Homewrecking Business

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Eleanor sat up from the bench and wiped the sweat from her brow before spotting a woman looking at her, but not just the quick glance look either but a full on stare. Eleanor looked at her and nodded, she was an older woman than the bench pressing woman but not as old as Gina for instance, probably late thirties early forties, Eleanor thought as she lay back down to lift again. It was a quiet time in the gym and the short haired woman went to the gym at that time to avoid the annoying meatheads and ego lifters that hogged weights and posed for instagram or insulted other people lifting due to the little weight they were lifting.

“Are you looking for something?” Eleanor asked as she put the weight onto the stand once more and sat up, “Am I that interesting?” She pulled her head phones out as she looked confused, “Are you listening to me?”

“Hmm? Sorry? What did you say?” The blonde woman replied, “Was I staring? I am so sorry, I apologize,” She spoke nervously and averted her eyes to try and cover up her lack of awareness.

“Hey now, I never said that you couldn’t look,” Eleanor made her way to the woman and stopped next to her, “What did you find interesting about me?” The older woman looked up and down Eleanor’s body nervously and then looked away, “You can tell me, I don’t think there is anyone around to hear you,” She took the chance to eye the woman up and noticed a ring on her finger, “Oh, I’m sorry, I must sound like I am flirting with you or something, I wouldn’t want to do that to a married woman,” Eleanor began backing off before her hand was grabbed.

“No, no, you can flirt with me,” She replied quickly, “Um, you see, I heard from a friend that you were a woman that would accept money for sex.”

“Who told you this?” Eleanor looked at the older woman confused, “I would like to know who has been calling me a hooker.”

“U-U-Um, that isn’t what they meant when I asked them, I didn’t assume that it would sound so poor, oh boy, Serena, you know how to mess things up, don’t you?”

“So you want to have sex with me, Serena?” Eleanor looked around and then looked back at the woman, “Aren’t you married?”

“I have my doubts about him, I don’t even know why I wear the stupid ring,” She sighed, “Look, I just want some fun, I can pay you, I just want to not be bored with my sex life, Cassandra was the girl who told me about it.”

“Oh, well, next time I visit her I’ll give her a little lesson,” Eleanor rolled her eyes, “And your husband won’t care?”

“He is out of the country, and I am already working on divorce papers.”

“Meet me outside of the gym when I am done,” She shrugged and headed back to the bench she had been at, “Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra,” She shook her head as she began pressing once more and the older woman looked slightly embarrassed before going abc to her light weight workout.

The futa walked out of the gym with her motorcycle clothes on and her gym stuff stuffed into a bag on her back. As expected, the older woman was waiting outside in an expensive looking attire, “So, you actually waited.”

“Well, um, yeah,” She looked ashamed, “What do you need?”

“My place or your place?”

“M-My place, please.”

“Sure, where is it?” Eleanor handed Serena her phone with a blank note, “Number and address would be nice.”

“O-Okay, I have never done this before,” She replied, “But Cassandra told me that she couldn’t be with anyone else after you.”

“I know, apparently I have that effect on people.”

“S-So if it g-goes well would you be w-willing to do more?”

“Sure, if I enjoy it too.”

“Y-Yes, of course, you need to enjoy it too,” She sighed, “I haven’t done anything in a long time.”

“So I assumed, well, anything I should bring?”

“N-No, just yourself and don’t make it t-too obvious,” She looked around as she handed Eleanor the phone back, “I am free from 8, I have a meeting before then.”

“Do you live with anyone?”

“My husband.”

“Who isn’t here at the moment.”

“My maid,” The woman replied, “But she doesn’t stay at home, she’ll be there tomorrow however.”


“Yes, tomorrow morning,” Eleanor nodded and put the phone in her pocket, “So tonight at 8-ish?” She got a nod from the dark haired woman and she headed to her car nervously, her cheeks flushed by what she had just organized. Her phone buzzed and it revealed a message from the futa as she closed her motorcycle visor and put her phone away, “We will talk money afterwards, depends on how much you like my dick,” Serena blushed even more and covered her face, “What have you gotten yourself into, Serena?”

As her phone showed her 8, Eleanor sat on her bike in front of the large house in the same neighborhood that Cassandra lived. She typed a message quickly before noticing Serena push aside a curtain and then the gates began opening and the tall woman drove in. Eleanor parked her bike and pulled off her helmet before combing her hair properly once more. She walked to the door and it opened before she knocked and Serena stood silently at the door, “Good evening, nervous?” She nodded, Tüyap escort bayan “Well, it is pretty simple,” Eleanor put her helmet down near her shoes as she looked around the entrance of the large house, “I didn’t think I would be in two different houses in this neighborhood.”

