Hot for the Neighbor Ch. 01

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This story really starts back in 2000. The story covers roughly 2 years of youthful excitement.

My name is Mike.

I was a typical horny 18 year old guy, I knew everything. All except for having first hand knowledge of females.

I was a raging hormone machine; it wasn’t unusual for me to jack off 3-4 times a day.

The house next to ours went on the market. They old cranky Herb that lived there was retiring and moving to Arizona. I hated the old dude, I don’t think he ever did anything nice for anyone until he sold his house and left the neighbors lives.

The couple that moved in was a younger married couple, younger than my folks anyway. Regina and Bill were in their late twenties. They were nice enough, Bill worked away from home every week and Regina was a physical therapist in town.

Regina was a very very hot girl. She was about 5’3″ and had large C cup boobs. Her butt, (bubble butt) belonged to a black woman but somehow found its way onto her white figure. Regina was as pleasant to see coming as she was to watch walking away!

As we were next door neighbors we had met early on and Bill needed someone to take care of his yard work while he was gone. It became the norm for me to pop in on Regina and take her trash out, cut the grass or anything else she needed. She used to say that I was like a little brother, always there to help her.

Early on, I don’t think she understood why I was around so much. As a kid with raging hormones with a hot 20 something next door, I needed my daily dose of Regina for my nightly stroke sessions. Regina always wore somewhat low cut tops and being in her twenties had no need of a bra and to my delight rarely wore one while around her house. She also tended to wear tight jeans and tight daisy duke shorts, also to me liking.

Bill bought a larger sized kiddies pool for their backyard, it wasn’t the in ground Regina wanted but Bill said to make do for the rest of the summer. The rest of that summer I was able to ogle her great body in the tiniest of bikinis almost daily. I about tore my peter off from watching that godly creature that summer.

It was at the pool in the backyard that Regina was clued into what she was doing to me in her bikinis.

Bill was home for a change and I had stopped by for my daily dose and found them in the backyard at the pool. Regina had on a different suit than normal. It almost allowed her tits to fall out and was also the tiniest of G strings.

As Bill and I watched her lounge in the pool, Bill started teasing her about torturing me with her body and little swimsuit. He told her she was a teenager’s wet dream to which she eagerly denied. After more teasing by Bill she looked at me and asked,” you’re like me little brother; you’re not interested in me, are you?” Being put on the spot like that and my mind clouded with pornographic images of her, I stammered out, uh uh Bill is right YOU’RE HOT!! Regina blushed three shades of red, and me well I was so embarrassed I left.

I waited a couple of days to stop by her house again. We both tried to make small talk but the issue that had risen two days prior was holding us both back a little. Regina said the grass needed cut and the trash needed taken out, so I got busy. About a half hour into cutting the grass I saw her standing in the sliding glass door in her swimsuit. I swore to myself I wouldn’t ogle her if she Ankara travesti came out.

Regina finally walked out to the pool and tested the water with her toes. She waited until I was mowing near the back of the yard to slip into the pool. I occasionally glanced at her and she was sitting in her kiddies’ pool drinking her wine cooler. I would have preferred her not to come out at all considering I felt like such an idiot from before.

I finished cutting the grass and put the mower away. As I was walking by the pool she stopped me and asked me to sit down and talk for a bit. I thought O Boy her it comes, motherly advice from an adult. Regina apologized for Bill putting me on the spot and embarrassing me. I couldn’t believe me ears, I was being apologized to, and I thought for sure it wasn’t going to go like this.

Regina said Bill likes me dressing sexy, and I never thought about it being an issue with you because you have seen me so many times in my suit. I never had any idea that I was maybe exciting you. I tried to be polite and said that it was no big deal or anything. Regina was maybe a little tipsy from her drinking and kept talking about the issue. I was mortified when she put me on the spot and asked me directly, do I excite you?

I would have like to have been anywhere but there after she asked that question. I sheepishly looked away from her staring at the ground and searched for a good answer. Regina told me its OK just tell me how you feel; it’s only me and you. I slowly raised my head and looked her in the eye and stuttered, I think you are the sexiest woman on Earth. Regina giggled and I was also able to find an embarrassed giggle to match hers.

Regina was still giggling and said on Earth huh, I nodded my head yes. She studied my face a few seconds longer and then she asked should I stop wearing my swimsuits around you? I was shocked to think she was offering to take my eye candy away. I found the courage to shake my head no and said I like you in them. She giggled and so did I, finally she said well good were making progress here.

Is there anything I could do to help you? My mind exploded into a million pieces, I wanted to tell her everything she could do to help me. I think Regina realized the question may have been worded wrong and said I mean to help you not get so excited. We both giggled a little and I belly laughed and told her I was heading in a different direction from her question. She said yep, that’s what I thought.

I told her not really, I thought she looked great in anything and everything. Well she said Bill likes me in the short and tight stuff. That’s about all I own so I guess that’s good then, I won’t need a new wardrobe. We finished the summer getting closer and seemed to gel closer than we were before Bill opened the flood gate at the pool.

Bill would still tease me a little when he was home, I started teasing back too, telling him of Regina’s suit she only wore for me. There wasn’t really a suit just for me, but she had said to give him back some of his own medicine.

The last highlight at the end of the summer was again at the pool. Regina was lying on a towel and asked Bill to put lotion on her. I was sitting beside him and he handed the bottle to me. She was on her stomach facing away from us and didn’t know I was going to oil her up. I knelt beside her and opened the bottle and Konya travesti started rubbing it on her back. With the movement of my hands I watched her awesome butt wiggle.

