Hot ‘n’ Wet Ch. 02

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From Marilyn’s younger, wilder days:

She was nearly late for her shift. Colin winked at her when she arrived.

Her mother had also told her that when it came to sex and opportunity: ‘it never rains, but it pours’. The truth of that became obvious a few minutes after starting her shift that morning. Mark, the bell captain, asked her if she’d like to go for a drink after work sometime. He’d been chatting her up so much lately that she was wondering if he’d ever make a move. The conversation had just never taken that turn.

“Tonight would be fine.” She replied. She hoped she hadn’t seemed too eager. Last night was great, but she was hungry for a man.

A few minutes later Colin said, “I’m glad you showed some restraint, and didn’t just throw yourself at him!” The sarcasm wasn’t lost on her.

She made a face and said: “Well if I’d known that you fancied him I would have told him no. Besides, he’s been chatting me up for over a week now.”

“True, he’s shown quite a bit of discretion for a change.” He smiled and whispered, “I’m burning with jealousy.”

“It shows.”

An hour later Roger Marberry showed up dressed for tennis and asked her to search the register for a particular guest. He looked tanned and fit in his shorts. His smile was dazzling. She was having a hard time concentrating on the screen. She found the name from a few days back.

“Here he is.” She smiled brightly at him.

He picked up the phone. Can you give me his personal cell number, please? The son-of-a-gun is late.”

She did as he requested and went on about her tasks while he made his call. She thought about last night again and it gave her that warm feeling. Her lil friend was sated for a change and not sending the ‘I need it now!’ message every five minutes. She noticed a tall, older man dressed for tennis approaching Roger from behind. He was smiling with a cell phone in his ear. He put a finger to his lips as he snuck up behind Roger. He stopped a few feet away and said: “Are you ready to play or what?”

Roger started, turned, and laughed. He made a mock face at Marilyn. “You could have told me this character was up to his tricks!”

His friend instantly jumped to her defense: “I’m responsible for that, Rog, I shusshed her when she saw me.” He was younger and a little taller than Roger, with a salt and pepper brush cut. She felt her juices flowing in the presence of these older, handsome men.

Roger introduced her to his friend, “Peter, this is Marilyn Delacroix, Marilyn, meet Peter Bigelow, one of my oldest and most mischievous associates.”

Peter checked her out as he shook her hand, giving it an extra squeeze. “If I’d known that I was going to meet this lovely, I would have been on time!”

“That’ll be the day!” Roger laughed.

Something about both of these men flipped her switch. She was going to have to visit the women’s room at break, maybe before, for some instant relief. She spent the rest of the morning daydreaming about Peter’s hands and his smile. There was just something about older, self-assured, successful men that made her wet. She knew that Peter was just being pleasant with his light banter but he had admired her cleavage just a few moments ago. He was interested. So was Roger for that matter. Day after day she wished she could give him some encouragement. The only things in the way of her doing that were:

1. He was her boss.

2. He lived on the top floor of this hotel, where she worked.

3. He was married (in her experience that didn’t make a lot of difference if a man was interested, and he was)

4. He was her boss.

She laughed at her predicament, ‘Other than incredible odds stacked against me, it’s a slam dunk!’ The worst part was that her coochie was all worked up again. She was wet and that quim would acquire an aroma. She usually didn’t mind (it sure worked on Delia!) but she wasn’t completely sure she was going to do it with Mark. Maybe ninety-five percent sure but once he got close, touched her tits, and smelled her pussy there wouldn’t be any doubt. She wasn’t a total whore, but damned near. When she thought about Delia she got wetter still. She was getting into a state. She probably was going to fuck Mark.

Julianna Marberry stopped by the front desk and gave her some envelopes and instructions for disposition. She wrote the addresses and instructions down so that she’d get it right. Julianna Marberry was the banquet business manager and part owner of the Marberry. She was a trophy wife for Roger but this woman had ambition, drive and brains to go along with her good looks. She had invested in the Marberry prior to marrying Roger and was the largest shareholder behind him. She looked to be around forty but Colin had told her that she was fifty. She was trim with striking good looks — piercing blue eyes and black hair. Marilyn wouldn’t want to face off against her to contend with her man but she knew for a fact that he did keep a mistress who also worked for Julianna.

It was a tangled web for sure.

Marilyn looked Mardin Escort up and asked, “94409 is the zip code, and to the attention of Robert Sawyer. Is that all?”

Julianna had been examining Marilyn’s cleavage. Her gaze wandered up Marilyn’s throat, neck, and face till she made eye contact and said, “That will be fine.” She glanced at Marilyn’s tits again before she said, “Please take care of that right away, thanks.”

