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Group Sex

Following my last story when, following the hen party, Lorraine left me her address and I called around with very satisfying results.

She has an absolutely luxurious house in one of the richest areas of Hampstead in London. Her husband was away on business and Lorraine was of an age where she was bored with what she called doing sex by numbers on a Saturday night.

She wanted more than that she said she wanted some real sparkle in her life and that is why she let her hair down big time and succumbed at the hen party.

Promising to be prudent I responded to her mobile phone call and turned up on the ball at 10am of a Monday.

Opening the door she welcomed me with open arms and almost at once I was feeling the wonderful consequence of her so deep and hot French kiss. I was instantly aroused, I closed the door behind me with my heel remembering she wanted prudence and there she was almost eating me with those hot kisses, her hands clawing away at my hind with door wide open.

“Supposing the postman or somebody would have seen us?” I said gasping for air when finally she released me, looking down at my obvious fresh and bulging breakfast box.

“He’s been!” she laughed, “the postman I mean and there is no one else around this time of the morning -but thanks for reminding me about being prudent. It is just that I am so besotted by you, Pete – I couldn’t’t keep my mind off you all weekend, ever since we met. And to be frank I have reached several orgasms and it is your entire fault,

“Now would you like some coffee of something?”

“Yes please and the or something!” I returned with a look that showed her exactly what I had in mind.

“Perhaps this will spirit you” Lorraine teased, sitting on the edge of a leather clad settee, lifting her gorgeous black skirt with a sexy red waistband, just enough to reveal those very tempting thighs with suspender belt and stocking tops complimenting those shapely white thighs, crossing her legs in a way that was very provocative, hearing the sound of her silk stockings sliding against her flesh.

“I think I would like to forego coffee” I said being already sexed up and longing to get into Lorraine’s skirt, to taste that sweet pussy wrapped Escort bayan in sensuous red and black laced panties.

She looked at me, smiled beautifully, indicated for me to come to her and then, standing before her, I was treated to the most wonderful touching and caressing over my jeans, as she sighed and seemed to enjoy every touch and squeeze telling me I was beautiful and a dream.

“Glad to be of service” I told her

“You make it sound like you are a retailer or something and I am a customer!”

“Well?” I replied with a question.

She looked up at me with a devilish grin and as she unzipped me I could not resist running my fingers through her blonde hair as she was soon indulging in more of what she had of me at the hen party.

“You are rather gorgeous you know, Pete, excuse me if I go off into my own little world, it’s been a long time and this woman needs her cock.”

“You had me at the hen party on Saturday” I said as I felt her so expertly stretch me back and tease the redness of my knob with her tongue

“Yes but not all to myself, it was a pain with all the other girls wanting to suck it too, now I have you all to myself, a wonderful manly ripe cock to enjoy to my heart’s content, do you mind?”

I stood there, legs parted, almost motionless but, urged by a gentle movement of her hands upon my hips; I swayed a little and hearing her response, her moans of approval.

I did it some more from side to side, enough for her to suck me sideways and to see her cheeks bulge was a delight to behold.

I loved the way Lorraine so wonderfully helped herself as she so beautifully handled me, she said she’d sink into another world as she enjoyed me and that she did, she was enjoying it like one sucks a favorite lollypop and was completely committed for a good five minutes just sucking and licking my cock and balls and making those wonderful little throat noises women make when they are enjoying sexual encounters.

She took a breath, looked up at me, her eyes catching mine. Then her fingers squeezed the head of my strong erection and I was taken on a trip to heaven as she continued to indulge in giving me the thrill of her finger tips there and Bayan Escort then her tongue, gently licking the glans, then teasing my p-hole with the very tip of her busy tongue and then more licking and tasting, running her fingers delicately down along the length of my cock, down to my balls, running her fingers between them, separating them in a way which felt so very wonderful, and then she sort of cradled them, licked and kissed them before coming up along the length of my cock again until she reached the glans and then it was the same all over again.

This woman enjoyed her sex so much I felt so good that I could give her that, I discovered the needs and desires of this very passionate soul, she saying that if ever I disapproved of anything she did then I was to tell her to stop.

It was just all so very exciting and thrilling and I couldn’t believe my luck that there was I enjoying being everything for sweet Lorraine.

I loved the way she used make- up on my cock, lipstick and all, making little figures and faces when she chuckled, there was humour in her passion too and I liked that.

Then the red ribbon, the way she delighted in wrapping it around the base of my cock, all the time taking little sips of my cock like she was sipping at a straw which gave me the most wonderful sensual feelings I had ever known with a woman. Then she tied some more ribbon, blue this time around my balls, to express all to the foremost, tugging the ribbon gently to make it stand upright as that she could further explore with that roving tongue of hers.

Then, laying down she beckoned me to stretch my legs apart and rest each side over her bosom, those very ripe and pronounced tits erect and pointed making her look delicious – and if she had in mind that which I anticipated I would be well happy. She sort of moved in a position where she could squeeze cock and balls between those gorgeous tits, ease her head slightly upwards so that she could reach my cock with her mouth and we were away again – being sucked and balled by Lorraine was something like she was enjoying a good meal or something, she wanted her meat and no mistake and was going to make sure she got it.. He hands were surprisingly strong Escort as I felt her grasp and nudge my buttocks, as she continued to roll my balls between her tits, squeeze my p-hole into her tits one at a time and then take the head of my cock again deep into her mouth for yet another deep sucking.

“You are so big and earthy Pete” she told me, “I just love to feel your cock inside my mouth, I can never get enough of it, I adore the way you taste and the way you smell, I just adore all of you and want to be very greedy, may I?”

I rolled over and in a moment, a wonderful sensual moment, I somehow found my head placed between her gorgeous thighs and there I was, my fantasy coming true, my head well and truly up her skirt, all stocking tops and white thighs wrapped around my head and I knew she wanted to make it a sixty nine, so that we could orally enjoy each other simultaneously to our heart’s content

I rolled up her skirt above her waist and liked what I saw, this woman had all it takes and had a really delicious ass and figure.

Instinctively I smothered my mouth into her panties and she squeezed my head between those gorgeous hips as I felt her mouth ravish me again below, such as that was we were both feverishly sucking each other, not being able to see but tasting her, I worked the edge of her panties aside and felt the sheer softness and warm moistness of her lovely pliable pussy lips and there were we both like we were eating each other, our passion so very hot and demanding,.

I wanted her fuck as much as I knew she wanted mine, what we were doing had to come to suck a pitch that somehow we immediately changed position, I was on top of her ripping those panties off her and for the first time seeing that wonderful mystery of womanhood to enjoy to the full, I’d just enjoyed the wonderful mystery tour and now I wanted to end it with the fireworks as we both indulged in the most wonderful moving deep fucking like there was no tomorrow,

She had loads of energy and I could feel her pussy muscles closing me inside her as she reached a very strong and wholesome orgasm squeezing my all into her as I felt the surge below, giving a few final deep thrusts to make it all complete and wonderful

I was just thinking why on earth I didn’t take up this toy- boy service before.

And tomorrow I was seeing Jan, another who was at the hen party, a little bigger than Lorraine but very fuckable.

This is the life, Watch this space.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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