Hot and Sweet Ch. 20

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I woke Wednesday morning to Jana sucking my cock. Our activities awoke Erika and Dana. I came in Jana’s mouth while kissing and fondling Dana. Afterwards, Jana got up and made breakfast for all four of us while I showered and the other girls lounged in bed. We ate together, me dressed for work and all of them naked. I copped a feel of each (even Erika) when I kissed them goodbye and went off to work.

The day passed without much to report. The girls in the subway and on the streets were as attractive as ever. Natasha took various opportunities to show herself off to me, but nothing as blatant as day before. Besides, she was wearing a long white skirt with flowers embroidered around the hem, so it wouldn’t have had the same effect. The matching peasant blouse did do a fantastic job of showing off her cleavage. At one point she stood between me and the window, allowing the sun to stream through her skirt and show off her delectable legs and the mound of her pussy.

The printer came back with the proofs and they were fine – which is unusual in any country. My phone sex with Jana that afternoon revolved once more around all the things Jana and I would like to do to Natasha. This time, it included me licking Natasha’s pussy while Jana sucked my cock and then me fucking Natasha slowly on her back so I could watch her massive tits bounce with each thrust. The fantasy still concluded with me cumming inside of Natasha and Jana licking her clean.

That night, Erika and Dana went out with Ádám leaving Jana and I to have a romantic dinner and a fantastic fuck. Natasha featured a starring role in our fuck talk. Naturally, it included me cumming inside Natasha’s pussy and all over her flat belly. This time it also included me fucking Jana doggy style while she licked Natasha clean. Jana and I climaxed simultaneously.

Thursday morning started with the now traditional blow job, followed by a shower and breakfast. The subway ride to the office was uneventful. Natasha was wearing a white blouse, a short black skirt, black thigh-high stockings, and heels. I knew they were thigh-highs because she “accidentally” showed me the lace at the top of them early on in the morning. Mia was wearing a pink tank top and loose, white cotton pants through which I could see her white thong. As near as I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The printer delivered our marketing materials just before lunch. We looked them over and finalized the best way to present them to potential clients. After lunch, Natasha set up in the conference room and started putting them together in packets. Mia, Andras, Gábor, and Vilmas each took some of the materials and went out on sales calls, leaving Natasha and I in the office alone.

I resisted the urge to go “see if she needed any help.” I thought it was pretty likely that she was more of a flirt than anything else and I was still uncomfortable with the idea of fucking my secretary no matter how accepted it was in her culture. I tried to focus on work and actually managed to get a little done.

Then, Natasha buzzed me on the intercom, “Hey, Jim? Could you come give me a hand with something?”

“Sure,” I said.

When I walked into the conference room I was shocked to find Natasha sitting on the conference room table wearing only her thigh-high stockings and a string of pearls around her neck. Her legs were spread wide open. With one hand she was rubbing her pussy, with the other she was squeezing and kneading one of her large tits. Her areolas were large and her nipples were the size of mini-marshmallows. She had a small triangular patch of pubic hair above her smooth shaven pussy lips.

“Your hand would be fine, but I’d really prefer first your tongue, then your cock,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, god, Natasha!” I said. “You’re so beautiful. But I can’t…”

“Why not?” she asked. She hopped off the table and stepped towards me. “You Americans are too uptight about sex. I just want the pleasure of feeling you cum inside me over and over again.” She stood close to me, her hands on my chest, looking up at me with her blue eyes. Her perfume filled my head. Her tongue flickered across her lips. I could feel my erection straining the fabric of my slacks.

I could do nothing but moan. “I made a promise to Jana that I won’t break.”

“That’s very good of you, and I’m happy to hear it,” she said. “So after you cum inside of me,” she added, “Jana can eat it out of me, just like you want.”

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. Had Jana told her about our fantasies?

“Jo napot, Jim,” Jana said from the doorway.

I turned my head, even more surprised. She was wearing a pair of white thigh high stockings and heels. She strutted over to us and put one arm around my waist and her other arm around Natasha’s. She kissed Natasha. Their tongues swirled around each other and both women moaned.

After they broke the kiss, Jana looked up at me and said, “I’m happy that you could resist temptation, bayan escort Jim, but from now on if a woman throws herself at you like that, I expect you to service her just as she asks. Anything less is simply rude.”