“Of course.”

She nodded to Colin as she left. He moved next to Marilyn and said, “She was giving you ‘that look’. She likes you.”

“I guess.” She finished with the envelopes and put them in the postage meter that would weigh and stamp them. “I really didn’t notice.”

He watched Julianna disappear down the hall and continued, “She has a huge appetite, I’m told.”

“Yeah, right.” Marilyn was a little annoyed at him. “What are you ‘told’ about me?”

“That you’re a shameless little tramp who’s slept with everyone! And you voted republican!”

She cracked up; he was such a nut case. “I’m going to hurt you.”

“When, soon?” He flashed a look of glee. “The sooner the better, I always say!”

She shook her head; she couldn’t stay annoyed with him for long. Later, after they finished the room count, he asked her if she’d join himself and Michael at Barclay’s — a restaurant/bistro several blocks from the hotel.

“He’s just back after three weeks in Europe and Asia. He’s dying to meet you. I should be jealous, we haven’t seen each other for three whole weeks and he wants to meet you!” He teased.

“I’m supposed to have a drink with Mark.” She said.

“Well, bring him too. So long as he doesn’t hit on Michael.”

She went to Barclay’s at eight to meet Colin. On the way she got a call from her mom who was feeling restless and wondered if she wanted to hang out?

‘Well, why not?’ She thought. It might keep her from making a mistake. She’d promised herself and her mother that she wouldn’t fool around anymore at work but here she was meeting a guy who was attached and employed at the hotel. Meeting a guy who worked at the hotel for drinks and a makeout session.

Her mom was having a drink served when she arrived. There was also a Cosmo for her.

“I thought you might want to join me.”

“Why thank you.” She looked around for Colin or Mark. Neither one was there but she did see a very handsome fellow sitting at the end of the bar with a suitcase and a tote bag. He had sky blue eyes and curly black hair. He was wearing an airline uniform. Her mom followed her gaze and lifted her drink to her lips. “Oh, I love a man in uniform.” She gave Marilyn a naughty wink. “MMMMM, so fine.”

Marilyn took a sip of her drink. “I think that’s Michael, Colin’s friend. He works for PanAsean Airlines.”

“So he’s ____?” MaryJo, her mother, cocked a questioning brow.

“Yes, he is.”

MaryJo laughed, “Damn the luck!” She looked around the bar. “Well, there’s bound to be at least one straight guy here tonight. I was just hoping for a good-looking one.”

Marilyn mentally shrugged; her mom had just confirmed her suspicion the she was out looking for some. What the hell, so was Marilyn for that matter? Marilyn asked about her mom’s latest live-in: “How’s Richard?”

“Out of town on business. He’s been gone for over a week. The electric bill’s gonna be big!” She smirked. Marilyn wasn’t the only one with a vibrator.

Marilyn joined her mother giggling and laughing at her silly joke. Her mother touched Marilyn’s hand and nodded to someone standing behind her.

“Someone’s having fun tonight.” Colin leaned down and kissed Marilyn on the cheek. He introduced Michael to Marilyn and MaryJo, and then Marilyn introduced her mom to Colin and Michael.

Colin smiled at MaryJo and said: “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Most of it’s true, sad to say.” MaryJo joked. “I’ve heard a lot about you, but Mari didn’t tell me how handsome you were.”

“She just wanted to keep me to herself.” Colin joked back. Marilyn rolled her eyes. So did Michael. This might be a long night if her mom and Colin hit it off and carried on as they were prone to do. MaryJo was saucy and vivacious as well as cute and stacked.

“So this is what’s been going on while I’ve been in Europe?” Michael feigned shock and disgust. “I can’t leave him alone for ten minutes!”

Marilyn joined in the silliness: “I couldn’t help myself. It was his animal attraction.”

Colin nodded “She threw herself at me in a most wanton display.” He drew back in mock fear as she fixed him with a hairy eyeball. The table dissolved into general laughter as Mark joined them. Marilyn introduced MaryJo, as Mark was already aquainted with Michael. While Mark ordered a round of drinks MaryJo shot a ‘this is more like it’ glance at Marilyn. She was going to have to talk to her mom about all this. There was some small talk while they waited for the drinks and Mark, while seated next to Marilyn, was getting an eyeful of MaryJo’s cleavage. She could have and occasionally Mardin Escort Bayan did pass as Marilyn’s sister. She was having a fine time joking with Michael and Colin. When the drinks arrived, Marilyn announced that she was going to the washroom.

