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I was working for a company 300 miles from home, so that meant driving up Monday, staying there, and driving home Friday. Tired of the Ramada Inn, I got the company to rent me an apartment.

It was a small duplex in a lower-class part of this small Ohio city. Over some weeks, I started running into some of my fellow apartment dwellers.

I found the apartment across the hall was inhabited by two Hispanic sisters, one in her early 20s and the other perhaps a decade older. They were earthy and not unattractive. Always wore jeans and sweatshirts. Had great smiles.

I’m a good cook, so one day I asked if they’d like to come over for dinner some night. They said they would and we made a date for that Wednesday. I decided to make lasagna, meat balls and salad. My lasagna is killer. Also, I could make it ahead and wouldn’t have to run around the kitchen while my guests waited.

The ladies arrived on time and when I opened the door my eyes just about popped out of my head. They were both dolled up in slinky dresses and heels, make-up, hair down, and just a hint of perfume.

Estella, the older one, wore red, and Maria black. They greeted me with hugs and exclaimed how good it smelled in my apartment. I opened a bottle of Sangiovese, poured us all a glass and led them into the living room.

They sat on the sofa and I opposite. We chatted and sipped wine. Small talk about the apartment building and neighborhood, where we worked and so on. They both seemed so happy to be there. It occurred to me that perhaps no man had ever offered to cook for them.

After about 20 minutes I excused myself to finish preparations. I took the lasagna and meat balls out of the oven where they had been warming and transferred them to serving dishes. I dressed the salad with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and sea salt. I brought the food to the table. I lit candles on the table and around the dining area and lowered the lights. I opened another bottle of wine and poured it. I also poured glasses of San Pellegrino water. Then I returned to the living room and escorted the ladies to the dining area.

It was clear Estella and Maria were pleased by the setting. I offered a toast to good company and we started eating. The ladies exclaimed with each first bite of lasagna and meat balls how good the food was, and they were not shy or picky eaters like some women.

When we were all done eating, I told them I had prepared a special dessert, but I knew we were too full to enjoy it right then. Would they like to stay a while longer? They looked at each other and Estella, said “yes.”

I led them back to the living room and put on my favorite Dean Martin CD. I asked Estella if she’d like to dance and she again said “yes.” I’m not much of a dancer, gaziantep escortları but when a ballad is on I know what to do. I held her close, my left hand clasping her right and my right hand on the small of her back. We stepped slowly with the music. She rested her cheek against mine.

When “Non Dimenticar” ended and “Everybody Loves Somebody” began I asked Maria, the younger sister, to dance. She seemed shy about it, but Estella encouraged her. This song had a faster beat, and so she wouldn’t be self-conscious, I stood slightly apart from her as we danced. But I looked in her eyes. I think perhaps she had never slow danced before, but I could see she liked it.

After that dance, Estella patted the middle seat on the sofa, indicating I should sit there on her left. She gave a knowing look to Maria, who sat to my left. As Dino played on, Estella leaned over, put her hand on my chest, closed her eyes and we kissed. And we kissed.

After a few minutes of this I was worried Maria would be embarrassed or uncomfortable as this was going on, but then I felt a hand on my left thigh that moved up my body to my right cheek and pulled my head away from Estella to face her sister.

Maria looked in my eyes and then slammed her mouth to mine. Quickly her tongue was in my mouth flicking hither and yon, while both hands held my face in place. And then I felt a hand on my right thigh that moved gently over what was now a visible bulge in my pants and back to rest on my thigh.

Then I heard Estella ask if it was time for dessert. Indeed.

* * *

Tiramisu is one of those foods that, once they become ubiquitous on restaurant menus, begin to lose their authenticity and descend into mediocrity. But made authentically, it is as stimulating and sensual a dessert as one can find.

Italian ladyfingers are dipped in a mixture of espresso and sweet Marsala wine and placed in the bottom of a baking dish. Luscious mascarpone cheese is combined with eggs, sugar and whipped cream, and layered over the ladyfingers. Then repeat with another layer of wine and espresso dipped ladyfingers, and another layer of the creamy cheese mixture. Chill overnight and just before serving, top with shavings of bittersweet chocolate.

I brought this confection to the living room, setting it on a table before Estella and Maria. I brought one plate and one fork.

I cut a serving from the baking dish and placed it on the plate. Took the fork, cut a mouthful, and brought it to Estella’s lips. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and drew it in. A moan escaped her as the smooth richness hit her.

I took another forkful and offered it to Maria. She smiled at me and then chomped down on the fork, sucking the cake into her mouth. But then her eyes closed too as she ate it.