“I… but…,” I was still speechless. Jana kissed me to shut me up.

“Now I want you to kiss Natasha and apologize,” she told me.

I looked at Natasha, “I’m sorry, Natasha, I didn’t mean to be rude, I just…” Natasha put a finger on my lips to hush me, then slid her hand to the back of my head and pulled me down to kiss me hungrily. Her mouth tasted sweet and her nimble tongue flickered erotically against mine. I cupped Natasha’s ass with one hand and Jana’s with the other. The feel of both of these women pressing their naked bodies against me was fantastic.

Natasha broke our kiss and took Jana’s hand. My secretary pulled my girlfriend over to the conference table and resumed her seat. They began necking. Jana straddled one of Natasha’s legs and began grinding her pussy against my secretary’s stocking-covered thigh while simultaneously rubbing Natasha’s pussy with her own thigh. I stripped while watching these two beautiful women kiss and fondle each other. Natasha was squeezing Jana’s ass, pulling her closer and urging my girlfriend on. Jana was cupping and squeezing Natasha’s massive breasts as her tongue flickered in, out, and around my secretary’s thin lips.

Naked, I moved close to the women. We shared a long three-way kiss, our tongues flicking against each other. I started squeezing Jana’s ass with one hand and put the other around Natasha’s back. While the girls continued to kiss and grind against each other, I kissed down Natasha’s neck to her collarbone, then back up to her ear. I nibbled on it and breathed gently across it, then nibbled down her neck again. I sank to my knees and started sucking and fondling Natasha’s breasts. Jana took a small step back to watch. Natasha moaned and held my head against her as I licked and bit all over the nipples and firm flesh of her breasts.

I moved between her legs and began eating her out. She lay back on the table and I held her legs as far apart as they’d go. I sucked on her clit. I licked her pussy lips and then went back to her clit. Her juices were flowing. She came almost as soon as I slid my finger into her. I kept up my efforts, fingering and licking her cunt until she had a second orgasm.

She reached down and grabbed my hair. She pulled me up her body and kissed me hard. “Fuck me, Jim!” she said, then bit my lip and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the head along the wet slit of her cunt.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, “Fuck me now! Please! Please give it to me!” I slowly slid the head of my cock between her swollen pussy lips. Her cunt was hot and wet. “Yes! Yes!” she moaned as I slowly slid more of my cock into her. She began rotating her hips up against me and arched her back. I straightened up so that I could see her large breasts capped by large nipples pointed up at the ceiling.

I glanced over at Jana. Her eyes were fixed on my cock sliding in and out of Natasha’s cunt. She was finger fucking herself and her tongue was flickering constantly over her lips. As I watched, she reached up and began tugging on one of her nipples with her free hand.

I grabbed Natasha’s waist with both hands and started fucking her in earnest. Each thrust of my hips caused her tits to bounce. The sight was even more erotic than I’d imagined. Her stocking-covered legs slid around my waist and up my back. She was moaning constantly now. Her eyes were closed. I reveled in the feel of her wet cunt surrounding my cock and the sight of her huge tits bouncing with each thrust. I reached up and began pinching her nipples, drawing louder moans from her. I continued to squeeze and pinch her breast with one hand and began rubbing her clit with the other. Her moans became louder and sharper. Soon she was cumming again. She pressed my hand into her tit, squeezing it harder. She let out a long moan followed by a gasping sigh as her orgasm peaked.

My orgasm started as hers peaked. I mashed her tit savagely as I began pumping spurt after spurt of my cum into her spasming cunt. I slammed my cock as deeply into her as I could. I slid my cock back and forth in her pussy a few more times as I sank into the afterglow. I leaned forward and we exchanged a deep, soul kiss that lasted until the trembling subsided. I gave her large breasts a few, gentle caresses and her pussy a few final, gentle thrusts before I broke the kiss, stood up and pulled out of her pussy.

Jana was already on her knees next to me. She briefly took my cock in her mouth, just to get the last few drips of cum. Then she buried her face in Natasha’s pussy slurping and swallowing the mingled juices. As I watched my girlfriend eat my cum out of my secretary, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Natasha gestured at me and said with a smile, “Come over here and let me suck on that big cock of yours.”

