Honeymoon Hotel Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of a story published the year before last About a virgin couple on their honeymoon and the fun that they find Together.

Please send any feedback. Do you like it or not? THANKS, Ron.

The fun continues. After watching Sandy take her husbands huge Cock Sue wants to try it.

Changing places with Sandy, Sue placed the head of Frank’s cock to the edge of her pussy and sat down, the first three inches went in easy, thanks to the juicy lubricate left by Sandy’s cunt, but that was just the head. Forcing more and more dick into her snatch. Lowering herself over this massive muscle, slowly engulfing it. Sue’s pussy stretched to fit. Six inches, only six. But what a beautiful six inches, Sue was stuffed with cock, fucking was fun, great fun, fantastic.

Meanwhile Rob and Ralph had taken Dora to the other bed, and started to make love to her. Rob was eating her bald pussy, while Ralph fucked her mouth. Having well licked her pussy, Rob then moved up to fuck her. He wanted to kiss her but Ralph’s prick was in the way, fucking deep into her hot lips.

Rob watched close as Dora sucked the prick, squeezing in he kissed her cheek then the corner of her mouth next to the probing prick. Rob used his tongue, licking Dora’s mouth and Ralph’s cock at the same time. Ralph pulled out of Dora and stuck his prick into Rob’s mouth.

Rob sucked cock for the first time. He liked the taste of cum, but always got it second hand, ether licking it off, or sucking it out of a fresh fucked cunt. Rob sucked on Ralph’s slippery prick like an expert, knowing what he liked done to himself, he did the same. Suddenly it spurted. Hot, juicy, cum, he swallowed every tasty drop.

Sue was getting royally fucked, fucked with the biggest cock she had ever seen. She wished her pussy was bigger so she could take more, but was very happy with what she could take. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!! Climax, after climax, she got fucked. Frank started to shoot, his cum filling her and forcing her up from his throbbing cock. The overflow running down to Sandy’s lapping tongue.

When Sue climbed from Frank’s cock, Sandy sucked the still flowing cum. Drained dry it shrunk to a mere eight inches. Sandy laughed “Soft he’s still bigger than our men, but I still prefer my own husband for LOVE.”

At dinner that evening, Joan delivered a copy of the video. Saying to them. “The fellows send thanks, thanks very much and they hope to see you again!” “What’s on the film? Asked Jane. When Sue described it to them, they all wanted to see it. “O.K. Come to our room later and we can watch it together.”

An hour later Sue opened the door to six smiling people. With the men lounging on the beds and their wives sitting before them. Sue clicked on the TV. They settled back to enjoy the show. “My god” cried Jane, “I’ve never seen anything like this before, I’ve heard about it, but never seen it!” With her eyes on the TV, she didn’t notice the others undressing.

Feeling John’s hands reaching under her bra and caressing her tits Jane stopped him whispering “Stop, they can see us.” Her husband told her to look around, When she did she discovered they were all naked, even John. Not knowing where to look first. Sue was sucking Rob, Sandy sitting on Ralph’s prick, getting fucked. Dora was jacking off Frank. Red with embarrassment, she watched the action all around herself. Never before had she seen any one having sex, it excited her, but she was scared.

Turning to John şişli escort she saw his hard dick inches from her face. Looking up to him, he smiled and pulled her head to his crotch. She resisted at first, then opening wide sucked his dick into her mouth.

All this was new to John too. He had heard about swingers, and thought it intriguing, but knew Jane wouldn’t ever even consider it. After four years of married life she still wanted the lights out when they had sex. And that only averaged twice a month.

Gazing at the three naked women, he wished to fuck anyone of them, or all. But he realized that their men would want to fuck his wife in return.

He wondered if he could handle that, even if she agreed. The thought of seeing Jane getting fucked by or sucking these men slowly grew in his mind. YES, YES. It excited him. He waved the others over to them.

When they started to undress her, Jane closed her eyes tight and just sat there. Quivering in excitement, and fear, realizing what was about to happen to her. She meekly allowed them to strip her.

