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Working from home had its perks, from rolling out of bed, to long breaks to catch up on a television show. Today was no exception, as I slept in a bit and snoozed my alarm a few too many times. I hurried out of bed, got dressed in my normal, laid back, home office shorts and t-shirt. Once dressed, I got logged in to work, then went to make coffee.

While the coffee was brewing, I was recalling a dream from last night. It was odd, but erotic. Starting off similar to how today had, except that in my dream, I logged in to work naked. Not really a problem when working from home by myself, but in my dream, then it got stranger, as while logged in for the morning meeting, everyone was naked. Janet from HR was a pleasure on the eyes, and both in my dream (and as I recall my dream as coffee finished) I was getting a solid rock hard-on. The coffee sputtered and brought be back to reality… where as I stated, I had a raging hard-on thinking about the dream.

Back down to the office, I couldn’t shake my semi-hard cock. I pulled up some porn on my phone, hoping to masturbate and get back to work. As I started in, I heard the door bell. Figures, always get interrupted. As I walk to the door, I can see a delivery truck outside. I was expecting a couple paperwork packages, so not a surprise. Opening the door, I see a woman, who was likely in her mid-40’s, and was a complete MILF. She stood about 5-foot-6-inches, had an amazing rack, and curves that accentuated her hips and butt to no end. She asked if I could sign for this package, and then said she had to go Sarıyer escort bayan get one more from the truck. As she returned with the second package, I saw her glance down, and just smirk. As she got closer, it occurred to me that when I was masturbating, I buttoned, but failed to zip up my shorts. I had a fully erect cock pressing against my boxers, just trying to escape to the confines of this MILF.

I apologize, but she says it is okay, I was wearing more than some people she delivered to a couple days ago. She continues, there was a guy that answered wearing nothing more than some open fly boxers, but he was old and not worth sticking around for. I asked her if she had time for some coffee, and she said that would be lovely. I grabbed another cup, and poured her some, then asked how she liked it. She smiled and said a little sugar and some cream. Coming from her, this made me even more rigid. As I turned back with the sugar, she asked if she could help… while looking straight at my bulge.

Before I could come up with any kind of an answer, she got up came around and grabbed me. Seeing how hard I was, she said that she could help deliver that package. Who was I to object, so I took us over to the couch, where I unbuttoned and sat down. She kneeled in front of me and began do stroke my cock while flicking her tongue across the tip. Sucking the head for a few before standing up and turning around, she undid her uniform, and slowly slid it down while bending over. Her ass was big, round, and I was ready to get Silivri escort to work. She got her uniform off, and then sat back on my cock, immediately sinking to my balls. I was ready to cum right then, but knew I needed to hold off as long as I could.

She bounced up and down on my cock, causing such pleasure I was ready to explode, but before then she slid up off my cock, turned around, and stood up on the couch. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but then she leaned forward so her pussy was pushing against my face. She began to ride my tongue and mouth from her clit to asshole, just rocking back and forth. Her drenched pussy was so hot and tasted so good, I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to my face. This made her buck hard, and she released a surge of pussy juice into my mouth. As I drank and lapped it all up, she came down from her orgasm. Then, remembering I hadn’t cum yet, she climbed down, and kneeled on the couch, then lowering her ass down a bit. This caused her ass to spread wide, and gave me the greatest view of her asshole and glistening pussy.

I moved in close, and rubbed my cock across her drenched pussy to get her asshole and my cock wet again. I then started to push my cock into her wetness and it slid in with zero resistance. Once I bottomed out on her ass, I began to fuck her with all that I had left. I was crashing into her as she was facedown against the couch with her ass in the air. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but with the extra moisture from her pussy I had rubbed around, I began to insert Escort Topkapı a thumb into her asshole. As I started to rub her rosebud, it puckered out at me, as if asking me to shove it in. I obliged and then thumb-fucked her asshole while I drilled her pussy.

Knowing I was about to cum, I slammed my cock into her and let my cum fill her pussy. As I felt the last few drops oozing out, I pulled out and milked the remainder onto her asshole and pussy lips. She turned her head to move, without shifting her hips, and asked if I was done? I said, yeah, I left a big load inside, and offered to get a towel to help clean up. She said that won’t be necessary. She then stood up, turned around, and without hesitation, shoved me into a laying position on the couch and climbed on top of me in a 69 position.

Caught off-guard and not wanting her to leave, I began licking her drenched cum-filled pussy. I was glad I had left most of my cum inside and didn’t rub much around, but as I started licking her pussy, she began breathing heavy and rocking her hips on my mouth. I was into it, as she had finished licking my cock clean, but she was ready to orgasm again. Sitting up more, and really working her hips on my face, I felt gob after gob of cum as her hips forced it out of her pussy. I surprisingly enjoyed it, as she came again, drenching my mouth again.

After coming down from her second orgasm, she slowly dismounted my face. I must have been a mess, as she said you’ve got something wet… all over your face. I wasn’t complaining as her pussy and me eating my first creampie was quite the scene for me. She kissed me and helped lick clean a few spots that still had cum on my face, but then got dressed back in her uniform. As she headed for the door, she said thanks for the cream and her coffee, and she would look forward to any other deliveries to my house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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