Hometown Ch. 06 – Final Chapter

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Note: Sorry it’s taken so long for this final chapter. It definitely needed a finish so here goes. Read the first five chapters to get up to speed. All rights reserved. Enjoy.


Ted and Mack spent the weekend looking over the bank deposits and payouts for the Wright Corporation. They had proof that money was going out to Jake’s but because Jake’s Hardware paid George Wright back in cash they really had no proof. They also had Rebecca’s and the previous bank manager’s account information that showed they didn’t have enough income or savings to afford the homes they both owned outright. And, they could not find the signature files that showed that Rebecca and Mr. Parker gave Wright Construction interest free loans. Someone had gotten to the files and had erased the actual signature forms.

“We should be able to go back into the electronic files and get the documents,” Mack sighed. “But, who is to say that they actually scanned the documents? We know positively what was done but without the signed documents we might not be able to prove who did it.”

“Let’s continue tomorrow after work,” Ted suggested. “I don’t like doing this during the day because Rebecca is nosing around.” They gathered up the paper work and signed off of the computers.


Kathy had a boring weekend. Ted worked from morning to late at night and really had no time for her. She thought more about his fortune and what he had said about giving it away if it meant losing her. For the first time she truly knew what being in love was all about. She stayed at his lake house relaxing in his hot tub as often as possible and was in the bubbly water when she saw him walk out onto the patio. “Well, look who finally made it home at a decent hour.”

Ted moved closer and saw no bathing suit straps over her shoulders or around her neck. “Ummm…are you wearing anything?”

“Maybe?” She teased. “There’s one way to find out.”

He looked across the lake at the Wright house before walking over to the rail and raising the new movable screen he had installed. “Did you get naked without the screen being up?”

“Who said I was naked?” She giggled as she lifted her bikini top from under the water. Moment’s later her bikini bottom floated to the surface as well.

“Oh Shit I need this,” he grinned as he quickly stripped and stood displaying his long hard-on.

She too needed it and had hoped that he would come home early enough. Her pussy was already scorching hot from twenty minutes of masturbation. “I missed you,” she said reaching over and grabbing his cock. “I missed this.”

“I think you are just using me,” he laughed as he stood and walked forward. Her hand held his shaft tight and guided it towards her face and opened lips.

“OH GOD!” He moaned as his pink torpedo disappeared.

Kathy had improved her blowjob skills the past few weeks because she knew how much it turned him on. At the same time she knew he would reciprocate later. Her mouth popped off. “I think it missed me.”

“Oh Yeah…definitely…missed…missed you,” he moaned as she lifted it straight up and licked up the underside to the swollen crown. His eyes opened wide when her mouth enclosed the tip and her teeth gently bit into the sensitive flesh. “OH SHIT!”

Her mouth moved up and down a few times knowing just how much to give before she stopped and pushed him back. “I have another special place for it.”

He knew where she meant as she moved him onto the bench seat underwater next to her and climbed on top. His lips fought to capture a nipple as her body lowered easily down into the water. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

She laughed. “Are you sure it isn’t just the sex talking?”


She started lifting off. “So if I get off you will still love me.”

“Yes…and no…don’t get off.” He tried to hold her down but she kept lifting. She stopped at the tip. “Is it yes or no?”


“Never mind,” she laughed as she lowered back down and started a constant up and down motion. “I love you too.”

The water soon started splashing over the sides as their bodies moved with more force and urgency. Her hands pushed onto his shoulders for more power as his hands held onto her bare ass to keep them connected. Both sets of eyes were closed.

“Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!” She begged.

“Me? I was going to say the same thing to you!” He laughed.

Luckily he had no direct neighbors because her screams pierced the quiet night air. “AHHHHH!”

He forced his teeth together to keep from yelling. “Eeee….Eeeee!”

It was five minutes later before either could talk. She moved closer and kissed his earlobe. “I don’t want you to get bored of me.”

“Yeah right,” he laughed. “That will never happen.”

“I want to make sure. I know we both liked doing it on the counter at the Café.” That’s where I work so I want to do it where you work.”

“In the bank?” He asked surprised.

“It’s not a church,” she laughed at his reaction.

“I don’t know gaziantep escortları about that. There is a lot of praying going on there every day.”