Eyes still shut she felt many hands roaming over her body, some soft and caressing, others hard and probing. Rubbing her back, caressing her belly and ass, pinching her nipples, someone’s finger went in her pussy, soft lips pressed against her own, one of the women was kissing her.

Seven pair of hands, and seven sets of lips. The fear dissolved, leaving lust. Jane laid back and spread her legs to allow easier access to her hot lush body. Not knowing or caring who did what to her.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before, and might never again. So lets go she decided. Enjoy it while you can.

Someone pushed their cock into her wet pussy and started fucking her. Both tits were being sucked. Someone sat on her face, expecting a cock she opened her mouth and was surprised when a bare cunt covered it.

Reaching out both hands she found a huge cock with one, and a hairy cunt with the other. So many new, different, nice sensations, she wanted them to last as long as possible. Bucking back to the prick fucking her, jacking off the giant cock, with her right hand, finger fucking the pussy with her left, and having her nipples sucked on. She started eating the bare pussy, kissing its lips running her tongue up and down its length, nipping and sucking the clit, while allowing the sweet lubricate to run down her throat. Six, SIX, suddenly she realized someone was missing from this beautiful fantastic, great, exotic orgy. Who? Opening her eyes, looking up she saw, John. Her loving husband, fucking Dora’s mouth. GOOD WE’RE ALL HERE. Closed her eyes, and with a loud scream, CLIMAXED, and then passed out.

The next morning the men went golfing while the girls decided to go to the pool. Dora and Sue in their tiny outfits Jane in a two piece, and Sandy wore a red tank that looked as if it had been painted on. After an hour or so of laying in the sun. Collecting lewd glances from other men, and nasty glares from a few of the other women, they swam to Dora’s room.

Stripping and toweling dry they began to compare bodies, Sue was the shortest, but she had the nicest shape, dark hair covered her pussy, her tits were medium with pointed nipples. Sandy had short reddish hair, pixie face, hi firm tits with long hard nipples, her pussy lips bulged out under sparse red hair, her body was covered with freckles.

Jane, still shy, even after her orgy, blushed, blond hair, pear shaped tits çapa escort thrust out inviting attention, solid ass, her cunt hid under a thick patch of brown hair. Dora, tall, large firm breasts, medium heavy legs and thighs, but her bare pussy was noticed first.

Sue was the first to reach out and touch Dora’s bald cunt, rubbing her hand over the smooth flesh. Next, Jane inserted a finger deep into it, then Sandy did the same. With these three women playing with her cunt, Dora quickly came. Squealing in delight.

Jane suggested that they all should shave. Getting out her equipment, Dora used An electric razor, first on Jane’s thick bush, then the other two. As each woman felt her strange, new ly bare cunt, they began to play with themselves, hands rub- bed over the shaved areas , and down to explore bare cunt lips Soon three hot women were masturbating bald pussies.

Dora kissed each in turn, lapping the sweet juices from them. Then lowering her cunt to Jane’s mouth, Jane stuck her tongue into Sue. Sue sucked Sandy and Sandy licked Dora. A daisy chain of beautiful women each sucking and being sucked. They switched around several times so each could taste all the others. with moans of joy, and cries of climax, mixed with the hot smell of sex, filled the room.

At dinner that evening their waitress, Joan, invited them to a dance and pool party at the rec hall next to the pool starting at 8 o’clock. They agreed to go. A three piece band was playing in the dimly lit hall. About twenty or so couples were dancing, mostly guests, but a lot of guys and girls from the motel were there. Almost all wore swim suits, others shorts and tops, some men had on shirts.

Sue, Dora, Jane, and Sandy started dancing with the guys from the barn. John went to Joan, while the other men paired with some of the other women. While dancing Joan and the other waitresses removed their tops rubbing bare tits against their partners. Sandy and the girls saw this and uncovered too. Soon eight pair of tits were showing, and the eight men dropped their shorts to the delight of all the other women there.

The leader of the band called for everyone to change partners.

After changing around, all the men pulled the tops from their new partners, then their bottoms. Before long, thirty totally naked men and women were dancing with each other. All sizes and shapes, tall and short, big tits, small tits, long cocks, short cocks, some hard, some not.