I lost track of time oiling her back and watching her butt, until she said ok already get my legs.

I scooted down to those great toned legs of hers; honed from the machines at the physical therapy office she worked at. I oiled my hands up and started running them up and down her legs. I was hornier than a two headed Billy goat. I was in heaven when I neared that bubble butt of hers, you could see the defined tan line where her bottoms had slipped up some. There is nothing sexier to me than tan lines on a nice ass!!

I so wanted to run my fingers down between her legs and feel a pussy for the very first time, it wasn’t going to happen but I sure wanted it to. I just about went ape shit when she said make sure you get the cheeks on my butt. I stopped in my tracks and looked at Bill and he was grinning from ear to ear watching me. He nodded and pointed his hand to her butt and I think I may have come a little in my shorts.

I placed my quivering hands on those glorious buns and smeared the oil all over. I slid my oily fingers between her glorious cheeks and slid them up and out spreading those delicious globes of her toned and tight and tanned cheeks. When her tanned cheeks were lifted and spread, I was able to see just a tiny portion the bottom of her pussy. Being an 18 year old virgin and touching a HOT older women like this was a thrill beyond compare! I must have smeared the oil on her butt spreading her cheeks at least 10-12 times.

I clumsily finished the oiling when Regina looked over her shoulder at me and said hey what are you doing back there. Bill was laughing loudly at me once Regina busted me and caught me staring between her legs. She then looked sternly at Bill and asked why are you teasing the poor guy so much, I asked you to put lotion on me.

Bill told her it will give him something to think about until next summer. Bill then said, I think it’s time for you to go home. Follow me in the garage; I want to show you something. I followed Bill to the garage where he gave the next best thing to oiling his wife, a stack of porn magazines. There must have been 60 or so magazines Playboy, Genesis, and Penthouse. I had just hit the lottery my friend, I had the equivalent of the woman’s encyclopedia set and then some!!!!!!!!!

I became a hermit; if I was at home I was alone in my bedroom devouring every article and picture. I still took time to check on Regina, taking out the trash and simple yard work. It was the early part of the fall; Regina was no longer in bathing suits or shorts. Now mind you she was beautiful in anything she wore, just with the temps getting lower was directly equal to her skin being more covered.

That Saturday she asked me to rake the leaves for her. I got started making multiple piles in the back yard when she came out the sliding glass door wearing Daisy dukes and a thin sweat shirt. The shorts were tight and extremely short; she still had the remnants of her tan on her sultry legs and just looked great. Regina helped me finish getting all the leaves into piles and we then started bagging them up.

I was glad we were down to the last pile; I had enjoyed watching Regina bend over in those short shorts. I was sporting İzmir travesti a hard on and while I enjoyed being with her, all I could think about was running to my room to drain the snake. Regina bent over to pick up a handful of leaves and I then realized that I had a view straight down her shirt. I had ogled her sweet ass for over an hour and in a haste to finish I cursed myself for missing her tits.

I was amazed as I stared down her shirt, for there staring back was her firm tits capped off my taunt pink nipples. I was frozen, I couldn’t move; I continued to stare as she put another handful of leaves in the bag. Regina noticed my lack of effort, and said hey come on as she rose up to look at me. I was like a deer in the headlights; I couldn’t look away from her tits. Finally Regina stood upright and noticed where I was looking….. Earth to Mike, hey come on and help.

Have you ever felt like you were in another place and not quite able to comprehend exactly what was going on? I had devoured the recent porn magazines, stroked myself raw on several occasions. I had been living in a fantasy stroke world for almost three months. Here I was mesmerized as I stared at her tits, I was frozen. I had stared and stroked to pictures everyday for the past three months and now I stood frozen as the real thing was presented to me.

I felt so utterly confused, I was amped and horny and as hard as steel, I also felt like a fog had been lifted. I wanted to grab Regina and touch her everywhere over her body. I wanted to do everything to her I had been reading about for the prior three months. I looked back across the leaf pile at Regina and she had a sly grin on her face. Regina said what are you looking at and giggled.

I jumped across the pile of leaves and grabbed her and pulled her down into the leaves. We were both laughing as we wrestled around in the leaves. As any male will admit, it feels good to grind up against anything when hard. As we rolled and wrestled I kept my cock against her as much as possible, I also pawed at her tits as much as possible. Each time a grabbed her tits she giggled and said stop, but I was on auto pilot like a damn horny dog wanting to hump her for all I was worth.

Regina settled down on her back with me on top of her and her legs splayed open. She just stared at me as I quickly ground into her with my eyes closed. I was in horny heaven grinding into my dream girl. Regina was staring at me as I opened my eyes. I was in a fog; time seemed to stand still as I humped her. I slowly moved my hands to her breasts, I gripped them and squeezed and caressed as I humped away at her.

Regina’s breathe had also increased, she was also getting excited. Looking back I don’t know if she let me go on because she felt my need and lust or because she was also caught up in the moment. In any case I finally lurched forward as I started coming in my pants. It was at this time that I had realized Regina had been grinding back against me as I came in my pants.

After I had come, I buried my face in her neck and was kissing her and necking on her. Regina’s hands were rubbing up and down my back and she was also still breathing heavy. As I calmed down a bit and began rational thinking again, I started blabbering my apology in embarrassment.

Regina kept telling me its ok, its ok. Then she said it was kind of fun, it reminded me of being a teenager and dating. I told her I would have loved to of dated her and been able to do this A LOT. We both laughed at that. Regina finally had me get off of her, saying I was smashing her. As I helped her up I could see I had left a wet spot on her crotch from soaking through my jeans.

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