Hook Pt. 01

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***Although I have removed most of the bad stuff that actually took place and wrote a more erotic story, it is all an actual account as it happened in real time. Also, both guys are over 18 years old.



The sun hasn’t come out for a week and it has been rainy and gloomy…kind of the way my life has been going. My freshman year of college hasn’t started out very well and, on top of my lack of social graces and the bullying making every other day a struggle, my grades are slipping. All of this and nearly a two hour commute to and from school…yes, nearly two hours as I live in one of the outer boroughs. Today is going to be more of the same except it isn’t raining but the gray over cast makes it feel like one of those silent movies.

Mom and I always leave at the same time, to catch the train, even though I need to transfer as I go in a different direction than she does but not today as I will wait for mom’s train to leave, cross over and catch the train back home. `This is nuts,’ I think as my mind is racing. `Can I really do this…ditch school?’ I can feel my body shaking with every step and, as I make my way back to the other side, I feel my stomach doing flip flops and my legs feel like rubber however, as my train enters the station, I have no time to think…it is now or never.

The short ride feels like an eternity as does the escalator ride to the street. I don’t remember it being so chilly either and my knees are knocking together during the walk back to my apartment. Pulling my hood over my face and staying close to the buildings, I am at a near run as having anyone recognize me on the way is driving me into panic mode. Finally, I can see my building and, the best thing is, the only living soul around appears to be the superintendent and, at this distance, there is no way he’ll see me, let alone figure out who I am.

As I enter my apartment, I take a long deep breath, close and lock the door, go to my room, change back into my PJ’s and slide under my covers. As I start to settle in, the worst thing that can happen today, does…I hear the loudest sound ever and nearly jump out of my skin…in the silence of the apartment, the intercom buzzer is sounding more like an air raid siren which makes my heart jump out of my chest, forming my first thought, `Busted! But by whom?’

I am rationalizing that nobody is supposed to be home so if I don’t answer they’ll go away. But “they”, whoever it is, won’t stop. It seems as though they have been ringing the buzzer for hours as I bury my head under my pillow. The buzzer finally stops ringing, I begin to feel at ease and thoughts of sleep begin to make their way back into my mind but that is short lived as my doorbell starts ringing, again, until I give in…time to face the music. Looking through the peek hole, I can see it is the superintendent so I open the door and pretend to be sick as he pushes his way inside.

He is about six feet, three inches tall, has broad shoulders, probably in his fifties, a retired police officer or something and is always smiling. Compared to him, I am more of a waif as I am maybe five feet, ten or eleven inches tall, really skinny, maybe one hundred ten pounds and my pushed Anadolu Yakası Escort back hair cut and slender face gives me more of a tom boy look than a boy.

“Your dad told me to check the kitchen sink and when I spotted you I figured this is as good a time as any.”

Without waiting for a reply, he simply walks to the kitchen, puts down his tools and begins working. My pulse is quickening at the thought of him seeing me sneaking home and I’m wondering, `If he did, who else saw me?’ Not knowing what else to do, I’m walking behind him as it seems like the right thing to do, at the moment. We share the room in total silence for about five minutes, before he starts to make conversation, then he drones on and on for about fifteen minutes.

“Would you take a look at what I’m doing?” he asks.

Strangely, he puts the tools in my hands and then manipulates them to work as he is explaining how to put a faucet back together…sort of how a womanizing tennis instructor teaches tennis. We get it all back together, he packs away his tools and washes and dries his hands.

“You know, it’s very important to be educated and not to waste any time. You’re not like the other boys in the neighborhood as they always seem to be in trouble, in one way or another. You’re special, you should stay away from trouble and do as you’re told.”

It’s odd…it seems as if he knows I’m ditching school and is trying to tell me something. Then he starts to say good bye with a big hug…and when I say big, I mean he’s wrapping his huge arms completely around me and holding me so tight, it feels as if nothing in this world can harm me.

“All right then, I’ll see you around,” he says.

He is turning to walk away but comes in again for another hug, this time pressing the whole of his body to mine as all I can do is stand here. With a huge grin on his face, it looks as if he is leaving this time but instead, he comes in a third time and is holding me in his arms for a, considerately, much longer time…then I feel his hand on mine. He is taking my hand and placing it over the bulge of his cock and, even though he isn’t fully hard, it feels huge.

He is letting go and so do I but he does it again, this time manipulating my fingers to make me squeeze his swelling cock. When he let go this time, I am lingering long enough to squeeze his cock before I let go and, when I don’t feel his hand again, that’s that. I am so confused at this point…why did he make me touch him that way, why did I linger and more alarming still, because I’m not a girl, why am I feeling my own cock starting to get hard? None of this makes any sense but maybe he’ll go now, maybe that’s all he wants.

It isn’t. He’s taking my hand again, putting it inside his pants and making sure it is wrapped around his stiffening cock.

“Please be a good girl and pull it out? Go ahead,” he whispers into my ear.

I’m shocked and confused about what is happening as I start to do as I’m told but, wait, did he call me a girl? What’s that all about, had he made a mistake? I’m being held in his arms so tight, I can barely breathe so when he lets me loose it is not only a relief but now I get to see his cock in my Kadıköy Escort hand. I’ve never seen another man’s cock before, let alone one as big as this while I’m holding it! It’s easily as long and as thick, or thicker, than my forearm. With his one arm hanging around my shoulder, he is putting the other over my hand and has me stroking his cock.

