Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 08

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Michelle Heityme-Tarbox swung down out of the saddle and dropped to the ground. The Futter College Polo Team was making much progress, enough that the US Polo Association membership was as good as in the mail. At least that was Michelle’s opinion. She had to admit that as player/coach of the team her opinion might be just a bit biased but while the quality of play wasn’t yet up to the standards back home in Pemberton, for a bunch of newbies they were coming right along. Heck, some of them had never even ridden before and the rest were off the local ranches and the Reservation. Genuine cowboys and Indians, she smirked to herself. Give them another two or three years and some aristocratic types from the East Coast were in for a surprise. First, though, they had to get past Montana State.

This happy frame of mind continued right up to the point when little Jared McAllister came running up to her with his arms outstretched.


Suddenly all thoughts of polo vanished in a cloud of estrogen and she bent down and lifted her youngest next door neighbor up for kisses, cuddles, hugs and an intense desire for one of her own. Maybe more than one.

“Getting the itch, are you?” Willow’s amused voice interrupted, “I never know just how much I loved babies until Jake casually mentioned that he’d like a family. We’ll give the little cowboy here another year or so and then start again. How about you and Justin?”

Michelle closed her eyes and sighed. “That’s a hell of a question. I really ought to finish my degree and I do have a responsibility to the team but you’re right. I really, really want babies. I keep telling myself that there’s plenty of time and that most women wait to be reasonably secure financially and about thirty years old before they plan a family. But us? We were financially secure two hundred years before Justin was born! So I’m having a very hard time justifying waiting. Laurie would be delighted to turn one of the guest rooms into a nursery and Jacqueline has the house plans all drawn up so construction can start whenever we want. I’m going to have to think really hard about this.”

Willow laughed and took Jared back, setting him down on the ground with the new Corgi puppy who immediately jumped up and started licking the toddler’s face. Hysterical giggles ensued and the two of them ran off together.

“And we’ll have to get beagles,” Michelle stated emphatically, “Horses just go with hounds.”

“Not a good idea in coyote country,” Willow warned, “what you want is something bigger and better able to defend itself. Even Dobermans aren’t guaranteed safe. We have to keep Corby-the-Corgi indoors unless we’re out with him. The favorite breed around here is something like a Scottish deerhound or an Airedale. Not much can outfight an Airedale. They’re not bad babysitters, either, though a little bouncy.”

“Well, yeah. But I mean, if what you want is a baby sitter Newfoundlands are perfect and I don’t see a coyot’ bothering something that size, either. But Justin and I have this thing for hounds. Maybe we’ll look into a couple of those Plotts the local hunt uses. I don’t know how well they react to babies but if we got puppies around the same time the kid showed up they’d all be a sort of a pack together. There are all those pictures on the ‘Net showing babies sleeping on sleeping dogs. They’re too adorable!”

“Back in California I was totally a cat person,” Willow mused absently, “but cats have a really low survival rate here in the Springs, poor things. If they can’t learn to live inside they just disappear. So I’ve learned to enjoy smallish dogs. Whether I’ll develop a fondness for anything bigger remains to be seen. With Jacob, if it barks it’s okay with him.”

“Justin’s sort of the same, in an absent-minded kind of way. At least, he’s absent-minded until you get him on horseback. Then he can identify every voice in the local pack and tell you what it’s doing, where it’s headed and how far ahead the coyote is. I really want to go out and ride to the hounds for hog in California with his uncle Avery someday. I understand it’s not only exciting but genuinely dangerous. Dogs, horses and riders occasionally get cut up though the hunt mistress is fast and agile with her knife and usually gets there and kills the pig before anything drastic happens. Somehow the primeval quality of it all appeals to me, just like the sound of hounds on the scent. Nope, we gotta have hounds.”

Willow shook her head. “It’d be a funny old world if we all thought the same, I guess, but those Plotts are just huge to me, all ears and slobber. No, I’ll stick with Corgi’s for now. Anyway, you need to go get washed up. Remember we’re going to the Hoppy Daze and ordering out sausage sandwiches from Otto’s so get all the mud and sweat off and we’ll see you there.”


