Horse MiIking

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Ivy: Hi, I’m here to apply for the farmhand?

Mike: Splendid! We have so many animals that need taken care of.

Ivy: Oh yes! I love animals, they’re so funny and friendly. Many of them are so cute!

Mike: Well, we have cows, chickens, horses, pigs, where do you want to start?

Ivy: Oh, I’ve always wanted to milk a cow! Can I do that?

Mike: Oh yes! The cows love to be milked, let me show you the barn.

In the barn there are seven cows and three horses. One of the horses is male.

Mike: Have you done this before?

Ivy: No, I’ve only seen it on TV.

Mike: Well it’s just like how they do in the movies, go ahead and give it a try.

Mike hands her a bucket.

Ivy: Wow! This is so much fun!

Mike: You just keep filling those buckets I’ll be back in a few hours.

Ivy: Hey there pretty cow! I’m gonna call you Sally, and you June, and you’re Betsy. Sally, you’re so sweet, let me take care of you.

Ivy milks the cows, living out her childhood fantasy.

Ivy: I wonder how this milk tastes.

Ivy aims a nipple to her face and squirts milk all over her glasses.

Ivy: Well, it tastes good, but now I can’t see! Better set down my glasses. I should find a towel.

Ivy searches the barn, but can’t find anything.

Ivy: Oh no! Where are my glasses? I can’t see! Should I ask that guy for help? What was his name? It’s my first day, I can’t make a bad first impression.

Ivy feels her way towards the cows.

Ivy: Hi there Sally, or Betsy, I don’t know anymore. Oh well, maybe I will be extra good at milking the cows now that my sight isn’t distracting me. Just like that superhero.

Ivy moves from cow to cow, until she finds one that feels funny.

Ivy: Hmm, your udders are a little different. I found one, but I don’t know where the others are.

Ivy starts milking the “cow”. The cow neighs but no milk is produced.

Ivy: Ugh, this cow is broken! Nothing is coming out! Maybe if I try a little harder.

Ivy tightens her grip. But to her surprise, the udder started growing.

Ivy: Oh my god! It looks like you’re about to burst! That milk must be trapped in there! Let me help unclog you.

Ivy strokes her hands on this oddly disproportionate cow, feeling this one strange udder grow before her.

Ivy: I’ve got to get rid of all this clogged up milk! Come on!

Ivy works double time. The cow swells up. The milk was finally about to come out.

Ivy: There it goes! Doesn’t that feel better? Release it all, come on. Straight into the bucket. Fill it up. Come on, keep it flowing. That’s it, doesn’t it feel good? You’re slowing down! No! Don’t stop!

Ivy works on it for a few more minutes.

Ivy: Ah, there it goes again. Don’t give out like last time. Come on, don’t stop now! The bucket isn’t full yet. And I can tell you’ve got a lot more in there! Fill er up!

Ivy strenuously works her hands, laboring away for another five minutes. Milking the cow for all it’s worth.

Ivy: Yeah, let it out. It’s ok! Come on, I know you’re backed up. This bucket isn’t remotely filled.

The udder shrinks back up.

Ivy: Oh no you don’t! You’re not getting away that easily!

Ivy squeezes extra hard. Milking the poor cow another time.

Ivy: It only comes out a few squirts at a time! Ugh, this is gonna take forever!

Ivy works on it another ten minutes, but her shoulders are getting yaşlı escort tired.

Ivy: Come on you stupid cow, you’ve only filled that bucket up maybe one inch!

The cow neighs loudly and stomps her hooves.

Ivy: You have a serious cold or something Betsy! I’ve never heard a sneeze like that!

Milk shoots out of the udder once again.

Ivy: There you go, finally! How do you even taste?

Ivy squirts some milk into her mouth.

Ivy: Huh, that’s kinda creamy, it’s a little sour but I like it.

Ivy swallows it.

Ivy: Oh no! I should have saved it! All that for nothing. God if only I could suck it out. Hey!

Ivy takes it into her mouth and creates a suction.

Ivy: (Thinking) I sure hope this works! I better not swallow it like last time.

Ivy works her mouth over the large, strange udder and tries to massage it out. She sucks and wraps her tongue around it as best she can. Knowing she needs to be careful but is also losing patience.

