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*** I wrote this over a year ago. It’s my first ever attempt at writing erotica and first ‘story’ I’ve written since high school. ***

“Nookie today?” I asked.

“I guess I have to give you, huh?”

“why do you have to?”

“Because you should get it when you can.”

“hmm.. yeh, sounds good to me. Get it when I can.” I felt a little giddy. My wife, Meg (short for Megumi), can be rather selective about when we have sex. If I’m busy at work she’ll put out once in a while at night but her preference is to have sex during the day while the kids are at school. That way she won’t worry about being interrupted and she can make as much noise as she desires. She’s not particularly noisy but it’s more of a relaxation thing. If she doesn’t have to worry about anything then she can enjoy herself all the more.

She’s Japanese and one thing I find odd about Japanese is that as a whole they are generally prim and proper but they conceal a rather open/critical/indecorous mind to lots of things. For example, there was (don’t know if there still is..??) a general understanding that Japanese girls are sweet innocent things that need to be coerced into sex, yet Japanese porn has some of the sickest most depraved shit I’ve ever seen on the internet. Well Meg is rather vanilla when it comes to sex. I get the impression she could’ve been more open minded if I was that way inclined but well… I’m not 😝

I jumped in the shower to quickly rinse off the day’s yuck. Make sure my crotch is clean. I didn’t stroke it but I felt like it. Dried off, closed the curtains and put a towel on the bed to catch the wet spot. Meg came in and brushed her teeth in the ensuite while I coaxed the dog outside the bedroom door then closed the door.

Still naked from the shower I jumped in bed and pulled the covers up. It’s winter and whilst it’s not cold like many other countries 15C during the day is cold for us. Meg finished up in the ensuite and undressed most of her clothes by the bed leaving her bra and tank top on. At 46 she’s no super model but fark look at her body.

She’s short, like more than a foot shorter than I am. I like short girls, they generally have better curves than Didim Escort tall girls. Maybe that’s just me…???…because my wife is short. Aside from the aesthetics I like wrapping her up in my arms and smothering her like the little girl she is.

Before jumping in bed Meg stretches like she was yawning. Her tank top rising up even more showing off her hips. Ooh that smooth skin all over. I’ve gotten used to her lack of pubic hair, she had it lasered off about 15 years ago. Not from anything I said or even anything to do with sex at all. One of her Japanese friends was running Pole Dance classes and convinced a number of her friends to take it up because as it is good exercise. To prevent rash and increase general comfort and hygiene it was recommended to ‘lose the hair’. It started with shaving of course. That’s quite an experience having prickles run up and down your cock during sex. Not that I’m into gay sex but I got a sense of what it’s like if your boyfriend doesn’t shave and gives head. I guess it’s what Meg feels when I don’t shave and go down on her. The last time I went down on Meg I was eating my own cum from her pussy. I couldn’t control myself and cum before she did.

“iii it’s cold!” she squealed and rolled into bed ending up in the spooning position. I had held the covers open for her and now wrapped her up to keep warm. When she settled we could hear the soft whimpers of the dog outside the door. “Awe poor Fido, don’t you feel sorry for her?”

“Nope. Not when I’m about to get sex.” We both giggle at that.

Meg turned around and pushed me on my back climbing on top at the same time. We started making out. When I was younger I really like long hair, still kind of do but less so now. Meg having a bob cut means I don’t get totally shrouded in darkness when she’s on top like this. Our lips and tongues swipe and moosh for a while. She then leans back and looks at me. In that fleeting moment I look at her round face and Asian eyes and wonder ‘how did I get so lucky?’.

One last peck on the lips and then she slides down my body. A few pecks, a lick up my shaft then she takes my hardening cock into her mouth. AAah that feels good. She Didim Escort Bayan plays with it in her mouth then slowly slides up and down. Then a few quick bobs and I’m at full hardness. I can’t help it, I rock my hips just a little and fuck her mouth in time with her bobbing. I stop thrusting for a bit and she plays with it in her mouth again swirling her tongue around the head. Once again she slides all the way down… fuck yeh… when she pulls back a little I reflexively start thrusting, sliding my cock in and out.

I lift the blanket and watch as my dick slides in and out. Feeling the inside of her mouth I wonder how much of the lube is her saliva and how much is my precum squishing around. God that’s such a fucking turn on. I love head jobs, well derr who doesn’t, but I rarely feel like cumming from a head job. I don’t know if it’s because a mouth is too soft and tender or because I restrain myself from full on face fucking her. I like to thump up against her body when we fuck. I don’t think she’d like it if I kept thumping my pubic bone into her face.

I motion for her to come up again which she does putting her knees at my sides and lining up my cock at her entrance. A bit of wiggling back and forth and then aaaah fuck yeeeh. Have a mentioned how much I like sex before? Well I like it better than head jobs. She kisses me. We tongue each others mouths and I slowly push in and out ensuring we’re all lubed up. I don’t know if this is technically cowgirl position since she’s laying forward so we can kiss. My arms are wrapped around her and I rock my hips and hold her tight so I can push deeper.

We fuck. She pushes her hips back and forward in time and awefuck it’s divine. We stay in that position a while longer. I’ve got one arm around her back and shoulder holding her to me and the other is on her bum guiding her at the right angle as I fuck her hard. I have to stop. I few more quick thrusts and I’ll be squirting my jizz all inside her pussy. I need to pace myself and get her to come. I know she’s feeling like cumming today. She has occasional days when she just doesn’t feel it but today is definitely a cum day. Sex is always better when Escort Didim she’s into it.

So I sit up to the point of sitting on my heels. She’s still clinging to the front of me like I’m a full size sex toy that she just can’t give up. We kiss again and start humping in this new position. Her lips are soft and wet. To my surprise she asks to lay down. Used to be she loved that position and came many a time like that. I lay her down one arm still around her back and shoulder and the other under her bum, her knees and feet up in the air. I start to fuck then do a minor adjustment to the angle then I start pounding. AAaawe aawe awe stop or I’ll come!

“Don’t finish without me. I want your dick” she says. Like I said earlier, last time we had sex I cum before her then ate her to orgasm. Whilst she ‘cums’ from cunnilingus I know she much prefers cumming on a dick, my dick 😉

I remove my arms from behind her back and learn my hands either side of her body. This pushes my shoulders up and I feel a little like a silver back gorilla servicing a female. I can fuck a little longer in this position. Though I need to do several waves of fast slow fast slow to build her up without cumming myself.

Finally I’m getting her there I can feel she’s close, she’s grabbing onto me hard, I’m pounding her fast. She barely has any weight on the bed and she’s swinging back and fourth (or up and down as the case may be) but both her muscles and mine are all taut. She starts to call whine and call out “…iku…iku…” I love that word, she about to cum. I keep going, my frantic pace starts to waver but I can’t stop now! I can feel her convulsing as she gets rocked by her orgasm. I keep going. There’s reason to hold back now and I thump my pelvis into hers hard, my cock feels like it’s reached the biggest size it’s ever been ( so about the same size it was the last time I cum 😃 ). I can feel my hot spunk squirting then oozing into her tight pussy. Still having aftershocks from her orgasm her pussy squeezes my dick and gives me an electric shock, my whole body twitches at that and a little more cum squeezes out.

I’m panting quite hard now. If I wasn’t so out of breathe I’d kiss Meg again but instead we just wait for a minute. Motionless except for my breathing. Finally we separate, clean up and get dressed.

“Can you pick up two of the girls this afternoon? I need to take pumpkin to the orthodontics.” Meg asked.

“Sure sweetie”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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