“I need to make a trip myself.” MaryJo said.

“They’re going to make their choices,” Michael joked, “Someone’s going to be left out!”

“Not likely,” MaryJo retorted, “We’ll probably need a couple more!” She gave Michael a naughty smile.

In the washroom Marilyn touched up her lipstick and asked her mother what she thought of Mark.

“Nice, buff and good-looking; definitely my type. Size nine for sure (her mom loved to discuss a man’s shoe size)! I thought he was meeting you?” MaryJo asked. “For drinks and ___?”

“Well, that was the plan, but I think I’d better pass on this one. We work the front desk and the same shift.”

MaryJo nodded. “Hold that thought. Remember: ‘Never get yer meat where ya make yer bread’. Mark is a good looking young stud but I think you can do just as well — there’s no shortage out there tonight.” That was true.

“I did agree to meet him here.” Marilyn was hesitant.

“You did meet him here. Have some fun, dance a little, but you don’t have to go home with him.” She raised her eyebrows. “Or do you?”

“Don’t be silly, of course not.”

MaryJo worked on her own makeup and sighed: “The three best looking men in the whole place, two of them are gay and the other is a bad idea.” She shook her head. “At least, he is for you, but not for me.”

“Well, Mom, whatever happens — have fun and don’t worry about me.”

“Oh, you know I will, but I want you to ask one of those guys at the next table to dance when we go back.”

“The next table?”

“There’s a couple of hotties over there, you might get lucky.”

MaryJo was really after it tonight. When she got back to the table she bantered with Colin and Michael about who and how many they’d decided on, told a few jokes and charmed everyone. Marilyn marveled, not for the first time, at MaryJo’s relaxed and confident sensuality. She was the life of the party. The music started and MaryJo asked Colin to dance. Marilyn asked Mark. MaryJo was having a great time shaking her ample curves. She danced up next to Marilyn and showed off some of the moves she’d learned from watching the BET videos. This was amusing because they’d watched some of those together. They did a little back and forth stuff just to impress the men. Mark’s eyes widened when MaryJo popped the twins!

They traded partners for the next dance. It was a ballad; Marilyn asked Colin if Michael would be jealous.

“Only that I’m not paying any attention to him.” Colin sniffed. “I’ll make it up to him.”

“I’ll bet you will.” She watched her mom move in on Mark. They were dancing slow and close, her head resting on his chest.

Colin whispered. “MaryJo is out there! Look at that hussy. He really doesn’t have a chance, does he?”

“Not really. She’s got him in her sights.” Marilyn chuckled. “He doesn’t have a chance, nor does he have a choice.” She sighed, “It’s just as well. I don’t need to be fucking anyone from work.”

Colin stopped dancing and said “What about me?” He was such a nut!

“Well, maybe just you.”

She danced with Michael next and then one of the guys at the next table, a short, dark, handsome guy. Ben was his name and he smelled really good. She was getting the first tingles of arousal when the song ended. He was leaving, but he gave her his number — in case she ever wanted to go out. Well, things were looking up; she might call him this weekend. When she got back to the table Colin told her that Mark and her mom had left.

“She says that she’ll call you later; you know, that might be a record for Mark.”

“Not for mom, she can work fast.”

Michael laughed: “MaryJo would have to slow down by half to be fast; she’s amazing!”

“Look who’s talking!” Colin replied. “The master of the ‘Come-Fuck-Me Gaze’!”

Michael gave them a ‘Who, moi?’ look. Colin wasn’t the only witty one in their relationship. Marilyn was laughing at all of it; these two clowning around, her mom taking off with her date, meeting Ben who had to leave, and Peter Bigelow standing there. Peter Bigelow! Tall, suave and handsome was standing next to her, with a big grin on his face. What a surprise! He was wearing an expensive pinstripe suit, a black tie with white polka dots and matching handkerchief.

He looked fantastic.

“Good evening, may I join you all?” He asked.

“Certainly, Mr. Bigelow, we’d be honored.” Colin said. “Isn’t that right, Marilyn? Marilyn?”

She was stunned, seeing him here.”Oh, sure. Please have a seat, Mr. Bigelow.”

Dancing with Ben a few minutes ago had given her a tingle of desire. Peter Bigelow’s appearance had sent a shock to her brain and then everywhere else — her nipples were stiffening under her sheer top and a slow, moist burn started in her groin.