Her fingers played with his spent noodle. “Also I’ve been thinking about how you had sex with Ann and that girl Lisa.”

“What? That was…uh..before we uh..”

“Relax. I’m not mad. Actually I’ve been wondering how it would be to…to be with another woman. You know with you too. Lisa has been coming into the restaurant a lot lately and I’ve spent some time with her. She’s really nice.”

“Wow, I uh. Are you sure you want to try it with another woman?” He remembered how hot it was to have two women sucking his cock at the same time. And, how he watched as they gave each other oral sex.”

She grinned as she felt his cock fully expand again. “Maybe as long as you only love me and no one else.”

“Of course. It would just be sex right?”

“Just sex,” she repeated as she closed her eyes and imagined kissing the beautiful Asian woman.


Mack met with Ted at the house early the next morning and Ted told him about his plan. Since they had no real hard evidence about Jake’s Hardware Ted wanted to get Jim to turn state’s evidence for a reduced sentence. But first they had to clear it with the SBI. Later that afternoon a State Detective stopped by and told Ted it would be ok to get Jim to testify against George Wright. As Ted entered the bank the next morning he saw Lisa walking out. “Uh…hello Lisa.”

Lisa blushed and smiled. “Hello. I wasn’t sure if you remembered me.”

Ted did his best to keep his eyes up from her small breasts and perky nipples. “Of course I remember you. How are you doing?”

“Good,” she blushed again.

“That’s great. I hope to see you again,” he said quickly. “I mean…you know…at the bank.”

“Definitely,” she smiled.

He had three voice mails when he made it to his office. The first one was from George Wright, which said he needed to discuss his loans. The second one was from Ellen who just said she needed to talk to him about something really important and the third one was from Kathy who said Lisa stopped at the Café for a late breakfast and she had asked her to come to dinner. “Shit,” he said loud enough for the cute blonde Laura to hear as she stood in his doorway. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you were there.”

“It’s OK,” she smiled. “I forgot to tell you that your broker called just before you came in and said you need to call him back.”

“Thanks Laura.” He thought about how Kathy was now interested in having another woman join their bed play. “Say have you cut your hair or something. It really looks nice.”

“Yes,” she grinned. “You’re the first one to notice. Thank you so much.” She turned and gave a little butt wiggle as she walked away.

He called his broker first and found out that he had lost a million dollars on a company that suddenly filed bankruptcy. Normally it would have upset him but he had some losses before and since his relationship with Kathy was going so well he wasn’t concerned. He figured that Ellen wanted to discuss the Jake’s Hardware problem so he decided to put that off. His mind was really on Kathy’s message about inviting Lisa to dinner. He called but she was too busy to talk.

At noon he called the SBI office and arranged for the detective to meet with Jim and him at the Hardware store.


Jim froze when one of the counter clerks at the store told him that Ted Givens was there to see him. He was nervous especially when he saw another man in a suit standing next to him. “Ted…uh what’s up?”

“Can we talk in your office?” Ted asked knowing that old man Jake had pretty much left the day-to-day business in Jim’s hands.

“Sure,” Jim said waiting for an introduction of the other man but Ted wanted to keep it hush-hush. Once the office door was closed Ted introduced him.

“Jim this is Bill Johnson from the State Bureau of Investigation.”

“OK, nice to meet you I guess,” Jim said nervously. “What’s going on?”

“We know Jim,” Ted started in. “Before you deny anything we know about Wright buying materials from you at a high price and you returning cash back to them.”

Jim leaned forward and put his hands on his face. “So am I being arrested?”

Bill Johnson spoke up. “It depends.”

Ted added in. “It depends on your cooperation. We also know about you getting a load of money to pay off your owed mortgage payments a few years ago.”

Jim was quiet as he thought about his options before he finally spoke. “I don’t want to go to jail. I’ll pay back anything I took wrongly.”

“Good,” Bill Johnson smiled. “Is that all you did? I mean we can make a deal but only for this. If we find out you did other crimes we will have to prosecute you for them.”

“No, that’s it. Paul Jake asked me to set up the deal with George Wright and Rebecca.”

“What was Rebecca’s part?” Ted asked.

“She set up some phony accounts that was hard to trace back to Wright to put the cash we gave him. Jake told me that she got her new house as a result. She threatened to turn me in if any of this got out and she was arrested.”