“Well, it made sense when I shared it with someone but my leech husband is getting the boot soon, and I don’t have anything to do with this big house,” Serena stood around nervously, “So, um, how does this work?”

“However you want it to work, baby,” Eleanor replied, “Whatever you want goes pretty much, to a certain extent to be honest,” The nervous blonde woman nodded then headed to the bar.

“A drink maybe?” Eleanor nodded and sat down at the bar, “What do you drink?”

“Will alcohol calm you down a bit?”


“Whiskey, if you have any please,” She moved some bottles around and then put a whiskey bottle onto the bar, “Eh, not bad,” Eleanor commented as she looked at the bottle. The two women drank and chatted until Serena felt confident enough to invite the futa to her bedroom.

Eleanor sat on the edge of the large bed that Serena had apparently slept in alone for a while as she did something in her closet, “Big room.”

“Yes, it is a bit empty but at least I am not really confined by smaller spaces.”

“Looks nearly the size of my apartment,” Serena leaned out of the closet and looked nearly shocked, “You’ve been a rich girl all your life I take it?”

“Yes, I run my father’s business now and it has grown a lot.”

“If only your love life had followed suit, aye?”

“I can only agree with that hope,” She replied from the closet, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“What? Having sex with you? Bah, I could be doing other stuff like, nothing, in my apartment,” Eleanor chuckled, “Or I could be here enjoying the night with a sexy woman like you, what do you think I would pick?”

“Being here?”

“Ding ding ding,” Eleanor replied and lay back onto the bed. Serena shyly left the closest, wearing fancy lingerie that revealed her beautiful body’s forms, Eleanor propped herself up on her elbows and nodded, “One sexy woman.”

“Heh, you think so?” Serena stood nervously, “I have never done this before, never had the chance to,” Eleanor stood up and moved towards the blonde woman as she stood nervously. Her hands moved onto Serena’s hips and pulled her close, “I like this,” The rich woman mumbled as she felt Eleanor’s lips kiss her neck and her hands move to feel her back and butt. The futa grinned before getting back to teasing her nocturnal companion’s body, if she did it well enough, she might just have another woman to add to her list of conquests and cock addicted women. Her hands groped the round butt that Serena possessed as she held herself close to the muscular, taller woman with one hand open and the other closed.

“What do you have in your left hand, Serena?” Eleanor whispered into her ear as she felt the clenched fist against her back, “Something you are hiding?” Serena looked away from Eleanor nervously as she revealed a bunched up blindfold, “Oh, I see, you want to wear this while I do you?” Eleanor’s tone, volume and her presence made Serena turn bright red and nodded, “Should we get started then?” With a nod from Serena, Eleanor lifted her from the ground and held her in a princess carry and walked towards the bed. She was placed carefully onto the bed as Eleanor stood at the foot of the bed and pulled off her shirt then took off her pants. Serena couldn’t help but eye up the muscular futa’s body as she saw the definition of her muscles and it excited her then she saw the bulge in her boxers and that excited her even more. Eleanor made her way over Serena and kissed her lips before her hands moved the blindfold over her eyes, “If you want me to stop, just tell me,” She whispered into the rich girl’s ear and she shivered, “Good girl,” Eleanor moved off of the bed and watched the smaller woman fidget slightly as her anticipation grew. Eleanor’s hand gently caressed Serena’s crotch and she moaned softly, she couldn’t see what her dom was going to and could only await it actually happening. Her panties were dragged down and then Eleanor paused, letting her anticipation build before moving in between her legs, pushing them up slightly and slightly apart before her lips kissed Serena’s petals. A squeal left her mouth as her legs crossed and pinned Eleanor’s head.

Serena moaned as her hands gripped the sheet and her dom ate her out, “Oh fuck, more,” Eleanor stopped and smiled, “Wh-Why are you stopping?”

“I can always give you a bit of something else, if you would like,” Eleanor wiped her mouth and climbed off the bed, “Would you like to suck my dick?” Serena nodded and the futa guided her off of the bed and onto her knees. She sat on her knees still, waiting for Eleanor to present her the futa’s cock. The futa pulled her boxers down and tossed them aside before undoing her bra and doing the same, “You are such a pretty girl, Serena,” She put a hand on Serena’s face and another on her cock as she gently Escort Tüyap moved it against Serena’s lips before she opened her mouth and began moving the head of the futa’s dick into her mouth, “There you go, Serena.”