When the collected Heityme/McAllister mob walked through the door at Hoppy Daze they found cousin Jacqueline sitting at the bar obviously flirting with Cal the owner/barman. Jay Horner and his wife sat at a long table with gaziantep escortları both East Indian families, the Patel’s and the Doss’s. Laurie mused that if an asteroid struck the bar at that moment the financial earthquake would have matched the impact! A good portion of the private capital in Horner Springs was sitting down for a cold one in the mid-August evening next to a plate piled high with assorted sausages and a bin of hard rolls. A big bowl of sauerkraut and another of garlic mayonnaise completed the picture. Justin took one look and started to drool.

Normally when groups of couples get together the men gather to discuss sports, politics and business while the wives gossip about babies, their husbands and clothes. Not this bunch. Soil science, the progress in range restoration, cattle and bison futures and horses were the subjects of the day among all the adults. Three small children didn’t discuss anything, their mouths being full of sausage bits and bread. Down on the floor Corby scuttled around from one high chair to another learning an important skill for puppies. Stick close to the kids because they drop a lot more food than the adults!

Michelle was having a hard time focusing on the adult conversation. Happy babies and a happier puppy sent her into a warm cloud of reverie. She sighed and beamed at the little ones until Laurie noticed it and nudged Justin.

“Honey,” she whispered, “I think it’s time you gave some thought to knocking up your bride.”

Justin started. “What? What makes you think . . .?”

Laurie rolled her eyes at him. “Pay attention to her, will you?”


The next morning, having spent the night at Cal’s, Jacqueline checked her text messages and found one from Justin. How soon can we get the Bar Noon home finished? Michi wants it ready NLT nine months from now.

Nine Months? Jackie started to snicker. Grandmother Hester had nailed the girl dead on the mark. “Financial security and babies to raise” she’d said, and since marrying into the Heityme’s was the ultimate financial security, babies were next on the list. Polo, it appeared, was about to become a sideline.

A call to Standing Elk Construction followed.

“The whole thing within nine months?” Anderson was dubious, “Well, if we can get the excavation done and the exterior walls up before the first snowfall, I suppose the interior

finish crew could work overtime through the winter. They’ll be happy for the extra earnings and Justin will just shrug at the cost. I may have to call in some outside heavy equipment, though. Cutting into the hill and then reburying and replacing the landscape in time would pull crews off the Center and put it behind schedule if I don’t.”

The smile in Jacqueline’s voice was obvious over the phone. “Make it so, Mr. Standing Elk. Otherwise you might irk Grandmother and you know what kind of an idea that is.”

“One of the worst!” Anderson chuckled, “However, given what she did for the tribe I’ll just remind my crew that this is being sped up as a favor to her. It’ll be on time.”


A week later Justin was wandering around the house in his slippers with his nose slightly out of joint. Laurie was off to an Academic Senate Assembly in Colorado Springs and Michelle was back in Pemberton attending her next younger brother’s summer graduation from prep school. He was alone, lonely and horny. He was giving some thought to giving Willow a booty call when the sound of tires crunching on the gravel out front brought him to the door. He had just turned the handle when Betsy Rogers pushed it open and swept him up in her arms.

“Hello, lover. I hear you’re alone for the week and since Cody is at the same conference Laurie is, I thought I’d swing by and spend some quality time with your gorgeous butt.”

She tucked him close to her chest and leered down at him as she shoved her hand down the back of his jeans.

“Uh, we are taking turns, aren’t we?” Justin had no objection to being pegged but preferred to be the active partner at least half the time.

“We are not. In a couple of days your filly will be coming home and you, little stallion, are charged with knocking her up. I feel it my duty to see that your prostate is a healthy and vigorous as possible so I’m going to give it a good workout—several of them in fact. I brought an overnight bag.”

“Oh. Well—okay then.” Justin relaxed, sighed and melted into her arms unconsciously mimicking the way Michelle and Laurie did into his. It was kind of odd, he thought, that he could dominate his ladies and still be dominated so thoroughly by Betsy. She, in turn, yielded and turned all soft for Cody who, just possibly, might happily play sex toy for Laurie and Michi. He’d have to bring up the subject with them—if he ever remembered to. Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Justin opened his mouth for Betsy’s invading tongue.

The kiss went on for a long time until he felt her let go of one buttock and begin to unbutton his shirt. The fingers descended slowly down his chest, paused to unbuckle his belt and unbutton the front of his 501’s.

“Naked. Now!” Betsy commanded, and he let his shirt fall from his shoulders and kicked off his jeans. She seized his briefs and pushed them down to fall on the denim as he stepped out.