Both Ted and Bill took notes while Jim continued to spill the beans. Jim pulled out some private files and gave them the actual dates and amounts. They had everything they needed to get Paul Jake, Rebecca and George Wright.

“So I’m not going to jail?” Jim asked as they stood up.

“Can’t promise it but our recommendation to the DA is to give you probation. I’ve talked to them and they don’t see any issues with doing it,” Bill smiled. “But you have to keep your nose clean after this.”

“Yes sir!” Jim smiled as he moved over and hugged the shorter man.

Ted laughed. “No need for a hug. Just keep all of this quiet. I would like to talk to you privately.”

After Bill left Ted and Jim sat back down. “What’s going on with Dawn and Wright’s son?” Ted asked.

“I guess they are dating and I hear it’s gone pretty far. But I’m told that he is a good kid unlike his parents.”

“That’s good. Since she is getting a bunch of money I don’t want someone to steal it from her. We will also have to discuss her buying the hardware store. Even though you will have enough money to buy it out right you may still need some bank loans for day-to-day business. I’ll have to vouch for you since you will be on probation.”

“You would do that for me?”

Ted smiled and stood. “You’ve always been my best friend. And by the way…Kathy and I are getting married soon and I need a best man.”

“Me? Me? You want me?”

Ted laughed. “Yes…yes and yes.”


Ted headed back to the bank and while making a few calls his office door opened and Dawn jumped in.

“You scared me,” Ted said after jerking back. “What are you doing here?”

Dawn held back her tears. “We…I mean I need your help.” A tear escaped down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away. “It’s my father.”

Ted knew that she had somehow found out about the Jake’s Hardware crimes but he played dumb. “What’s wrong?”

“You have to promise me that what I say to you won’t be used against him.”

“I can’t Dawn. If you tell me something bad and I don’t do something about it then I can be in trouble too. I don’t want you to be associated with this mess.”

“You already know don’t you?” She said loudly while sitting upward. “Oh God what are you going to do to him? She looked at the business card on his desk and saw the State Bureau of Investigation symbol. Whose card is that?”

“I have some outside people helping out but let’s not discuss this anymore. I might be able to help but I have to get it cleared with some other people first. But, let me work behind the scenes and don’t say anything. Maybe it will all work out.”

“Oh Thank You!” She said as she leaned over to hug him.


The early morning crowd was gone when Kathy looked out from the kitchen and saw Lisa sitting alone in the corner. She knew that Ted would never ask for another woman to join them in bed but since he told her about the threesome she couldn’t stop thinking about it. The past few weeks she found out that Lisa lived alone and didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. They took the time to compliment each other on their clothes and appearance and a few days ago Kathy had enough nerve to touch the woman’s hand for over ten seconds. Lisa too was looking at the kitchen door and noticed Kathy looking out. She smiled and waved. A few minutes later Kathy removed her apron and walked out.

“Good morning. You really look nice today,” Kathy smiled as she sat across from the Asian doll.

“You too,” Lisa blushed. So far they had talked about their families but had never mentioned Ted. “Ted is very lucky.”

“I’m lucky too,” Kathy smiled as she sipped her coffee. “I told Ted that you’ve been coming to the Café every morning and that we’ve started to get to know each other.”

Lisa sat up. “Really…what…what did he say?”

“He was happy that we know each other.”

“He was?” She smiled and blushed.

“Also, we both would like for you to come to dinner soon at his lake house,” Kathy whispered hoping a few people sitting at the counter wouldn’t overhear.

“Yes,” Lisa said quickly. “I think I will enjoy that.”

“I know I will,” Kathy whispered as she once again put her hand on the shorter petite woman’s hand. Again she kept it there for a few seconds making sure to rub her thumb on it as well. As Lisa left Kathy went into the ladies room and felt her wet panties. “God, what am I doing?”


Ellen had finished her last customer’s hair before lunch when she saw Jim walk into the salon from the rear. “Did you lock the door back? Sometimes you forget.”

“Yes dear,” Jim grinned. Is the shop empty?”

“Yes why?”

“I spoke with Ted and a detective this morning and they are going to give me a deal if I help them get George Wright, Rebecca and old man Jake.”

“Really? Oh God I’ve been so worried. We have to be careful because I know George and if he is cornered he will turn around and fight.”