Serena took as much of Eleanor’s cock into her mouth with each bob, trying to get as much of the futa’s member into her mouth as her mind was melting away. The mix of Eleanor’s cock and the alcohol earlier that night had made her lose all of her previous uncertainties and her sense of uneasiness in approaching the situation. Instead, she could just think about the thick rod in her mouth that began being pushed into her throat as she let her head get used by Eleanor, “Your mouth feels great, Serena, let me use it myself, you just relax,” Her hands began moving the blindfolded woman’s head deeper, pushing her cock into her submissive companion’s throat and making her gag before pulling all the way out and making Serena kiss its head and then repeating the process.

Her hips began moving with her hands as she facefucked her blindfolded nocturnal companion and felt her limits approaching, “Oh fuck, I am going to cum in your mouth, or I can cum on you, you choose,” Eleanor moaned before feeling Serena’s hands grab her butt and hold her down, “In it is, Serena,” Her hips and hands moved in time to get her cock as deep as he could into Serena’s mouth until her limits were reached and she held her throbbing cock deep into the blonde woman’s throat and unloaded into it, “Good girl,” Eleanor moaned as she pulled out slowly and Serena swallowed her dom’s cum, “How did you like that?”

“Holy shit,” Serena removed the blindfold and looked Eleanor in the eyes as she squatted down to her level, “I didn’t know a penis could be so entrancing, Eleanor.”

“I have heard that said about my dick before, baby,” She sat on the side of the bed and Serena joined her, sitting next to her, “Wanna do anything else?”

“Yes, please, I want to be used by you as much as you want,” She pushed Eleanor down and mounted her, her pussy rubbing against the futa’s cock, “Fill me with your cum, fuck me until I can’t move, I want your dick more than anything,” The futa grinned and spanked Serena who moaned loudly.

“I’ll do that for you, honey, just get on your stomach and I’ll give you a good pounding,” Serena nodded and got onto her stomach before Eleanor moved over her. Her cock rubbed in between Serena’s thick butt cheeks as the futa’s hands held them close together. The futa on her thighs moved back and then guided her cock into Serena’s pussy that caused her to moan and squeal before biting the sheets and grasping them too. Her vagina was wet and warm and not loose or tight initially before tightening up as she pushed her full length into her, both women moaned before Eleanor leaned over and took hold of her submissive’s hands and then slowly began moving her hips, withdrawing her cock from deep inside of her slowly before pushing it back in with a similar speed, not rushing anything as her cock’s movements made the blonde woman moan loudly and tense up, squeezing the futa’s rod more. Eleanor closed her eyes as her hips didn’t speed up but simply began to become more rough, her cock slamming back into Serena’s pussy before being withdrawn slowly.

Each powerful thrust made Serena moan loudly as the futa sped up and soon it became just a constant stream of moaning that came from the submissive girl’s mouth, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” She moaned as her body was pinned under the larger woman and her pussy was being punished by her large cock, “Don’t stop, keep going, ah, ah,” Eleanor didn’t reply with words but her hips kept pushing herr hips into powerful thrusts and announcing that she wasn’t going to stop until she finished.

“You body is fucking amazing, I could fuck it all night,” Eleanor commented as she shifted from large thrusts to quick, deep thrusts that kept her cock deep inside of her new conquest’s body and made her moan loudly. Red marks appeared on Serena’s thick ass as Eleanor spanked it while continuing to pound her pussy, “Where do you want my cum? In you?”

“Fill me up! I am going to c-c-cum s-soon!” Serena moaned in reply as she rocked back and forth on the bed without being able to resist the pleasure, “AH!” She squealed as she came before Eleanor gave her one final thrust and then left her throbbing cock deep inside of the rich woman’s pussy and let loose a small flood of gooey, warm seed that drenched her inside, “Oh fuck…”

“There you go, baby, this is what you wanted,” She grinned as she let her dick empty everything it had inside of Serena’s womanhood before pulling it out and resting it on her ass, “You have a phenomenal body, sucks that your husband isn’t treating you right.”

“This is why,” She breathed heavily, her face was red and she was sweating as she turned onto her back and cum dripped out of her pussy, “This is why I wanted your cock so much.”

“Was the first round good enough?”

“It was amazing, wait, first round?” Serena looked confused as Eleanor pressed herself against the smaller woman, Tüyap Escort “I am tired, you drained me.”

“You begged for me to fill you up, didn’t you?” She nodded nervously as she got shivers from her dom’s soft, calm tone, “Then your amazing ass still hasn’t had that, I have pumped your pussy with my cum, you have swallowed it like the good girl you are, now all that is left is for my cock to get a piece of your sweet, thick,” Eleanor turned her over slightly and spanked her, making Serena moan, “Ass.”