“Easy, gently. That’s a good girl,” he whispers again.

He’s walking me over to the kitchen table where he pulls out a chair. What the hell! Is he doing this on purpose? Angered by this, I am about to say something when he shoves his hand down my pj’s and grabs my cock and balls. My whole body is petrified, even my hand that’s stroking him lets go as I have no idea what is going on. I am numb as he pulls down my pants and underwear, in one swift motion, and I see my little dick getting as hard as a rock as he strokes it.

“You like that don’t you, baby?”

“Why don’t you say it? Say it and be a good girl.”

“I’m not a girl!”

Instantly, I’m paying for my resistance of him calling me a girl as he is making me obey him by clutching my balls and squeezing them hard, while he sits me down on the chair…never letting go.

“Say it!” he demands.

Fighting through the pain in my balls, I manage to whimper.

“I… like it.”

“Like what!?”

“I like when you touch my cock.”

Over and over he has me say it as he strokes my cock. I’ve never been touched like this. Being a virgin, I have nothing to compare his touch to. As he stands up, his huge dong is poking me in the face.

“Give it a kiss!” he demands and I comply as he asks for another and another.

“Open your mouth!”

I don’t know why but I’m pressing my lips together to resist any further humiliation which, at this point, is a useless gesture because he is coating my lips with a bead of pre cum surfacing at the tip of his throbbing cock. He suddenly grabs me by the chin, his massive hands are pinching my cheeks into my jaw.


What can I do except obey. All at once, he slides as much of his cock into my mouth as he can until the gagging starts.

“No, no, don’t do that. Just swallow as I push my cock in. Remember…swallow,” he says in a calm and reassuring tone but also disarming.

As he begins again, I do as he asks and begin to swallow, allowing more of the swollen probe to stretch my virgin throat.

“That’s a good girl,” he compliments me as I begin gagging once more, only this time he doesn’t retreat, instead, he’s grabbing the back of my head and holding me in place as he pushes hi cock further down my throat. I can’t breath and I can feel my stomach lurch and its contents ready to go when he lets go and lets my constricting push him completely out as I gasp for air.

“There, there. You’ll be ok. It’s ok if you throw up. You’ll get used to it soon enough,” he said.


It’s going in again, this time with authority and a command to swallow as he pushes inch after inch of his hard cock into my mouth and throat. I’m trying to hold him back as I struggle to breathe and my insides heave again and again as the first burp comes up followed by Ataşehir Escort a bigger gulp. He lets go of my head and makes the puke face as he reaches for the bucket he was catching the sink water in and tosses it to me, just in time. He’s stroking my hair and wiping my face ever so gently with our hand towel.

“It’s ok, just open your mouth wider this time,” he says in the same gentle manor as he is using to wipe my face.

He’s forcing is cock into my mouth again, making the same thing happen. He cleans me off and starts over each time with the same results. I’m starting to feel light headed as he stuffs my sore throat with his cock and begins to thrust in and out. I can feel it starting again but as he pulls away, I take a breath and hold it down before his next thrust and again until I get into a rhythm.

“Yes! That’s it, baby! You’ve got it! What a good girl you are!” he whispers.

Feeling my face getting hot, I know I’m blushing and he knows it as well. The steady rhythm begins to speed up more and more and it’s getting harder to keep up when, suddenly, he stops and I can feel his cock throbbing in my throat. As he starts to pull away, I can feel ropes of cum hitting the back of my throat and I swallow them as he squeezes his cock to produce huge globs of cum…some of which he is using to dab behind each one of my ears and on each eyebrow as he smiles.

“Now, your mine. Let’s seal it with a kiss.”

He’s lifting me, effortlessly, onto my feet and pressing his lips to mine, holding my chin between his massive fingers. I feel my body giving up and, as it does, I lose my balance but he catches me, holding me up in his embrace, his tongue probing every inch of my mouth until my lips close around it. As he pulls away, leaving me in a frozen kissy face, he looks deep into my eyes.

“Are you ok?” he asks and I nod.

Then he turns me slightly, enough to reach down and grab my cock which looks like a baby’s dick in those huge mitts of his. In seconds, I’m rock hard as he’s stroking me again…this time his grip is tight and his strokes are long and hard.

“Whose girl are you?”

“I’m your girl.”

“Say it again!”

“I’m your girl.”



As my orgasm begins to build, he cups my hand and points my dick into it as I explode…my first load ever!! As I finish, he glazes the top of my throbbing dick with the last drops and the shame of what has happened is beginning to overwhelm me.

“Please, hold your dick up and look at your white goo in your hand? Do you like being called a girl?” he asks as I stare into my hand.


“I agree. You’re not a girl…you’re a faggot!” he said.

I don’t like that and I feel like someone has reached in and pulled my guts out.

“I’m not a faggot!” I tell him as I begin to cry and between sobs but his reply cut to the bone.

“Then why did your cock get hard and do this?” he asks, showing me the hand holding my load and moving it closer to my face.

“You wouldn’t have cum like this if you weren’t a little sissy faggot!”

He’s moving his head closer to mine and grabbing a fist full of my hair.

“You know what else sissies do?”

He pulls my head back and, as I open my mouth to protest, he slaps my cum-filled hand over my mouth and is holding it there until he is satisfied I am swallowing it all. When he lets me go, I fall to my knees and watch him grab his tools and walk away.

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