I moved around to the other side of the table and presented my limp cock. Natasha arched back and began licking and sucking on it. Soon I was hard again and Natasha was approaching yet another orgasm. I pulled myself free of her and went back around the table. I started fucking Jana doggy style. Jana continued to lick and finger Natasha to orgasm while sucking the last of my cum from her pussy. Soon Jana was cumming too.

After Jana was done, I pulled out of her and climbed up onto the conference table. My cock dripped Jana’s pussy juice onto Natasha’s belly as I straddled her. I began titty-fucking her, squeezing the firm flesh of her breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger the entire time. She urged me on and licked the head of my cock every time it emerged from between her glorious breasts.

After a little while, Natasha suggested that she and Jana give me a double blow job. We climbed off the table and my secretary and my girlfriend both got to their knees in front of me. At first they just passed me back and forth between them, each taking a turn sucking and licking along the length of my cock. Then they were kissing each other around my cockhead. Soon, they were finger fucking each other while they both slobbered all over my cock and urged me to cum on their faces. My second load wasn’t as big as my first, of course, but it was still enough to squirt in Natasha’s eye and across Jana’s cheeks and nose.

Natasha took me in her mouth and milked the last of my cum out of me. Then she spat it into Jana’s mouth. Natasha began licking my cum from my girlfriend’s face and adding it to the cum already in Jana’s mouth. Once Jana was clean, she spat the accumulated cum into Natasha’s mouth. Jana then licked Natasha’s face clean. They snowballed my cum back and forth between them, finger fucking each other and squeezing each other’s tits the entire time. I think they each had another, small orgasm in the process. Each of them swallowed about half of my cum.

All three of us shared another kiss and mutual grope. Then we got dressed. We agreed that Natasha would come home with me that night for more fun. Natasha and I each kissed Jana goodbye. She went back to the apartment and Natasha and I returned to work.

We managed to get some stuff done, though I didn’t accomplish much the rest of the afternoon. When our co-workers returned from their sales calls, nobody seemed to notice anything amiss. Natasha and I made it a point to stay a little late, so that no one would see us leaving together.

We managed to control ourselves while we were in the building and even until we got on the subway, but in the press of the evening rush hour her body inevitably rubbed against mine. I couldn’t resist fondling her. She just smiled slightly and pretended to ignore the fact that my hand kept squeezing her tight little ass as we chatted about inconsequentials. By the time we arrived at our stop, my hand was up her skirt and rubbing her thong-covered pussy. I could feel her wetness just starting to soak through the fabric when I had to remove my hand so that we could get off the train.

We hustled through the subway station and down the street to my apartment. Both of us were eager to fuck again. In the elevator up to my floor we couldn’t resist any longer. I wrapped her in my arms and we kissed passionately. I slipped two fingers past her thong and into her soaking pussy. She stroked my cock through my slacks as her tongue thrust into my mouth. The chiming of the elevator as its doors opened interrupted us. Fortunately, none of my neighbors were waiting, so no one saw me pull my fingers from Natasha’s dripping pussy and lick them clean or adjust my raging erection.

I led Natasha to my apartment. Jana and Dana were waiting for us in the foyer. They were both wearing white thigh high stockings, heels, and smiles. Natasha and Jana kissed each other hello. Natasha and Dana kissed after being introduced. Each of the Gecinyelo sisters gave me a kiss hello, and made a comment about my erection.

Jana took Natasha by the arm and led her into the bedroom. I was poised to follow when Dana said, “Not yet, Jim,” and blocked my way to the door. “We want to get Natasha ready for you,” she explained. “Strip naked and wait out here.” She closed the door in my face.

I stripped off and waited. Naked, I stood listening to the soft conversation and laughter coming from the bedroom. I couldn’t understand what was said, it was all in Hungarian. After a few minutes I knocked and said, “Hey, I’m cold out here!”

“Too bad,” came one reply, I think it was Dana.

“No way – it’s the middle of June!” came the second reply, I think it was Jana.

“Besides, I’m not ready for you yet,” came the final reply from Natasha. She let out a long moan.

I grumbled something about how women are never fair. A few minutes later, Dana opened the door and ushered me into the darkened bedroom. Candles had been lit and placed all around the room. Natasha was lying spread eagled on the bed wearing a new pair of fishnet stockings and nothing else. Jana was between Natasha’s thighs, slowly eating her out.

