Hot Couplings – Down in the Office

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It was a Friday, just a few minutes before the end of the day. Principal Jake had been looking forward to the end of the week for a while. With all of the issues related to kids, parents and staff, he was ready to lock the doors, find a bar and get a drink. Then the phone rang. With the secretaries having left early because of the long weekend, he picked up the call.

“Good afternoon, Principal Jake speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hi Jake, this is Traci, remember me?” Of course he remembered her, for a lot of reasons. Firstly, he didn’t know any other Tracis, and most importantly, she was the most gorgeous, sensual woman he knew. It was just too bad she was no longer a parent at his school. Or maybe it was a good thing: it would be way too obvious the way he would be ogling her gorgeous body, beautiful ass and full tits.

“Hey Traci, of course I remember you. What’s up with you on a long weekend Friday?”

“Oh, it’s a long story. I was wondering if you had a few moments to talk. Although if it’s too last minute to fit me in, I understand….” Are you kidding me, he thought, any chance to see her would be just great!

“No, no worries at all. I’m just wrapping up some work, maybe swing by in a half hour or so?”

“Great, see you then”, she cooed and with that he hung up the phone and immediately noticed he had the beginnings of a hard-on smoldering in his pants. Hard not to have a stiffie pop up when thinking about her, he mused. He had always enjoyed seeing her in those early years: beautiful, sexy and maybe even a bit flirtatious. He had kind of hoped she had some feelings for him, but being the Principal, it wasn’t exactly easy to make a move to see where it would go. Today might be that day, being the start of a long weekend and all. Within minutes the building would be empty as most everyone would want to get an early start. Might be the perfect time to see what could happen.

By the time he finished his work, he heard the knock at his door and there she was, just as he had hoped. She was wearing a low cut blouse that framed her full bosom just perfectly, along with nylons, high heels and a short skirt; not a mini skirt, but unlikely one she would be wearing to work.

“Hi Jake, thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I gaziantep escortları have a bit of a problem I was hoping you could help me with.” With that intro, she breezed in towards him and gave him a deep, lingering hug. He was a bit surprised, not by the hug itself, but by how long it lasted, minutes it seemed. During that time, he was aware of her gorgeous perfume and of his increasing stiffness in his cock. Not a good thing, he thought, for her to be feeling this right now. With that, he broke off the hug and somewhat red-faced, asked what was up. For him, it was his already sizeable erection that was up, which he almost wanted her to notice.

As she explained about her latest school problems, he was drawn to her cleavage, but also couldn’t help notice her skirt was riding quite high on her thigh. With that view, he also saw she was wearing a garter belt to hold up her fishnet nylons. Yes, this MILF is definitely dressed to play, he thought.

After chatting about her daughter for a while and offering his meager advice, their business was clearly concluded, but not the meeting.

“Jake, you don’t know how much I appreciate your advice. You’ve been so helpful over these years. I so would like to repay you. Please understand me when I say I would like to thank-you in whatever way I can and in any way you wish.” With that comment, she got up and moved over to where Hank was sitting in his office chair. As she approached him, she looked down to see the outline of his full erection through his pants. She looked back up at him and said, “Looks like you’ve already got something in mind, Mr. PILF.”

Her looking at his hard-on was hopeful enough, but with a ‘Principal I’d Like to Fuck’ comment thrown in, he knew he could ask for anything now.

“Yes Traci, I do have something in mind and I’ll bet you do too, so let’s stop playing and get started, shall we?” At that, he pulled her lips to his and forced his tongue into her mouth, only to have his thrustings returned with equal passion. While they kissed, he ran his hands up her legs to where he cupped her asscheek. As he squeezed her ass, his other hand made its way to her full breasts and grabbed one of her tits.

Feeling his hands over her body electrified Traci. She, like most people, would never have thought of being this intimate with a Principal in his office, but with this stud touching her, it was all just so taboo, making it very illicit and very hot. As she continued kissing him, she could feel her own pussy watering at the thought of being fucked by the most handsome man this school had even seen.

Both of them could feel their passions rising as they continued kissing, groping and fondling. The setting all helped to make this feel very taboo, which made their own desires even more desperate.

Jake pushed her into one of his office chairs and moved his crotch close to her face. The invitation was clear and Traci wasted no time in accepting. She ripped open his belt buckle, pulled down his zipper and immediately stuffed in his cock into her waiting mouth. As Traci sucked his straining rod, Jake looked around his office to lock this sight in his mind: a gorgeous MILF sucking his cock in his office. Damn, that will be a memory for a lifetime, he thought.

As Traci sucked his dick, she also thought she would never forget this part of their get-together. Sucking a Principal’s cock in her daughter’s former school. That will be a great story for the nursing home!

With his cock in Traci’s mouth for only a few seconds, Jake already knew he had to have more. He quickly pulled her up and pushed her over to his couch. With both knowing what was coming next, Hank helped Traci take off the rest of her clothing. Seeing her asscheeks split by the flimsiest of g-strings, Jake just tore it off her and threw it over his shoulder, exposing her very bald and very wet pussy.

Feeling her g-string ripped off of her, Traci let out an involuntary moan, seeing the hunger and lust in Hank’s eyes. She knew what they both wanted, so she immediately climbed on the couch, bent over the sofa back and offered up her wet cunt.

When Jake saw her bent over on his sofa, he didn’t even need to think. He slid in behind her and positioned his cock at her pussy so he could drive in with one fluid motion. As he drove her, they both let out a low guttural moan, he because of the wetness of her pussy and she because of the depth of his cock in her cunt. Knowing they were fucking in the school in his office made this whole fucking that much hotter for both of them. Right at that second Hank thought if he was going to be having taboo sex, he might as well go all the way.

Pulling out of her wet pussy, Jake smeared her pussy cum with the end of his dick on her asshole and started probing her ass with his cockhead. Feeling his cockhead at her anal opening, Traci took a deep breath and relaxed. She was already hot and horny, so having him fuck her ass in the office seemed just perfect. In no time, she relaxed and let his hard cock into her tight fuckhole.

For both of them, as illicit as having sex in the Principal’s office was, having anal sex pushed it over the top. Jake started thrusting and pounding her in a way that Traci loved: knowing someone wanted her so bad they could hardly control themselves. That made her feel like a woman and that she had done her job.

As Jake fucked her ass, they could both feel the pace and passion rise. Jake was driving her now, pulling her by the hair as he drove her tight anal fuckhole. As their bodies slapped together, they both were ready to explode. Within a few more thrusts, Jake started to lose control and slam his cock violently into her tight ass. Feeling him pound harder and faster made Traci hornier and ready to cum with this Principal cock in her ass.

“Fuck you, I’m going to cum!” Jake growled as he could feel his balls releasing their load.

“Yeah, you fucking cum in my ass, you assfucker! Fuck my ass hard baby, cum deep in my ass! Make me cum on your hardcock!”

With that, they both erupted on each other, with his fucktool buried deep in her ass. It took them both a few seconds to catch their breath, but they also knew they couldn’t linger, undressed as they were. Quickly, they both got dressed and smoothed out their hair and clothes, looking at each other as if they couldn’t believe what they had just done, but glad they did.

A final kiss at the door, a squeeze of her asscheek and a squeeze of his cock guaranteed they would be seeing each other again. And fucking each other again….

On Monday evening, as caretaker Tony was cleaning Principal Jake’s office at the end of the day, he came across a tiny g-string, crumpled in the corner by Jake’s desk. As he picked it up and examined it, Tony knew Jake had been busy, again. He smiled and quietly put it in his pocket, thinking someday he just might need to use the evidence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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