Ivy: God, she’s really enjoying this! I know that milk is still backed up in there, it must feel good to finally work it out. Oh! I can feel it throbbing again. Ok, good! Just like that, right into the bucket. That was a bigger amount this time! Let’s try that again.

Ivy puts her lips on the tip.

Ivy: Mmm! This tastes so good! It’s too bad I’m not supposed to drink it. Hey, where are you going? It’s shrinking again. Don’t you want to be milked more?

Ivy puts her mouth around the entire member and softly works it in her mouth.

Ivy: Hey! Cut that out! Ugh, my throat! Sally! You’re sending your udder down my throat! It hurts!

Sally moves her hips, mashing her pelvis against Ivy’s face. Milking her udder on her own. Quickly it throbs, Ivy squirms for the bucket.

Ivy: No! Not in my stomach! In the bucket! It’s no good if I swallow it!

Sally bucks her hips again. Squeezing out a few more throbs.

Ivy: I can’t use my hands anymore, she hardly produces any milk. My throat produces more milk, but I can’t save it. If only I had something like my throat that could collect the milk and I could pour it out. Wait, my pussy! I can collect the milk in my womb too!

Ivy excitedly strips naked and fingers her pussy.

Ivy: There Betty, Once I get this all warmed up, I can milk you extra good.

Betty’s one udder became rock hard. Ivy goes on her hands and feet, ass pointed at the udder. She leans on it and slides in.

Ivy: I’ll be sure to- milk you- OWW! extra good like this!

Ivy slams her ass down repeatedly. Knowing that milk was coming soon. She quickens her pace and holds deep as soon as she feels the throbbing again.

Ivy: There you go, I can collect it in my womb then pour it into that bucket. Heh, who knew my sex organs could be so useful as a farm hand! Isn’t that right Betsy!

Betsy neighs again, then bucks her hips.

Ivy: Ooh, Betsy! That’s starting to feel good! It’s almost like real sex! Ugh! It’s- Its like that milk shooting out is sperm! That’s so funny!

Betsy drools as she drops another payload, filling the bucket plus one inch.

Ivy: Ugh! That feels like you’re cumming!! It’s making me cum! Oh god! That’s it! I’m cumming!

Ivy drops her arms and surrenders her ass to Betsy.

Ivy: Ugh! Fill me up with your milk! That’s so good! Again! Please again!

Betsy hammers her down hard shoots. Ivy gaziantep yaşlı escort climaxes again. Pretending hot jizz is filling her up.

Ivy: Ugh, my womb! It’s collected enough, I should dump it in the bucket.

Ivy is barely able to reach the bucket and slides it under her belly. She starts to take it out but Betsy has other ideas and slams back in, working towards another milking. She spurts again, milk overflows out of Ivy and into the bucket.

Ivy: Hey, maybe if it just overflows right now, I can still collect it in the bucket. Lets keep it going while Betsy is on a roll!

Betsy stays glued to Ivy’s pussy. Filling her up, then filling the bucket another inch. Then back to pounding Ivy’s pussy.

Ivy: Oww! My womb! There’s so much in there! Wait, can’t the womb hold like triplets if it needs to? My womb can hold a lot more. Come on Lucy! Fill er up! I can take it!

Lucy’s eyes roll backwards as she sticks her tongue out to cool off. She neighs loudly and sends another delivery of special milk into Ivy’s quivering pussy.

Ivy: Yes! That’s so much milk! You’re doing great! Using my pussy was a great idea!

Milk spills into the bucket. Sloshing the milk out of Ivy’s pussy but luckily most of it lands in the bucket.

Ivy: Oh god! I’m cumming!

The extra tightness set Lucy off with no time to recover. Ivy does an excellent job at milking her dry.

Ivy: That’s it, every drop. Every drop of your sperm or milk or whatever. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Milk drains into the bucket, which is now four inches deep.

Ivy: Oww! My cervix! Why did you have to go so hard? Oww! Cut that out!

Lucy hammers Ivy hard. Dragging her face across the ground.

Ivy: Ugh! I’m only so deep! You need stimulation up here too, don’t you? I don’t know how I’m gonna do that!

Ivy reaches back and strokes the base and up to her pussy. She feels it swell.

Ivy: Yeah, you like that, huh? All the way up here, huh? God, your thing looks so full, we’re gonna be at this a long time.

Lucy spills more milk into Ivy’s womb.

Ivy: Oh, I just love how it throbs. It’s like a real penis! If it wasn’t for how much milk you produce, I would guess you were a bull or something.

