m here for you, because you told me you wanted me to be here last night, didn’t you?”

“Yes, er, did I?”

“Mmmmm, you did Alice, now what would you do if I did this?” Holly crossed her arms and dropped the straps from her top down her arms. Alice was mesmerised, her breathing became suddenly a little ragged. She stared at the bright smooth shiny dark skin on Holly’s chest and arms. Her face was level with the crevice created by Holly’s beautiful full young breasts.

“Do you like my dark shiny skin Alice Hmmmm?”

“It’s amazing,” was all she could say.

“What would you do if I did this Alice?” Holly said, and lifted her shoulders and popped her elbows into the straps and pressed down. Nothing happened for a moment, and then Alice’s mind blew apart. She saw the top tighten, Holly pressed harder, and suddenly her hard black crinkly nipples popped in to view. They sprung out from the slackening top and Alice was snared.

“Now what do you think Alice, do you like what I am showing you?”

“Yessssss.” Alice hissed, suddenly she knew she was wet through, her pussy was dripping, her own nipples were like steel corks, her chest was heaving. Her lips were blood red with untold and unfettered arousal. Holly put her arms around her prey and pulled her face into her soft firm breasts. Alice breathed in Holly’s personal aroma, her scent, her musk, and her knees wobbled.

“Do you want to be near me Alice, you told me last night with your eyes that you did, didn’t you?” she whispered into the thirty nine year old mothers infiltrated ear and brain. Alice nodded, her voice was gone. She had never had a woman to woman relationship, she had no clue what was going on, what was happening. She only knew that this was the most wondrously exciting yozgat escort thing she had ever felt.

Alice had never really known she was in part, a woman lover, she had never had need for it. It had never been a question for her to answer. But now she knew that this was the unanswered question she had always known she had had inside of her. Holly tipped her face up with her finger, she looked deep in to Alice’s confused mind and said softly.

“Do you want me to kiss you Alice, would you like me to, or,” she added, “shall I stop and leave.”

This confused Alice even more, she did want Holly to kiss her, she wanted to know what it would be like. She also knew that if she did, then she would want more. Being here with this magnificently beautiful sexy black girl was more than she could ever cope with. And she absolutely did not want her to leave.

“Please Holly, don’t go,” it was all she could say, if she tried to say more she knew she would cry like a baby.

“Come here,” Holly said, and Alice wrapped her arms around Holly’s waist, it felt so good. Holly bent her head a little. Alice saw her full dark lips coming to bear on her. Alice readied herself for the kiss that was here, the kiss that would change her life forever.

The first touch was soft and cool, a little peck, then another, then another, and each one Holly was measuring Alice, and after more small tentative touches she connected. And her tongue dipped right into the gorgeous thirty nine year old woman’s mouth. Alice sighed, it was a very contented sigh, she pressed back. Holly had the control, she bore down on Alice, and the kiss became a full, wanted, desired hard loving kiss.

Holly held her in her kiss for enough time to break down any resistance. She knew the score, how to play the game. Though Holly also knew that Alice was special, not only because she was her friend’s mother, but simply because she was. She pulled away, slightly breathless herself, she liked Alice already, really liked her.

Her hand went to the back of Alice’s head and pulled her into embrace making sure her face was in her cleavage. Then she stepped back, Alice looked at her wondering “what next.” Holly walked to the door and locked it, then said, “Are you on your own all day Alice?”

“I will be until about 4pm, Karen said she would be home by then why?”

Holly never answered, she walked back to her, took her hand and said. “Come on Alice, I have a lot to show you, follow me.” Alice obeyed like a child. Holly walked down her hall and up Alice’s stairs trailing Alice behind her. Alice knew where and why she was being taken up there. Her problem now was, her face was level with Holly’s swaying and obviously tight firm ass. This took her mind away from what was going to happen, she had lost the ability to think rationally.

Holly walked her into her bedroom, turned and immediately Alice was in her young dark skinned arms and she was being kissed. Holly ran her hands up and down Alice’s back. Alice was where she had never been, but she knew now that this was the missing piece of the puzzle that had been agitating her all her life.

Holly got her slowly on to the bed, it was a king size, lots of play room. She didn’t want to undress Alice too quickly, she knew the rewards of the slow seduction. She had Alice on her back, she wanted her to be submissive, to know the pleasure of subtle loving domination. She undid a couple of Alice’s dress buttons and slipped a hand in. Her eyes were locked on Alice, she pushed her bra out of the way and felt for her. The huge gasp, the lifting of her head, the shuddering response, as Holly’s fingers closed around Alice’s nipple for the first time, it told Holly all she wanted to know.

“You are beautiful Alice, really beautiful, and so sexy,” she told the wilting woman. Holly knew there would be no recriminations, and no regrets. Alice’s arms went around the stunningly sexy, beautiful black girl who was young enough to be her daughter. Yet there was no doubt in her mind what so ever, she was going here, she wanted nothing more now than to feel Holly’s young black love.

Holly kissed her, her tongue finding and conquering hers. Her fingers deftly undid all of the buttons on her dress, and she helped her out of it. This was followed by Alice’s bra and panties, she was now naked and waiting for Holly to love her. Holly got off.

“Wait a moment Alice,” she told her, she knew that doing a kind of sexy strip tease dance would further enhance Alice’s commitment to her seduction.

Holly slowly dropped her short skirt, letting it flutter to the floor. Her top was even more slowly lifted up and over Holly’s head. As her face appeared from under it, her eyes locked once more on to Alice’s. She gave her the sexiest, bright and knowing smiles she had. The smile told Alice that she was the centre of Holly’s world. Her heart skipped and missed several beats.

Holly climbed back on to the bed and over Alice, knees either side, hands at her sides. Alice looked at her in a sort of wonder, the beautiful black girl had tipped her head over heels. Now she was under her spell. Holly bent her head and sucked up a nipple. This caused Alice to throw herself backwards, gasp and moan. It was the single most exciting thing she could ever remember happening to her.

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