Then I took a forkful for myself, began eating it, took Estella’s face in my hands and began to kiss her, the natural flavors of our mouths mixing with the cheese, cream, coffee and chocolate flavors of the tiramisu.

Maria began unbuttoning my shirt, then reached for the baking dish and scooped up some of the mascarpone in her hand. Seductively, she licked a little of it and then circled her creamy finger around my nipple, depositing a dollop there. She leaned over and licked it up and then sucked at my nipple. Now my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Estella doing the same thing to my other nipple. Now both sisters were sucking at my nipples, and I could feel my cock trying to burst through its cloth jail.

It didn’t have to wait long as Estella undid my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled that fella to freedom. Now she took a big bite of the tiramisu, bent down and engulfed my cock with her creamy mouth.

The feeling was divine. Her tongue twirled around, licking and sucking at me and the dessert at the same time. Meanwhile Maria fed me a bite of the cake and then dove her tongue back into my mouth as we lapped at the food and each other.

Now Estella came up for air and motioned for me to unzip her dress, which I was happy to do. She stood and it dropped to the floor. She then removed her lacy bra, revealing beautifully shaped, soft breasts. Estella grabbed a chunk of dessert with each hand and smeared it on her breasts, inviting me to lick and suck as I palpated them with both hands.

Estella’s breathing quickened, and as I continued my lucky task, I felt Maria’s mouth around my cock, she pumping up and down with her hands as she flicked, licked and sucked at me. I collapsed back against the sofa, my head spinning.

But Estella was too far along to let me rest. She pulled off her panties, climbed up on the sofa and pushed her mound right into my face. What could I do? I began licking softly and slowly. She moaned and I continued, picking up speed and stiffening my tongue just a bit as I reached up to fondle and pinch one nipple, and with my other hand stuck I finger in her pussy.

Her knees weakened, but she stayed aloft as I continued. I realized Maria had stopped her ministrations and must have been watching. But then I again felt her mouth on my cock, her tongue all over it and trailing down to my balls. It felt wonderful, but now I was not to be distracted from my mission.

Estella started rotating her pelvis in rhythm with my licks and my finger pumping and nipple tweaking, faster and with greater force against my mouth until she let out a deep moan. I felt the contractions against my finger. She was still for just a moment and then collapsed into me, her body pushing Maria away, her mouth finding mine and her pussy hard against my vertical cock.

As I was consumed by the tastes, smells and sensations, I wondered what would happen next.

* * *

I didn’t have to wait long. As Estella continued rubbing herself against me and giving me slow, sloppy kisses, I opened my eyes and saw Maria stripping. She had a determined look in her eyes.

My eyes were happier than ever, spying her young, very firm breasts with long, erect nipples, and her close-trimmed pussy, very different from her sister’s free flowing forest.

Maria grabbed my hand to pull me up and Estella obligingly rolled over, sinking into the sofa with a dreamy look.

Now Maria and I were standing, facing each other. She put my hands on her breasts and pushed down on my head. I sank to my knees and started lapping at her pussy while my fingers squeezed her nipples. Her clit grew and I began circling it with my tongue. Maria began making guttural noises and her hands pressed hard into my skull.

I took one hand away from a breast and plunged a finger, then two, into her pussy, squeezing her nipple in time with my finger thrusts. I could tell she was getting close, and her juices ran down her thighs and all over my hand.

Now I stood up, turned her around and got my first view of her beautiful firm ass. I massaged her breasts for a moment, then told her to bend over and grab her ankles.

While she waited in that position, I walked over to a side table, pulled out a drawer and found a condom. I put the rubber on, walked back over and guided my cock into her pussy opening, grasped her hips and entered her.

I began fucking her hard. I reached one hand around and found her clit, and moved my other hand to a breast and held on. Her body jerked with each hard thrust of mine. Her head hung limp and her disheveled hair trickled down to the floor. I began rubbing faster.

Now her sounds were high pitched. I continued pounding into her and rubbing harder and faster. Then she gasped and went silent. I could feel the contractions beginning. As they got stronger she let out a scream.

This was all getting to be too much for me. I slowed my thrusts so I could hang on a little longer and savor the experience.

Estella was behind me now, rubbing up against me. She put her arms around me, rubbed my chest and then began playing with my nipples. Then one hand went down to my ass and underneath, caressing my balls.

I closed my eyes and gave in to my orgasm. It felt like I was shooting gallons of cum into Maria. Instead of my usual short and intense climax, this was long and deep.

When I was done, I carefully pulled out and the three of us collapsed onto the carpet. There were caresses and quiet kisses for some minutes.

Then Estella looked at me, smiled, and said, “Aren’t you going to offer us coffee?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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