Honey I’m Home

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It’s almost time for you to get home from work. Today was my day off, so I stayed home and cleaned house and did laundry. Supper was on the stove, already done, just staying warm. I have had a shower this evening and my hair is still damp. After my shower I just put on a pair of baggy shorts and a tee-shirt. I left off the underwear, since it will just be you and me at home tonight, I might as well be comfortable. You know what a slouch I can be. It was supposed to be a pleasant, normal evening at home, or so I thought.

I hear your car pulling into the driveway and as always my heart skips a beat. I know you are home and I have missed you throughout this day. You come in and mumble a “Hello” and put your lunchbox down and kick off your boots. You look tired as you sit down on the couch. I sit down on the couch beside of you and ask you about your day. We talk about the day’s events, the news, and suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, you lean over and kiss me. It is a deep, long, open-mouthed kiss. I feel your tongue entering into my mouth as you gently press your mouth deeper and deeper into mine. You literally took my breath away.

I feel your hands caressing my chest, finding my breasts and rubbing and gently pinching my nipples through my shirt. My hands begin to rub your chest, gently touching your nipples through your shirt. I pull away from you, telling you that supper is ready. I begin to stand up and you grab my arm and pull me back down and tell me to never, ever pull away from you again. Your voice is commanding and strong and I find myself getting wet in my most private of areas.

You ask me what have I been doing on my day off and I tell you I have cleaned house and done the laundry and of course I have cooked supper. You stand up and take my hand and pull me up and we begin walking to our bedroom. You ask me if I have been a good girl and I assure you I have. We reach our bedroom Betist and standing together you begin kissing me again, and I feel your tongue in my mouth. You are holding my arms at my side and you passionately kiss me.

You then begin tugging at my shirt and I raise my arms above my head as you pull it off of me. In one swift move you pull my shorts down and I step out of them and I am standing naked before you. I try to cover myself with my arms and you pull them down and then you sit me down on the bed. You are standing in front of me. I wonder what is coming next and then you ask me who was I talking to on the phone for so long today. I tell you nobody and you tell me that you called during your lunch break – several times – and got a busy signal every single time. I tell you I must have been on the internet and you ask me have I been looking at nasty things. I drop my head and tell you that I haven’t. You say “Danielle” in that way that you have when you don’t believe me and in that way that makes me so horny. I admit, yes I did look at things I shouldn’t have. You then ask me was I lying when I said I had been a good girl and I tell you I was. You tell me I have to be punished for lying to you and I am nervous. I do not understand what you really have in mind. You tell me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, with my face touching the pillows and my ass high in the air. I do as you instruct and I feel the wind from your hand before I feel it. Smack. Smack. Smack. First one ass cheek and then the other. I cry out in pain as you assault my big ass with your hand. You ask me if I will be good from now on and I promise you I will. I feel your hand gently rub what must now be fiery red ass cheeks. You tell me how you hate to punish me, but you have to in order to keep me in line. As my husband it is your duty and your responsibility. I understand. And I am even hotter and wetter than before.

You Betist Giriş turn me on to my back and I am lying on my sore ass, looking at you as you begin to undress. You remove your shirt and your jeans and then your boxers and socks. You are naked and I see a massive hard dick springing to life from between your legs. You climb on top of me, your legs pushing mine open and apart and you start to kiss me again gently stroking your hard dick on my pussy. You move your mouth from mine to my breasts and begin sucking and biting on one nipple while playing with the other. You are driving me insane with pleasure and I am softly moaning “Neal” over and over again . My hands are rubbing your hair and the back of your head. You move further down, sucking on my belly button and then further down, teasing me. I look down at you and you look back up at me. You smile at me as you move your mouth further down and begin to orally assault my hot, wet pussy. I am thrashing my hips in pure pleasure as your mouth works its magic. I feel your tongue on my clit and stimulating me and your fingers deep inside of me and as I am about to climax, you stop. I am suddenly left feeling empty. You tell me not yet, that I can cum later.

You climb back towards the head of the bed and position yourself on my chest. I open my mouth as you stuff your fat cock inside of my willing face. I suck the tip and rub my tongue on the underside and I take all of it in I possibly can. I love having your manhood in my mouth, taking it in and sucking and licking. The enthusiastic slurping noises are obvious. You are riding my face and powerfully thrusting yourself in and out of me. I feel your manhood in the back of my throat and I take it in, and you push me further than I ever thought I could go. You reach one hand back and begin assaulting my clit as you do it. My hips are moving up and down and I am pushing myself towards your hand. Once again as I am on the verge of an orgasm you stop. I am in ecstasy.

You slide your body down mine and once again position yourself between my legs. You put my calves on your shoulders and position your massive, hard dick into my hot, wet, waiting pussy. You slam into me, and I feel your balls slapping my ass, Again and again as I bring my hips up to meet you, a synchronized rhythm forms. Your hand once again finds my clit and your stroke it as you are pumping yourself into me. I begin to cum and my body shutters with one spasm after another. You continue the assault on my clit and I am begging you to stop, that I can’t stand it. I try to pull your hand away, but you stop me and tell me that if I don’t quit I will have a more severe punishment coming. As I thrash around with your hand still on my clit, I cum over and over again. I am screaming now, my breathing hard and fast. Sweat pours from the both of us as we make love.

You finally stop pounding my pussy and tell me to turn over and put my ass in the air. I do as you command and once again I find myself face-down into the pillow. I feel you stroking the crack of my sore ass, rubbing your fingers to my hole. Gently you insert one and I force myself to relax. You remove your finger and I feel something fatter and thicker pushing at my hole and I know you are entering me. Your head enters and slowly up push yourself into me, a little at a time, while I continue trying to make myself relax. My hole stretches to take you all in and you begin to rhythmically pound my a-hole. I am groaning and moaning in pleasure as you put your hand back to my still super sensitive clit and your balls slap my pussy. I cum again and relentlessly you keep your hand on my clit, though I beg you to stop. Your rhythm increases in speed and intensity and I feel you remove your hand from my clit and you pull yourself off of me and I feel you cum all over my back, the hot thick liquid soaking me with your seed.

You lay down beside of me, hold me in your arms and say “Didn’t you say something about supper being ready?”

The End…or The Beginning?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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