“Turn around,” she whispered and began running her hands up and down his torso, pinching his nipples and gently bouncing his package in one hand as she kissed and bit her way down his neck.

Justin sighed. “I am supposed to be working on my dissertation.”

“No, you’re supposed to be getting well fucked—because I say so. And you will, probably at least twice a day until Michelle gets home. Laurie says she’s checking her temperature so she’ll know the exact day you should plow her field. Then the three of you can start the baby factory. Now, let’s head for the bedroom. And grab a towel on the way. This is going to be messy.”

The amateur power-lifter easily lifted her lover and tossed him over her shoulder and strode down the hallway, stopping, as she said, to grab a towel. Justin, remembering the times he’d done the same thing to Michi, reached down and grabbed Betsy’s buttocks and got spanked for it. That was about right. He responded the same way to Michi’s play so it seemed that he was getting into the role reversal pretty well.

Betsy dropped him on the bed and then pinned him down for a hot, penetrating kiss and then worked her way down his body, nibbling, licking and sucking. Standing up she turned her back and looking over her shoulder slowly peeled her Levi’s off. When her butt was bare she raised an inquiring eyebrow. “You like?”

“I want!”

“I know,” Betsy replied with a wiggle, “and you can go on wanting. Laurie, Willow and I have declared our pussies and asses off limits until Michelle conceives. Once your DNA is on route to the future, young hoss, then we’ll play again. But come next week you have some very important breeding to do. Futter College wants to insure that there won’t be a lack of Heityme brainpower in the next generation. The days of letting genius forget to reproduce have come to a screaming halt. You, Justin my toy, are a national resource and I don’t mean just as a source of investment capital.”

She stepped out of her jeans and pulled off her tank top revealing her naked body in all its sinewy glory. Justin knew he could put a stop to the whole thing by just saying, “No” but what fun would that be? Struggle was futile. Tough and wiry as he was, Betsy was seven inches taller and a good forty or more pounds heavier than he was. Besides she could bench press almost twice his weight. So the only reasonable approach was to go with the flow. He rolled over face down onto the towel with a sly smile and lifted his hips.

“Come and get it,” he murmured, “you know you want it.”

“And you,” Betsy responded reaching into her tote bag, “want this.”

Pulling out a Feeldoe™ Stout, she stuck the bulb end in her mouth to get it slick and, spreading her labia, pushed it inside and hummed quietly to herself. Then she pulled out a LubeShooter™ and grinned mischievously at her quarry.

“No going back now, Justin m’boy. Your ass is mine!”

Playing the girl’s role was fine with Justin but he wasn’t about to do ‘cute’ so he refrained from wiggling his butt but he did sigh happily when she spread his cheeks and slipped the slim applicator inside and squeezed out a generous portion of lubricant. Betsy lay down beside him and pulled him up on one side.

“Lift that leg!” she growled and when he did, positioned the dong and thrust forward with well-practiced hips to drive it hilt deep inside. Justin groaned. Four years before, he’d deliberately fallen asleep during the mandatory seminar Betsy and her husband taught on the health and pleasures of the prostate gland. Once she found out, Dr. Rogers had made a special point of making him aware of what he’d missed. The first few times had been worrisome but now the young doctoral candidate was perfectly happy with the prospect of getting well pegged. Though when acting dominant Betsy Rogers took complete command, she was as much a switch as Justin and he’d spent plenty of enjoyable time pounding her into the mattress in all available orifices and despite her current mood, he knew that turnabout-as-fair-play would come again—as soon as Michelle was pregnant!

Moaning softly with each thrust, Justin was soon working himself into the multiorgasmic state he tried to teach, with considerable success, to each incoming freshman class. Betsy sometimes wondered, watching his eyes roll back and his jaw go slack, if they shouldn’t put on a demonstration to the new students—or at least show them a video. However, even for Futter College’s lustful administration and faculty that was almost certainly a bridge too far. So she just watched his enjoyment while working up to a volcanic climax of her own.


The following Friday a thoroughly used Justin watched his wife clamber down the stairs from the Frontier A319 and come running into his waiting arms for a ‘welcome home’ kiss.

“Hi, baby,” she chirped, “are you all worn out? Did Betsy leave you any libido for me?”

“Want me to show you?” he leered in reply.