“You’re right,” Jim said remembering the fights the star football player had in high school. “Let’s hope that we get him in jail before he does something bad.”

“What about Dawn and Mark?” Ellen asked. “Maybe we should tell her to back off from seeing him. I don’t want her around George and Babs.”

“Maybe but knowing her she won’t back off. Lets just keep an eye on things.”


Mark waited outside the restaurant where Dawn worked part-time. He had fallen for her and couldn’t think of anything else the past few weeks. If he could he would move out of his house and get an apartment but he knew his father would stop that idea cold. He saw her come out the door and look for his car. Once she saw it she ran over while removing her apron. “Hi,” he smiled when she came inside the car and leaned over for a kiss. They kissed for a few seconds before she lowered her lips to his neck.

“Not here,” he laughed. “How about your uncle’s house?”

“He’s aware of us using it the first time. But no one is at my house.” She smiled. “Mom won’t be off until 6:30PM and my father is normally home around the same time. But I’m not sure about today. There’s some stuff going on and he might not even be at work.”

Mark remembered what he promised his father. “What kind of stuff?”

She kissed his earlobe and whispered. “Stuff…you know about the Hardware Store and something about selling stuff at a high price. I thought my dad was going to get into trouble but my brother is helping out.”

Mark moved his left hand around to her lap and pulled up her short waitress skirt. He quickly discovered her damp panties and pulled the elastic to the side enabling his middle finger to slide into her sex. “It feels like you’ve been thinking about me.”

“I have,” she giggled while opening her legs to give him more room.

As Mark brought her up to almost cuming he held back and heard her moan from disappointment. “How is your brother going to help your father?”

“What? My brother..he’s uh…working with a detective…I don’t know exactly.” When his fingers moved again she sighed and prepared herself for a big climax. “OH GOD…NOW MARK NOW!”


George was driving back from a closing on one of his houses when he got a call from Rebecca. “Tell me some good news? Did you convince Jim to keep it quiet?”

“No, Jim was pretty nasty to me and seems really nervous talking to me. And Ted’s been having some meetings away from the bank. No one will tell me whom he is meeting with. “I’m getting pretty nervous myself.”

“Shit. Maybe I need to have a heart to heart talk with Jim. What about Old Man Jake?”

“I haven’t talked to him either. I don’t want to be connected to the Hardware Store if I can prevent it.”

“OK, just lay low and keep your eyes and ears open.”

Rebecca knew that things were spiraling out of control fast. She quickly finished her meal and picked up her phone to call her sister in New Hampshire.

“Hi Betty. It’s me Rebecca. Remember when you invited me to stay a few weeks with you?”


George was angry that things were going bad and normally when that happened he took it out on his family. As he entered the large door to his home he saw the numerous shopping bags by the stairs. “What is this shit?” He yelled before kicking the bags to the side.

Babs heard the noise and ran out from the kitchen. “What are you doing? Those are my new shoes and dresses.”

“Oh YEAH!” He cried before picking up the bags and slinging them up the stairs. A box of expensive shoes opened and the shiny gold sparkling high heels tumbled out and down the steps. “All you fucking do is spend money!”

It had been a while since Babs had seen him like this. Normally she was successful in escaping but before she got around him he grabbed her left elbow and spun her around. “GEORGE DON”T” She screamed. But she was too weak to resist as he grabbed the top of her blouse with his free hand and ripped it open exposing her huge tits pushing out the sheer red bra.

“It’s been a while but you know what I want,” he grunted as he pulled on the bra strap until it snapped in two. Her twin 38DD pink mounds and large nipples popped outward.

“Don’t please honey…I can make it up to you,” she begged while he ripped open her skirt and dropped it to her feet. Again she tried to get away but this time she tripped on the skirt and fell face down on the tile floor. As she crawled to get into the den he grabbed the back strap of her black thong and pulled until it slid over her large ass and down her thighs.

“Please George I beg you,” Babs cried with tears rolling down her cheeks causing her mascara to run. “Let’s go upstairs and do it right.”

“Your ass is mine,” he laughed as he tossed her thong away and held her body back into the doggie style position.

“Not that,” she said between sobs. She put her hand back to block his hard cock from entering her ass. But when he pushed her hand away she twisted away. “At least use some oil or cream.”

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