They all changed again, dancing with total strangers, all completely bare getting more and more excited. Five of the ladies knelt down and started sucking cock, while others laid out to fuck. The band leader called for every one to switch again, then again, then again.

A hard prick would enter a slippery cunt for only a few strokes, then moved on to another, another then another. The three members of the band stripped and joined in, finding a willing mouth or cunt begging for more action. One great, large ORGY…

As cock after cock deposited gallons of cum into waiting mouths and eager cunts, the smell and sounds of sex flowed over them. Every combination of sexual act possible was being preformed, men fucking women, men eating pussy, women eating pussy, two men 69ing, one guy corn holing an other, while he fucked a woman.

In the center of the room three girls had Frank on the floor worshiping his huge cock. After gorging themselves on sex most went into the pool, while several couples paired off to their rooms fındıkzade escort to continue this new game. Several hours later after much more sex activity, totally drained, they all went to their own beds. At breakfast everyone looked tired but content. “What a night!” Sandy said, “I had so many different pricks in me last night I lost count.” Dora and Sue agreed, Jane just asked, “When’s the next dance?” They all laughed. “We created a new devil.” Exclaimed John. “I can’t wait to get her home, she wants to FUCK with every couple we know.”

Strolling out by the pool they noticed the privacy screens were gone and everyone in the water and lounging around were totally naked, not wanting to be different they too stripped. Several couples were fucking while others just watched, urging them on. The girls laid on their backs and holding arms out to their own husbands, got fucked.

For the rest of the week the place became a total nudist camp. No one wore any clothing except the waitresses, and they had only short skirts with no panties. People fucked and suck- ed anyone, everywhere, anytime they felt like it. Swinging was a new thing for 90% of the couples, and most of them exchanged phone numbers for future use. Rob and Sue decided to start a news letter so every one could keep in touch. Saturday evening, their last night together, they gathered in John and Jane’s room. Jane, no longer the shy type, was usually first to do anything. Suggested a new game. Writing down all kinds of sex acts on slips of paper and dropping them in one bag, and their names in another. “First you draw an act, then a name. If you draw your own name or an act not possible draw again.” She said, “Who’s first?”

Ralph drew first. (Kiss the ass hole of)— (Sue). Sue quick ly knelt and spread the cheeks of her ass exposing her rosebud Ralph lowering his face started licking her ass, exploring it with his tongue, licking around and over her asshole, finally inserting his tongue into the well lubricated ass. Down to her pussy, then back to her ass, bringing her to a nice climax.

Dora drew. (Suck off)—(Sandy). Sandy spreading her legs, let Dora eat her cunt. Both girls loved oral sex, with either male or female, it made no difference. Dora licked and sucked Sandy’s hot slash, bringing her over the top.

Frank drew. (Corn hole)—(Rob). This surprised everyone but Rob said he’d try. Using almost a whole tube of KY jelly they greased the head of Frank’s huge cock, and Rob’s asshole. Then Frank pressed its tip to the puckered opening, slowly pushing, entered. Rob thought he was going to split, it forced into his ass, deeper. At first it hurt, but as his hole adjusted to the huge prick he began to enjoy it. Pumping his large cock into Rob’s rectum, Frank started to cum. At the same time cum spurted from the head of Rob’s untouched, cock. When Frank pulled out gobs of cum flowed from Rob’s ass. Jane next. (69 with)—(Ralph). Assuming the position, with Ralph on the bottom, they eagerly attacked each other. Ralph feasted on her bald cunt, while Jane sucked his tool into her mouth. Jane, very much aware of everyone watching, showed off to them. Grinding her cunt into Ralph’s face and sucking on his prick, she soon swallowed his juices. Sitting up, still on Ralph’s face, Jane reached out for another cock. Rob’s was nearest, pulling it close she started sucking it.

The game forgotten, the orgy continued far into the night. Finally they fell asleep, entwined in each others arms.

In the morning, after making plans to get together the end of the next month. They said tearful goodbyes. Rob and Sue drove away. Ending a most wonderful honeymoon, to begin an interesting married life….


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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