“Well, not out here on the tarmac. I’ll wait until we get home. Though actually we should wait another couple of days. I’ve been keeping track of my temperature and I’m on schedule to ovulate Sunday so if you save me up a really big charge for then I should be pregnant on the first try. Not that I wouldn’t want to keep trying if I didn’t, y’know.”

“Betsy says that she, Laurie and Willow have all sworn a solemn oath to not let me within reach until you are, so either way I get laid a lot.”

“Or,” Michelle winked, “you just fuck me Tantra style. You’re so good at that.”

“Get in the car; we’re going home!”


That evening Dr. Beindre returned from Colorado Springs to find the young couple curled up and entwined on one of the sofas, smiling contentedly. She blew them an air kiss and took her suitcase to the laundry room but before she did, the professor (with studied nonchalance) dropped a large paper shopping bag on the kitchen counter. Two pairs of eyes locked onto the side, discretely marked ‘Glistening Cucumber’.

“Alright,” Justin said with an edge in his voice, “what gives?”

“Oh, that?” Laurie replied lightly, “just some stuff I thought might be amusing, given this family’s predilections.”

Michelle and Justin looked at each other.

“Do we go look inside or wait for the big reveal?” Michelle asked.

“Do we even really want to know?” Justin’s voice dripped skepticism.

“I don’t think we have much choice.”

“Correct,” Laurie spoke with almost excessive self-satisfaction, “you don’t.” She picked the bag up and carried it over to the coffee table and plunked it down. Reaching inside, she withdrew a series of boxes and proceeded to open each one in turn.

“These,” she began, “are neat little comb sets. See? You shove one up from each side and they push your hair vertical and hold it up.”

“Like a Mohawk?” Michi asked.

“No!” Justin’s voice turned dark, “Like a mane, right?”

“Got it in one,” Laurie laughed, “and they go with these.” Two bridles shaped for the human head were next, followed by a pair of large butt plugs decorated with long strands of horse hair.

The couple on the couch sat transfixed.

“What? No pony boots?” Justin sounded dubious and on edge.

“Oh no,” came the answer, “really good ones have to be custom made to your feet and they’re terribly expensive so since I don’t see us making a habit of this, it didn’t seem worth it. And given my stock downstairs, I didn’t see any need to buy another crop.”

“I’m going to be a mare brought in for breeding, right?” Michi sounded intrigued.

“That’s right. And your favorite stallion will be raring to service you. Fun, no?”

“I was just going to take her to bed vanilla missionary style!” Justin protested.

“Oh, poo!” Laurie was dismissive, “This is a big deal, Justin my love, so there’s no sense being boring about it. The continuance of the cadet line of the Heitymes is at stake, son!”

“For some reason I thought you were going to get in on the act,” Michelle purred with a smile, “like putting Justin in the middle or something. I didn’t figure you’d be outside the bonking.”

“No,” Jason stated firmly, “absolutely not. You are naturally welcome to join us but not like that. No.”

Laurie smiled, sat down on the sofa next to them and pulled out her cell phone. She spun through her contact list, dialed Betsy and put the phone on ‘speaker’.


“Betsy, it’s Laurie. Pay up.”

“Really? He said no?”

“Yup, and now you owe me lunch. I told you he had limits.”

“Well, good for him. You gonna send all the stuff back?”

“No, he said ‘no’ not ‘never’. It may be fun sometime in the future or I can add them to my collection of toys in the basement so the money wasn’t wasted. But I told you he wouldn’t go along with the idea. Later.” And she hung up.

Justin glowered at his mistress. “This was Betsy’s idea? And she bet you lunch I’d let you deck us out in all that tack like a pair of breeding horses?”

Laurie laughed out loud at the display of indignation. “It was and she did. Easiest free lunch I ever won.” She leaned forward and kissed Justin on the tip of his nose. “I know you too well, baby, and just how far I can bend your dignity. So Sunday we will slip between the sheets together and in a reasonably conventional, vanilla manner get this family off to a fine start.”

Michelle stuck out her lower lip in an ironic pout. “Well I was thinking it might be fun! But if Justin says ‘no’ then I’m not going to make a scene. After all, there’s the future.”

Laurie reached out and caressed both their heads and skootched into the entwined arms and legs, nuzzling each in turn. “Yeah, there is and who knows what it may bring. Michi, honey, motherhood changes the brain. You may not be quite so playful after the baby is born and we’re okay with that. Now, let’s do something about dinner.”

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