“I-I-I have never done that b-b-before,” Serena replied nervously.

“Would you want to try? I can always just take the money you owe me and leave now,” Eleanor began getting up before Serena grabbed her and held her down.

“Fuck me, make me yours, stay with me,” The blonde woman begged as Eleanor smiled then looked her in the eyes and nodded, “Take me in the butt, you will be my first.”

“I mean, if you take the other women I fuck as an example, maybe the one dick they can think of having sex with,” Eleanor chuckled as Serena turned around once more, “No, no, stay on your back,” The older woman did as she was told and her futa spread her legs and observed her own cum dripping from the curvy woman’s pussy. She pressed her legs back and it lifted her hips up slightly as she moved her cock lower than Serena’s womanhood and against her butthole. She tensed up, feeling the thick rod push against her ass, “If you tense up, dear, I can’t get my cock into your sweet ass and I can’t make you feel good.”

“O-Oh, okay,” Eleanor smiled as she felt Serena relax and then she shoved her cock into her butt as she relaxed. It instantly tensed up again but Eleanor was already inside of it, “Oh fuck, I can really feel it,” Serena moaned as the futa continued to push her cock deeper into the smaller woman’s ass. She pressed all the way until her hips were against Serena’s ass and she could push into her no longer, “Oh my god, you are so fucking deep,” Serena moaned as Eleanor began moving, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

“Too much?” Eleanor asked as she began pulling out. Serena shook her head, “Should I be rough?” Serena nodded and gave the greenlight for the futa to completely ravage her virgin ass, “Good choice, baby.”

Eleanor put her feet off of the bed and thrusted her whole body as Serena moaned from being assfucked with such intensity. Her body was being ravaged in a way it had never been ravaged before. The large rod that had made her gag and nearly cum just from sucking on it, had made her cum when it pounded her pussy and was now making her lose it by fuckign her ass. It was nearly too much and then became too much for her to handle when Eleanor’s hand began stroking her pussy at the same time, “Oh fuck! You are g-g-going to make me cum!” She squealed before cumming and her body tensed up strongly and she gasped. The futa continued pounding her ass as she hadn’t finished yet, “F-F-F-Fuck s-s-so much,” Serena moaned as her body rocked back and forth limply on the bed.

“I am going to cum, oh fuck,” Eleanor thurst once more into the submissive woman’s ass ocne more and then unloaded, painting her insides with her seed before pulling out and letting the final spurts decorate her perfect skin of her stomach, “Holy shit.”

“I-I agree…” Serena moaned as her legs stayed spread and cum oozed out of both of her holes. Eleanor made her way next to her and lay down next to her, propping herself on her side.

“So, how was it? I know I had good fun.”

“H-How much d-d-does Cassandra pay you?”

“I think they were doing 1k each for the whole night,” Eleanor smirked, “Just so they could always keep me coming back when they called, incentive and what not.”

“What if I gave you 2000? Would, would that be enough,” She paused as she panted, “Enough to get you back here every now and then to fuck me like this again?”

“What? You want to be my good little girl?” Eleanor caressed her cheek and Serena nodded, “And if you want to do something to ease into the night easily, I won’t mind that,” The rich blonde woman nodded and smiled, “Good girl.”

“That was amazing,” Serena hugged Eleanor from the side and pressed her body against the futa’s, “I could do this every night.”

“As I said, my dick has an effect on people,” The taller woman replied.

“I d-don’t think it is just your dick, it is all of you,” Serena’s hands ran over Eleanor’s abs and then along the side of her body, “C-Could we, maybe, do it again?”

“Oh darling, I can do this again and again if you want me to,” Eleanor grinned, “What do you want this time?”

“C-Could you be a bit rougher?” She found the blindfold, “I would like if you mistreat me a bit when you fuck me.”

“Ah, a real subby girl,” Eleanor moved to her knees and placed Serena’s hand on her penis, “Make it hard and then I’ll fuck you again,” The blonde woman nodded and then began to enthusiastically jerk her off then moved to use her mouth as well, “Good girl,” Once the futa was hard, she shoved Serena back and then moved to the foot of the bed, yanking her nocturnal companion there too. Serena ended up on her stomach with her vision blocked by the blindfold and her knees on the ground. It was the start of a long night of passion for the two of them as Eleanor converted another woman from simple woman to a woman who was addicted to her futa cock and would even pay to get more of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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