He took Escort Mardin the seat opposite her, between Michael and Colin. His eyes were a rich dark brown set in his regular handsome features. She was going to be in daze if he kept staring at her. She looked up his profile earlier; he was a frequent guest at the hotel; always stayed in the northeast corner penthouse — opposite the Marberry’s suite. Successful, handsome, fit, sixty-two, married to a trophy wife (Colin had offered that tidbit of information); he was everything that sent Marilyn over the edge. Peter Bigelow (and others like him — Roger Marberry for instance) was her type.

“Please, I’m just ‘Peter’ tonight. I left ‘Mr. Bigelow’ in the last meeting.”

Colin introduced Michael to Peter, adding “I think you’ve already met Miss Delacroix.”

“I met Marilyn just this morning. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” He smiled.

“Thank you.” She smiled back and hoped that he would ask her to dance, but knew that she shouldn’t; he was a guest of the hotel, they weren’t supposed to mingle with the guests. “The feeling is mutual.”

Colin, the instigator, said, “Miss Delacroix was just wondering if anyone would like to dance. Peter?”

“It would be my pleasure to dance with you, Marilyn.” He led her onto the dance floor where she moved easily into his arms and the rhythm of the samba. He was a good dancer, she was very impressed. He led her through a few bars when the song ended and a ballad started. She moved closer to him and let him lead her gently.

He smelled of cologne, cigar smoke, and his own musk. It was intoxicating. She lay her head on his chest and pressed her breasts against his stomach. His cock was resting against her stomach and thickened slowly as she moved against him. He tried to step back (he was a gentleman and barely knew this girl) but she melted into him. Her nipples were poking him; she felt and smelled so fine. He was getting aroused; she knew the effect that she could have on a man. They moved together savoring the moment. When the song was over he took her hand as they walked to the table. She was in a sexual daze. She needed this man. Craved his touch. Her body tingled where it had been in contact with him. She was wet. If she had danced in his arms for another minute she probably would have opened his coat and bit his nipple; she was that aroused. She had wrapped herself up with him in a way that left no doubt about her intentions.

Her mother was approaching the table as they were sitting down. What the hell?

Marilyn introduced her and they sat down.

MaryJo gave Peter the once-over and then leaned close to Marilyn and whispered: “Honey, I’m sorry, Mark is waiting out front and I need to ask if you have any extra condoms?” She was flushed, her lipstick was smeared, her hair needed brushing and her ‘highbeams were on’ (as she referred to her hard nipples — She hadn’t wasted any time with Mark! They’d been making out in the parking lot.). “I never carry them anymore since Rick shoots blanks.” She glanced in Peter’s direction and said, “Nice, definitely doable.”

Marilyn chuckled, opened her purse, and discreetly put three Trojans into her mother’s bag.

MaryJo asked, “Do you have any more?”

Marilyn eyes widened. She pulled three more out and asked: “Is this enough?”

“That’ll do for starters.” She smiled and hugged Marilyn saying, “Thanks, Honey, I’ll call ya tomorrow.” She winked at the men as she left.

Peter ordered another round for the table. He spoke to Marilyn who’d moved closer and put her hand on his leg. “Your mother seems nice. I would say that she looks more like your sister or cousin than your mother.”

“Yeah, she loves it and I guess when I get to her age I’ll be glad to look twenty years younger.”

Colin quipped that MaryJo not only looked but also acted twenty years younger. Marilyn shot him a glance; she didn’t want to talk about her mother! Jeez, she just got picked up by a guy half her age; then borrowed some condoms from her daughter who had a date with him in the first place. It would be scandalous if it weren’t so funny but she didn’t want to talk about it with Peter. Colin and Michael were carrying on about MaryJo, it was good-natured, they really liked her but she was what she was: all woman.

Peter asked her if she’d like to dance some more? Well, maybe he didn’t want to talk about MaryJo’s age and behavior either. He was sixty-two, way older than MaryJo, being seduced by a very much younger woman. A much younger woman whose desire was intense; palpable. They finished their drinks, then excused themselves and went out on the darkened dance floor. She pulled him close in a sensuous embrace. He didn’t resist; instead he put his hand on her butt, gently squeezing it. His cock was still semi-hard; it felt so good against her. She nuzzled his chest, teasing his nipple, inhaling his smell. Her nipples were harder than ever, rubbing him; exciting them both. She lifted her lips to his. He kissed her slowly drawing her into the moment. Time stopped, her clit throbbed; heat pulsed through the rest of her body. She was dazed, wet, and ready for anything. He tasted so good. When they broke, she pulled his ear to her lips, kissed it, jammed her tongue in it and breathed: “Peter, I need you. I need you to make love to me. Soon. Now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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