Dana pulled me into the room and positioned me next to the head of the bed. She speculatively stroked my cock and said, “Well, he really might have been a little cold. Let me get him ready for you, Natasha.” Dana sank to her knees and began sucking my cock, swirling her tongue around the head before deepthroating me. I reached out and began playing with Natasha’s breasts. Squeezing her firm, round flesh and pinching the nipples. After less than a minute, Dana pronounced me ready for use.

“How do you want us, Jim?” Natasha asked. “Do you want to be on top like earlier today? Do you want to rub your cock between my tits until you cum and Jana can lick me clean? Or do you just want to bend me over and have your way with me?”

I was a little surprised that she knew about each of those fantasies, but assumed that Jana had told her everything while setting up the initial encounter in the conference room. “I’ve lusted to have you bent over for weeks now,” I told her. “I want to fuck you doggy style while you eat Jana out.”

“Mmmm, I was hoping you’d say that,” Natasha moaned. Jana gave Natasha’s clit a final flick of the tongue and then slid herself up my secretary’s body. They soul kissed and then rolled over so that Natasha was on top. She slid herself down Jana’s body and between her widespread thighs. Natasha began delicately licking Jana’s pussy as I moved to the foot of the bed. I couldn’t resist tasting Natasha’s pussy and briefly rimming her before moving into position behind her. Dana took my cock in her hand and directed me into Natasha’s waiting slit.

I kissed Dana as I began slowly fucking Natasha from behind. Jana was watching us through half-closed eyes. I kept one hand on Natasha’s hip and began fondling Dana with the other. We continued to kiss as I kneaded her ass and then began to rub her wet, little pussy. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and began timing the motion of my fingers in Dana to the motion of my cock in Natasha. All of us were moaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled my fingers out of Dana and said, “Go get eaten out by your sister.” Dana moved to the head of the bed and lowered her dripping cunt onto her sister’s face. Jana began eating her sister out and I focused all of my attention on fucking Natasha.

I leaned forward and covered her body with my own. The feel of her firm flesh pressing against my body was delightful. I reached underneath her and started squeezing her tits with one hand and rubbing her clit with my other. Her moans grew louder. I stopped squeezing her tits, leaned back and started fucking her hard while continuing to rub her clit. Urged on by Dana, I smacked Natasha’s ass with my free hand until it was bright red all over. Her orgasm was again accompanied by a long moan and a gasping sigh. I pounded her cunt until I came too, extending her orgasm in the process. I shot my entire load into her pussy for the second time that day. God, did that feel good!

I continued to fuck her slowly as I came down from my orgasm. After we were done, Natasha and I stretched out on our backs and necked while Dana sucked me clean and Jana slurped my cum from Natasha’s pussy.

“So tell me, Jim,” Natasha said between kisses, “who do you like to fuck best, Jana, Dana or their mother?”

I was shocked that Jana had shared this much with Natasha. “Well that’s a rather unfair question,” I said stalling for time. “Particularly as one of them has my cock in her mouth and the other has your clit in her teeth. How do you know about that anyway?”

She blushed, this was the first time I’d ever seen her embarrassed. “Well, Jana already knows so I guess I have to confess. Whenever Jana called you, I eavesdropped on the phone. The first time, I just wanted to make sure that you’d picked up the call right. After that though, your conversations got me so wet I couldn’t help listening. Most of the time, I went to the bathroom before masturbating. But yesterday I had an orgasm at my desk when you were talking about fucking me doggy style and having Jana lick your cum from my pussy.” Jana did something special and Natasha moaned. “The reality is even better than I’d imagined!”

She then went off into Hungarian, from the tone and the way Jana responded I took it that Natasha was telling Jana what to do. I slid down and started sucking on Natasha’s tits while my girlfriend continued to eat her out and Dana continued to suck on my reinvigorated cock. Natasha’s second orgasm was the most intense I ever saw her have. Her back arched, her head and hips moved in circles, her screams filled the room. One of her hands balled up in the sheets, the fingernails of her other hand dug into my back. When her orgasm was over, she lay with her arms and legs spread wide open on my bed. She seemed almost unconscious, except for the small smile playing about her lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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