Ivy slaps her hand on her bloated belly, playing with the milk in her womb. Lucy’s udder falls out and milk spills into the bucket. It’s at six inches. Half way there.

Ivy: Oh, look! It’s getting heavy! You’re doing it Mrs. Cow. Do whatever you need to get that bucket full.

Lucy sends her hips forward. Breaking Ivy’s cervix and plunging seven inches deeper.

Ivy: Ayeee! Oww! Mrs. Lucy Cow I know you need to go deeper but this hurts!

Lucy neighs and continues thrusting. Milk gets squeezed out and drains into the bucket. Lucy holds deep and sinks another three inches. Clearing the halfway point of her giant udder. Hot milk adds to the concoction. Lucy is truly getting the milking of a lifetime.

Ivy: Ouch! Goodness you’re rough. That’s my womb silly! You’re not supposed to be in there!

Lucy pulls out and plunges through Ivy’s cervix again. Sinking another inch.

Ivy: Ugh! My womb! It’s so stretched out from all that milk, if only I could get this thing to go into my big belly, instead of up in my guts!

Ivy grabs the udder with both hands just in time to feel it throbbing again.

Ivy: Ugh! Go ahead, gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan lets get that milk out while you can. Ugh! I can feel it stretch out my womb! This is good, this will make it easier to shift this giant weird udder to curve away from me.

Ivy stretches her body to guide the udder, it has to curve, but it sinks deeper. Lucy can’t believe how good this feels. She sinks three inches deeper. Its tough, but it feels like it can go deeper. Lucy can’t wait, the udder throbs at every new inch she can get it down. Slowly, inch by inch, she works more of her udder into Ivy, milking out the bits closer to the base.

Ivy: Are you kidding me? Your weird udder thing is almost entirely inside me! My belly! Look at what you’re doing! There’s this big pole sticking out of me!

Ivy holds her hands over her womb, applying pressure to the udder as it busts in and out of her cervix.

Ivy: That’s seven inches in the bucket! Ok, well I guess if it’s working, I shouldn’t stop it! C’mon Jennifer, get that last little bit in there! I’m gonna milk out every drop and fill this bucket once and for all!


Jennifer wildly bucks her hips, determined to get that last six inches. It feels like that’s all that matters. She slams into Ivy, using full force and body weight and that last six inches disappears. The udder throbs immediately. Milk shoots out at full force. The biggest itch has just been scratched. Ivy has a full body orgasm; she shakes from head to toe as she accepts another hot batch of sticky milk. Ripples appear along Ivy’s belly after every throb.


Ivy: You got every inch! How? That’s amazing. Your entire cock is inside me. I mean, this might as well be a cock, the way you use it. God, what animal are you? Are you even a cow? What udder gets this big? Well, I was told in school not to judge someone based on appearance, which is great because I’m almost blind, even with my glasses. I just know milk tastes great, even your funny sour milk, and I’m just glad to experience it up close. Oh well, I barely even know what cows look like. So Jennifer, you’re ok with me!

Jennifer slides out of Ivy’s pussy, milk spills out but Ivy catches most of it.

Ivy: Ugh. My big, bloated womb. Full of your milk. Time to fill that bucket.

She presses on her womb and squeezes out all the milk inside of her. The bucket is filled to the brim and spills over.

Ivy: Finally filled that bucket. It took forever but I got it. Guess I should get dressed. Wait! Where are my clothes?!

Mike finally returns.

Mike: Hey there newbie! Have you made any progress with the- Oh my goodness! Lady, you’re naked!

Ivy: Sorry Mr., but I had to! I had trouble getting the milk out and my hands got tired! I thought if I used my mouth, but then I kept swallowing it by accident. So I thought if I massaged it with my pussy, but-

Mike: Ma’am what are you talking about?

Ivy: I got the milk though! One full bucket. It was so hard, something is wrong with that cow. Honestly you should give me a medal.

Mike: One bucket from one cow? You need to get six buckets minimum from each cow!

Ivy: Oh please Mr.! I’ll keep trying! I’ll milk every cow as long as it takes. Even if I must stay here all night!

Mike: You better! You are much behind schedule. You can’t get paid if you don’t do your job. I want you working overtime. So put your clothes back on, or don’t, just get the job done.

Ivy: Right away sir!

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